Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 18

Xue Jiayue had a fair skin as well as a curvy figure. After bath, her skin was more moisturized. Even if she was wearing wide pajamas, her beautiful shape loomed.  

At this very moment, both of them were a little embarrassed when they were face to face. Thus they were trying to avoid eye contact.


It was deep at night. Time was ticking along. The moonlight came in through the open window.


After such a great deal of tossing, both of them were tired and sleepy. They wanted to find a place to lie down and sleep.  

If nothing had happened before, perhaps both of them might have discussed how to sleep, but now, they both foundd it hard to speak up.  

Finally Xu Yanwen broke the ice between them. He said, “You have a rest for a while.”


He meant that Xue Jiayue could sleep on the bed.


Xue Jiayue darted him a glance. The corners of her mouth began to move, but before she said something, Xu Yanwen had already made another decision,


“I’ll have a doze in the chair by the side.”


Xu Yanwen walked over and sat down in the chair beside the window, intending to make do with it.  

Under such circumstances, Xue Jiayue could not say anything more. She just went and lay quietly in bed.


However, her brain was still in a mess. She thought she couldn’t sleep, but she was too tired and soon sank into the dreamland.


The dream was a chaotic one. Xue Jiayue had been sleeping in a daze. It seemed that someone was touching her forehead and whispering something to her, but she didn't hear clearly.  

When she woke up, she was not able to remember what was in her dream. She felt a dull pain in the head and her mind was a complete blank.


She sat up from the bed and saw Xu Yanwen on the opposite side. He was so tall and long legged that he was still sitting on the reclining chair, closing his eyes and seemed to be asleep.  

It was not easy for him to spend the night on such a chair, and he would not have done so if he had any other way.

Xue Jiayue got up from the bed and walked over to ask Xu Yanwen to lie down on the bed.


After approaching him, she found that Xu Yanwen's complexion was abnormal, and quickly reached out to push him, "Xu Yanwen ..."


Xu Yanwen slowly opened his eyes and looked up at her. His voice was hoarse, "You are awake."


"Go to sleep on the bed," Xue Jiayue felt bad to see him sitting on a recliner that way.


Xu Yanwen responded, and then stood up. He had just taken two steps when he fell to the ground with a thump.  

"Xu Yanwen!"


Xue Jiayue was taken aback and quickly stepped forward to help him up.


"Are you all right?" Xue Jiayue asked with concern.


“I am a little dizzy,” Xu Yanwen frowned uncomfortably with his hand on his forehead.


Xue Jiayue noticed that he looked abnormal, and remembered that he had been soaked in cold water for so long last night, and she reached out her hand to feel his forehead. She  found that he got a fever. His head was so hot that he could fry eggs there.  

"You have got a fever," Xue Jiayue raised his arm and said, " Let me help you to lie down on the bed."


“ H'm, ” Xu Yanwen got up with Xue Jiayue's support. He then walked to the bed, sat down, and said to Xue Jiayue, “Thank you.”

“You rest for a while,” Xue Jiayue was sorry to see him sick.


Xu Yanwen nodded, got up, took off his coat and lay down on the bed.


Xue Jiayue saw that he had closed his eyes and frowned slightly. Knowing he was comfortable because of fever, she went to the bathroom, soaked a towel in water, wrung it out and then applied to his forehead to make him feel better.  

After that, Xue Jiayue went to the door again and tried to hold the handle to turn on the door. Hey, the door was opened easily this time.

Xue Jiayue was stunned for a moment. She wondered when the door could be opened. Was it that she and Xu Yanwen spent the whole night in the room struggling for nothing?


It was really unpleasant.

Xue Jiayue felt bored and uncomfortable!


After consideration, Xue Jiayue went to tell Grandpa Xu that Xu Yanwen had a fever and seemed very serious.  

Hearing this, Grandpa Xu was immediately worried. He hurriedly sent for Dr. Yang and let him come and have a look.  

It was soon told that Dr. Yang would come in half an hour.


Grandpa Xu actually cared about Xu Yanwen very much. After all, he was his grandson. At the moment, he got up on a crutch and hobbled upstairs to see Xu Yanwen

Xue Jiayue stood beside him and hesitated before stepping forward to support him.


Grandpa Xu noticed that she looked gloomy, and guessed why she was unhappy. He patted on her hand and said, "Yueyue, I hope you and Yanwen love each other. Grandpa is old and will not live long. If I can see you have children before I die, I will be satisfied.”


In Xue Jiayue’s mind, what Grandpa did Last night was wrong. That was because he didn't know that Xue Jiayue in front of him was no longer that Xue Jiayue before.


In Grandpa Xu’s mind, however, he knew that Xue Jiayue loved Xu Yanwen wholeheartedly, while Xu Yanwen rejected to accept Xue Jiayue as his wife, so he wanted to bring them together.


Especially after the doctor came to give him a health check a few days ago. Although the doctor didn't say anything serious, he intuited the truth about his health from the doctor's expression and his own feelings at the time. He was clear that he was not as well as before.


He was really worried if that day would come when he really slept and could never wake up again, while Xue Jiayue and Xu Yanwen were separated. Xue Jiayue was the child he watched growing up. He had also promised her grandpa, Mr. Xue, to take good care of her. However, besides letting Xue Jiayue marry Xu Yanwen and enjoy a lifetime of happiness in the Xu family, he could not think of a better way to repay Mr. Xue for saving his life.


