Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 6

As there was no response from Xue Jiayue, Xu Yanlin was annoyed. He asked again, “Xue Jiayue, why are you here today? Come to complain in front of Grandpa again? What a shame!"

Some personal habits were abhorrent.  Take Xu Yanlin, for example. He had formed such a habit as to get the original into troubles from an early age. Whenever he saw her, he would always try to find her faults intentionally. Even if she ignored him and kept away from him, he would never fail to come close to her like a nasty clinging plaster.

Xue Jiayue cast a wry glance at the little devil and wondered if he would do the same thing to her today like stealing something from her bag and putting Grandpa Xu in hospital because of his leg injured. Thus, she tried to keep herself away from his disturbance and would never allow Grandpa Xu to be hurt again.

"I am your sister," replied Xue Jiayue lightly. She tried to remind Xu Yanlin to be mild and polite because it was bad mannered to call the elders by their names.

As the youngest child, Xu Yanlin was favored by all the family. He had become a spoiled, lawless naughty boy. Naturally, he didn't take Xue Jiayue's words seriously. He replied shortly, "You're not my sister. I don't have a sister like you."

'This little brat needs a lesson,' Xue Jiayue told herself. She raised her eyebrows and replied, 

"I am your brother's wife, your sister-in-law! How dare you talk to me in this manner? Mind that I'll report this to my husband and he'll spank you!"

"My brother can't spank me, but you can only know to complain around. What else can you do besides complaining?"

Xu Yanlin paid no attention to Xue Jiayue. He made a face and stuck out his tongue at her. He was not afraid of her warning at all.

"Xu Yanlin!" Grandpa Xu reprimanded.

Xu Yanlin took a glance at Grandpa Xu and made a grimace of disgust at Xue Jiayue with his mouth wide open. He then ran away before Grandpa Xu was about to get angry and teach him a lesson.

"I’ll go to play basketball now ..." Xu Yanlin disappeared with his ball.

Watching Xu Yanlin’s running back, Grandpa Xu scolded angrily, "Little brat!" and turned around to comfort Xue Jiayue, "This boy is so spoiled that he is lawless. I'll tell his parents to discipline him later!"

Xue Jiayue smiled but said nothing. She knew Uncle Xu got the boy in old age, so this son was extremely precious to him. Thus, how could he be willing to give him discipline? His wife doted on their son even more. She could not bear to let him suffer any grievance. Under this kind of upbringing, it was normal for Xu Yanlin to have grown into such a lawless devil. It was now really difficult to give him proper instruction.

Xue Jiayue found it was sunny and warm outside and the flowers in the garden were blooming brightly, so she changed the topic, "Grandpa, it's a nice day today. Shall we go out to the yard to have a walk?"

"Oh, great!" That's exactly what Grandpa Xu was thinking, so he was very happy and let Xue Jiayue help him to stand up and walked into the yard holding a dragon-headed walking stick in his hand.

The family garden was very big. From the gate, there was an open road wide enough for any traffic vehicles. At the end of the road, there was a fountain. Flowers and trees were planted on both sides of the road. At the left end of the road was an open swimming pool. At the right was a basketball court, where Xu Yanlin was playing.

To avoid encountering Xu Yanlin, Xue Jiayue chose not to go to the right side. Instead, she helped Grandpa Xu to take the path on the left.

The path was paved with cobblestones. As Grandpa Xu couldn't walk well, Xue Jiayue tried to support him very attentively. Gandpa Xu laughed, "I can walk well. You don't have to be so focused. I was also someone who had been on the battlefield anyway. Once I got a shot in the leg, but I still managed to kill two of my enemies."

Grandpa Xu had mentioned many times about this glorious history. He felt his life was earned from the battlefield. And also from there, Grandpa Xu and the original's grandfather  established a profound revolutionary friendship.

"Grandpa was very brave when young, though old you are now, you are still very strong," praised Xue Jiayue.

Grandpa Xu was happy and talkative. He could not help but speak of their experiences in those days, "I fought side by side with your grandfather. I nearly died several times. The most dangerous time was when your grandfather saved me, or I would have died…"

Xue Jiayue listened quietly.

"Your grandpa saved my life, and I will remember him all my life," said Grandpa Xu, "After our retirement, I stayed in Jing City and your grandfather chose to return to his hometown. 

I just didn't expect that there would be such a change in your family. Your grandpa was much healthier than I, but he passed away..." Grandpa Xu sighed, "I don't know when I can go to meet my old friend there."

Xue Jiayue answered hurriedly, "Many happy returns to Grandpa with longevity and health!"

Grandpa Xu was very pleased and commented, "Yueyue, you've changed."

"Yes, Grandpa?"

Grandpa Xu smiled and answered, "You are more talkative, more engaging than ever before."

Xue Jiayue answered seriously, "But I meant it and I was not coaxing you."

Grandpa Xu was amused and laughed happily.

Xue Jiayue went on accompanying Grandpa Xu walking around the garden. When they went back, they found that there was no one on the opposite basketball court. 

Back in the room, Xue Jiayue found at a glance that the cupboard where she placed her bag had been opened, and the bag was not put in the original position. It was obvious that someone had moved it.

