Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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The company's logistics was so fast that Ms. Ruan got her computer prize in just two or three days, 

She happily installed the computer. Thanks for Cheng Jun's help, it was soon connected to the Internet. "I bet you don't know how I got it," Ruan Jiujiu said, raising her eyebrows with hands on the desk.

Cheng Jun slowly glanced at her but refused to give her face. He just opened the computer to check the security protection system.

"I got it in a game!"


Ruan Jiujiu: "..." The man was so boring.

He drawled like an old man of seventy or eighty, with no vitality at all. No one knew what he would look like in a relationship. Perhaps he would lie with a girl who was as drawling as him and they live on junk food and garage kits every day, and even the daily communication depended on their phones.

Ruan Jiujiu's eyelids twitched. Horrible!

When she slipped her mind, the computer had been installed and showed that the network was connected. Ruan Jiujiu smiled and patted him on the shoulder. "Hey, bro, not bad."

"I want dumplings afternoon."

"That's too much red tape to make them. How about quick-frozen one?" Ruan Jiujiu turned into a black face in a second.

The man in front of her was tall. A black hoodie made his skin milky. The long, slender eyelids drooped. From Ruan Jiujiu's angle, his thick, long lashes and very straight nose will make you feel jealous.

He sighed slightly: "My hand hurts."

Ruan Jiujiu: "... Didn't you take all the bandages off? You're trying to scam me?"

He answered, seriously: "Yes."


Now she didn't know how to fight back.

The dumpling, hot from the spot, with thinner skins more than stuffing, built up an appetite. Ruan Jiujiu filled a large bowl for Cheng Jun. When she was still in the kitchen scooping dumplings for herself, Cheng Jun didn't move his chopsticks but kept waiting for her to sit down.

Ruan Jiujiu's phone was on the table when it suddenly clicked twice and the screen lit up.

From his direction, he can see exactly what was on the screen.

[Ruan Qiu, it's Xiang Rong. We need to talk. Are you free tomorrow?


"Wow, it's so hot!"

With a plate of dumplings in her hand, Ruan Jiujiu hurried to the table and set it down. When she saw the phone lit up, she picked it up and Xiang Rong's message was displayed on it. Cheng Jun cared nothing but was still eating his dumpings with the head down.

This guy was quite the hardass, being blocked for many times but still not discouraged. Ruan Jiujiu was too annoyed to lose her temper now.

When she was ready to continue to block the mobile phone number, he sent another message.

[If you don't see me, I may have to play some tricks.]

Ruan Jiujiu sneered and replied instantly.

[I'll call the police immediately if you dare to do anything.]

[If you don't see me, I'll expose some evidence that we had an affair before.]

Seeing this, she almost rolled her eyes.

If he wanted to send the so-called evidence to Cheng Jun, Cheng Jun will don't care and even delete it without checking the message. If it was posted on the Internet, Ruan Jiujiu also didn't care, because the lover wasn't hers, so she had no consciousness of guilt and didn't give those online comments a shit.

If Xiang Rong wanted to lose their faces, then just come on.

Ruan Jiujiu replied to him quickly.

[As you like.]

The dumplings were a bit cold, Ruan Jiujiu, disturbed by Xiang Rong, lose her appetite and was poking the dumplings halfheartedly. It was a pity that she didn't have enough ability to let Xiang Rong never dare to bother her again, so she had to think of other solutions.

Cheng Jun stopped eating for a moment and seemed to be in thought. But Ruan Jiujiu didn't notice that. 

Xiang Rong was really as bad as his word.

At the evening.

Ruan Jiujiu was back to the room to sleep, thinking that Xiang Rong wouldn't be that mean. But no one expected her previous expression had stimulated him, causing him even thought about the good moments with the original host and wanted to do nothing but damage her marriage.

Xiang Rong just didn't believe it for a husband, when found his wife had an affair, can still be as cool as a cucumber even he didn’t love her.


Xiang Rong had Cheng Jun's phone number. That was because he saved it when the original host was unguarded. He thought it might come in handy one day. With a cold face, he sent a long message with an email link to Cheng Jun so that he could understand exactly what his wife was doing.

