Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 14

Xu Yanwen stared at his wrist, which was grasped so tightly by Xue Jiayue that the skin there burned. He was stiff all over, but he didn't try to get free..


Xue Jiayue gasped with pain. Her eyes were red and glistening with tears. She looked very pitiful. 


Xu Yanwen's eyes twinkled with tenderness. He lowered his head and continued to clean the wound quickly and softly. Then he applied some medicine and put a gauze pad on it.  

"All right," said Xu Yanwen. Obviously he just helped Xue Jiayue to apply the medicine, but he felt like it had lasted a century, and he was dripping with sweat.  

Xue Jiayue finally breathed a sigh of relief. She pulled her skirt down to cover her knees, raised her wet eyes and looked at Xu Yanwen, "Thank you so much. I am so lucky that you're back. Otherwise, I would not dare to apply the medicine myself."


What she said was true, but it made the listener feel more distressed. Xu yanwen held the cotton swab in his hand more tightly. He reached out to caress her hair while comforting her, "It's all right. I'll keep on helping you apply medicine later. Don’t worry."  

Xue Jiayue responded with a sound "Hmm", and then she asked, "Why did you come back? Shouldn't You be working in the Company at this time?”


A strange light glinted in his eyes. He lowered his head to tidy up the medical kit while answering Xue JIayue, "There's going to be a meeting in the afternoon, but I forgot an important document at home. "


Actually the truth was that he called Xue Jiayue and wanted to ask her to get the document ready so that Assistant Feng could come back to get it afterwards. However, Xue Jiayue did not answer the phone. He was worried  whether she had met some trouble  on the way home after the interview or something else had happened. Thus he hurriedly drove home instead. And it was true that Xue Jiayue did get injured.


Xu Yanwen didn't want to tell Xue Jiayue about the truth why he came back. He put the medical kit back in the cabinet and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water and handed it to Xue Jiayue.  

"I'll be back to the company in a minute, and I'll have a very important meeting in the afternoon," Xu Yanwen said, "Your leg was injured. You must take good care of yourself at home. Have a good rest. You must keep the wound away from water. Don’t worry about supper, and I’ll come back to prepare it after work."


Xue Jiayue smiled and pointed out, "Brother, you are really long-winded. "

Xu Yanwen stared at her, and then he said in a tone of gentle reproof, "You dare to be naughty even if you are hurt?!" 


He behaved like a strict parent!


Xue Jiayue made a face and stuck out her tongue secretly. Obediently, she replied, "All right. I’ll follow your ideas. Thank you. You just go to mind your business. Don’t worry about me.” 


That sounded better. Xu Yanwen's serious expression softened. He took a look at Xue Jiayue’s knee covered in her skirt and thought of how she was injured. His eyebrows twisted. He went on requiring Xue Jiayue, "These days you don't have to look for a job. Just stay at home. We don’t lack money, You do not need to work so hard." 


Xue Jiayue curled her lips and asked, "If I am only a rice worm at home, would you like to keep me all my life?"  

Xu Yanwen took a glance at her, and answered seriously, “Yes.”


“Yes?” Xue Jiayue wanted to confirm it.


"That’s it even if you didn't hear clearly just now," with that, Xu Yanwen took the document in his hand and strode out.  

"I have heard it,” Xue Jiayue shouted at his back and succeeded in seeing Xu Yanwen leave faster.


In fact, it was only a lip-service. Xue Jiayue knew that they were going to divorce sooner or later. He treated her well now only for the sake of so many years of kinship between brother and sister. When the hostess Han Mengxue went online, she, his ex-wife, should consciously abdicate.  

Thus, even if Xu Yanwen had said he was willing to support her, she couldn’t put everything on him. She had to rely on herself, to have a job and to be independent. She needed to find a way out for her future in case of any trouble. In this case, she would not lose everything like the original.  



As soon as the meeting was over in the company, Xu Yanwen called Assistant Feng to the office.


At the moment, Assistant Feng was waiting at Xu Yanwen's desk, watching his pensive boss, wondering what important task to be assigned to him.  

After a while, Xu Yanwen seemed to have decided, and said to the assistant, "I want to open a studio, and you'll help me plan it." 


Assistant Feng was a little surprised. He hadn't heard about it at the meeting. Was it only the big boss' sudden whim? However, after all these years with Xu Yanwen, he had gone through a lot of things. Whatever the circumstances, he had already grown into a calm, relaxed attitude. He just obeyed his boss and would do whatever he told him to do.  

"What studio does Mr. Xu want to open?" 


"A clothing design studio. In my own name. As for the personnel or something else, you just help me arrange them," Xu Yanwen told his assistant about his initial ideas briefly.


"Open a clothing design studio?" Assistant Feng felt more strange. The Xu's main business were electronic technology, network information, commercial real estate and entertainment media, etc., but it had not been involved in the clothing industry. Was the boss planning to open up a new market ?  

Xu Yanwen also noticed Assistant Feng ’s doubts, but he did not want to explain too much for doing so, but said simply, “I suddenly had such an idea. It is not in the name of the company, but in my personal capacity. If it develops well in the future, other plans will be made consequently. "  

‘In fact, the boss just wants to test the water in the new market and then watch the situation,’ Assistant Feng understood after a pause.  He knew well Mr. Xu was not a messy investor.  

