Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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"Like a Dream" was a domestically produced ancient style game. Before the server was officially launched, it had attracted many players to the beta version and won public acclaim. 

It surprised nobody that everyone had high expectations of the game—before this, Jiacheng Company was a dark horse. The Company's scale was not large, investment was not high, and the initial funding was insufficient. Therefore, the games produced were simple small ones. But due to their defining characteristics, interesting patterns and strong playability, some players gradually acknowledged these games. 

Then under the premise of funds, a classic round mobile game made by the Company was completely popular. Many major anchors started to try it out, and the discussion posts covered one floor after another. Jiacheng's fame was thoroughly spread since that time, which also made people have more expectations of them.

In just a few years, the Company launched dozens of games, large or small, and many of them had been scoring high. Until now, people will take in delight in talking about these games.


There were rumors that the Company's boss Tu Nan was not the real big boss.

As for the real one, there were different opinions. But people were not very interested in the boss’s history. Besides this, because Tu Nan was outgoing and often appeared in various social occasions, so he got many fans. The reports on him often lasted for a long time in hot search.

For so long now, no one cared about the mysterious big boss.


The above gossip news was seen by Ruan Jiujiu when she was downloading the game while just searched online.

She wasn't interested in this so turned off the page and waiting for the game to load.

Didn’t know what Cheng Jun was doing every day. This guy often stayed in his room in the day but went out at night. Occasionally, you may hear the sound of clicking keyboard, but more often it was quiet. There were many times when Ruan Jiujiu thought he wasn’t home, so ready to dine alone. But then at that time, someone's figure came out quietly.

Later, Ruan Jiujiu became smart.

Whenever she wanted to make sure he wasn’t in the room, she would make some food. Cheng Jun, like a cat smelling fishy smell, will definetely follow behind to wait for feeding.


Ruan Jiujiu now wasn’t sure whether she was living with someone or with some glutton cat.

As she was distracted, the game music played and sounded like jades were colliding with each other. Suddenly, Chinese zither played. Those natural sounds made people feel passionate. Accompanied by the flute, music gradually faded down and a piece of underworld picture slowly opened.

Like a Dream; sounded like a dream but fell into a dream. Awesome!

The only thing for Ruan Jiujiu wanted to do at this moment was to applaud the person who chose the song.

In this game, the newly created characters had analysis of character skills, degree of difficulty and so on. Ruan Jiujiu thought for a while and decided to choose a character with the easiest manipulation. She was not good at playing games, so the assistant role—nanny was a good choice. Anyway, she got money and can buy the game equipment.

This was a victory of RMB players.

Now, "nanny" was in a moon-white dress. Her the black hair was picked up with white jade hairpins and the dress was fluttering. Such a good-looking fairy was holding a jade flute, and with three big words hang on the head.

Jiu Jiu Jiu.

Ruan Jiujiu was too lazy to think of other names. Anyway, playing games should focus on the process, while the name wasn’t important. She happily went to Novice Village to start a task. At the beginning, the plot task was slightly more than other types, but every little story was very interesting. Ruan Jiujiu was playing the game with great relish, even unknowing the sun went down.

But then she got stuck on the chasing robbers task. She had failed to pass it a few times. In this challenge, there will be two sides of players—chase the robbers vs. help the robbers to escape. Ruan Jiujiu didn't have large force output and no teammates, so it was easy to die in a big fight. 

Moreover, there was a bitchy player who seemed too bored so stayed in the horse-riding place. Every time when Ruan Jiujiu rode her horse to pass by, this guy will trip her horse, making her fall over. And then she just got killed by others without any precaution.

Ruan Jiujiu became angry. 

It was a bully!

She immediately topped up and bought a luxury package, then wearing the best equipment to abuse the guy. Of course that bitch still sat there. It seemed he was waiting for her to come. This time, Ruan Jiujiu dismounted smartly, wearing a black embroidered robe with gold edges and looking quite aggressive. In this game, one thing Ruan Jiujiu appreciated was that it had almost no so-called sexy clothes to attract pepole's attention. Even some will show women's skin, but not too much, let alone exaggerate the breast or butt. 

The jade fairy named Jiu Jiu Jiu said nothing but showed her super combo.

But then, she was beaten directly and lost the small half of the hp.

Ruan Jiujiu: “...”

If you underestimated Ruan Jiujiu's patience, then you were wrong. She once had said that her most important thing was patience. Although the opponent's skill was good, his equipment was far worse than hers. What's more, her role's hp was high and the hp that had been cut off will quickly got regen. It returned back and forth... This fight was simply blunt knife grinding meat, the stories of the bird Jingwei tries to fill the sea and the foolish old man removes the mountains... These metaphors, what the hell?

This will be a protracted war.

These two people fought with each other for more than ten minutes and still had no winner. Ruan Jiujiu made up her mind to fight him to the end. She wanted to be the turtle biting things—never let them go.

Such a long haul drew some players’ attention.

They, with the heads were covered with the large words of "Ba Qian Yun Yue", was just passing by. But someone called out all of a sudden which stopped others. They were fascinated by the battle, and looked at it with relish for a while.