Grandpa Xu sighed in his heart, ‘Xu Yanwen doesn’t understand my painstaking efforts. Why do you, Xue Jiayue, follow suit?’  

Xue Jiayue was silent, thinking to herself, ‘If the original were here, she must be very happy to hear what Grandpa Xu said, but unfortunately I am not the original, and my thoughts are different. Xu Yanwen does not love me, and I do not want to pester him. After all, just as a saying goes, a melon twisted off its stem before it’s ripe doesn’t taste sweet.’


Xue Jiayue thought about it and decided to communicate with Grandpa Xu, "Grandpa, I know you want to be good to me. But some things can't be forced too much. We’d better let nature take its course.”  “  

Grandpa Xu glanced at Xue Jiayue as if he was looking at a stranger. Then he said earnestly, "Yueyue, why do I think you have changed? You didn't think so before."  

Xue Jiayue smiled, "People are changing, and I have to learn to grow up, not always like before."


‘Nor can I be as stupid as the original,  who finally caused the death of Grandpa Xu and put herself into an asylum, a really miserable end!’ thought Xue Jiayue.


Now that she had travelled here through time, she would try her best to change the plot of the story and her destiny. Grandpa Xu cared about her and she was willing to spend more time with him and took care of him.  She had taken Grandpa Xu as her own grandpa.


But she knew there were some things that could not be done. For example, Xu Yanwen was not for her. She was only a female supporting role in the story. In the end, he, the hero and the female leading role would be together. Thus, she should just try to be the best of herself.


Grandpa Xu pondered what Xue Jia-yue had said. He did feel that Xue Jia-yue had changed a lot lately, but he was even more affectionate towards her. He said to Xue Jiayue lovingly, "No matter how you change, you're always my good granddaughter. If anything happens, Grandpa will always support you."  

Xue Jiayue was on the verge of tears. She knew Grandpa Xu was really kind to her, and she must cherish it,


"I know. Thank you, Grandpa."


Grandpa Xu smiled and stroked her hair lovingly.


Both of them were still talking when they got to the bedroom. Grandpa Xu was quite remorseful at seeing Xu Yanwen lying on the bed with his eyes closed.

Fortunately, after Dr. Yang came and had a look, he said that Xu Yanwen had no serious problem. He gave Xu Yanwen an injection. Xu Yanwen's fever quickly subsided. After a nap, he recovered a lot. Grandpa Xu was thus relieved.  

After Xu Yanwen woke up, he insisted on going back to the city, saying that there were important matters in the company waiting for him to deal with. Grandpa Xu originally wanted to keep him in the old house for two more days to help him recover better. However, due to Xu Yanwen's insistence and what had happened before, he could only agree.


"Would you like to go back with me?" when Xu Yanwen was about to leave, he turned around and asked Xue Jiayue.


"Of course she would go with you," before Xue Jiayue spoke, Grandpa Xu answered, "She would follow you back to take care of you."


As Grandpa Xu said this way, Xu Yanwen paused for a while, glanced at Xue Jiayue, and then agreed, "Let's go together."


Although Xu Yanwen just gave her a short glance, Xue Jiayue noticed that Xu Yanwen was hesitating just now. Probably because of the incident, both of them felt a little awkward to be together.


After getting on the car, neither Xue Jiayue nor Xu Yanwen spoke. The car was so quiet that a needle could be heard when falling.  

Xue Jiayue sat on the left side of the car while Xu Yanwen sat on the right side. The space between both of them was such that it was quite enough for two more people.  

The driver also noticed something strange between them and kept looking at them through the rearview mirror several times.


The atmosphere was weird. It seemed that they two had returned to their worst relationship.


Until returning to the home in Ningxuan Garden, neither of them spoke.


Xu Yanwen went directly to the study. It looked like he was really busy. He started working, even though he didn’t recover yet.


Xue Jiayue stood in the cold living room for a while, and then carried the bag to her room.


After entering the bedroom, Xue Jiayue put the bag aside, and then threw herself onto the bed, looking up at the ceiling, feeling very tired.


She felt surprised why Xu Yanwen was so spirited that he was able to work work while he was still ill.


Xue Jiayue turned over on the bed and pulled herself a quilt to cover herself. She decided to take a nap first and decide other things after waking up. 


In the study next door, Xu Yanwen, who was thought by Xue Jiayue to be energetic and able to work with illness, was actually staring at the files on the computer screen, but even ten minutes passed, he didn’t even read the first sentence on the file ... …

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Why? Started to think of his wife?
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He felt his wife changed and he was attracted...
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tourist 2020-05-20 18:09
I'm getting a bit annoyed at the usage of wrong words. Like calling a DINING ROOM in a private house or apartment a "restaurant" and writing that she "time traveled" when she clearly TRANSMIGRATED into a book she had read. I think there was one more misplaced/wrong word somewhere that also annoyed me but I don't remember what now.
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I'm sorry if I came out as aggressive and I know I can let some things slide but sometimes helping someone correct stuff can help them learn. I usually don't comment on small mistakes that are easy to make sense of even if they remain but if it becomes very repeating like this then I rather comment on it. Felt like every time I saw restaurant or time travel I had to stop reading for a second to consider whether it meant dining room or transmigration.
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Thank you. We’ll try to be more careful in the choice of words. We hope to get more help from you in the following days.
tourist 2020-05-21 08:20
It's cleaned up MTL. You have to let some things slide. I mean, you figured out what they meant, right?
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Sometimes we should learn to be a more forgiving, especially in these difficult times
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