Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 15

Pushing Xu Yanwen’s bedroom door open, Xue Jiayue was met with blue curtains, blue bedding, and a completely clean and tidy environment with their owner’s breath.


Xue Jiayue stood stunned for a moment at the door. It was strange that she was infected, because the hot temperature in her palm had spread to her face uncontrollably..


The window was half open, and the breeze gently blew the blue curtains.


The decoration of  the  room was clean and simple, with no unnecessary sundries, just like its owner. 


She walked into the room to hang the suit and the tie on the shelf.


She felt it's not good to stay in Xu Yanwen's bedroom, so she finished her task and was about to leave. When she turned around, she saw a picture frame on the shelf next to her. She subconsciously stopped.


It was a photo of four people taken many years ago. Grandpa Xu was sitting in the middle. Xu Yanwen and the original were standing on the left and right side of Grandpa Xu respectively. On the right hand side of Xu Yanwen was a girl about the same age of him. The girl was wearing a beautiful princess dress, holding Xu Yanwen's arms with her both hands. She was smiling sweetly.


Xue Jiayue recognized at a glance that the girl was none other than Han Mengxue, the hostess.


Han Mengxue was a daughter of an eminent family. She had a good family background, good looks and good learning. She grew up with Xu Yanwen since an early age. Both of them were a perfect match.


There was no harm if there was no comparison. Just by a glance of this  picture taken more than a decade ago, Xue Jiayue understood that Han Mengxue was incomparable to her. Han Mengxue was a real princess. Xue Jiayue herself was simply an ugly duckling straying into a wealthy family. Though Grandpa Xu loved her and took care of her, the actual gap was visible to the naked eye.


If it wasn’t that Grandpa Xu insisted on fulfilling his original agreement with the original’s Grandpa, and also that the oriinal set a trap for Xu Yanwen, Han Mengxue should have married Xu Yanwen long ago. Both of them might have lived a happy life. And Xue Jiayue would have nothing to do with all these.


Xue Jiayue studied Han Mengxue's picture. The corner of her mouth moved. She just wanted to say something, when she heard Xu Yanwen's voice coming from the kitchen.


"Jiayue, come and help me!"


Xue Jiayue immediately recovered herself from it. She realized it was not proper for her to linger there. Hurriedly, She walked out quickly, responding Xu Yanwen in the kitchen, "Coming."


Xue Jiayue walked to the kitchen and suddenly stopped, only to feel the pain from her knee. She frowned and let out a little cry of pain  

Xu Yanwen noticed and asked hurriedly, "What’s the matter?"


"Walking too fast and hurting the wound," said Xue Jiayue. She winced in pain, because the injury on her knee really ached.


Xu Yanwen lowered his eyes to have a look at the wound, but her skirt blocked his view and he could not see it.


“Does it hurt?” Xu Yanwen asked with concern.


Xue Jiayue blinked and looked up at Xu Yanwen. Her eyes just met Xu Yanwen's calm and handsome face. She couldn't help but smile in her heart. She waved her hand, "It ’s okay, It ’s better now."


Xu Yanwen gave her a deep look,  but she took no notice of it. She looked around and asked, "What are you asking me to do?"


Xu Yanwen looked away, pointed to the egg nearby, and answered in his normal tone, "Beat those eggs."

"Ok," Xue Jiayue responded, walked over and beat the eggs in the bowl. She then whipped them carefully in a whisk.


Xue Jiayue worked very seriously. Xu Yanwen gave her a glance, but her attention was all on the egg but not him.


At last, Xue Jiayue finished her job and turned to see Xu Yanwen cutting the potato shreds. His knife work was very good, fast and stable, as if he had been specially trained. Soon enough, thin and evenly shredded potatoes were cut.


"Wow, your cutting skill is great!" Xue Jiayue exclaimed. There was a look of admiration in her eyes.  

Xu Yanwen's mouth was slightly curved. He replied blandly, "Just practice more."


Huh! Huh!

Xue Jiayue twisted her mouth. She had been cooking for so many years, and she believed the taste was not bad. However, in some respects like the knife skill etc., she was not as good as Xu Yanwen. She thought that many people were misled by the saying that practice makes perfect. She knew now  some people relied not on practice, but on talent.  

