Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 13

Linda was still in her fantasy,  but Assistant Feng had already brought the afternoon tea into Xu Yanwen's office.


Linda quickly regained her consciousness and followed the Assistant into the office with the documents in hand. She was so surprised to see her boss pick up a chocolate cookie and bite it.


Didn’t he use to say that he refused sweets?


Linda was stunned, watching Xu Yanwen finish eating a chocolate cookie. It turned out that he did eat sweets, but only that he just did not like to eat what she had made!


Xu Yanwen looked up at her and asked in a cold voice, "Is there anything?"


"Yes, here is a document that requires you to sign." Linda quickly recovered, and gave the document to Xu Yanwen for signature with a blushing face.


After a short glance at Linda, Xu Yanwen took the document and scanned it, all of which he found had been reviewed at the meeting, so he quickly took a pen and signed the document.


Until she walked out of the office with the signed documents, Linda's mind was still chaotic and her face was hot.




In the evening, Xu Yanwen came home from work. As soon as he opened the door and entered the house, Xue Jiayue jumped out in front of him with a smile announcing, "I have good news for you."


As clever as Yanwen, he was able to guess what the good news was at a glance, "You found a job?"


Xue Jiayue shook her head slightly and said with a smile, "Not yet, but soon. The X & S Studio asked me to interview tomorrow, and it is my favorite studio."


Her smiling face and two bright eyes were all like twinkling stars shining with confidence and expectation for the future.


Xu Yanwen was moved, rubbing Xue Jiayue's hair, and said warmly: "Come on!"


Xue Jiayue looked up with a smile, and her gaze met Xu Yanwen's for a split second. Both of them were slightly stunned. A strange feeling struck both of them. The atmosphere present suddenly turned subtle.


"I'm going to see the soup stewed on the stove ..." with this excuse, Xue Jiayue turned and ran to the kitchen hurriedly, as if something terrible was chasing behind.


Xu Yanwen looked at her retreating back, and frowned slightly ...

Lying in bed at night, Xue Jiayue still felt tense and excited, and she couldn't fall asleep.


The next day, she would go to the X & S Studio for an interview. She liked the clothes designed by the studio with its novel and trend-setting styles. If she could become one of them, it would be a great pleasure for her.


It was almost twelve o'clock, and Xue Jiayue was still unable to fall asleep. She sighed, got up from the bed, and decided to go to the kitchen to get a glass of milk to drink.


Xue Jiayue opened the door and just went out, when the adjacent study door also opened from the inside. Xu Yanwen walked out with a glass in his hand.


His black eyes behind the rimless glasses glanced at Xue Jiayue in white silk pajamas. Xu Yanwen seemed to be reminded of something and quickly looked away.


Xue Jiayue didn't notice anything different. She went straight to the kitchen while asking Xu Yanwen if he also wanted to drink milk, "I can't sleep and get a glass of hot milk. Do you also like one?"


Xu Yanwen's slightly hoarse voice came from behind, "No. Thank you. I can do it myself if I like to drink it."


‘Never mind’, she thought and she was too lazy to help him actually.


Xue Jiayue replied, “Well,” as her response.


Entering the kitchen, Xue Jiayue opened the refrigerator to take out a bottle of milk, poured smoe milk into the glass, and put it in the microwave to heat it. Everything was done, and Xue Jiayue suddenly realized something.


She quickly glanced down at herself, her face flushed completely. She didn't wear underwear, and just now she walked in front of Xu Yanwen! Making matters worse was the fact that the original once wore this set of silk Pajamas to tempt Xu Yanwen ... and unfortunately, Xu Yanwen rejected it!


Xue Jiayue wiped her head across her forehead. No wonder Xu Yanwen looked strange when he saw her just now. She didn't notice it at all at that moment, and now she finally understood it. It was so shameful.


Xue Jiayue felt too embarrassed to stay outside, so as not to meet Xu Yanwen again, she slipped back to her room with the milk as soon as it was done, just like a thief.


The door slammed shut, and Xue Jiayue leaned on the back of the door, patting her chest. Her heart thumped, but she didn’t know why she was so guilty and panicked.


After a deep breath, Xue Jiayue eased herself, walked to the bed with the glass of milk, and took a sip of of it before feeling better.

There were some sounds outside the door, and Xu Yanwen went to the kitchen. Hearing the footsteps, Xue Jiayue let out a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he was wise, knowing to run back to his room first. Otherwise both of them would bump into each other again, which would be too embarrassing.


After drinking milk and washing again, Xue Jiayue lay back on the bed. Maybe it was because the hot milk, she became feverish. Her face kept red and she tossed and turned in bed for a long time before falling asleep at last.


