Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 16

Xu Yanwen paid no attention to what Linda sitting next to him would think in her mind. He only focused on sending his WeChat message to Xue Jiayue asking whether she ate properly at home or not.


When Xue Jiayue's mobile phone rang, she was still devoting herself to the design draft. She didn't pick up her phone to read the message until she had no idea on her hand about her work.


Xu Yanwen: Have you eaten?


Xue Jiayue quickly replied: Not yet.


Xu Yanwen's new message soon came: Why haven't you eaten yet?


Xue Jiayue: I am not hungry yet. I’ll eat later.


Xu Yanwen: What's for supper?


Xue Jiayue thought about it, she didn't go out all day, and there seemed to be nothing left in the refrigerator, so she replied Xu Yanwen: Noodle.


Xu Yanwen frowned at this message. He thought Xue Jiayue was really disobedient. When he was not at home, she even refused to eat regularly.


Xu Yanwen knocked three words on the phone and sent: Eat Something better.


After reading the message from Xu Yanwen, Xue Jiayue blinked. Before she could figure out how to reply, she received a big red envelope from Xu Yanwen.




Xue Jiayue stared at the envelope, wondering whether she should accept it or reject it.


Xu Yanwen’s following message gave her answer: Receive the red evelope, and order a big meal.


‘He meant the western-style food?’ Xue Jiayue thought, 


‘Great! Since it is his treat, I just accept it.’ Xue Jiayue happily clicked to receive the big red evelope.


In return, Xue Jia sent a “Thanks” picture: Thanks boss .jpg


Xu Yanwen stared at Xue Jiayue's new cartoon message, and his eyes were fixed on the word "boss". 



Encouraged by Xu Yanwen’s red evelope, she placed an order with  good food APP. When the takeout arrived, she took a picture and sent it to Xu Yanwen.  

But this time Xu Yanwen did not return her WeChat in time. She guessed that he was probably busy and did not see it, so she put her mobile phone next to her and enjoyed her gourmet meal beautifully.


Xu Yanwen, the vice president Wang and Linda had already arrived at the hotel where their reception was held. This time the cocktail party was organized by Gu Tingshen, the president of the Gu's Group. It was because of his invitation that Xu Yanwen came tonight. 


In fact, the main business of the Xu Group and the Gu Group was different, and they had only part of the business contacts. Xu Yanwen and Gu Ting had met a few times before, and they had very good impressions of each other. They both had the intention to continue to cooperate in the future.


When Xu Yanwen walked into the reception hall, Gu Tingshen was chatting with others. At the sight of Xu Yanwen’s coming, Gu tingshen quickly whispered a few words with the people around him, and then led his wife, Tang Xintian, to greet him,


"Good evening, Mr. Xu."


"Good evening, Mr. Gu."


Both of the presidents smiled and shook hands. After a brief inquiry, they began to talk on the scene.


Tang Xintian quietly stood by the side of her husband, listening to their talking about business.


She didn't quite understand those things, but she kept a decent smile on her face.


Linda looked at her, smiling blandly on her face, "Good evening, Mrs. Gu."


Her flattering meaning was too obvious and her intention was not quite right, so Tang Xintian only glanced at her lightly. Even though Linda disguised herself well, she still could not escape Tang Xintian's eyes.


Tang Xintian didn't think much of people like Linda. Such people were too purposeful to be liked.  

"Mrs. Gu is really beautiful," Linda tried to please Tang Xintian. Tang Xintian just listened politely with a smile on her face, and occasionally responded with a sentence or two. Her attitude was lukewarm.


It was unknown whether Linda was aware of Tang Xintian’s attitude towards her, or whether her skin was thick enough. She didn’t care. She always took the initiative to find a topic to talk to Tang Xintian sweetly, talking and laughing. It was clear that she was trying to let others believe they two were in good relationship.


It was not until later that new visitors arrived and the couple of Tang Xintian and Gu Tingshen must go to greet them. Linda didn't pester Tang Xintian anymore.


At the reception, Xu Yanwen and Gu Tingshen had a very pleasant conversation. Later, they discussed business matters with several other partners who had worked together. Later, they were persuaded to drink several glasses of wine. By the time Xu Yanwen left the party, he was already getting a little drunk.


"Mr. Xu, are you all right?"


asked Linda. She saw Xu yanwen  appear tipsy and rushed forward to help him. In fact, she was in the name of supporting him. She was almost on his body.  

The eyes behind the rimless glasses suddenly became sharp. Xu Yanwen shook his hand and prevented Linda from helping him, "Don't touch me!"


"Mr. Xu ..." Linda looked aggrieved, staring at Xu Yanwen, still wanting to move forward, "I'll take you home. I  cannot rest easy to let you go home alone because you are quite drunk."


Xu Yanwen would not listen to her. By raising his hand to press his temple, he shook off hers from reaching to him. Then he composed himself and stared at her coldly while telling her, "You don't need to send me home. I have a driver.”  