Talents really depended on people. During supper, Xue Jiayue couldn't help but sigh again. Xu Yanwen's cooking was very good, and the food was more delicious than what she made. Although she didn't want to admit it, but it was true


Xue Jiayue took a bite of the vinegar shredded potato and found the taste was really delicious. She couldn't help but say to Xu Yanwen, “If you don't work as a president, you can open a restaurant. The business must be very good. "  

Xu Yanwen's hand holding chopsticks paused, looked up at her and asked, "Are you sure?"


Although Xu Yanwen did not say anything unpleasant, Xue Jiayue could feel some obvious contempt in his tone.


It was true that as a president of the Xu Group worthy of billions of dollars, he was doing big businesses everyday.  She told him not to be a president, but to be a cook. How despising was that?


Xue Jiayue wanted to pat her head to sober herself up, telling herself that the man sitting opposite her was the leading role, not Tom, Dick or Harry. And she had to stop nonsense!  

"The food you make is delicious," Xue Jiayue quickly changed the subject.


Of course, the topic shifted so abruptly!  

Xu Yanwen gave a "huh" lightly as a response.


To ease the atmosphere, Xue Jiayue continued, "I have never seen you cook in the old house before."


Xu Yanwen anwered blandly, "Too troublesome. I don't want to do it!"


Xue Jiayue, "..."


Xue Jiayue was surprised by Xu Yanwen’s answer. It was only because cooking was troublesome that he refused that work in the old house.


But, he did the cooking today!


Xu Yanwen put down his chopsticks, lowered his eyes and took a sip of soup. When he got up and left, he said simply,  "One good turn deserves another."


Huh! Huh!

Xue Jiayue wanted to roll her eyes at him. She had prepared many meals for him, but he only did it once! Hum!




During the following days, Xue Jiayue stayed and rested at home because of her wound.


And due to the injury, Xue Jiayue was lazy and did not cook.


Xu Yanwen didn't say anything about this, instead, he prepared her breakfast every morning and came back to prepare supper after work. Sometimes if he was very busy, he would tell her in advance and let her order takeaway. Thus, she passed The days very comfortably.


That day before going to work, Xu Yangwen told Xue Jiayue to take care of herself because he would be busy in the evening, and might come back very late. 


Xue Jiayue enjoyed the days of being cared for by him, and she had got used to it. So at this moment, she was abit upset hearing the news. Yet, she knew she couldn’t keep bothering him, so she agreed very obediently,


"You just mind your own business, and I will take care of myself."


“Then I'll go to work now, Bye,” Xu Yanwen said, pleased.


"Bye~" Xue Jiayue waved at him and watched him go out.


After Xu Yanwen left, Xue Jiayue received a call from Grandpa Xu,


"Yueyue, what are you busy with these days? Why didn't you come back to the old house? "


Xue Jiayue didn’t tell Grandpa Xu that she was recovering from an injury for fear that he would worry about her. She told him she was drawing a design draft, and looking for a job, “I have drawn some design drafts. Brother Xu praised me for my painting. I’ve just posted a resume on the Internet hoping to find a studio to work and get some experience. "


Grandpa Xu heard it and quickly asked with concern, "Did you find the job?"


Xue Jiayue replied frankly, “Not yet.”


Grandpa Xu immediately answered, "Then don't look for it. Grandpa opens a studio for you. All right?"


“No,” Xue Jiayue quickly said, "I have to rely on myself."


"But we have agreed that I can help whatever you need,“said Grandpa Xu. He didn't want her to be so tired.


Xue Jiayue answered seriously, "Grandpa, I know you care for me, but I also want to exercise myself. If everything depends on you, how can I grow up?"


Xue Jiayue insisted and tried to convince Gandpa Xu. In the end, Grandpa Xu was moved and agreed,


"Then you go on to find a job by yourself. If in the end you still can’t find one, we will open a studio and create our own brand," Grandpa Xu added, "My Yueyue is so good. She is the best in the world!"


Xue Jiayue smiled happily, "Grandpa, you are the best grandpa in the world!"


"Great! Come back to the old house together with Yanwen tomorrow then," said Grandpa Xu.