Ruan Jiujiu was busy with the battle, so she didn’t even realized now was being watched by a group of players.

White Horse: ... Nanny’s bold enough.

Hoofs in the Air: LoL...

I Am Ye Liangchen: Hahahahaha, funny!

Meat Buns beat dogs: U guys guess nanny win or not?

White Horse: Perhaps.

Hoof in the Air: Yes, my darling is always right.

I Am Ye Liangchen: PDA? I’m sour grapes now!

Inner Journey to Homeland: Puff. [Laughing]

White Horse: Game guru!

Hoofs in the Air: Guru!

I Am Ye Liangchen: Guru!

Meat Buns beat dogs: Guru please f**k me!

Others: ... Shameless, you nerd!

White Horse: Guru, when u come?

Inner Journey to Homeland: Came for a while.

Perhaps it was the first time for Homeland to see such a “hard-playing” RMB player, so he was also standing there to watch. The moment he saw the three words “Jiu Jiu Jiu”, he couldn’t help laughing. It sounded like a bird that tried hard to peck at someone. A little cute somehow. 

The guy, named Second Elder, stopped to fight.

Second Elder: Ma’am, could u stop? My hands are cramping.

Jiu Jiu Jiu: U deserve it! Why only chasing after me?

Second Elder: Actually... I want to make an ad for myself...

Jiu Jiu Jiu: ?

Second Elder: Ma’am, u need power-leveling service? Add WeChat 7927332

Jiu Jiu Jiu: ? ? ? ?

Go to hell!

Ruan Jiujiu gave him the final blow in embarrassment, helping the guy die with no regrets. The next she knew, only some people were laughing in current session. Ruan Jiujiu felt confused. Why?

By this time, someone sent her a friend request when she was ready to find other players to continue the task.

White Horse: Ma’ma, be a friend, maybe?

Jiu Jiu Jiu: Don’t need power-leveling service, tks.

What Ruan Jiujiu didn’t know was that the girl named White Horse immediately sent screenshots of the conversation just now to her game gang's group, and then another group of people laughed. 

When she was baffled, some people stood behind her unexpectedly as if watching the fun. Her twitched eyelids, recalling that they seemed to be standing behind when she was fighting with the advertising knight.

Jiu Jiu Jiu: ...

She seemed... know why they laughed.

【White Horse send you an invitation now. Would you want to join “Moon Steps on the Song” gang group?】

Ruan Jiujiu didn’t know this gang, at present, was the top ranked in the game. She just thought of following a group to play, so happily agreed. After joining in, bunch of people were calling her name cheerfully. She felt like herself was in a nest.  

Ruan Jiujiu: “...” 

Jiu Jiu Jiu: Well, anybody plays the chasing robbers? Want to team up, please!

A few people immediately said: I do!

Ruan Jiujiu thought the gang was active and the members were nice. Before she answered them, a man named “Inner Journey to Homeland” said: “I’ve got a little free time today, follow me.”

White Horse: Wow, guru takes it upon himself.

Hoofs to the West: Be careful, Biying will be jealous~~

Seeing the familiar name, Ruan Jiujiu’s pulse was racing. She unconsciously pushed the keyboard away and felt her toes were curling due to the sudden vigilance.


Biying, was that “Biying” she thought of? The female role, Xu Biying? What a coincidence? ? ? 

It occurred to her that in the book...

After rebirth, the female role, Xu Biying planned to develop relationship with her childhood sweetheart, Gu You. Then the female supporting role appeared, and Xu, to protect her fiancee’s status, came to the game on her own to declare the sovereignty. Finally, the supporting role got outta the game.

At that time, Ruan Jiujiu had bought the whole text and had been moaning about the book till the end. Therefore, she just had a rough reading and hadn’t remembered the game name and their game IDs.

So, here was the thing—Inner Journey to Homeland was the male role in the book!

When people were still envious of guru’s invitation.

To their surprise, she refused at once.

Jiu Jiu Jiu: Sorry, gotta no time. See you.

Then logged out, leaving all the other people stunned.

They sent many question marks on the screen and even the Homeland got shocked for a moment. Generally speaking, it was other people paid him and begged him to team up, but he’ll say no mostly. Now, there was a person turned him down?

White Horse gloated: Opps, Biying now got no worry.

Xu Biying had been keeping a close eye on the guru, so all the female in the gang will be regarded as her rivals. White Horse was fed up with her. Now a novice didn’t give guru a shit. White Horse really wanted to share the chats with Xu Biying.

Gu You, staring at “Jiu Jiu Jiu”, smiled.


Ruan Jiujiu herself wasn’t afraid of the female role at all and she didn’t like her neither. The reaction she made just now was because she didn’t want to have any connection with the male role, Gu You, so as to avoid trouble. He was too proud of himself so after what had happened just now, he should never want to see her again.

“You you you, why not turn the light on!” Cheng Jun answered slowly and annoyingly: “I I I am going to do that.”

Ruan Jiujiu: “...”

She made a decision—cook noodles with two eggs for herself, and let Cheng Jun enjoy his empty bowl tonight.

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