Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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It was only him that can use such a “justified” reason.

Ruan Jiujiu got no answer for that.

She walked to the door of Cheng Jun's study, but found that he was crunching on the bulk bear biscuits she bought yesterday, while the other hand still controlled the mouse to run around on the map. He was followed by hundreds of players. Wherever he went, they just kept behind to see what Xi Jiang Yue looked like.

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

A duel was coming, and he was still eating biscuits leisurely. She really wanted White Horse to see the so-called real man.

The game forum was bustling with gossip.

"Report—Jiu Jiu Jiu’s Real Husband is Online!" 

"Xi Jiang Yue is angry! Fight for Jiu Jiu Jiu!” 

"Another trash will be defeated by Inner Journey to Homeland. Nothing fresh. 》

"Live streaming: Xi Jiang Yue Challenges Homeland. Everyone comes in! 》

"I bet on a penny, this is a whole boring contest"


Today was a weekday evening, but because of this, many players had poured into the game to see the fun. Since "Like a Dream" opened, because not too much RMB players and the game itself was very playable, so the players were busy upgrading levels. Therefore, the post was all about the game. By the way, everyone was accustomed to the online scum men and women. While post like today’s? Pretty rare.  

Suddenly everyone ate a big melon, and people couldn't be more excited. It involved several dramatic elements like the guru, three-dimensional, love quadrangle, break the debauchery, some people had already imagined a big show.

Now, everyone was waiting for the opening.

But, the truth was some people who were at the center of the storm—one was busy eating small biscuits, the other was quietly staring at him to eat small biscuits.

Ruan Jiujiu suddenly thought it was because she mentioned that her skills were too bad to PK Qingfeng Biying, so Cheng Jun wanted to avenge her. She really appreciated his kindness. Except that after being beaten too badly, he might feel ashamed.

"Crunching, crunching, crunching ..."

Cheng Jun was nibbling the biscuits like a hamster.

Ruan Jiujiu: "..." He didn't seem to take it seriously.

Inner Journey to Homeland was online, but did not make any response.

It was too late for him to know what Xu Biying did. He can’t make up for this now, and even didn't know how to apologize. Looking at the name of Xi Jiang Yue who kept challenging him, he felt funny but had a subtle sense of envy.

He borrowed the ID from Hoofs to the West and sent a message to Ruan Jiujiu.

Inner Journey to Homeland: Let him stop, and I’ll apologize to you for Biying.

Jiu Jiu Jiu: Sorry, this is my husband’s decision. If he likes it, I have no power to stop it.

He frowned slightly.

Inner Journey to Homeland: I don't want to make the situation too embarrassing.

Jiu Jiu Jiu: It's okay if he loses.

If Cheng Jun didn't care, she would watch it as a farce. At the very least, he had the nerve to challenge the guru. Ruan Jiujiu suddenly felt that he was really brave.


Xi Jiang Yue was still issuing PK applications. Everyone was waiting for the response. After so long time, still nothing happened. People though that the guru intended to ignore the cannon fodder, so the melon-eating masses gradually dispersed.

At the critical moment, World Channel refreshes its information.

["Inner Journey to Homeland" agreed to the "Xi Jiangyue" challenge. 】


He agreed! Some people just said in the forum that how could guru fuss about a fish’s challenge? And now, truly slapping faces.

The arena offered ten minutes to prepare, and there were onlookers seats and bullet subtitles. Players can flock to the arena to watch the competition. Before the two leading roles entered, the subtitle had already been overwhelmed with comments.

The arena in "Like a Dream" had been a hot spot since its establishment.

The requirements were as follows: both players can’t take advantage of his or her own level bonus or special equipment bonus. Equipment bonus above red level will be counted as average value. In other words, both players can only use their real skills to defeat each other.

The arena was equivalent to a starting point for Inner Journey to homeland.

As early as the opening of the server, he, as a newcomer, had challenged a guru who had used the alpha test ID. When everyone looked down upon him, he delivered an unbelievable performance with his own strength.Since then, he completely became a big hit in the game.

A few times later, he had been to the arena and won resoundingly. He can be regarded as the most exposed and popular guru in this game.

Some people said that Xi Jiang Yue was really a newborn calf so wasn’t afraid of tigers. Unfortunately, the embarrassing things were still to come. Others said that such actions were honorable even if he failed, because he was fight for his lady. All in all, tonight will be a glorious night in "Like a Dream".

Time’s up! The two changed their equipment and were automatically transported to the arena.

They were all knights, dressed in a white robe like a novice. They looked handsome, with their robes fluttering. On the hands, they were all holding the bronze swords. If it wasn’t the names floating above their heads, you may confuse them. 