"Alright!" Xue Jiayue smiled and agreed.




The work was nearly over in the afternoon when Assistant Feng suddenly received a phone call from his girlfriend, who was sick in hospital. 

Assistant Feng was usually busy at work and had little time to accompany his girlfriend. His girlfriend complained about this several times. Recently, she suddenly fell ill and had to stay in hospital. If this time he refused to go to company her again, they might break up.


His girlfriend said to him on the phone, "If you don't come this time, you don't need to come later."


Assistant Feng was very anxious. He planned to company Xu Yanwen to a business reception at night. Now that this was the case, he could only ask Xu Yanwen for help.


Xu Yanwen heard about the reason of the matter and did not embarrass him. Instead, he kindly granted his leave, “You can have a three days’ leave to take good care of your girlfriend. Come back to work after everything is settled.”


"Thank you, Mr. Xu." Assistant Feng was very grateful and almost burst into tears.


Xu Yanwen said with a smile, "But you have to settle the work first, and you will arrange another person to go with me at the evening reception."


"Okay, I'll arrange it right now," Assistant Feng quickly went out to look for someone.


In the secretariat, Linda was sorting out the information by herself. Assistant Feng walked in, saw the situation and asked where the others were.


Linda replied smilingly, "Sister Ji is on a business trip. Wen Wen sent the documents."


“ All right then,” said Assistant Feng, for he had to arrange Linda to attend the reception instead of him, "Mr. Xu will go to a business reception in the evening, and you will go with him."


“Me…?” Linda asked surprisingly, and her heart was thumping with excitement. This would be the first time she would accompany Xu Yanwen to a reception.


Assistant Feng nodded, "Yes, it’s you. I should have gone, but my girlfriend was ill. President Xu granted me three days off, I'm going to the hospital to take care of my girlfriend. I can only let you go for me tonight . "


After making sure that she could accompany Xu Yanwen to the business reception, Linda was very excited. She could not help smiling happily, and her eyes were also sparkling brightly. She made up her mind, ‘Tonight I must dress up beautifully and let Xu Yanwen keep his eyes on me!’


Work was over in the company, and Xu Yanwen saw Linda dressed up in front of him. She wore a black V-neck evening dress with delicate makeup on her face, which seemed quite appropriate.


Linda stood excitedly and nervously in front of Xu Yanwen, with a smile on her face. She behaved like a beginner and asked Xu Yanwen, "Mr. Xu, this would be my first time to such a reception. I don’t have any experience. If I do anything improperly, you must remind me. "


Xu Yanwen glanced at her calmly, "I remember you used to be in the school reception team?"


His response panicked her. She understood his meaning. It meant if she could do well in the school reception team, and she could naturally do well at tonight’s party. Thus she should not have pretended that way.


"I, I mean ..." Linda wanted to explain.


"Mr. Xu!" a middle-aged man wearing a gray suit walked quickly up to them and greeted. It was the vice president of the company.


"I'm sorry I’m late," the vice president Wang apologized, "Just now my assistant came over and reported about some work, and I was delayed for a few minutes."


Xu Yanwen was expressionless. He just answered in his usual tone, “it ’s okay. Let’s go. It ’s still the time.”


“Sure,” the vice president quickly followed Xu Yanwen's footsteps.


Linda was left behind. She was taken aback for a moment. Tonight's reception would not be a chance for only she and Xu Yanwen. Not only would she accompany Xu Yanwen to attend, but also the vice president would go!


Sitting in the car to the reception, Linda looked at the man next to her. Xu Yanwen was focusing on his phone reading WeChat. He did not even spare her a glance.


Linda squeezed her finger and told herself that she must make good use of the reception party to get close to Xu Yanwen. She had to let Xu Yanwen know about her strengths, her gentleness as well as her cleverness. She would make him see she was better than his ignorant and stupid wife thousands of times, and that if she was by his side, she could help him, instead of dragging his legs behind.


The author’s note--   Xue Jiayue: I haven't seen you cook in the old house before.


Xu Yanwen: Too troublesome. I don't want to do it!


Xue Jiayue: How about now?


Xu Yanwen: It ’s okay to make it for you!


Readers, enjoy your reading.

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