Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 17

Xue Jiayue's face was abnormally red, and Xu Yanwen also felt a strange hotness in his body. Both of them drank the chicken soup their grandpa gave to them. The problem lay in that bowl of soup obviously!


Xu Yanwen turned to the door of the room with a sullen face, reached out and twisted the door handle, but found that the door was locked from the outside.


It was clearly that Grandpa Xu had arranged all these. And he had already prepared to prevent them from running away.


They could only find another way now. Xu Yanwen turned back.


Xue Jiayue also guessed what was going on at this time, and remembered how the original had schemed against Xu Yanwen. She watched Xu Yanwen walk back from the door with a sullen face. She knew clearly how unhappy Xu Yanwen was now. She even guessed maybe he would suspect that she and Grandpa Xu connived to manage all these.


"I didn't know that Grandpa would arrange this. I didn't know about it in advance," said Xue Jiayue. She clenched her fingers tightly. She found Xu Yanwen's face was very unsightly, his eyes were red and he looked like a wolf.

Xu Yanwen restrained the strange feeling in his heart, and he replied, "Well," lightly, then he walked to the window and looked out. It was the third floor, and there was a lawn underneath. But it was not practical to go away from the window in such a circumstance.


"What should we do now?" asked Xue Jiayue. Waves of fever surged into her heart. She felt it was very burning. She pulled the collar of her clothes. One of the buttons was torn off. The body bound by the clothes was still uncomfortable, so she wanted to tear off all the clothes.  

Xu Yanwen turned back and saw that she was pulling her clothes with impatience. Her face was crimson, and her black eyes were bright and delicate, just like roses!


Perhaps because of the drug, Xu Yanwen felt that Xue Jiayue at the moment was more beautiful and attractive than ever. His Adam's apple bobbed in his throat. A rush of heat came up from his lower body, and went  straight to his head, almost annihilated his reason. 


"I'll think of another way," He gritted his teeth and endured the strangeness of his body. He tried his best to calm down and pinched his thigh hard. The pain made his brain awake for a moment.  


“O…Ok!” Xue Jiayue felt that her tongue was rolling, and her brain seemed to be filled with paste. She was already biting her teeth, but she still felt that the fever kept coming up, which was going to scorch her.


Xu Yanwen withdrew his gaze from her with difficulty, and escaped into the bathroom next to the room. Fortunately, when the faucet was turned on, there was cold water flowing out. This was probably the only place where Grandpa had missed.


He took some cold water in his hand and washed his face. The cold water sobered his mind. He looked up at himself in the mirror. He found himself stood there with red eyes, like a hungry wolf looking for its prey, dangerous and terrible. 


He had always been good at self-control, so he could cling on until now. But he didn't know how much Grandpa had drugged him, and he couldn't guarantee whether he would be shaken if things went on like this.


"Xu, Xu Yanwen ..."


Xue Jiayue's gasping voice came from outside, and it was clear that Xue Jiayue had exhausted all her strength. Her voice was as soft as the cat's cry, so tantalizing.


Xu Yanwen only felt that a stream of hot blood rushed straight over his head, and the fever that had just been pressed down came back again, even stronger than before, almost making him unable to resist!


"Xu, Xu Yanwen ..." Xue Jiayue was still calling him. Her mind was not very clear. With only the last trace of clarity, she moved towards the bathroom door, while muttering, "Have you found a way out?"


Xu Yanwen saw Xue Jiayue appearing at the door. Her clothes collar had been pulled apart, revealing a large piece of snow-white skin, with two little white rabbits looming on her chest. Her face was terrifyingly scarlet, her eyes were blurred, attractive and charming, and she was like a poppy in full bloom!  



Xue Jiayue reached out her hands and wanted to hold Xu Yanwen, but Xu Yanwen caught her first.


A soft and delicate fragrance suddenly struck him, making his heart tremble. Xu Yanwen clasped Xue Jiayue's wrist tightly. There was a voice in his heart asking him to hug her, but the remaining reason in his mind told him not to.


He wanted to hold her in his arms, and the reason asked him to push her away. These two powers in his heart intertwined, like a test of ice and fire.


Xue Jiayue was pulled by him, only to feel that the part where she was pulled was very comfortable. She could not help but utter a sigh from the bottom of her heart, wanting more and more such touches. She stretched out the other hand confusedly to touch his face while murmuring, "Let me touch ..."


"Jiayue ..." Xu Yanwen grabbed her hand. His Adam's apple bobbed in his throat. The hot breath he exhaled almost burned her.


"Hmm ..." Xue Jiayue's brain was already in a delirious state. She could only look at him obsessively.


Xu Yanwen hugged her, and a sweet smell lingered around his nose, inducing him to lower his head to extract more fragrance.


"Um ..." Xue Jiayue's legs got weak and fell into Xu Yanwen's arms when their lips were stuck together.


