Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

2020-04-20 10:21:33

Ruan Jiujiu followed Cheng Jun to the hospital with her head down.

Shame plus embarrassment, she was deflated instantly, like a blown balloon being poked.

Legally, this was a couple. No matter where they went, their nice looking always drew others people’s attention. People even didn’t know which one should appreciate first. They just all admired—indeed, this was a perfect couple. Look, how happy lovers they were. He was hurt and she was sad for him.    

After examination, fortunately, it was not a big deal. Just needed to get a rest for few days.

Ruan Jiujiu relaxed at last.

They sat in a taxi, no talking. Even the driver felt uncomfortable, so he turned on the music. Zhang Yu’s (a Chinese male singer) gravelly voice: “It’s raining and we don’t feel so good...” Upon hearing this, the driver chose to turn it off quietly. 

Cheng Jun looked out of the window and suddenly said in a slow voice: “I want lamb stew.” 

“No problem.” Ruan Jiujiu answered, crisply.

“Spareribs with brown sauce.”

“... Sure.”

“Sweet and sour fish.”

Ruan Jiujiu ground her back teeth and gave him a creepy staring. But in the next second, Cheng Jun sadly sighed: “It’s hurt again.” 

“... I’m sorry.” She’ll cook for him, of course!  

The driver watched the strange couple in the rear-view mirror and was amused.


Although his left hand was completely tighten up with the bandage, the right hand could still work as usual. Ruan Jiujiu twitched her eyes, held back her anger and looked at Cheng Jun to only wish him got off the table as fast as possible.  

Ruan Jiujiu had always thought, according to the book, Cheng Jun should be some noble, cool and unreal man in life. However, after the long time living-together, she totally broke her perceptions of him. 

After dinner, Ruan Jiujiu turned on the TV and press the button casually. While Cheng Jun, sat next to her with the head down, typed into his phone. Ruan Jiujiu gave it a glance and found his typing speed was incredibly fast.     

She was amazed but said nothing.

Just when she got distracted, it stopped at an entertainment channel. It was a talk show. The host was introducing some team as “e-sports rookies” and claimed that they’ll have a bright future. 

The long-lose memory was coming back to her now. Ruan Jiujiu almost forgot she transmigrated into a book in which she was just an insignificant supporting role while the real heroine led a happy life with her childhood sweetheart after rebirth and became a full-time wife to enjoy her dream life.

However, the role of Cheng Jun was not given too much detail by the writer. Only the heroine’s some complaining memories about him. After the rebirth, she made efforts to work on the relationship with the childhood sweetheart and gradually forgot Cheng Jun.

So, Ruan Jiujiu thought, if based on the book, as long as she didn’t tangle with the heroine, then nothing will happen.

That was perfect.

Ruan Jiujiu turned off the TV, picked up her phone and lay on the couch, caring little about her image.

Recently, she had played a competitive mobile game. The game was just so-so, but the picture was exquisite. The reason she chose this game was because its newly-launched event lately. You joined a group to fight monsters, then you can receive jigsaws to draw a lottery. The lucky group can gain the latest Mac computer for each member. 

Despite her slow hands, she had perseverance and time.

Something just came to her. She asked Cheng Jun with interest: “Do you play mobile game?”

Cheng Jun: “Yes.”    

Of course he did!

Generally speaking, a nerd will be more skilled in playing games. So she continued: “So what’s your area? Arena of Valor? PUBG? LOL or Call of Duty?” 

Cheng Jun slowly said: “AniPop, Happy Poker.”

Ruan Jiujiu: “...”

She shouldn’t have hope for him.

She sighed then opened the game app and started to do the daily task. Since she was neither the lucky dog nor the strongest player, so just be the worst—to top up money. 

“Looks like I have to find others to team up.”

Cheng Jun peeked at her game ID out of the corner of his eyes. It was Jiu Jiu Jiu.

Cheng Jun: “...” She really liked this name.

They were back to their own rooms. The atmosphere was not bad. Ruan Jiujiu was in bed and went on with her game. It felt so good when you got time to waste. At this moment, a group, named “Wow haha”, sent her an invitation to join in.

Such an odd name made her eyelids twitch. The name? Seriously? During the time she considered to join which team. There was a guy sent her an invitation.

There were four people in total. The capital was called “Yakult”, and the rest members were “Nan Fang Black Sesame”, “Dumpling is the Most Delicious” and “Master Kong Noodles”. Such weird names and combinations made Ruan Jiujiu feel hesitated. But when she saw they all equipped with costly gears, she took it for granted that they can get on well together. After all, they also belonged to top-up-money players.   

Jiu Jiu Jiu: You sure you wanna take me? I’m no good.

After a few seconds, the capital just sent one word “Yes”.