"I, I just worry about you," Linda explained.


“No,” Xu Yanwen refused very simply. He told her directly, "I drank wine today and it is inconvenient for you to get in my car. I asked the vice president Wang to send you back."


Linda was helpless.


Her plan was in vain.


"Mr. Wang!" Xu Yanwen called. The vice president hurried forward to respond. Xu Yanwen said to him, "You didn't drink any wine tonight, so please send Linda back!"


It's all about the tone of work arrangements.


As a subordinate, the vice president couldn't say no,  so he immediately replied, "Okay, I will send her back."


"Then," Xu Yanwen said, “I am going first.”


Mr. Wang went forward to help Xu Yanwen close the door of the car, "You drank wine tonight, so you must take care of yourself and have a good rest tonight."


Standing nearby, Linda witnessed everything in front of her—the vice president send Xu Yanwen into the car; Xu Yanwen's car slowly drive away...


The vice president looked back, and found Linda was still staring at the direction of Xu Yanwen's car leaving. He chuckled involuntarily. He asked her, "Shall we go now?"


Linda felt aggrieved. How she wished she could go with Xu Yanwen, but not this baldheaded vice president in front of her!




The lights on both sides of the road were shining brightly, and the car was driving smoothly back to Ningxuan Garden. 


Through the rearview mirror, the driver saw Xu Yanwen leaning against the back seat with his eyes closed and brows knitted.

This evening, Xu Yanwen drank a little too much. His drinking capacity was not so good, so it's easy for him to get drunk.

"Mr. Xu, would you like to drink some water?" the driver saw his discomfort and asked.  

Xu Yanwen didn't open his eyes. His hands were on his forehead, and his voice was very low, "No. Thank you. I just doze for a while."


The driver glanced at him again and saw that he did not mean to open his eyes, so he stopped disturbing him and drove his car seriously.


They quickly arrived at Ningxuan Garden. The driver opened the door to help Xu Yanwen get off the car. And then he assisted Xu Yanwen to enter his apartment.


Xue Jiayue just finished washing and got ready to go to bed when she heard the movement at the door. She opened the bedroom door and went out, and she saw the driver and Xu Yanwen there.


"Why did you drink so much?" Xue Jiayue quickly stepped forward, together with the driver to help Xu Yanwen to sit on the sofa.


Xu Yanwen opened his eyes, glanced at her, and tried to argue, "I didn't drink much, nor am I drunk!"


Xue Jiayue glanced at his reddish face. She could not help but say to him in her heart, ‘You are not drunk? Only those who are drunk could say so.’


"Thank you for sending him back,"


said Xue Jiayue turning to the driver. The driver smiled and replied politely that it was his job. He said he had been working with Xu Yanwen for many years.


After the driver left, Xue Jiayue tried to get Xu Yanwen to sleep on his bed, but he was much taller than her, and she couldn't move him at all.


"Don’t you go to bed to rest?" Xue Jiayue stood in front of Xu Yanwen and gave him a push.


Xu Yanwen opened his eyes. Because of the wine, his eyes were all red. He looked at Xue Jiayue for a while, and then he nodded, while reaching for Xue Jiayue to give him support.


"For the sake of your big red envelope this afternoon, I will do as you you tell me,"  she said while lifting him from the sofa and assisted him to go to the bedroom.  

"Be careful," Xue Jiayue was afraid that he would fall unsteadily. If he fell to the ground, she could not guarantee who could come to get him up. In that case, he could only sleep on the ground for a night.


"I'm fine. I'm not drunk." Xu Yanwen argued like a child.


"Well, you are not drunk!" Xue Jiayue dealt with him casually, while in her heart, she thought that this man, being so drunk at the moment, was like a child who had never grown up!  

Xu Yanwen leaned slightly against Xue Jiayue. His head was a little dizzy, his eyes were a little blurry, and his brain was a little slow, but still he was able to know where his bedroom was. 


Xue Jiayue finally helped Xu Yanwen to his bed. She took a big breath, and said to Xu Yanwen, "Good night!"


However, Xu Yanwen suddenly stood up, and Xue Jiayue was startled, "What are you doing?"


“Have a bath,” Xu Yanwen turned his head toward the bathroom.


Xue Jiayue grabbed him, "No. You are drunk. You can take a bath tomorrow morning!"


“Have a bath!” Xu Yanwen insisted, "I can't sleep without a bath first!"


"I say you can wash tomorrow morning!" Xue Jiayue also insisted.


"Take a shower or I cannot sleep!"Xu Yanwen refused to budge an inch!


"..." Xue Jiayue was speechless. She wondered why no one ever told her that Xu Yanwen was so hard to deal with when he got drunk. Neither was it mentioned in the original book!


"All right then. Just wash if you want to wash!" Since Xue Jiayue wasn’t able to stop him, she had to give in.  

