Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 10

Zhou Chenguang just came to the outside of the office when he heard Xu Yanwen's laughter. He pushed the door open and went in. He saw Xu Yanwen was still smiling brightly. He asked curiously, "What’s up?"

The smile on Xu Yanwen's face froze and he coughed. He put away his mobile phone and replied seriously, " Nothing."

Zhou Chenguang and Xu Yanwen have known each other for many years. So he was clear about Xu Yanwen. From a quick survey, he knew Xu Yanwen was pretending to be calm. He should have something to hide from him.

What was it that made him so happy? Zhou Chenguang could not help guessing in his heart.

But Xu Yanwen didn't give him much time to stay there guessing. He reached for the papers on the desk, looked up at Zhou Chenguang, and asked blandly, "Why are you here?"

Zhou Chenguang did come for something important. He hurriedly went forward and began to talk about his own affairs.

… …

Though Xue Jiayue was very happy to receive such a large sum of pocket money from Xu Yanwen, she felt it's not good to accept it for nothing in return. She was figuring what she could do to return his favor. She thought he didn’t lack anything, so it would be meaningless for her to buy something for him. As for her, apart from drawing a design draft, the other thing she could do well was to cook. And Xu Yanwen had enjoyed her meals several times before. So maybe she could just prepare to treat him with a good meal.

The more Xue Jiayue thought about it, the better she felt the idea was. Thus she decided to let Xu Yanwen choose what he liked to eat and make a rich meal for him. In this way, she could also reward herself.

Once the decision was made, she pickd up her mobile phone and sended a wechat message to Xu Yanwen.

In the office, Zhou Chenguang was talking about his work when Xu Yanwen's cell phone on his desk suddenly rang.

Xu Yanwen took a look at his mobile phone, and it was Xue Jiayue’s wechat message: Will you Come home for supper tonight?

Reading the message, Xu Yanwen hesitated for a moment, and then he pointed his finger on the screen, and replied: Yes.

The answer was simple and clear, without any hesitation, just like Xu Yanwen’s way of working!

Xue Jiayue read the message, thought about it, and sent a another message to him: What would you like to eat tonight?

Looking at the wechat sent by Xue Jiayue on his mobile phone, Xu Yanwen's mouth curved. He was just about to reply to it when he heard Zhou Chengguang sitting on the sofa opposite saying, "Brother Xu, I've managed to get this project. Let's celebrate it tonight. How about going to the New Imperial City restaurant tonight?"

"No." Xu Yanwen didn't even look up either, while his eyes were still on the wechat, and his fingers were quickly typing a list of several dishes and sent it away.

Zhou Chenguang watched Xu Yanwen send wechat all the time, and heard that he said he would not go out with them. He was surprised, so he asked, "Brother Xu, why don't you go with us? Do you think the restaurant is not good enough? If you don't like it, you can choose any place you like. Let's get together tonight. "

Xu Yanwen listened to Zhou Chenguang's speech in one ear, while  his eyes were always on the mobile phone screen. He waited for Xue Jiayue's reply until she returned an "OK" gesture. At last, he put down his mobile phone with satisfaction.

"You just get together tonight, I have something else to do," Xu Yanwen raised his head and said to Zhou Chenguang.


What will you do?” Zhou Chenguang did not believe him, "What can be more important than us buddies’ gathering together?"


"I'm going home for supper." Xu Yanwen answered very frankly.


"Back to the old house?"


Xu Yanwen shook his head, "Go back to the apartment."


Zhou Chenguang laughed immediately, "Brother Xu, are you kidding me? Who will cook for you back to the apartment? Jiayue or  Sister Zhen? Don’t tell me it is Jiayue. I know Jiayue well. I have known her for so many years and I have never seen her cook. Can she make something good? Do not eat her food or you may go straight to hospital instead... "


Before he finished speaking, Xu Yanwen gave him a cold glance. He immediately realized he was wrong and shut up. He looked at Xu Yanwen cautiously.


Xu Yanwen said calmly, "The food she cooks tastes different."


"..." Zhou Chenguang was at a loss how to give his response.


"I'm going to the meeting." Too lazy to give more explanations, Xu Yanwen picked up the documents on the table, stood up and walked out of his office.


Zhou Chenguang looked at Xu Yanwen's handsome face. Although he had watched it for many years and was too familiar with it, he inexplicably felt that the expression on his face was a little different today.


He was going home for supper? And the food tasted different? !


Zhou Chenguang stared at Xu Yanwen's back, and his heart burst into a sudden flash of light.


My god! Was really the taste of home different? !




Xu Yanwen went to the meeting, and Zhou Chenguang felt it not good to stay in Xu Yanwen's office, so he left with excitement.


Even when he got into his car, Zhou Chenguang could not calm himself down. He quickly took out his mobile phone and sent a message in the group of friends as if he had exposed a big secret.


Morning light: @ All, I seem to have discovered a terrifying gossip! ! !


But after the news was sent out, it was like a big rock sinking into the sea, one minute, two minutes, three minutes ... ten minutes passed, and no one in the group squeaked.


