Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 9

Xu Yanwen turned around and found Xue Jiayue still fixed her eyes on him, so he inquired, "Why are you still looking at me this way?"


Of course, Xue Jiayue couldn't tell Xu Yanwen about her inner thoughts. She rolled her eyes and quickly found an excuse, "I didn't look at you. I was just fascinated by something else."


Her answer was different from what he had imagined. Xu Yanwen froze, and  felt a curious warmth in his heart.


Xue Jiayue noticed nothing about it. She smiled at Xu Yanwen, and went away while telling him, "I'm going to practice yoga."


Xu Yanwen watched her slender back, with a subtle look on his face.


Xue Jiayue went back to her bedroom and began to practice yoga. She sweated a lot and later took a comfortable hot bath.


Next, she had skin care and went to bed early. She held the belief that to be a beautiful woman, healthcare was essential, and staying up late was a taboo!


The next morning, Xue Jiayue woke up at about six o'clock. She lay in bed for a while and realized that it was early enough for her to get up and make a rich breakfast.


It was true that a perfect day began with a rich breakfast.


Xue Jiayue got up and washed. She braided up her long straight dark hair into a bun, which made her look young and vital.


When Xu Yanwen got up, Xue Jiayue was preparing breakfast in the kitchen.


He walked to the kitchen and saw Xue Jiayue wearing a blue and white skirt. Her hair was made into a lovely bun. He had her slender back and at the moment, she was busy preparing breakfast.


Such a beautiful scene brought Xu Yanwen the warmth of home spontaneously.


Xue Jiayue scooped up white porridge into two bowls, and took out the boiled eggs and a basket of small buns from the pot.


Seeing these, Xu Yanwen stepped forward saying, "Be careful, hot! Let me do it." He hurried over to help.


"Then you take the porridge," Xue Jiayue gave him the task.


Xu Yanwen helped bring two bowls of hot porridge into the restaurant, and Xue Jiayue followed him bringing the small buns onto the table.


"How come there are small steamed buns? Did you make them?" Xu Yanwen was very amazed to see the white fluffy tasty steamed buns. He took a bite with chopsticks, and the taste was just right.


Xue Jiayue also picked up a small bun and said, "I went shopping yesterday and saw a supermarket selling it. I bought a bag for breakfast. I find it tastes good."

Xu Yanwen also felt good. He had a large bowl of porridge, four small buns and an egg.

After eating, Xu Yanwen undertook the dish washing job as usual, after which it was just time for him to go to work. Thus, he bid farewell to her, "I'll go to the company. Goodbye, Jiayue."

Xue Jiayue smiled and waved at him, "Have a good day."

Xu Yanwen was about to leave when he suddenly thought of something, so he stopped and asked, "What are you doing today?"

Xue Jiayue had planned it well actually, so she answered without thinking, "I’ll go on with the design draft at home."

Xu Yanwen nodded, "I’d like to see your work after you finish it."

Xue Jiayue was glad to hear that. She knew as a president of a large company, he must have a unique vision about design. She might as well show him the design draft, so that he could give some good suggestions.

"Okay." Xue Jiayue agreed at once, "But you have to give me advice."

Xu Yanwen promised that there was no problem. So this was settled. 

… …

Thus, Xu Yanwen went to work, and Xue Jiayue continued with her design drafts at home.

During this period, Grandpa Xu called and asked what was going on with her. Xue Jiayue said she was drawing a design draft. Grandpa Xu was surprised and asked why she wanted to work in the field again.

Xue Jiayue replied honestly, "I want to find something to do. I can't idle away the time this way. If I have dreams and goals, I can live a full and comfortable life."

While she was answering Grandpa Xu on the phone, she also thought of the original. She knew the original was not so lawless at the beginning. Actually, Xue Jiayue believed there were reasons why the original had changed that way. First, she was not only careless in making friends but also carefree in judging her friends. It was just because she had trusted Zhang Renyan so blindly that she was evilly instructed to have done so many stupid things. Second, she had no her own life goals but spend all her efforts on Xu Yanwen. Xu Yanwen was all her spiritual sustenance. Thus, when she got no response from him, she was desperate and became hysterical. Finally she put herself into a mental asylum.

Xue Jiayue didn't want to become such a stupid woman, nor did she want to be in a mental asylum. She needed to find something for herself, to disperse her energy, and tried her best to reverse the plot of their story. She would strive to change her destiny.

Of course, Grandpa Xu knew nothing about these thoughts from Xue Jiayue, but he was very happy to hear that she wanted to do something. So he encouraged her, "You paint well. If you need any help, Grandpa is always here."

It was great to have such a grandpa who fully supported her. Xue Jiayue was very happy. She praised, "Grandpa, you are really the best grandpa in the world."

Grandpa Xu was amused by her. He told her, "That’s great. I am happy as long as you are happy."

… …

Today Linda was wearing her newly purchased blue and white skirt, and her beautiful face was wearing delicate makeup. She looked even more beautiful than usual. 

