Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 7

In the office, Xu Yanwen was answering Xue Jiayue's call,

"Brother Xu, Yanlin threw away the bracelet you sent to me. It made Grandpa angry, too."

Xu Yanwen was clear how naughty Xu Yanlin was, so he frowned and asked, "What's the matter?"


Xue Jiayue gave a brief account of the nuisance that Xu Yanlin had brought about.


At last, she concluded, "Grandpa was so annoyed that he ordered to lock him in the study."

"You just take care of Grandpa and I'll come right away," Xu Yanwen replied. He picked up the car key on the table and rushed out of his office.

When he passed by the secretariat, Linda was just coming out from inside holding a few documents in her arms. She seemed to be going out.

"Mr. Xu," Linda called sweetly, and then ran quickly to catch up with him.


Xu Yanwen turned to glance at her, "What's up?"

"Mr. Xu is going out? I'm going to Haida to send documents. Can I take a ride? " Linda thought to herself that Mr. Xu had to pass by Haida when he went home, so it was naturally convenient for her to take a lift.

It's a pity that she thought about it very well, but it backfired.

All she could get was Xu Yanwen's bland reply, "I am not passing by Haida. You can ask the company driver to send you there." 

With a frigid smile, Linda answered, "It turns out that Mr. Xu is not passing by Haida..."



Xu Yanwen drove all the way back to his old house.

Xue Jiayue had been staying with Grandpa Xu, trying to comfort him, and finally made him feel better.


So when Xu Yanwen entered the house, he saw Xue Jiayue playing chess with Grandpa Xu. Both sides were evenly matched, and the fight was inseparable.

"Grandpa," Xu Yanwen walked over and greeted.

Grandpa Xu glanced at him, angrily threw away the chess in his hand, and asked Xu Yanwen, "You still know to come back? Do you think that you don’t need to care about me until I call you?  And also you don't need to care if your wife is wronged? "

After a pause, Xu Yanwen replied, "No. I care about you all."

Grandpa Xu glared at him discontentedly, "Give up your assumption! I am well aware of what you think. I know it very well."


Xu Yanwen was speechless.


Xue Jiayue peeped at him and felt pity for him. He was just home. He didn't do anything yet, but he was scolded by 

Grandpa Xu without any reason.

Perceiving Xue Jiayue's pitiful look at him, Xu Yanwen wondered why she could look at him that way? She was strangely calm and not like before, when she would drag him and lodge her complaint as soon as seeing him. She seemed to have changed to another person…

Xu Yanwen retracted his thoughts and asked, "Where is Xu Yanlin?"


Grandpa Xu pointed sternly at the study upstairs. "He's on his knees. Go up there and teach him a lesson. He's no small boy, but he's lawless. Yueyue is his sister-in-law. How dare he talk nonsense to her that way! "

Xu Yanwen answered submissively, "I see. Don’t worry, Grandpa."

He knew what his grandpa really meant. It sounded that he was  scolding Xu Yanlin, but actually he was criticizing him. His grandpa believed it was all his faults. He did not behave  well enough as a husband so that Xu Yanlin dared to bully Xue Jiayue.


Grandpa Xu returned him an angry snort.

"I'll go there and see," said Xu Yanwen.  Then he left.


Xu Yanlin knelt down reluctantly in Grandpa Xu's study. If there was not a sturdy bodyguard beside him, he would have definitely run away.

'Huh, Xue Jiayue, such a bad woman! No wonder Big Brother doesn't like her! After I go out, I'll take revenge on her!' Xu Yanlin swore to himself.


There were footsteps at the door. Xu Yanlin turned and saw the door of the study open. Xu Yanwen, dressed in a light gray suit, came in.


"Big, Big Brother..." as Xu Yanwen walked into the room, Xu Yanlin's voice trembled.


Xu Yanwen entered the study and told the bodyguard to go out first. Then he came up to Xu Yanlin and stood there, looking down at him.


Xu Yanlin swallowed hard in horror, and looked at Xu Yanwen with dismay.


"Big, Big brother..." he called.


Through his rimless glasses, Xu Yanwen stared at him with cold eyes, and his voice was also cold,


"You bullied my wife behind me. Are you really fearless?"


Xu Yanlin felt aggrieved, "I just wanted to help Big Brother. I know Big Brother doesn’t like her." 

"Ah!" Xu Yanwen sneered, "Who told you these?"

Xu Yanlin froze, opened his mouth, and said, "Big Brother didn't want to marry her. My mother also told me about it. Everyone in the family knew that she was just adopted by Grandpa ..." 

"Xu Yanlin!" before Xu Yanlin could finish speaking, Xu Yanwen interrupted him with a loud voice, and his eyes were cold. He seemed to be restraining his inner anger.


Xu Yanlin stared at him stunnedly, and there was a fear in his heart.

Xu Yanwen told him, "She is my wife!"


Xu Yanlin, "..."


"I have been reluctant to bully her, while you are very capable in doing this!"


"I, I ..." Xu Yanlin wanted to explain, to please Xu Yanwen, and asked for his forgiveness, but when he met his cold face, and the terrifying momentum exuded from him, Xu Yanlin's mind hummed blankly. It seemed that he lost the ability to speak in that instant, and he cried out with a fright.



Xue Jiayue looked up at the direction of the study, and felt curious what Xu Yanwen was doing to Xu Yanlin. How could Xu Yanlin cry so badly? His cry almost turned over the roof.