Morning light: ? ? ?


Morning light: @ All, are you curious about what gossip I know? It’s really a terrifying one!

One minute, two minutes, three minutes passed... and still no one in the group responded.


Zhou Chenguang stared at the silent WeChat group, and his heart collapsed. He felt these so-called friends were terrible, because no one actually paid attention to him.


He could not be reconciled. He was excited. His soul of gossip was burning! He had to go on to strike their responsive chord  

Morning light: You just ignore me, but don't regret it if you forget about the dinner at the New Imperial City tonight!


At last, someone finally responded to him.


Xiao Zhe: I'm free for dinner tonight!


Wu Dong: I am free too!


Tang Yichuan: Me too.


Morning light: Ha! This is right!



In the afternoon, Xu Yanwen finished everything on the work and left half an hour earlier than usual.


Driving back to the apartment, Xu Yanwen opened the door, entered the house, and saw that Xue Jiayue was still busy in the kitchen.


“Need help?” asked Xu Yanwen. He was still in a suit and leather shoes. He walked to the kitchen door and asked.

Xue Jiayue turned to look at him and greeted smilingly, "You're back. But I don’t need you help. I can manage it."


Xu Yanwen's eyes were attracted by her. She was wearing a Piggy apron and tied her hair into a bun. She looked more and more lovely.


"You can kill fish?" suddenly, Xu Yanwen was eager to offer some help.


Xue Jiayue glanced at the crucian carp swimming in the pond. She wanted to say there was no problem for that. She could not imagine what it would be like to kill fish by the chief executive in a suit and leather shoes standing by the pond. But judging from Xu Yanwen's attitude, it seemed that he really wanted to help. She thought about it. Now that he offered to help, she might as well accept it. So she nodded, "That's great."


Right away, Xu Yanwen took off his tie and his suit, slowly rolled up his shirt sleeves to his elbows, walked to the edge of the pool, and reached out his hand to catch the fish.


Xu Yanwen's action was very skillful. He pressed the fish with one hand and gutted the fish with a knife in the other, unlike a person who cut fish for the first time.


Xue Jiayue, "..."


Xu Yanwen glanced at her and said lightly, "When I was studying abroad, I also cooked."


Xue Jiayue complimented, "You are awesome!"


Xu Yanwen gave her another glance, as if he was looking at a a stranger.


Meeting his bright dark eyes, Xue Jiayue froze in her heart. She wondered if he had found out that she was actually a fake.


Xue Jiayue felt guilty, and dared not stand beside Xu Yanwen again, lest he notice something special. She quickly walked to the side to do other things.


Fortunately, Xu Yanwen didn't say anything else.


As the saying goes, it is not tiring when men and women working together.


With Xu Yanwen's help, Xue Jiayue quickly finished the dinner work.


Three dishes and one soup were served on the table. Both of them sat down to eat.


"The crucian tofu soup is delicious." Xue Jiayue scooped soup onto a bowl and placed it in front of Xu Yanwen, "You killed the fiish, so you should drink the soup more."


Xu Yanwen looked up and met Xue Jiayue’s smiling eyes looking at him brightly while at the same time reflecting his appearance, which made him unable to refuse her kindness.


“All right!” Xu Yanwen responded, picked up a spoon and lowered his head to drink the soup.


Just then, Xu Yanwen’s cell phone rang.


He put down the spoon and took a look at the phone. After seeing Xiao Zhe’s name, he frowned slightly and said to Xue Jiayue, “Excuse me.”


Xue Jiayue watched Xu Yanwen go to the other side of the room to answer the phone.


On the phone, Xiao Zhe’s voice came.


“Brother Xu, can Jiayue cook? Did she burn the kitchen? “


Then there was laughter of a few stupid guys.


It turned out that Zhou Chenguang had invited a few friends to eat in the New Imperial City, but Xu Yanwen did not go. Xiao Zhe asked Zhou Chenguang what was going on. Zhou Chenguang shook his head and said, “Brother Xu has changed, and he actually said he wants to go home for dinner, and that the food at home tastes different!”


Everyone was surprised, and they were curious about how Xu Yanwen’s food was so delicious?


Zhou Chenguang couldn’t answer this question, but he really wanted to know.


Later, when they were eating, Xiao Zhe lost his bet, and under the unanimous intimidation of everyone present, he could only call Xu Yanwen daringly.


Xu Yanwen answered coldly while hearing the laughter of the stinky guys on the phone, “Are all of you itchy?”


His voice sounded terrible. Xiao Zhe shivered in horror, and hung up the phone at once.


Xu Yanwen looked at the blackened mobile phone screen and snorted lightly, ‘You few stinky guys, wait, and I’ll settle with you soon!


Turning back, he found Xue Jiayue was watching him expectantly, like a kitty that was just rejected. Obviously she had heard what Xiao Zhe said on the phone.


Facing her big innocent eyes, Xu Yanwen’s hand holding the phone was tight. Then he heard Xue Jiayue ask, “They were teasing me again?”


The author’s note--    

Xu Yanwen: Distressed

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