Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife

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Chapter 4

Zhang Renyan screamed hysterically, "She has cuckolded you!"

Xu Yanwen's black eyes twinkled behind his rimless glasses. He gazed at Zhang Renyan as if he was watching a stupid fool.

"You set a trap for Jiayue, but she was not deceived. So you are here to inform me against her. Is this your way to deal with your friend?"

Xu Yanwen exposed Zhang Renyan’s vicious deeds to Xue Jiayue. Still she didn't think it was her fault at all. She did so only because she loved Xu Yanwen, and Xue Jiayue also gave her a chance.

"If Xue Jiayue didn't have that kind of ideas, could I give her those suggestions? " she argued.

A faint sneer appeared on Xu Yanwen's lips, he told her in an indifferent manner, "Since I was three years old, I have stopped playing this kind of mischievous trick ."

His tone was full of ridicule and contempt reminding her all those things she did were the tricks he used to play in his childhood, so, how could he be cheated?!

Zhang Renyan was overwhelmed with shame and vexation. Her face flushed bright red, and her heart was filled with resentment towards Xue Jiayue.

Xu Yanwen raised his hand to push up his rimless glasses lightly, revealing a trace of ruthlessness on his refined face. He said to Zhang Renyan coldly, "If not for the sake of your accompanying Jiayue for so many years, do you think you can still stand here and talk to me?"

Zhang Renyan was desperate and speechless, "..."

"Stay away from Jiayue from now on!"

after the warning was given, the car window rolled up again. Instantly, Zhang Renyan was blocked out from Xu Yanwen.

Zhang Renyan was left there in shame watching the black Bentley slowly drive away.




At the moment, Xue Jiayue was sitting in the room. She raised her hand to touch her chest. There was a feeling of emptiness. She knew that it was not her own emotion, but the original's.


She could understand the sad mood. After all these years, the original had been friends with Zhang Renyan. She had always treated her with sincerity, regarding her as her best friend and giving her a lot of help.


The original used to lend a large sum of money to Zhang Renyan when she was short of money because her father was ill in hospital for surgery. And every time she went out to travel, she would buy gifts for her. As a result, however, in exchange with her sincerity, it was not Zhang Renyan's gratitude,  but her use and framing of her!


Whoever met such a friend couldn't help feeling sad!


In fact, Xu Yanwen had repeatedly told the original that Zhang Renyan was not a good person. He asked her to break up their relationship. However, the original believed in her friend and even quarrelled with him about it. After two or three times of useless efforts, Xu Yanwen gave up .


Xue Jayue felt lucky to have got rid of Zhang Renyan so that she would never see her again. Without Zhang Renyan's instigation, she would not make stupid mistakes like the original again. She would not turn herself into a fool. She could live her life well in the future, only waiting for Xu Yanwen to divorce her.

‘It's not bad to lose a bad friend. New friends will come and everything will be better,’ Xue Jiayue comforted herself.


Later that day, Xue Jiayue behaved herself well. She was busy with housework - washing, cooking and rewarding herself.


Today, Xu Yanwen was outside on business. Xue Jiayue didn't have much housework to do, so she did a thorough cleaning at home.


Anyway, she knew she needed to live here for some time, so she’d better keep it clean and tidy.


The house was quite big, and Xue Jiayue had cleaned all of it except for Xu Yanwen's study and bedroom because she didn't get his permission to go inside.


It took Xue Jiayue quite a few hours to finish her job, so she was exhausted  and collapsed on the sofa.

‘Oh, such a tiring job!’ Xue Jiayue beat on her aching arms, looked around at her achievements, and sighed, 'It's good to live in a big house, but it's too troublesome to clean it. No wonder rich people have to hire servants.'


Just then, the mobile phone suddenly rang. Xue Jiayue wiped the sweat on her forehead with a paper towel while going to answer the phone.


She first had a look at the name on the screen of her phone - Grandpa.


It was Grandpa Xu, Xu Yanwen's grandpa.


Before the original married,she called him Grandpa Xu, but after marrying Xu Yanwen, the original changed to call him Grandpa.

"Grandpa," Xue Jiayue picked the phone and greeted.


"Yueyue, what are you doing?" It was Grandpa Xu's loving voice.


His amiable voice reminded Xue Jiayue of her own grandpa, who was also very gentle and affectionate to her.

"I am at home," replied Xue Jiayue. She tried to resist her tears from coming out and kept her voice as smooth as possible, so as not to be noticed by Grandpa Xu.

