Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 11

Xu Yanwen was quite touched by Xue Jiayue’s soft voice and self-deprecation. His dark eyes fell on her. She seemed to be very sad and aggrieved, but she clearly did nothing wrong.


Xu Yanwen hurried back to the dining table and was sorry for the jokes of his noisy friends. "Don't be disturbed by their nonsense. These noisy guys' mouths should be blocked!"


Xue Jiayue blinked her eyes. If she were the original, she would be sad to hear this ridicule, but she was different. She didn’t care about it, even though it's not good to be ridiculed.  The food on the table at the moment was enough to prove everything.


She smiled at Xu Yanwen and said lightly, "It's okay. I didn't hear anything."


Xu Yanwen choked, "..."


“Let’s enjoy our meal,” Xue Jiayue picked up the chopsticks and said calmly.


Xu Yanwen looked at Xue Jiayue. She was eating and drinking calmly, as if she really didn't care what had happened just now.


She behaved normally, but just too normally, completely different from before!

Xu Yanwen was lost in thought. He pulled back his chair and sat down to eat again. Though the food was still the same, he was ignorant about its taste.


In the next few days, Xu Yanwen did not eat at home, saying that he was busy with his work. In the morning, he left before Xue Jiayue got up. In the evening, he didn’t return until Xue Jiayue was asleep. 


Xue Jiayue did not specifically ask if Xu Yanwen was really busy. Anyway, even if Xu Yanwen didn’t come home, she could live her own life, drawing design drafts at home every day, watching dramas, playing games, and going out for shopping sometimes… Thus, the days had passed.


Xu Yanwen was processing documents in the office that day when Zhou Chenguang came again. He was very pleased to report to Xu Yanwen on the progress of his new project,


"The entire project is progressing very smoothly and will be completed next month." Speaking of the achievements of the project, Zhou Chenguang shined on his face.


Xu Yanwen read the documents brought by Zhou Chenguang, and he was assured of his efficiency, and his results were outstanding. So he praised, "You’ve done a very good job."


Rarely praised by Xu Yanwen once, Zhou Chenguang was very excited. Seeing that Xu Yanwen was in a good mood, he took the opportunity to step forward and ask curiously, "Brother Xu, to be honest, I'm curious. Is Jiayue's cooking really delicious?"


Xu Yanwen darted him a cold glance in return.


Zhou Chenguang noticed the sudden tense atmosphere, and quickly made it up by a soothing remark, "Nothing. I am just curious about it."


‘This stupid man!


He is uneasy once you don’t scold him !’ thought Xu Yanwen.


"I haven't settled the accounts with you that day!" he replied. The eyes behind his rimless glasses narrowed slightly, staring at Zhou Chenguang coldly, "Do you want to go to Africa to mine?"


The boss was so scary. Zhou Chenguang couldn't help shivering, so he replied quickly, “No, never. I don't want to go there. I am sorry I was wrong”.


"Fuck off!" Xu Yanwen threw the documents to him and chased him away without mercy.


Zhou Chenguang hurriedly hugged his project file, and rolled away without a second delay.


Even after going back, the office scene still lingered in Zhou Chenguang’s mind. The more he thought about it, the more he felt he was wronged. The problem only lay in the fact that Brother Xu had really changed!


Zhou Chenguang turned on WeChat and sent a message in the group to complain,


Morning light: @ All,I feel aggrieved. I am very sad. Crying.jpg


Xiao Zhe: Yeah?


Morning light: Brother Xu is no longer the Brother Xu we knew!


Tang Yichuan :? ? ?


Wu Dong: What the hell is it?


Morning light: In the past, Brother Xu was so good. He cared about us and took care of us. Now he has changed. He is no longer the one he used to be.  He has someone special in his heart. Just now he asked me to fuck off!


Xiao Zhe: ...


Tang Yichuan: ...


Wu Dong: ...


Seemingly only after a second, a message prompt appeared in the group: Morning light was kicked out of the group by Xu Yanwen.


A dozen seconds later, there was a burst of laughter in the group.


Xiao Zhe: Hahahahaha!


Tang Yichuan: 233333(Hahaha…)


Wu Dong: Laugh &cry.jpg


Zhou Chenguang, who was kicked out of the group, could not believe his eyes and kept on staring at the phone until he was sure that he was really kicked.


Aware of his own mistake, Zhou Chenguang quickly sent WeChat to Xu Yanwen: Brother, I am sorry I was wrong. Please forgive me. cry.jpg


Xu Yanwen answered him coldly: Get out!




During the afternoon tea time, Linda took out the mousse cake she made at home and shared it with everyone there. To make such a cake, she had spent many days learning and practising at home and she had scrapped many ingredients before she succeeded.


Chen Xiaomei, her good friend, tried a piece of the mousse cake she made, and sang highly of its good taste. She said it was more delicious than what was sold in a dessert shop outside.


Other colleagues in the office also tried it and couldn't help but praise her skill,


"Linda, you are such a handy girl. This mousse cake is so delicious."


"How did you make it? It's so delicious! "


"If you open a micro store online, the business is definitely hot!"


