Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 8

As soon as they arrived at the Corning Square, Xue Jiayue got off the car and parted with Xu Yanwen reminding him, "Drive with caution!"

She was smiling, and the mouth corners on her sweet face lifted upward. Xu Yanwen's eyes behind the rimless glasses dulled, and he nodded his head saying, "I'll go back to the office. See you."


It was not until Xu Yanwen's car drove away that Xue Jiayue turned and walked into the mall.


The mall on the Corning Square was large and popular. On its first floor were jewelry, cosmetics and shoes; on the second and third were women's clothing; on the fourth , children's clothing; the fifth, men's clothing; and the sixth, the fitness equipment and home casual wear, etc.


Xue Jiayue chose to take the mall's sightseeing escalator and went directly to the third floor.


Looking around, she found it was full of boutiques for women's clothing. Xue Jiayue walked into a brand store. The shop assistant judged that she was a big potential customer from her dress and the bag she was carrying. She greeted her with a big smile.

"Young lady, these skirts in our store are the latest models from this season.They will be perfect on you. If you like, you can go to the fitting room to try them on," the shop assistant said in a hearty coaxing voice.

Xue Jiayue walked around the store, and her eyes fell on a blue and white skirt, so she said to the shop assistant, "I'd like to try this skirt."

The shop assistant quickly complimented, "Good taste, young lady. This dress is the mainstay of our store this season. It’ll be very good on you." 


Then, she took the skirt, guided Xue Jiayue to the fitting room and handed it to her, "I'll be waiting for you outside. Just call me if you need anything."


Xue Jiayue took the skirt and went inside the fitting room. After a while, she changed the skirt and came out. The shop assistant and her colleagues came over and praised Xue Jiayue for her good looks,


"Young lady, your figure is really good, and the dress shows off your figure to perfection."


"Yes, yes, look at the pattern, the cut, and the quality of this dress. It's just as good as it's made for you."


While the shop assistant and her colleagues were complimenting Xue Jiayue's good looks, two young girls walked into the store.

"Welcome to our store," a shop assistant stepped forward to greet them.

Linda and her close friend, Chen Xiaomei, strolled around, while their eyes swept over the dresses in the shop. At a glance they saw Xue Jiayue in a blue-and-white dress.

Chen Xiaomei pulled Linda by the side and marveled, "How beautiful she is!"

Following Chen Xiaomei's eyesight, Linda also saw Xue Jiayue, and suddenly froze. She couldn't help but praise in her heart, 'She is indeed beautiful.


The blue-and-white skirt makes her skin look more tender . Her curved eyebrows, her big twinkling eyes, and her ruddy lips are all as beautiful as cherry petals.'


At this moment, Xue Jiayue was turning around in front of the mirror, and the shop assistant was still patiently persuading her to buy the skirt.


Linda stared at Xue Jiayue motionlessly. She thought the skirt on Xue Jiayue was really beautiful.


The skirt had just reached an inch above Xue Jiayue’s knee, revealing her slim and straight legs. As she walked along, the skirt rippled around, as if it could swing into the heart of any person. Her nude high-heeled shoes on her feet had the visual effect of lengthening her legs, making her even more slender and graceful.


From the perspective of a fashion designer, Xue Jiayue also thought that the design and tailoring of the skirt were very good. Although its price was a little expensive, it's worth buying at such a price. Satisfied, she decided to buy it,

"All right. I'll take it." Xue Jiayue took out a bank card from her wallet and handed it to the shop assistant.


The shop assistant was very excited that she had made such a big deal. She could get a lot of commission on her salary this month. She was very happy and swiped the card very quickly.


After the payment was done, the shop assistant wrapped the skirt and carefully handed the bag to Xue Jiayue.

Xue Jiayue turned and saw that the two girls near them were still looking at her. She returned them a polite smile, and left the clothing store with her bag.

"It's such a great beauty, and the skirt looks good too," Chen Xiaomei's eyes chased Xue Jiayue's back in high heels and couldn't help admiring her.


Linda glanced at her friend beside her and went forward to ask the shop assistant, "Have you got any more blue-and-white skirts like the one just sold?"

The shop assistant replied quickly, "Yes, lady, we still have one."


"Let me have a try."

"Oh, great!" with a promise, the girl quickly went to get her the skirt.


The skirt was brought out. Linda took it and was about to try it on in the fitting room when Chen Xiaomei glanced at the price tag on the skirt and exclaimed,

"My god, it is so expensive!" Chen Xiaomei felt distressed, because such a skirt demanded her two months' salary.


Linda also glanced at the price on the tag. It was indeed a little too expensive, but on second thought, she comforted herself in her heart. The price was expensive but beauty comes at a price. Clothes make the man. If she wore such a skirt, she could become more beautiful!

"I'll go to try it on," with that, Linda took the skirt and went to the fitting room.


Chen Xiaomei waited outside. She searched the other skirts and selected a black one. She felt that Linda would look good on it too, so she asked the shop assistant to prepare it for Linda to try later.


