Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 12

After supper, Xue Jiayue took out the design drafts she had drawn and showed them to Xu Yanwen.


"You said last time that you’ll give me advice about my design drafts. I have got them ready here. What do you think of them?"


"Let me see,” Xu Yanwen received the design drafts from Xue Jiayue.


It could be seen that these design drafts were the hard work of Xue Jiayue these past few days. She had painted very seriously and integrated her ideas and creativity into them. Although they were not as good as the master-level works, they were not like a new man's design drafts and better than many beginners’. 


"You have designed very well and you have expressed yourself in them. I think you can open your own studio now," Xu Yanwen did not skimp on his own praise. In his view, Xue Jiayue's works were really good.


"Are you kidding me? Are they really  that good?" asked Xue Jiayue. Actually, she was a little embarrassed by his praise, her face blushing and her eyes glancing with joy.


Xu Yanwen chuckled, "I meant it. You did paint well."


Xue Jiayue saw it and became more confident in herself. "What do you think if I'm going to submit a resume and go to a studio to practice myself first?"


She knew what her level was. She still needed to learn more and practice more, so that she could accumulate more experience. In the future, it would be helpful for her to open a studio or build her own brand.


Xu Yanwen was surprised to see Xue Jiayue doing such a thing with interest, and even wanting to go to find work and gain experience, so he asked her, "Do you need help? I know a studio and I can arrange for you to go to work there. "


Xue Jiayue shook her head quickly, "No, I want to try it on my own."


She was clear that if he helped her, they would offer her the job because of him but not because of her ability. And even if she did go by then, her situation in the new studio might become more delicate and awkward because of him too.


"Don’t you really need help?" Xu Yanwen asked again, "I can just make a phone call."


"No. No need and no use." Xue Jiayue pointed out emphatically, "I just want to rely on myself!"


Xu Yanwen found he had to regard Xue Jiayue with new eyes. His black eyes behind the rimless glasses flashed. At last, he simply answered, "Then I will wait for your good news. Come on!"


Xue Jiayue hummed, "You just wait and see!"


The next day, Xue Jiayue started posting resumes online, looking forward to receiving a call from her favorite studio informing her to go to interview.


While waiting for the notice, Xue Jiayue continued to draw design drafts at home. She felt that even if she did not receive any interview notice, she could not give up her dream.


Xu Yanwen watched her working so hard, and kept on encouraging her.


At 11:30 that night, Xu Yanwen came out of the study after working overtime and saw the light in Xue Jiayue's bedroom was still on.


As usual, Xue Jiayue had already gone to bed at this time, so it was strange tonight. 


Xu Yanwen raised his hand, knocked on the door and greeted with concern,


"Jiayue, haven't you gone to bed?"


Xue Jiayue stopped the brush in her hand and turned to Xu Yanwen outside the door, "Not yet. I’ll sleep after finishing the design on my hand."


She got some inspiration when she was taking a bath. She wanted to note down what she had got in her work so as not to forget it later. Actually, this was true for most designers. When inspiration came, they had to note it down right away, or the good idea would never return.


Xu Yanwen stood outside the door and glanced at the time, it was already eleven forty, it was very late.


"It's late. Go to bed early, and get up tomorrow morning to go on with your work," Xu Yanwen went on pressing her.


"Yes. Got it. You go to bed first," replied Xue Jiayue. She felt he was annoying. These days, from day to night, he managed everything about her. At the moment, he was still disturbing. The inspiration was not always there, but he was so troubling. Xue Jiayue was quite annoyed.


Although there was a door between them, Xu Yanwen could feel the impatience in her voice. He frowned slightly, stopped persuading and turned away.


It was finally quiet outside, and Xue Jiayue focused on the design draft again..


Deep at night, Xue Jiayue at last finished her task. When she went to bed, she found it was already more than three in the early morning.


Of course, that was no longer a beauty sleep for her.


Xue Jiayue woke up very late the next day, when the bright sunlight came through the window, kissing her cheeks gently.

The time on the screen of the mobile phone showed ten forty-five, which meant she had slept all morning.


Of course, she didn't get up early this morning, and didn’t make breakfast. Xu Yanwen didn't come to wake her up , and he might have probably gone to the company early in the morning.


Xue Jiayue got out of bed, wore the slippers and went leisurely to do her morning washing.


Looking at her beautiful fair face in the mirror, she couldn't help but praise herself for her natural flawless complexion!


She remembered before her travel through time, she had tried hard to keep her beauty. However, at that time, she had uneven complexion. If she ate some hot and spicy food, or stayed up late, her face would be covered with pimples, which was an appalling sight.   

"It's so nice to be a natural beauty," Xue Jiayue said to herself as she patted her pink and white cheeks smilingly.


After washing, Xue Jiayue came out  to make brunch for herself.  After all, at this time, eating breakfast was a little late, and eating lunch was a little early.


Walking to the restaurant, Xue Jiayue raised her eyes and saw there on the table were milk, eggs, sandwiches and apples.

Was that the breakfast Xu Yanwen prepared for her? !


Xue Jiayue walked over in surprise and saw a note beside the food.


She picked up the note, and Xu Yanwen's vigorous and powerful handwriting came into her eyes:


Enjoy you breakfast. Xu Yanwen.


Looking at the breakfast on the table and glancing at the note left by Xu Yanwen, Xue Jiayue couldn't help laughing.


"I have prepared so many meals for you. And you made breakfast for me this time in return. I accept your favor!"


Xue Jiayue murmured to herself. She took out a chair and sat down. She picked up the sandwich and took a bite. It was creamy and supplemented with beef and dried fruit, which made it sweet and delicious. 