Grandpa Xu went on asking with concern, "Are you alone? Where is Yanwen?"

Xue Jiayue replied, "He's at work. He went to Xi City for business today."

"On business? Why didn't he tell me before?" asked Gandpa Xu, "When will he be back then?"

"Tonight..."Xue Jiayue remembered she was told this way last night.

"That's good. Just tell him that I ask both of you to come back to the old house for supper tomorrow when he comes back tonight," said Grandpa Xu.

Xue Jiayue blinked and asked softly, "Yes, Grandpa? What's the matter?"

"Nothing," Grandpa Xu answered directly, "I just miss you."


Grandpa Xu lived alone in the old house. The young people were usually busy with their own affairs, so they didn't often see each other much. Granpa Xu felt lonely. It's normal for him to require them to go back to accompany him. Xue Jiayue's grandfather used to be the same, so she agreed without much thought.


Xue Jiayue kept on chating with Grandpa Xu for a while before hanging up.

In the afternoon, Xue Jiayue went to the supermarket to buy some day-to-day necessities. When she came out of the supermarket, she found there was a university students' creative fashion show. All the clothes displayed were designed by the students themselves from Ju University.


Xue Jiayue studied fashion design when she was in college. Up till now, she had worked in the fashion design industry for nearly a year.


It so happened that the original also used to study fashion design. However, it was purely a hobby on a sudden impulse for her to study fashion design. As a result, she didn't learn it very well nor did she ever work in the industry.


At the moment, seeing the works designed by Ju University students, Xue Jiayue suddenly had the idea of continuing to work in fashion design. She really loved fashion design and dreamt of creating her own brand one day.


Of course, there was still a long way to go to create her own brand. Xue Jiayue decided to design some works at home first while looking for a suitable job in fashion design at the same time, so as to take this opportunity to accumulate some experience and contacts, and lay a solid foundation for creating her own brand in the future.


Right away, Xue Jiayue immediately bought some clothing design material, and then began to design at home.


It was over ten o'clock in the evening when Xu Yanwen came back from his business trip. Xue Jiayue was busy painting when he entered. She was so concentrated that she even didn't look up at him.


This was strange.


Xu Yanwen was curious what Xu Jiayue was painting so carefully, so he changed his shoes at the door and went over to have a look. His eyes were immediately attracted by the clothes design Xue Jiayue was drawing.

"The design is very novel, the color matching is appropriate, and the painting is good,"Xu Yanwen praised.

Xue Jiayue turned around and smiled at him, "Do you really think so?"


Xu Yanwen nodded, "You really did a good job in the painting."

If the painting was good even in the eyes of such a proud president like Xu Yanwen, it should be really good! Xue Jiayue was very happy.

Xu Yanwen wondered why she suddenly drew clothes, and asked, "It seems that you haven't painted these things for a long time?"

Xue Jiayue knew he meant the original. She did stop touching this kind of materials ever after she fininshed her study.

"I only want to paint on a sudden impulse,“Xue Jiayue found a reasonable explanation.

Xu Yanwen studied her work again and pointed, "You are actually very gifted. Don't waste it."


Xue Jiayue smiled and asked playfully, "Are you praising me?"


Xu Yanwen gave her a glance and responded, "Hum."

Xue Jiayue felt very happy being praised. She thought of what Grandpa Xu told her during the day and said with a smile, "Grandpa Xu asked us to go back to the old house tomorrow."

After a pause, Xu Yanwen replied, "I am busy tomorrow. You'll go there by yourself."


Maybe it's the illusion of Xue Jiayue. She felt that Xu Yanwen suddenly changed to anpother person after mentioning his grandpa's invitation and even the expression on his face was much colder.

What was the matter? Wasn't he just fine?


Before Xue Jiayue could speak out something, Xu Yanwen had already turned around and left.


Xue Jiayue looked at his leaving back, and one thing suddenly came to her mind. Was it because of that thing that Xu Yanwen did not want to go back to his old house?

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tourist 2020-05-02 04:42
Awww, poor grandpa... his own grandson still holds a grudge. Then again, I can't blame the ML for being pissed off about being married off, even to a family friend! Still loving our protag... she's got a great head on her shoulders and it's good she cut off that poisonous friend so quickly!
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I love a kind grandpa like him :) I hope he won't be too lonely
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tourist 2020-04-30 15:40
Why should that Zhang girl hates Xue? Xue had done so much things for her and even sincerely loved her as a friend. Ungrateful person
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She had a hidden desire-to get the man. She was blinded, thus...
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