She quickly opened the bag and had a check. She found that the bracelet bought in the C shop was missing. Her face paled suddenly.

"Yueyue, what's the matter?" Grandpa Xu noticed it and asked with concern.

Xue Jiayue frowned and replied, "A bracelet I put in my bag is missing. It's my 20th birthday present from Brother Xu." 

Grandpa Xu hurriedly called in his servants to ask who had touched Xue Jiayue's bag.

The butler replied, "Little young master has just opened the cupboard."

"That little brat! Hurry to get him back!" shouted Grandpa Xu angrily.

Xue Jiayue was also very angry. In order to prevent Xu Yanlin from sabotage, she hid her bag in the cabinet in the corner and covered it with other things outside. If he didn't look for it, he would not find it. Needless to say, Xu Yanlin had come to steal on purpose.

Xu Yanlin was soon found.

"Xu Yanlin, return my bracelet," Xue Jiayue said to him with a sullen face.

Xu Yanlin refused and replied smilingy, "It's just a broken bracelet. I've thrown it away."

Xue Jiayue's clenched her hands hanging on her side. She wished she could give Xu Yanlin a hard slap.

What Xu Yanlin did was really nasty.

No wonder in the plot of the original book, the original forced Xu Yanlin to return her belongings to her. That bracelet was very important to her because it had a special meaning. She was so angry that she would fight with him, and even caused Grandpa Xu to get injured accidentally. 

At the moment, Xue Jiayue even wanted to kill Xu Yanlin.

"I warn you, Xu Yanlin, to take out the bracelet and return it to me as soon as possible. Otherwise, I will tell Brother Xu to let him fix you!" Xue Jiayue tried to frighten him to hand in the bracelet by mentioning Xu Yanwen, who Xu Yanlin was most afraid of.

However, he was not afraid of her, but laughed at her, "My brother should not have married you. You're nothing. You just call my brother. My brother won't help you!"

"Xu Yanli!"

shouted Grandpa Xu with a sullen face. Xue Yanlin had gone so far that even Grandpa Xu could not bear it. He raised the dragon-headed walking stick in his hand and wanted to hit on him.

Xu Yanlin noticed it and ran away while shouting, "What I said is true. Or you can ask her to call my brother to see if he would help her?"

"Come on, bring him back here and shut him in my study for a good introspection!" shouted Granpa Xu.  He was inconvenient to walk. He couldn't catch up with Xu YanLin, so he ordered the bodyguards to catch him.

No matter how fast Xu Yanlin ran, he was not a rival of the bodyguard. Before he ran out of the gate of the old house, he was caught. He was escorted into Grandpa Xu's study disgracefully.

In fact, Grandpa Xu was also very strict with him, but Xu Yanyin was not afraid of him at all. The only one he was afraid of was Xu Yanwen.

"Yue Yue,  call Yanwen and ask him to come back to fix Xu Yanlin!" said Grandpa Xu angrily. Xu Yanlin was really lawless.

"Grandpa, don't be angry. Mind your blood pressure," reminded Xue Jiayue. She was afraid that Grandpa Xu would be too angry to get into some trouble in health, so she quickly asked the butler to bring out some medicine.

Seeing that Xue Jiayue didn't mean to call Xu Yanwen, Grandpa Xu said immediately, "If you don't call him, let me do it. I don't believe he won't come back."

"Grandpa..." Xue Jiayue tried to stop him by saying, "Ok, let me call him."

Under Grandpa Xu's gaze, Xue Jiayue had to take out her mobile phone to call Xu Yanwen.

To be frank, she was very nervous. She was worried that, as Xu Yanlin put it, Xu Yanwen would not help her.


Secretary Linda knocked on the door of Xu Yanwen's office with a cup of coffee in her hand.

Xu Yanwen was reading a document, and responded without looking up.

Linda gently turned the door open and entered the office. She walked slowly to Xu Yanwen's desk, and said softly, "Mr. Xu, this is your coffee."

Xu Yanwen turned a page of the document and replied, "Put it aside."

Linda put the coffee on the desk as he ordered, and her eyes fell on Xu Yanwen's handsome face on the side. She couldn't help recalling the time when Xu Yanwen went to her school to make a speech. She received him on behalf of her school, and fell in love with him at the first sight when she saw him.

He was a handsome and talented man. She liked this kind of man. At that time, she secretly made up her mind to apply to work for him.

At last, she realized her dream.

It was so nice to be near him and work with him.

Xu Yanwen felt that there were still people standing beside him, he looked up and asked indifferently, "Anything else?"

Linda quickly showed her best smile while reporting, "There's a party tonight..."

Before Linda could finish speaking, Xu Yanwen's mobile phone on the desk rang. He turned his head and picked it up. After seeing the name beating on the screen, he waved to Linda, "Go out first, and ask vice president Wang to attend the evening party instead. I have other business."

Linda took back her eyes from the screen of Xu Yanwen's mobile phone, and went out stiffly.

While walking out of the office, Linda thought of the rumor that Xu Yanwen and his wife had a bad relationship. She felt unworthy for Xu Yanwen. Mr. Xu was such an excellent person. He was definitely worth a better woman. How could he marry such a wife who couldn't stand on the stage? If it was she, she would definitely take good care of him.

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