Xue Jiayue ate up all the food. She then took out her mobile phone and sent WeChat to Xu Yanwen, enclosed with a photo: They taste really good. Thank you for your breakfast.




In the conference room in the company, Xu Yanwen was having a meeting, and the marketing director stood on the stage passionately talking about this month's sales performance. Just at that moment, Xu Yanwen's mobile phone on the conference table hummed.

The short ring caught Xu Yanwen's attention. His eyes behind the frameless glasses swept past and saw a WeChat prompt popping up on the phone screen.


It seemed that Xue Jiayue sent WeChat ...


Xu Yanwen put down the pen in his hand, reached out to pick up the phone. He then lowered his head to turn it on, and saw what Xue Jiayue sent.


Jiayue: All were eaten up and delicious. Thank you again for your breakfast. Empty plate picture.jpg


Xu Yanwen quickly tapped his finger on the screen and returned a WeChat message: Get up early in the future. Don't stay up late.


Soon Xue Jiayue replied to him with a very funny picture of a cartoon girl, nodding at him steadily and obediently promising "All right".


Xu Yanwen's finger glided over the picture, and the corner of his mouth curled up into a smile.


Many people saw this scene in the conference room.


Especially the marketing director who stood on the stage saw it most clearly and was deeply encouraged in his heart, ‘My God, Mr. Xu actually smiled just now. He must be pleased with my report because the marketing plan is well formulated. I must work hard in the next quarter to create better results.’


As a secretary, Linda was sitting not far from Xu Yanwen. She saw clearly what was going on just now. Xu Yanwen had been reading WeChat.


Previously, he used to hate people playing mobile phones during meetings, but now he made an exception.


Linda kept looking at Xu Yanwen's profile, and her hand holding the pen was tight, while her heart was full of sourness.


She was thinking, ‘I wonder who sent him WeChat to make him so happy?’




In the afternoon, as Xue Jiayue still felt headache because of last night’s staying up late, she decided to have a break. She thus planned to go out shopping, while at the same time looking for new inspiration.


Xue Jiayue went to Fashion Sky Street, where on both sides there were a variety of shops. She strolled along and saw many interesting shops.


Later, she was tired, but she saw a dessert shop with artistic decoration at the end of the street. She walked in. There were not many people in the shop, with only two or three customers sitting there drinking coffee or eating desserts.


Soothing light music was on in the store, and various desserts were placed in the glass cabinet, such as Mango puff pastry, Durian puff pastry, Xylose cups, Chocolate Cookies, Macarons, and  Mochi, etc. They looked so tasty and inviting.


Xue Jiayue ordered a cup of Caramel Macchiato and Macarons, walked to the window and sat down. Through the clean window, she could see pedestrians coming and going on the street.


There was nothing better than drinking a cup of coffee, tasting favorite desserts, and listening to soothing music on such a beautiful afternoon.


Xue Jiayue took out her mobile phone and took a picture of the scene in front of her. She wanted to upload it to her circle of friends, when she saw a message Xu Yanwen sent to her previously: In a meeting.


To be honest, she knew well it was really hard for Xu Yanwen to manage such a big company. She saw Xu Yanwen working overtime in the study several times at night. Many people relied on him as a big boss. Needless to say, the pressure on him was really great.


Perhaps it was on a whim, Xue Jiayue sent a WeChat message to Xu Yanwen: Do you want to drink afternoon tea? I am in a dessert shop and the desserts are very nice. Work is hard. Take some desserts and have a rest, and you will feel good! 


Xu Yanwen was processing documents in the office when he received Xue Jiayue's WeChat. After a pause, he replied: All right.


Jiayue: What do you like to eat then?


Xu Yanwen: Up to you.


Xue Jiayue replied: OK!


The coffee in the shop looked good, and the desserts were delicious. Xue Jiayue ordered a Caramel Latte, a box of chocolate cookies and a box of Mango puff pastry.  She then asked for the store’s delivery service to send her order to Xu Yanwen's company.


The take-out was delivered to the company within half an hour. The front desk staff got it and called Xu Yanwen's office to ask about his idea. Xu Yanwen said on the phone that he asked Assistant Feng to get it.


Assistant Feng soon came downstairs and took the takeaway upstairs. On the way back to Xu Yanwen's office, he happened to encounter Linda holding a document for Xu Yanwen to sign.


"Is this Assistant Feng's afternoon tea? It turns out that Assistant Feng likes to eat chocolate cookies and Mango puff pastry?" Linda asked smilingly.


Assistant Feng shook his head and replied, " They are not mine."


Linda blinked, wondering who Assistant Feng bought it for in the Secretariat. She remembered  Assistant Feng seemed to have a girlfriend outside already, but why?


Before Linda could find out the truth, Assistant Feng gave her the answer directly, "This was sent by Mrs. Xu to President Xu."


Mrs. Xu?


Linda heard the words and glanced at the package in Assistant Feng ’s hand. Chocolate cookies and Mango puff pastry were both desserts. But President Xu used to tell her that he didn’t like sweets. She was convinced again that those rumors about her boss were true, Mrs. Xu knew nothing about Mr. Xu. The relationship between them two was really bad ...

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I feel so sorry for this delusional girl. Even if Xu Yanwen dislike sweets, of course he would eat it if it's his wife's giving them to him I really like this ML so far. Even though he was forced to marry her, he didn't act rude to her like most of the overbearing presidents. He treated her in respect and I believe it would gradually turn to love
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Argh, where do these crazy, mentally ill women come from? The man is married. His diet is none of your business!
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Even if he dislikes sweets, what has it got to do with you, you delusional woman.
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