Homeland didn’t agree with Xi Jiang Yue's approach.

Even if you wanted to show that you were a real man, you should wear better equipment to avoid losing hp too quickly. He calculated which moves he should use later, so as not to embarrass the rival a lot.

The live subtitles were in a mess.

"This is a fight between men!"

"Oh my god! It’s too romantic, here @ my husband to learn from others!"

"I have foreseen the cruel plot..."

"Look at how the guru makes him lose decently."

Everyone was gabbling. Ruan Jiujiu looked at the subtitle, but didn't know what to say, so she sent Cheng Jun “Come on”. The chat in the gang group was also noisy. Melon-eating masses prepared to watch the lively show, but they restrained themselves due to Ruan Jiujiu was here. Many people comforted her and praised her husband for his courage.

Ruan Jiujiu felt little anxious especially when she heard the continuous crunching of biscuits from Cheng Jun's study.

The soft tone came from the system.

【Players please be ready】

【Now countdown】

【Three, two, one, go!】

The melon-eaters suddenly became quiet. Everyone stared at the screen without blinking, waiting to watch a good show. The two gamers in the center stood peacefully without any movement. It was unbelievably quiet.

The subtitle remained silent for a few seconds before someone posted a message.

"Freeze up?"

Inner Journey to Homeland had been waiting for Xi Jiang Yue to start first, so as not to lose half of his hp as soon as being attacked. Unexpectedly, the rival was as steady as Mount Tai, with a look of "enemy doesn't move, so I’ll be motionless". Homeland was slightly impatient.

Finally, Homeland moved.

He showed a beautiful and fierce sword trick and rushed towards the rival. Almost at the same time, Xi Jiang Yue, who had been stable as mountain, now also followed! You can only saw him move with amazing flexibility, avoiding the trick. In the case that everyone didn’t see clearly, the long sword in his hand suddenly disappeared. When it appeared again, the cold sword stabbed across Homeland. Then, there was a dazzling light.

The hp bar above the head instantly fell by nearly a quarter.

Time froze at this moment.

All the melon-eaters were stunned, and the subtitle was deathly silent. Even Homeland himself was shocked, and forgot to fight back. No one knew what kind of expression he had now.

Ruan Jiujiu: "? ? ?" Cheng Jun did this just now? She totally can’t believe it.

This move was the basic one of a knight—breaking through the clouds, which had been used by many people with thousands of times. So almost everyone knew its shortcomings and knew how to avoid it. Normally, breaking through the clouds should be non-threatening for Homeland.

Being able to hit him with this move and even to make him stand frozen can only show—

This unknown player named Xi Jiang Yue had a much faster hand speed than Homeland! !

Full screen was filled with shocked comments.

"It is righteous!"

"Holy shit! Amazing!"

"Where is this guru from!"

"Damn! Who saw it clearly? I’m begging an explanation! What happened just now?"

"I really want to watch slow play, but I don't dare to move! What if I miss the next one!"

At the moment when everyone was amazed, Homeland took two steps forward, as if to show that he was going to fight.

The knight in white fluttering robe jumped suddenly into the sky and pulled out his sword. In an instant, thousands of silver lights revealed like a storm of needles. Then he rushed up aggressively! Ruan Jiujiu can’t catch up with them but only saw Xi Jiang Yue had been 100% locked. He tried to escape, but no use. She only saw the scene where thousands of fireworks exploded, and his hp strips were also dropping.


[Round 1, Inner Journey to Homeland, won! 】

The crowd was immediately jazzed up.

"Right, Homeland underestimated his enemy just now!"

"Sure enough, it was Homeland who made a small mistake. Xi Jiang Yue has absolutely no chance to fight back!"

"Guru is always guru!"

They kept brown nosing. Members in the gang were embarrassed to make comments. Only Qingfeng Biying, who was always online, started to talk.

Qingfeng Biying: I'm sorry, sis Jiujiu. My guru didn’t control it well.

Ruan Jiujiu ignored her complacence. She was a little afraid that Cheng Jun will feel sad. So she pushed the computer chair away to see what he was doing now. As soon as she came out of the bedroom, she watched Cheng Jun was walking back from the kitchen, holding a bottle of Yakult opened in his hand.

Ruan Jiujiu: "? ? ?”

Wait, wasn’t he just playing games, when did he go to the kitchen?

Faced with her shocked expression, Cheng Jun looked very calm.

"Oh, I ate too many biscuits and now a little thirsty."

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."


The nerd, stopped half way to drink water?

The author had something to say:

Ruan Jiujiu: Could you just finish round 1 and then drink?

Cheng Jun: Ok, but not necessary.

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