"Okay, Mr. Xu, I'll try my best to do it well," the assistant replied.


Xu Yanwen nodded and cautioned, "It's a secret, and don't let too many people know about it." 


Assistant Feng replied, "I know. You may rest assured that I will do it well. "  

Of course, Xu Yanwen believed in Assistant Feng ’s ability to handle things. He was the one he promoted, otherwise he would not have given him the task of opening a studio.  

"You have to start dealing with the opening of the studio as soon as possible," Xu Yanwen urged, "Time is a little tight."  

He couldn't let Xue Jiayue wait too long, lest the girl fill her head with nonsense, stay up all night for a design, fail to find a job and result in a good cry.  

Assistant Feng immediately promised there was no proplem about it, and that he would get it done as soon as possible. Hurriedly, he went away for it.  



That afternoon, Xu Yanwen was half an hour ahead of schedule to get his work done and ready to go home.


He packed up his stuff, took the key to the car and his cell phone. He was about to leave the office, when Zhou Chenguang called,


"Brother Xu, tonight we’ll gather together in Wanshunge Restaurant, and we need a fourth player. "


“No, I won’t come,” Xu Yanwen did not hesitate to refuse. He didn't seem to have any interest in card games. He got up and strode out of the office and went direct to the elevator.  

Zhou Chenguang went on persuading on the phone, "Why not? You haven't been together with us buddies for a long time. "


"I am busy," Xu Yanwen’s answer was brief.


“What is it to keep you so busy?” Zhou Chenguang continued, "I tell you not to be so workaholic as to work sixteen hours a day. You should strike a balance between work and rest. You are working so desperately. Be careful of sudden death!"


"How dare you say so?"  Xu Yanwen responded coldly, "Can you say something nice?"  

But Zhou Chenguang ignored him and continued to persuade on the phone, "Brother, you just come over to meet us. Even if you don’t play cards, you can eat with us. OK?" 


Xu Yanwen still refused his invitation. He told him, "I'm going home." 


Zhou Chenguang chuckled, "I say, Brother Xu, how delicious is Jiayue's meal? How many days have you not come out to play with us? I really want to go to your house to see what Jiayue's meal looks like? "  

Xu Yanwen snorted, "All right!"


"Hahaha, then I'm really coming." Zhou Chenguang smiled with pride.


However, he was still in his excitement when he heard Xu Yanwen say, "...... You just give it a try! "


Zhou Chenguang, "..."


For a few seconds, Zhou Chenguang was silent. Xu Yanwen then asked coldly, "Are you still coming?" 


"No, no, no, I am kidding. They are calling me. I have to hang up!" With that, Zhou Chenguang hung up the phone in a hurry.


Xu Yanwen glanced at the phone and murmured, “Asshole!”


On the other side of the phone, Zhou Chenguang put down the phone, but his heart was still thumping. He was complaining to Xiao Zhe and Tang Yichuan, 

"My God, Brother Xu is horrible. He said he will not come here, but he is going home! 


Then I said I wanted to see how well  Jiayue cooked. What do you think Brother Xu said? "


"How did he answer you?" Tang Yichuan lay on the sofa and asked lazily.


Zhou Chenguang coughed, imitating Xu Yanwen's voice, "Well, you come. Try it! 


"O God! it's so scary!" Zhou Chenguang patted his chest and shook his head, "I'm afraid of going to his apartment anyway!" "


Xiao Zhe chuckled.


Tang Yichuan lazily darted him a glance and moved his lips to utter two words, “You idiot!”  

No matter what the situation was going on to Zhou Chenguang, Xu Yanwen drove straight home.


Xue Jiayue was sitting in the living room drawing a design draft when the door opened. She greeted him with a smile, "You come back so early today." 


"There's nothing to do in the company after the meeting today, " Xu Yanwen replied while changing shoes at the door. He then walked over to see her design. He found it was not as good as the ones she painted a few days ago, probably because she was affected by the failure of the interview. 


"You are injured, so you need a good rest. It's not too late to draw after the recovery. Don't worry about these things." Xu Yanwen wanted her to relax, so as not to be sad for a failure.  

Xue Jiayue smiled, "I have nothing to do at home, so I just draw and pass the time." 


Xu Yanwen glanced at her, knowing that she obviously didn't tell the truth. She wouldn't be sad if she really did what she said.  

"I'll go to prepare supper, and you'll have a rest,"  Xu Yanwen took off his tie and suit while saying to Xue Jiayue, "but can you help me?" "


“Yes?” replied Xue Jiayue right away.


Xu Yanwen handed her the suit and asked her to "help me hang it up in the room." 


“Ok,” Xue Jiayue glanced at him, and found he looked calm as if he really needed help. Thus, she could not refuse and reach out to receive the suit and the tie. She then got up to Xu Yanwen's room.


Xue Jiayue noticed that Xu Yanwen's body temperature was still left on the suit, giving out a light mint-like fragrance. At the moment, with his suit in her hand, she felt her palm slightly burning.

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