The next morning, Xue Jiayue got up early. After washing and dressing, she prepared the needed materials, and then went to the X & S studio for an interview.


It was ten o'clock when Xue Jiayue arrived at the X & S Studio, which was exactly the interview time appointed yesterday.


"Hello, I am here for an interview," she reported to the staff at the front desk.


The staff greeted her and asked her to register first. After getting permission from the personnel supervisor, she led Xue Jiayue to the department for an interview.


The head of the personnel department was a woman in her forties. She was wearing a black professional attire, with her lips curled down and her face looking serious.


She casually flipped the interview materials brought by Xue Jiayue and put it aside. Then she asked blankly: "How many years of work experience do you have?"


Sitting in front of her, Xue Jiayue felt the great pressure from the lady’s serious and unsmiling face.


"I didn't work before," Xue Jiayue was talking about the original’s identity. It was true that the original hadn't worked after graduation.


"But I love design ..." added Xue Jiayue.


"Our studio does not accept people with no work experience!" the personnel director concluded shortly.




Xue Jiayue didn't expect herself to encounter such a situation in her first interview. The lady didn't ask her what she thought of design, nor did she care whether her designing works as well as her ability in the field were good or not. She just denied her only because she had no work experience. 


Xue Jiayue kept on recalling what the personnel director said to her even after she walked out of the X & S Studio. They were something like, for instance, she was not suitable, her design draft was so-so, she was not suitable to do a designing job and the X & S Studio could not hire her ...


Xue Jiayue was very sad. She had been so confident about herself being hired by the X & S Studio, but the reality was that she was simply rejected.


Being so devastated, Xue Jiayue walked blankly on the road. Suddenly a loud horn rang behind her, and she was frightened. She hurriedly jumped aside, but she was pushed away by another middle-aged woman next to her. She tried to stand firm, however, her high-heeled shoes twisted, and the whole person fell to the ground all at once, with her knees heavily knocking on the rough ground.


Ouch! A tingling pain came from the knee. Xue Jiayue's eyes were red with  tears rolling down.


The middle-aged woman who had pushed her was afraid that she might get stuck because of this, so she said rudely, "It was you who ran over me, and then you fell down. So don't put the blame on me!" with that, she strode away.


Xue Jiayue tried to get up from the ground with pain. A large piece of skin had been rubbed off her knee. Bright red blood gushed from the wound and she felt very painful.


Fortunately, a kind-hearted person passing by saw it and stepped forward to ask her with care, "Girl, what's wrong with you? Can I help you?"


"I fell by accident," replied Xue Jiayue. Her eyes were still red.


"Let me help you sit down by the side for a while," the aunt said kindly.


"Thank you," Xue Jiayue was very grateful.


The aunt was very nice and sat with Xue Jiayue for a while until Xue Jiayue felt better.




Xue Jiayue took a taxi home and quickly got some medicine from the medical kit to apply to her wound. And Xu Yanwen returned at this time.


As soon as he entered the house, he saw Xue Jiayue sitting on the sofa, her right leg was raised on the sofa arm, and her knee was red and swollen, where a piece of skin was rubbed off in the middle. It looked very serious.


"How did you get hurt?" Xu Yanwen quickly walked over and saw that she was hurt badly. He couldn't help showing a look of tenderness.


Xue Jiayue was sad, and her eyes were slightly red. She replied, "I fell on the way back from the interview."


From her expression, Xu Yanwen guessed that she might have failed the interview. Thus the grievances resulted from both the interview failure and her knee injury made her very distressed.


"I'll help you apply medicine," Xu Yanwen said, reaching for the cotton swabs and iodine.


Xue Jiayue looked at him and said, "Thank you."


Xu Yanwen's voice was soft, "There will be a little pain. Please endure it for a while."


Xue Jiayue responded with a "huh".


Facing Xue Jiayue’s shocking wound on her leg, Xu Yanwen lowered his eyes, holding a cotton swab in his hand and focusing on his work. His action was very gentle, as if he was treating a fragile doll. He was afraid she might be broken.


Xue Jiayue frowned, and tried hard to endure the pain making low hissing sounds. In the end, however, the pain was so bad that she couldn't help but grab Xu Yanwen's wrist in a panic.


Xu Yanwen’s hand holding medicine paused, and he raised his eyes. He found her white and slender fingers were grasping his wrist tightly. Her palm and his wrist were tightly attached to each other, as if she was dragging him and didn't mean to let him go ...


The author’s note--:   

Intimate contact between two people ~~ Sprinkle flowers ~~

Readers, enjoy yourselves. 

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