Sitting in the office, colleagues came to praise her for her beauty.

"Where did you buy this skirt, Linda? It looks so good!"

"The color is also beautiful, and it is very skin-friendly. You have fair skin, so you look good in everything!"

"Youth is beauty!"… …

Hearing the praises and compliments from her colleagues, Linda felt elated. She knew that she was more beautiful than many people.

"Thank you. I am flattered, but isn't it just a skirt? It is not so good as you said." Linda blushed slightly, pretending to be embarrassed.

"We tell the truth." Colleagues laughed.

Linda stomped her feet and said shyly, "I won't argue with you any more. I'll go to send the documents."

She picked up the documents on the desk and walked out of the office quickly, and then she left for the president's office with excitement.

Outside the door of the president's office, Linda took a deep breath and calmed herself down before raising her hand and knocking on it.

"Please come in," Xu Yanwen's deep and pleasant voice came from the office.

Linda put her hand on the doorknob and gently twisted it open and walked in.

"Mr. Xu, this is the file for you." Linda walked over and handed the document to Xu Yanwen.

Xu Yanwen looked up and saw the blue and white skirt that Linda was wearing. The skirt looked very familiar, and his eyes lit up for that minute.

Actually in his mind, it was Xue Jiayue who wore the same skirt cooking in the kitchen in the morning. She then looked so cute and beautiful making her hair into a lovely bun. 

It was said that people relied on clothing, but at this moment, Xu Yanwen found for the first time it was so different when the same clothes were on different people. 

Good-looking ones remained good-looking, and those that were not good-looking would only turn to the scene of a car accident!

Linda didn't know what Xu Yanwen was thinking, but she was very excited to find that Xu Yanwen's eyes had always been on her, so her heart suddenly burst into pink bubbles.

She had known that she could make Xu Yanwen notice her by wearing this skirt. She was so beautiful and so attractive. People praised her for her beauty. Men were all visual animals. Even if Xu Yanwen was as serious as that famous ancient official Liuxia Hui, she could get him in the end. She was very confident about herself.

"Mr. Xu," Linda greeted softly, looking at Xu Yanwen with a sweet smile, expecting Xu Yanwen to say something.

Xu Yanwen glanced at her face and turned a blind eye to her expectations. He gave no response about her at all. He just said lightly, "All right. Just put the files here."

"Ok..." Linda's heart filled with loss, sour and bitter.

She pursed her lips and put down the files. She glanced at Xu Yanwen reluctantly. She found his attention was on the computer and didn't mean to look at her at all. She was by no means reconciled

Xu Yanwen noticed that she was still there motionless, so he asked her coldly, "Is there anything else?"

In front of Xu Yanwen's harsh face, Linda dared not say anything. She could only answer, "It's alright, I'm out."

When she turned around, Linda still comforted herself that Mr. Xu was the president. She was a new secretary,  so the relationship between two of them was the superior and the subordinate. Thus Xu Yanwen was not able to show his intimacy. But she should be more active and do not be discouraged!

At the time being, Linda was thinking about Xu Yanwen, while Xu Yanwen was occupied by the beautiful image of Xue Jiayue’s back this morning when she was wearing that blue and white skirt. He was sitting there with his eyes fixing on the mail on the computer but doing nothing.

At home, Xue Jiayue had just finished drawing a design draft when the phone rang.

She picked it up and found it was a bank receipt message. She clicked into the message and it turned out that Xu Yanwen had transferred her a sum of money.

Seeing the zeros behind the first number, Xue Jiayue was taken aback and counted them carefully. It was RMB 200,000!

It was not the beginning nor the end of the month, and it was not the Chinese New Year, either. Xue Jiayue wondered why Xu Yanwen would transfer so much money to her? Wouldn't it be wrong?

She quickly sent a WeChat message to Xu Yanwen: Why did you transfer money to me?

Xu Yanwen’s reply came right away: Pocket money.

Pocket money? Not the living cost?

Xue Jiayue blinked, but still didn't understand what was going on, and she sent another message: ? 

Xu Yanwen stared at the message from Xu Jiayue, on which was a cartoon character with a big red glamorous “?” on its head. It looked clumsy and cute.

With a smile at the corner of his mouth, Xu Yanwen quickly tapped his finger on the phone, "Take it and buy what you like!"

From this message, Xue Jiayue finally understood that this was the pocket money for her.

For the first time in her life, she received such a large sum of pocket money. Xue Jiayue was shocked but happy. She sent Xu Yanwen a cartoon picture on which there were these word, "Many thanks to the boss' red envelope. The boss will make a large fortune".

In the office, Xu Yanwen was watching the cartoon picture of gratitude from Xue Jiayuefa. The white fat cartoon character was holding a red envelope in his hand with a big smile on his face saying that kind of polite formula. 

It's exactly Xue Jiayue's mode. Xu Yanwen couldn't help laughing.

The author’s note--  If Xue Jiayue and Linda met while wearing the same skirt, it will be really the scene of a car accident. Ha ha ha…

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