Grandpa Xu sitting opposite her was quite calm. He said,  "Don't worry about them. Play chess with peace of mind."

"All right," Xue Jiayue responded and focused on the chessboard.


After a few minutes, the cry upstairs gradually became quieter, and after another ten minutes, there were sounds again. It was Xu Yanwen who took Xu Yanlin down from the study.


Xu Yanwen strode ahead, while Xu Yanlin followed behind with his head hanging down pitifully.


Xue Jiayue and Grandpa Xu had just finished the game.


Xu Yanlin's eyes were red and he walked hesitantly up to Xue Jiayue, stood there, bit his lip, and at last stammered, "Big, Big Sister, I'm sorry..."


Xue Jiayue glanced at Xu Yanwen, wondering what he had done to Xu Yanlin so that this naughty child became so obedient and apologized to her.

Sitting aside, Xu Yanwen said, "Return the bracelet to your sister-in-law."


Xu Yanlin did not dare to be naughty any more. He obediently went to take the bracelet out and gave it back to Xue Jiayue. He assured Xue Jiayue, "I won't make any more nonsense. Please forgive me, Sister-in-law."


'Haha, it's rare to see this naughty child to behave himself. He even apologizes to me. It's not bad to have someone to support me.' Xue Jiayue was very happy.


But she knew that she couldn't make a fuss with Xu Yanlin. He wasn't her own child, and his parents couldn't even discipline him. As a nominal sister-in-law, she couldn't blame him very much. In that case, she would appear to be uncouth and offending...


Xue Jiayue put the bracelet away and said very generously, "Don't do this again in the future, I will forgive you this time."


Xu Yanlin glanced at Xu Yanwen next to him and saw that his face was still the same. He hurriedly promised that he knew it, and that he would never commit such a mistake again.


At last, Xu Yanwen agreed to let him leave.



After lunch, Grandpa Xu asked Xu Yanwen to go to the study with him. Xue Jiayue waited outside for half an hour until Grandpa Xu came downstairs with Xu Yanwen’s  assistance.


Xue Jiayue stood up from the sofa. Xu Yanwen looked up at her. His eyes behind the rimless glasses twinkled.

Xu Yanwen helped Grandpa Xu to sit on the sofa and said, "Grandpa, I have to work this afternoon. I'll go back to the company first."

Grandpa Xu nodded and said to Xue Jiayue, "Yueyue, you’ll go with Yanwen and let him send you back."

"I think ..." Xue Jiayue just wanted to say that she could go later and that she didn't have to go with Xu Yanwen, when she heard Xu Yanwen say, "Jiayue, let's go. I'll take you home first."

Now that Xu Yanwen offered this way,  Xue Jiayue had to give him a face, so she had to pick up her bag and said to Grandpa Xu, "Grandpa, then I'm going, and I'll come back to see you next time."

"All right," Grandpa Xu waved his hand and watched Xue Jiayue and Xu Yanwen leave.




The car drove smoothly on the way back.

Xue Jiayue glanced at Xu Yanwen beside her and said hesitantly, "You go back to work. Just send me to Corning Plaza. I want to go shopping."

Xu Yanwen understood her intention by saying so. He replied, "The work in the company is not urgent. I can send you back first."

Xue Jiayue puckered her lips, and insisted, "I really want to go shopping."

After a pause, Xu Yanwen replied, "...All right then."

"Thank you," Xue Jiayue was very polite.


She was too polite, in the eye of Xu Yanwen, as if he was an outsider. Xu Yanwen couldn't help but glance at her.


Xue Jiayue smiled slightly at his gaze.


Her beautiful and sweet smile touched Xu Yanwen. She was really different from her before.

She no longer stuck to him like before ...

Xue Jiayue was figuring what to buy when shopping when she heard Xu Yanwen say, "Xu Yanlin won't bring you any trouble from now on."

Xue Jiayue gave a response, and then she smiled asking, "What have you done to him? He suddenly became so obedient and apologized to me."


Xu Yanwen turned to look at her while waiting for the red light, just to see her smiling face. Her lips curled up, revealing a lovely dimple, and he couldn't help but flutter in his heart.


At this time, the green light was just on, and Xu Yanwen quickly turned back to drive again.

"It’s a secret," Xu Yanwen told her.


Xue Jiayue blinked her eyes.

"A secret between men," added Xu Yanwen. He hoped to express himself clearly.

Xue Jiayue recalled Xu Yanlin's fearful expression and smiled, "I think you will definitely be a very strict father in the future, and your children will be very afraid of you ..."

Speaking of which, Xue Jiayue suddenly realized the relationship between them two and immediately stopped talking.

She really wanted to slap herself. She had spoken without thinking through the brain. Even if Xu Yanwen had a child, it should be born by the hostess, Han Mengxue, and had nothing to do with her. She mentioned it at this time, as if she was eager to have a child with him. What a shame! What a mistake she had made!


Xue Jiayue secretly glanced at Xu Yanwen, only to see him looking ahead, driving his car intently, as if he had heard nothing.

Actually, Xu Yanwen's heart was not as calm as he looked. He was thinking about what she said in his mind. He was asking himself if he would be a very strict father. As for his own child...He couldn't imagine it, but he looked forward to it.

Author's note--   

Xue Yanwen: Have a baby.

Xue Jiayue: Will you?

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