Xiang Rong, with great satisfaction, started to wait for the reply.

A long time passed, still no message. He was a little irritable, wondering if they were quarreling with each other?

At the moment, Xiang Rong didn't know that Cheng Jun never accepted any information from strangers. So that long message with a link had automatically rolled into the email junk-box, accompanied by spam.

Ruan Jiujiu was lying on the bed and  playing with her mobile phone. The sound of playing AniPop rang in the room from time to time. She thought that Xiang Rong may use some ploy, but till now nothing happened. Waiting such a long time, she gradually fell asleep.

Xiang Rong had been waiting for several hours but without any signal yet. He even sent a few message again, but still no answer.

With a stony face, he searched Cheng Jun's WeChat with that number and sent him a friend application with a  remark: No response to my message? Very good, you'll regret it!

After a few minutes, he got a message from Cheng Jun.


Xiang Rong: ? ? ? Where? ? Is this guy provoking him!

He resisted his anger: "Don't you see a few messages in a row!"

After a few more minutes, Cheng Jun answered.

"Found it, the junk-box."

Xiang Rong: "..."

Cheng Jun quickly went through the message. It was nothing more than saying that the original host took his money to support others, saying that the original host wanted to divorce in order to marry Xiang Rong. Finally, a link was attached as a proof of their intimate bed photos.

In the dark study room, the computer screen glowed with fluorescent light, and Cheng Jun's side face was expressionless.

"..." He saw it with just a glance and then found the photos were composite.

Xiang Rong's skill was superb. If these were seen by an ordinary person, he may really be deceived at first sight.

But Cheng Jun wasn't an ordinary person.

He operated it very fast, only to make some mouse-clicking; tapping the keyboard, but deliberately made it light.

He quickly hacked Xiang Rong’s computer, deleted all the so-called evidence of the cloud and the hard disk. He also logged in Xiang Rong's several social accounts, no matter the main one or the alt one, and sent his bed photos with other women to all his contacts, including his parents.

Done. Make a "payback" in a few seconds.

Cheng Jun was very calm all the way—so calm that he even drank another bottle of Yakult. He turned off the computer and went to the bathroom slowly.

Meanwhile, Ruan Jiujiu was sleeping soundly. She didn't know problems had been completely solved during her sleep.

In the meantime, when Xiang Rong realized what happened, his families’ and friends' serial calls almost blew up his mobile phone. He was so shocked and soon occupied with these crappy stuff. His life was almost ruined overnight. What’s worse, his families also knew these follies. Now, he'll never show his face in the circle of rich women again.

Everyone knew how many women he screwed and knew he had been taking advantage of them. Now even the original host's hypocritical girlfriend Li Yun also quickly broke up with this old lover. 

This time, he was completely dead.


Ruan Jiujiu waited for a few days, thinking of Xiang Rong's tricks, but nothing heard from him. 

She wondered what was going on? Did he get scared off, or find another way out? No matter how, it had nothing to do with Ruan Jiujiu and she was also happy with that. 

Ruan Jiujiu lost interest in the game because she hadn't logged in for a few days.

Suddenly, she remembered that when they had played the game together, it was Black Sesame or Master Kong mentioned another game, "Like a Dream", because of its good graphics. 

She heard the name before, but just from the trending topics several times. This large-scale ancient style online game had exquisite pictures and a variety of interesting settings. All its features showed it was an elaborate domestic game.

Therefore, the server had been open for only a month, attracting a lot of players. Now the server were often overcrowded and needs to be queued to enter.


"Like a Dream" sounded a little familiar?

Whatever, perhaps it was because there were too many names of the tunes to which poems were composed, and this one sounded familiar to one of the poems of the Song Dynasty. Since the drawing board was still on the road and she just planned to play another game during the recent spare time,

so, just this one!

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Hubby protected his wife and punished the fake lover! 🥰
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>He drawled like an old man of seventy or eighty, with no vitality at all. No one knew what he would look like in a relationship. Perhaps he would lie with a girl who was as drawling as him and they live on junk food and garage kits every day, and even the daily communication depended on their phones. Hahaha! Oh girl, life with him might be a LITTLE more exciting than that...
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