"In addition, if you advertise it on Tik Tok, you will become a popular celebrity."


Linda smiled modestly, "I just do it casually, but I am so happy you like it. I promise I will make more cakes and bring them here next time."


"Linda, what else will you make?"


"Strawberry pudding, butter cookies, durian box ..."


"Wow wow, Linda, you are awesome. You can make so many delicious cakes. You are so amazing!"


Linda walked on air for getting so many compliments from her colleagues. She felt that she was really capable and popular with her colleagues. Although she hadn't tried the cakes they just mentioned, she wanted to learn after going home. She believed it would not take long before she could learn the skills well enough. She hoped to get more praise from her colleagues.


Linda was very happy. She got ready a small box of the remaining mousse cake, made another cup of coffee, and knocked on Xu Yanwen's office door.


In the office, Xu Yanwen just ended a video conference and turned off his computer. Hearing the knock on the door, he said, "Please come in."


Linda reached out her hand to turn the doorknob and smilingly walked in with coffee and mousse cake. She said mildly, "Mr. Xu, you must be tired. Have a cup of afternoon tea."


Xu Yanwen’s eyes behind the rimless glasses flashed a cold light. He leaned on the back of the chair behind him and said lightly: "I remember I didn't seem to have ordered afternoon tea."


Unexpectedly, Xu Yanwen would say this, so the smile on Linda's face was slightly stiff. She paused before reorganizing the language and then replied, "I think you have been working too hard. I guess you need to drink some tea, eat dessert and relax for a while. Health is the most important."


Xu Yanwen answered, "Oh" simply. He then just looked at her indifferently, without saying anything further.


Being so watched by him, a hopeful thought arose inside her, so she said quickly, "The mousse cake was made by myself. It’s better than the ones in the dessert shop outside. Everyone said it was delicious. Mr. Xu, please have a try."


Under Linda's eyes full of anticipation and joy, Xu Yanwen turned his lips down and refused mercilessly, "Sorry, I don't like dessert."


Linda's hand holding the coffee and mousse cake stiffened and almost spilled the coffee onto the desk.


Withdrawing his sight to Linda, Xu Yanwen raised his wrist to look at the time, then he stood up and said, "Sorry, I have something to do outside right away, so I don't drink coffee."


Being rejected, Linda "..."


Xu Yanwen picked up his mobile phone and car key from the table and walked away from his office.


Naturally, it was impossible for Linda to stay in the president's office. She could only walk out behind Xu Yanwen. Thus it turned out that she had to get the coffee and mousse cake back intact how they had came.


A colleague had seen Linda go to the president's office, but now she saw her bringing the coffee and mousse cake back intact. She instantly understood what was going on.


She quickly went back to post a message in a small private group: Ha ha ha, the new secretary from our company really thought that she was as beautiful as a fairy, and she went to Mr. Xu when everything was fine. What kind of people was President Xu? Could she go so far to hook up with him? 


Someone immediately responded: What's going on? What's going on? Come and tell in detail! 


Colleagues said: She made a dessert today and brought it to the company for everyone to eat. It was a good deed actually. Everyone thought she was doing pretty well, and the taste was OK. Everyone praised her for being so nice, but she shouldn’t have flattered herself to send it the president. And Mr. Xu had indeed refused it! Hahahahaha! 

“Ha ha ha ha, So funny! what kind of person is General Manager Xu? How can General Manager Xu value such a dessert she made? “


“Yeah, yeah, she is also ridiculous!” 


“She and Mr. Xu are both university alumni. President Xu ’s university professor is her uncle. She entered the company because of this relationship. How can she be that ordinary? “


“23333(Hahaha), Uncle is not Father. Her background is modest! “


“But you didn't see the skirt she wore. It is not cheap!” 


“She bought it with Alipay loan. She is puffing up her cheeks only.”


“How do you know that?”


“I saw the scene inadvertently! “


In the small group, there was a lot of discussion, and they all ridiculed Linda.




Xue Jiayue had been drawing design drafts these days at home, and the result was not bad. As there were no comments from any others, She painted according to her own ideas. She was not sure whether her style met the recent popularity or not, she hoped to get some ideas from Xu Yanwen when he got home.


It was supper time, and Xue Jiayue made a simple meal for herself, a bowl of egg fried rice and some kelp soup.


After the meal was ready, Xue Jiayue just sat down to prepare for dinner, when Xu Yanwen returned.


Xue Jiayue didn't expect him to come back at this time, so she had to put down the tableware and asked: "Did you have supper?"


Xu Yanwen changed shoes at the door and walked over to see the egg fried rice placed in front of her. Some golden fried egg pieces were wrapped in white rice grains and on top of them were sprinkled with some green onions. They looked so appetizing. Xu Yanwen could not wait to give his respose, “Not yet.”


Well, as the president did not eat, Xue Jiayue couldn't ignore him. It was only a few days ago that he gave her a large sum of pocket money. Apart from that, he still paid for her living expenses at the beginning of each month. For the sake of his devotion, she should present her contribution, to make another bowl of egg fried rice!


But she thought he should present something to exchange with her cooking!

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