The murmuring sounded like the horn of attack. Xu Yanwen kissed her lips fiercely, trying to swallow her like a hungry wolf...


With a click, something on the sink dropped to the ground, and there was a dull thud.


Xu Yanwen was shocked. He couldn't help but froze. He stopped and turned his head slowly. He saw himself in the mirror. His bloody eyes as well as his blue veins on his forehead were totally different from himself and more like a bloodthirsty devil.


Looking down at the person in his arms, he found that her clothes were half off. Her eyes were silky while her lips were red and glamorous ...   


The only trace of reason left in his mind told him: No, you can’t...


He recalled in his mind that he once accidentally heard Xue Jiayue say, "I don't love him at all. I love others, but he is Xu Yanwen. I can be Mrs. Xu by marrying him, and I will have no worries about food or clothing in my life ..."


"... You can't say that my means are inferior, but I have no other choice. I am an orphan, and I am poor ..."


"If I have money, I will pursue what I really like ..."


Xu Yanwen clenched his fists in both hands.




He closed his eyes and opened again suddenly. He grabbed the shower head beside him, turned on the cold water and let it rush towards his head. The cold water excited him, and his brain suddenly woke up. He then reached out to hold Xue Jiayue's shoulders and tried to drag her out of the bathroom.


Obviously, the distance between the bathroom and the bed was only a few meters, but it was really a hard task for Xu Yanwen to cover it by means of holding and dragging Xue Jiayue.


On the difficult way to the bed, Xue Jiayue kept rubbing against him. Xu Yanwen saw the tie beside him. He took it, tied her hands to the bedpost, and pulled over a quilt to cover her.


"Be patient. Just be patient," Xu Yanwen was telling Xue Jiayue and himself.


"Woo ..." Xue Jiayue fell on the bed, tears rolling down from her eyes pitifully, like a deserted little white rabbit.


"Hold on!"


Xu Yanwen gritted his teeth. There was a bloody smell in his mouth. He didn’t know how he did all of this. He turned and stumbled back to the bathroom, and locked the bathroom door with his shaking hands. At last, he  got hold of the shower head, where water was still running and kept it dripping to his head.


The sound of running water in the bathroom never stopped. And Xue Jiayue collapsed on the bed with her hands tied to the bedpost. She could not break free but shed tears helplessly.

She was in a trance.  Sometimes she felt there was sound around but sometimes she found the sound was far away from her. For a while, she seemed to be soaked in ice water. For another while, however, she seemed to be suffering on a hot pan. She wanted to scream. The sound she made was as delicate as a baby cat. She wanted to cry but it was voiceless. She felt she was no longer herself.


No one knew exactly how long it had passed. Xue Jiayue was lying on the bed dizzily, bathing in perspiration. Her sweaty hair stuck to her forehead. She looked embarrassed, so weak that she seemed to have only breathing.


The bathroom door finally opened, and Xu Yanwen, who was wet all over, came out of the bathroom.


Fortunately, there was not much drug in the soup, and its efficacy was not so strong. Thus he could make it through by holding on.  

Although he looked embarrassed at the moment, his consciousness had returned to clarity, and the flush receded from his face. His eyes still looked red, but they had become normal and his reason had returned..


"Jiayue ..." he called.




her murmur was shuddering.


Xu Yanwen stood there looking at the person on the bed. Xue Jiayue was in a sweat as if she had just been picked up from the water, and it was no better than him.


There was a look of pity in his eyes. He quickly loosened the tie that bound her on the bed, took her up in both hands and went to the bathroom.  

Xue Jiayue nestled softly in his arms without even struggling.


In the bathroom, Xu Yanwen put Xue Jiayue in the bathtub and turned on the tap to let out warm water. Xue Jiayue soaked in the water. She was so weak that she didn't even want to move her fingers.


“Are you all right?” Xu Yanwen asked in a hoarse voice.


Xue Jiayue froze for a moment before she nodded slightly.


"I'll go out and come back immediately."


Xu Yanwen turned around and went to the cloakroom next door to get Xue Jiayue's clothes. At this time, he couldn't care about anything else. He just took everything from it.


Back in the bathroom, Xu Yanwen put Xue Jiayue's clothes beside her and said, "I put the clothes here. You help yourself. All right?"


Xue Jiayue had been much better by this time. She said to Xu Yanwen lightly, “Get out!”


Xu Yanwen glanced at her, and found she was mentally stable, so he replied, "I'm outside. You just call me if anything is needed."


Xue Jiayue paused for a while and nodded. Xu Yanwen was relieved and went out.


He returned to the cloakroom, took off his wet clothes, and changed to a set of new one.


While changing clothes, Xu Yanwen felt lucky that he did not move everything to the apartment, otherwise it would be a bit miserable today.


After everything needed was done in the cloakroom, Xu Yanwen came out and waited outside.


There was sound behind, and Xu Yanwen turned around. He saw Xue Jiayue walking out of the bathroom with a red face wearing a set of white pajamas.

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