At last, Linda came out of the fitting room. She was wearing the same skirt as Xue Jiayue's. She walked to the dressing mirror and watch herself with satisfaction.

"Is it nice?" Linda asked Chen Xiaomei.

Chen Xiaomei had a glance at it and commented, "Yes."

Linda curled up her lips, and asked Chen Xiaomei again, "Who is more good-looking, I or the woman just now?"


Chen Xiaomei hesitated. Although Linda was her friend and also a beauty, they two were obviously different in style and could not be compared that way. There was no harm if there was no comparison, but Linda was indeed left behind if  compared with Xue Jiayue.


Fearing that telling the truth would hurt Linda ’s self-esteem, Chen Xiaomei finally thought of a statement that was not offending,


"Beauties are different and have their own characteristics. You have to believe that you are unique in this world, just like I think you are beautiful.”


Chen Xiaomei's comments pleased Linda very well. The more she looked at herself in the mirror, the more she  was satisfied with herself. Thus, she was determined to buy the skirt.


"I'll take it," she told the shop assistant waiting aside.

Chen Xiaomei thought that the skirt was too expensive, and wanted to stop Linda, "I just chose another skirt. I think it will be nice on you. And the price is half less. Would you like to try it?"

Linda glanced at the black skirt selected by Chen Xiaomei. How could that skirt be so bright and fashionable as hers? She shook her head in disgust, "I don't like black, and I'll buy this one."

Chen Xiaomei insisted, "But that one is really too expensive."

Linda replied indifferently, "I'm in the Xu Group now working with Mr. Xu. My salary is not low, so I should dress well, or I'm too embarrassing."


Chen Xiaomei came to realize that Linda was not just buying clothes, she was clearly trying to please the male god in her heart.


As Linda was so determined, Chen Xiaomei gave up her persuasion.


The price of the skirt was the sum of Linda's salary for more than two months. What Linda thought at the moment was how she would be attracted by Xu Yanwen when she wore such a skirt. Of course, she didn't care whether the skirt was expensive.


She bought the skirt with Alipay and happily walked out of the store with her dear purchase.

Seeing Linda was so happy, Chen Xiaomei followed behind, hesitated and then said, "I heard that Mr. Xu is married." 


Linda replied smilingly, "But maybe their divorce is coming soon."


"What?" Chen Xiaomei was surprised.


"When I entered the company, I heard people say that Mr. Xu had no good relationship with his wife. A few days ago, when I was in the company, I heard both of them quarrel in the office, and his wife was crying," Linda said.

"But I heard that his wife seems to have grown up with him. Will it be possible that they are in a bad relationship?" Chen Xiaomei asked doubtfully.

"Of course yes. He didn't want to marry her at all!" answered Linda. She had long inquired clearly and sympathized with Xu Yanwen's experience.

"Mr. Xu doesn't love his wife at all. If it were not for his grandpa's sake, he would have never married her," Linda said. Linda had full confidence in herself. She felt that she was young and beautiful, and she had strong working ability. Now that she was finally working with Mr. Xu, she must seize this opportunity!




Xue Jiayue went on visiting the mall, bought a pair of shoes and went back.


Back at home, Xue Jiayue took out the design draft that she hadn't finished yesterday and went on with it.


Thus a few hours passed. It was already over 6 pm when she realised it. She quickly collected the design draft and went to the kitchen to cook supper..


When Xu Yanwen came home, she had just got reagy a plate of chicken and a big bowl of soup served on the table.


Lured by the aroma of food, Xu Yanwen's belly began to clamor.

Xue Jiayue seemed to hear it, so she said, "Go to wash your hands. Supper is ready."

"Oh, great!" replied Xu Yanwen and went to the bathroom.


After he came out, Xue Jiayue had already set up everything and waited at the table.


Xue Yanwen sat dwon and got ready to eat.

Xue Jiayue asked smilingly after watching him take a few bites, "I made all these. How do you like them?"


"Very good!"

Xu Yanwen stopped eating and answered sincerely, "Very delicious!"

It's always good to be praised. Xue Jiayue was very happy and asked, "How about comparing them with Sister Zhen’s cooking?"


Sister Zhen was the cook in the old house and often came to help here in their house.

Xu Yanwen went on praising Xue Jiayue, "Yours is better!"


Xue Jiayue was very excited with his compliment. She helped put more food in his bowl and ecouraged, "Eat more, then."


Xu Yanwen was a little moved staring at the chicken she gave him, and then he lowered his head to eat quickly.


After supper, Xu Yanwen volunteered to do the washing job. Xue Jiayue was very pleased.


Standing at the kitchen door watching Xu Yanwen washing the dishes, Xue Jiayue was lost in thought. Though in their story, they were in different posistion, she could not help appreciating Xu Yanwen as a nonesuch "good man", even if he was the male host while she herself was only the female supporting role. Worse still, all his love would eventually be given to the female leading role instead of her.

Xu Yanwen looked back, and noticed she was staring at him. He asked, "Why are you looking at me that way?"

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