Thus Xu Yanwen went to the bathroom. Xue Jiayue could help nothing, and had to leave the room.


Just then, Xu Yanwen's cell phone on the bed rang.


Xue Jiayue glanced at the phone screen. It was a strange phone number.


"Your phone rang," Xue Jiayue shouted to Xu Yanwen in the bathroom.


After waiting for a while, Xu Yanwen's voice came from the bathroom, "Help me to see who is calling."


"I don't know. It's a strange number," Xue Jiayue replied.


"Then leave it alone," he said.


During their talk, the ring of the phone stopped. Xue Jiayue decided to leave, when a text message came onto the screen.


Linda: Mr. Xu, are you safe at home? This afternoon when I was in your car, my bracelet fell ...


Xue Jiayue didn't turn on Xu Yanwen's mobile phone, so the content of the message was not displayed completely, but it was quite clear what was behind it.


Xue Jiayue knew that, generally speaking, this kind of woman who texted a man in the middle of the night must be on the catch for the man, especially when the text message itself was so ambiguous.  

Xue Jiayue suddenly remembered that night when Xu Yanwen went away from her to answer a phone. God knows whether this woman named "Linda" was his little lover!


Xue Jiayue sneered. She had no intention of tangling with this matter. Anyway, sooner or later, she and Xu Yanwen were about to divorce. Who would become Xu Yanwen's woman, and who would be his lover, had nothing to do with her!


Maybe just because of these women, she and Xu Yanwen could get divorced quickly, and then she could take the money and enjoyed herself!


With the dream of getting money and leaving soon, Xue Jiayue left Xu Yanwen's room and went back to bed.


About twenty minutes later, Xu Yanwen came out of the bathroom after a shower, he picked up the phone and saw the text message from Linda. He suddenly realized something.


He remembered that Xue Jiayue should have seen his mobile phone just now. He wondered if she had seen the text message sent by Linda. He felt quite disturbed.


Subconsciously, he stepped out and walked a few steps, but he stopped again.


It's so late now. Xue Jiayue should have fallen asleep.


Xu Yanwen stood at the door and finally turned around and walked back to his bedroom.


The next morning when Xue Jiayue got up, Xu Yanwen had already gone to the company.


Grandpa Xu made a phone call yesterday and told them to go back to the old house for dinner. Xue Jiayue thought about it and sent a WeChat message to Xu Yanwen.


Xue Jiayue: Grandpa told us to go back to our old house for dinner!


Xu Yanwen returned to her after a while: Well, you go first then, and I will come directly after work.


Xue Jiayue’s lips were set in a pout of annoyance. From Xu Yanwen’s message, she got little hope for his going there with her. So she went back to the old house to see Grandpa Xu.


But it was out of Xue Jiayue’s expectation that in the evening, Xu Yanwen did drive back to the old house after work.


Grandpa Xu was very happy to see Xu Yanwen come back, and quickly asked the kitchen to prepare more food for Xu Yanwen.


Soon, a large table full of dishes was served, and the family sat down to eat.


Grandpa Xu personally scooped up two bowls of soup for Xue Jiayue and Xu Yanwen, and said with a smile, "This is the chicken broth I specially asked to cook in the kitchen. It has been simmered for hours. Both of you, try, please."


"Thank you grandpa," said Xue Jiayue. She was very grateful. “It's delicious”


"Good girl!" Grandpa Xu smiled lovingly.


Xu Yanwen did not speak, but silently picked up the spoon and drank the soup.


Grandpa Xu said to them," Both of you will stay in the old house tonight and accompany me to talk. Ok?"


Xue Jiayue secretly glanced at Xu Yanwen. She found he was expressionless, so she supposed he would refuse. However, he was seen to nod his head and said, “Ok, Grandpa.”


This result shocked Xue Jiayue, wondering what Xu Yanwen was thinking in his mind.


Later that night, when they two returned to the room, Xue Jiayue could not wait to ask frankly, "Why did you agree to stay?"


Xu Yanwen looked out of the window and said lightly, "Grandpa is getting older, and Dr. Yang told me the other day that Grandpa's heart is not very good."


Xue Jiayue got it. Grandpa was not in good health. Xu Yanwen wanted to stay with him more, so he agreed.


"Then how shall we sleep tonight?" Xue Jiayue glanced around. There was only one bed in the room. How could they sleep tonight? 


"Tell me please," as there was no response from Xu Yanwen, Xue Jiayue urged.


Her voice sounded a little special, soft and sweet. Xu Yanwen suddenly felt a little hot, too. He stretched out his hand to take off the tie. He noticed her face was very red, abnormally red.


"Do you think something is wrong?" he asked.


"I didn't ..." Xue Jiayue just wanted to say that she didn't find anything wrong, when a strange feeling of hotness came over her body.


From her reaction, Xu Yanwen’s face suddenly changed and understood:  It was because of that bowl of soup ...

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