Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

2020-04-28 09:53:47

Ruan Jiujiu was in surprise.

Her first thought was, did everyone know she was a RMB player with terrible skills?

White Horse send her the explosive revelations post link. Ruan Jiujiu skimmed through it and found that there already had tens of thousands of views under the gossip posts, which only took a few hours.

The post was titled "Explosive revelations: Bitch J Wants to Rob My Girlfriend's BF".

The post described the whole thing in the first person.

It was mentioned that the girlfriends had a stable relationship with the boyfriend. They were lovers recognized by the gang group. Since a bitch named J joined the group,  she played cat and mouse, and tried her best to attract the girlfriend's BF attention by various means.

Since then, bitch J had been secretly hooking up—apparently withdrawing from the gang but secretly calling him to play the game together. The girlfriend was harmless, only knowing to cry. I, as her confidante, can't tolerate it anymore. 

So, I chose to come to the forum to expose the bitch J to let her know that she shouldn't flirt with other people's boyfriends.

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

What the hell? This should be written for Inner Journey to homeland! He was the one needed to behave himself!

When Ruan Jiujiu withdrew from the gang at first, some people had talked about it. What's worse, because this was a big gang, which had a mix of people, and the poster also put many ambiguous keyword information in the post. So soon some people left the message, claimed that the bitch J was a Jade Immortal player whose ID was "Jiu Jiu Jiu". Successively, the so-called girlfriends, BF, naturally got known by others. 

Although Qingfeng Biying never publicly said that she was the girlfriend of Inner Journey to Homeland, she talked intimately with him, and her behavior often revealed the close relationship that in the real world they were childhood sweethearts.

But who was this unknown Jiu Jiu Jiu? How could she even dare to have inordinate ambitions to their guru, and play such dirty tricks?

Ruan Jiujiu received a lot of friends applications. The messages accompanied were all kinds of unbearable insults. Some people persuaded her to stop play tricks, and others let her not ruin herself so as not to be involved in three dimensional world. She deleted all of them with one click and changed the status to "No one is allowed to add friends". Finally, no message came in.

Anyone who had been madly abused will be angry.

White Horse had been persuading Ruan Jiujiu to calm down, and first report to the official to delete the posts with false information.

Ruan Jiujiu logged in the game. She behaved very calmly and let White Horse invite her to join the gang. She just typed a line in the group chat.

"I am Jiu Jiu Jiu."

Then, the group went mad. A gang of hundreds of people, there were so many melon-eating masses. Soon the forum updated the post "Live Post: Sis J is going to argue with Qingfeng Biying!"

The messes were all waiting for the live broadcasts.

Many people wailed and asked to join the group, just wanted to see the fresh and hot news. But fortunately, at this moment only members of the gang could see it. Everyone was silent, waiting for Qingfeng Biying to come, and then the two confronted each other.

Many people were wailing—I'm so jealous! Girls are fighting for Inner Journey to Homeland! 

Ruan Jiujiu patiently waited for a moment, and Xu Biying came out.

Her tone was very innocent: What's wrong? Sorry, what happened? I just went online.

Jiu Jiu Jiu: Nothing, just want to tell you, don't let your bf come to harass me again. I really don't want to add his friend.

Qingfeng Biying: ...

Qingfeng Biying: Are you pretentious? How could he harass you?

Jiu Jiu Jiu: Are you self-confident, I harass him?

Qingfeng Biying: ... Hehe.

Qingfeng Biying: Brother You is not that kind of person, maybe you gave him some wrong tips.

Obviously, it meant that Ruan Jiujiu was a bitch to flirt with others first. 

Qingfeng Biying: I know, everyone likes guru, and he got many fans. If you have any misunderstanding, then I apologize first. This post is not from me, you can check it.

Of course, it was not her, but from her good girlfriend.

Ruan Jiujiu thought that Xu Biying was really a cunning woman. No wonder she could be a gold digger in this life. She didn't care about Xu Biying. Today, since Xu Biying talked like that, most people were clear that who was right and who was wrong.

At this moment, the door was knocked. Cheng Jun's slow voice came: "Eat shrimp."

Ruan Jiujiu felt better immediately: "Coming!"

Jiu Jiu Jiu: As you like, my husband is calling me.

Qingfeng Biying's girlfriend "The No.1 Little Princess in the World" immediately mocked: Who knows if you have a husband, and even it’s true, someone who had a husband but still dating online is stinky.

As soon as these words came out, the rest of the gang couldn't take it anymore. They joined the war and began to criticize the two, saying that they were too deceiving for there was no evidence to prove the so-called flirting.

The No.1 Little Princess in the World was very aggressive. Not only did she resist other people's attacks for Qingfeng Biying, but continued scolding Ruan Jiujiu very sarcastically, saying that she was "ruttish", "pretended to be fragile", "married woman will play game with their husbands, but you, does your husband know what you did online", " Maybe he doesn't even know himself has been cuckolded"...

All the curse sounded very dirty, but without the dirty words, there is no way to informed on her.

Jiu Jiu Jiu's ID was still online, but there was no reply. Everyone thought she was crying. However, it didn't take long for the chasing order to be updated—

【The player "Jiu Jiu Jiu" hung out an arrest warrant: killed the players "Qingfeng Biying" and "The No.1 Little Princess in the World" one hundred times, then a reward of gold bounty will be offered to the winner. The hunting will last for one month. Meanwhile, the one who killed them most can get the best equipment sent by Jiu Jiu Jiu. 

The bright red characters repeatedly scrolled on the screen. Suddenly, the whole world boiled.

Rich! Really RMB player!

The two who were chased and killed immediately became famous. Their faces turned an ugly green.

Generally speaking, players will just quarrel with each other. Why did this Jiu Jiu Jiu not follow common template?

Ruan Jiujiu hid work and name. How troublesome to quarrel with them. Didn't they care about this game? Now, one month, they either change their IDs or they can only swear in the group but never think about doing a game task.

Some friends in Ruan Jiujiu's list sent a few lines of "Awesome", admiring her idea.

Not to mention Xu Biying, even others who had abused her were a little afraid of being hunted down. So they kept silent.

Ruan Jiujiu happily wen to the restaurant to eat big lobster. Cheng Jun was very obedient today, probably knowing the end of annoying a woman, so he said nothing. Ruan Jiujiu said while peeling the shell: "I just spent a lot of money in the game and it hurts a bit. In order to save money, I plan to spend less recently."

Cheng Jun asked: "No money? I'll transfer to you."

Ruan Jiujiu was a little surprised by his clever response: "Nope." It was still a pleasure to ask her this way. Anyway, they were partners living together.

Cheng Jun said slowly: "Ok, but don't deduct meal bills."

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

Can we have a joyful conversation?

Ruan Jiujiu unkindly stole his peeled shrimp, chewing, and vaguely said: "Why don't you ask me where I spent my money?"

Cheng Jun quietly moved the peeled shrimp towards his direction and slowly said: "Huh?"

"I was abused by someone in the game. She even posted on the forum, criticizing I cuckold my husband. That's really unfair."

His eyes blinked.


Ruan Jiujiu: "... Isn't the point should be 'unfair'? Well, it's just a guy whose gaming skills are good always harasses me." And, they had no feelings at all, so let alone "cuckold".

Ruan Jiujiu got depressed: "Unfortunately, my skills are too bad, otherwise I'll definitely challenge that Qingfeng Biying and kick her ass honestly."

Cheng Jun became quiet for a while.


"Not exactly, just that I don't like being wronged." Ruan Jiujiu raised her eyebrows, "but I've finished my revenge. Shut her up successfully."

Cheng Jun looked at her with a thoughtful expression.

After a big meal, Cheng Jun was cleaning up the mess, and Ruan Jiujiu took a shower.

When she put on the mask and went out, she heard familiar music from Cheng Jun's study. Ruan Jiujiu hesitated for a moment, but then leaned over to the door and asked, "What are you doing? Playing games?"

Cheng Jun: "Hum".

"To see who the stray man is."

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

She walked behind Cheng Jun and saw he was manipulating the knight named "Xi Jiang Yue", slowly repeating the tricks several times. Ruan Jiujiu suddenly realized something, teasing: "So, you haven't played this kind of game before?"

Cheng Jun replied: "Skills are not good."

Ruan Jiujiu nodded: "Me too, so I was just a  Buddhist-style player, enjoying the scenery."

Speaking of this, Ruan Jiujiu put her hands on his shoulders, leaned closer to the screen to see the map where Cheng Jun was, and said, "I'll add you later and take you to do the task. If you don't care being watched wherever you go."

Her attention was all on the game, so she wasn't even aware of the closer distance. Her soft fingers were cold and he could feel her temperature across the sweater. Her long black hair was wet and shampooed. When she spoke, the warm breath seemed to wipe his face.

Cheng Jun slipped his mind for a moment, but he pretended to be calm without any expression change.


Ruan Jiujiu was back to the room immediately to log in and added Cheng Jun as a friend.

Jiu Jiu Jiu: I'll take you to do the task ... Wait, where are you going?

Xi Jiang Yue: You go to buy some clothes first.

Jiu Jiu Jiu: ? ? ?

Ruan Jiujiu watched him disappear, and then she entered the gang group chat. Seeing her, everyone was very happy, and kept calling her "sugar daddy". Xu Biying and her girlfriend were totally afraid to show up in the game. If the two hid for a month, then Ruan Jiujiu will win the battle without spending a penny.

Ruan Jiujiu almost applauded her IQ.

White Horse: What were you doing, sis Jiujiu?

Jiu Jiu Jiu: Nothing, just my husband said he wanted to play the game, so I took him to the game.

Everyone was shocked when they heard this. One by one asked her husband's name.

Just by taking this opportunity to rectify her name, she typed the characters "Xi Jiang Yue". She wouldn't think that Cheng Jun's low level was anything shameful. Because her level-upgrading all depended on money. They only needed to be happy RMB players. She never cared about how other people’s opinions about her.

The group was suddenly silent for a few seconds.

Hoofs to the west: Is that... Xi Jiang Yue of World Channel?

White Horse: Your husband is cool.

Deng Bu Li Shao: Dame! Back him up!

Jiu Jiu Jiu:? ? ?

She turned on the hidden World Channel with confusion, and saw a row of harsh red letters constantly refreshing, and then was being overwhelmed by the players' remarks.

【"Xi Jiang Yue" issued an arena challenge to the "Inner Journey to Homeland". 】

Ruan Jiujiu almost jumped up: "!!!!!! What are you doing, Cheng Jun!!!"

Across the door, Cheng Jun's slow voice drifted over.


The author had something to say:

Cheng Jun: Skills not good.

Jiujiu: Me too. So, never mind, let’s be happy RMB players~

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