Looking at this name “Yakult” and the habit of speaking, Ruan Jiujiu unconsciously thought of Cheng Jun. But she denied it in no time because he never mentioned his taste for competitive mobile game. What’s more, how could he play it for one of his hands got hurt.

The most complicated and difficult point in this mobile game was its numerous skills and actions, which dazzled her eyes and spent her a few days to get used to it.   

They all had novice accounts so probably just wanted to find some guy to team up, and then she was the one to balance the numbers.

Ruan Jiujiu had never thought of winning the computer prize. 

The members were all rookies, so it was almost impossible to collect all pieces to draw a lottery. But it was not bad to got playmates. Ruan Jiujiu felt happy about that.

Yakult: Let’s go.

Dumpling is the Most Delicious: Got it. Come on, Sister!

The other two members both sent apostrophe.

[ Dumpling is the Most Delicious is muted by the capital. ]

Jiu Jiu Jiu: ? ? ?

She suddenly understood this Dumpling name. (There’s a saying in Chinese, “Hao Chi Bu Ru Jiao Zi, Hao Wan Bu Guo Sao Zi.” which means dumpling is delicious and sister-in-law is seductive) How could he call her this kind of sister just because she was the only female in the team. Ruan Jiujiu felt a little bit angry. If he hadn’t been muted immediately, she would have exited the team.

Yakult: He’s an idiot.

Nan Fang Black Sesame: Yeah, overtime work makes him dull. Don’t be mad.

Master Kong Noodles: I’ve clapped him.


Over-friendly teammates surprised her. 

Jiu Jiu Jiu: ... Tks.

The team atmosphere was good, so after joining in, she followed them in relief. Ruan Jiujiu had meant to lead these rookies and helped them get to know the game. So in round one, she was ready to get aced. But the truth was her teammates had killed the monster before she realized it. 


They even had some chitchat during the process.  

Nan Fang Black Sesame: Wow, so lucky.

Master Kong Noodles: Yep. We rookies actually are lucky dogs.

Jiu Jiu Jiu: ? ? ?


This monster, she had failed to kill it several times when teamed up with others. Fine!

Ruan Jiujiu can only comfort herself: This was normal one. They’ll be kicked ass later.

These new guys’ XPs were blowing up. They moved fast towards the next task, which kinda freaked her out. She just followed them to another map. Before she knew it, the rest had run up. A war just started, making the screen explode dozens of fireworks. Ruan Jiujiu even didn’t see the monster. They won, again.

The capital, especially, had shockingly fast but accurate moves. What she wanted to do was to admire him.

Nan Fang Black Sesame: Opps, just good luck.

Ruan Jiujiu:...

With jigsaws they obtained kept increasing, the team’ rank was also rising up. Ruan Jiujiu didn’t know how to describe her feeling now.

Jiu Jiu Jiu: You guys... were masters? 0.0


The capital, who had just said one word at the beginning, explained: There are more man-maching battles in the game. Rewards are not good enough. We’re just the best chosen from the worst.

Ruan Jiujiu kinda believed him. She assumed that they were the masters, so why teamed up to this stupid game filled with bugs. The earnings for them to give one live streaming were even exceeded the bonus here. 

Today’s tasks were all finished. They made an appointment to continue playing tomorrow night. Let’s say it a coincidence for the time just after her dinner, helping her to meet a nice schedule. 

Although today was unbelievable, Ruan Jiujiu enjoyed herself. Maybe it was the fun that console games didn’t have. 

... So, she came up with Cheng Jun. This older child who preferred puzzle games.

She went to the kitchen for water and noticed that his room was very quiet and no light came out when she passed by. He should be asleep. Ruan Jiujiu whispered. Did this guy tuck himself in? She cared too much.

Afraid of waking him up, she tiptoed into her room.

Behind the door.

Cheng Jun reclined on the pillow, half sat on the single bed. It still stopped at the playing interface which a game ID “Yakult” appeared on it.    

Afer logging out, Tu Nan and other teammates felt bored and can’t bear too many bugs in this game, so they sneaked into it and friendly helped to fix bugs. 

When debugging, they made voice complaints in the chat room.

“God! How could even walking get freezing?” 

“Too many bugs! Do their programmers really get well educated?”

“Maybe they can give Tsinghua University a consideration.”

“I think it might be a wholly new game after our fixing.”

Debugging while chatting, everyone had a happy time. The original game designer absolutely had no idea it was a new world when woke up tomorrow.


Another place of the world.

The woman who lay on the bed started to toss and turn anxiously. Her forehead was sweaty. All of sudden, she opened here eyes from messy and painful memories—


Xu Biying looked pale. Her hands, trembling, touched her face.

Wasn’t she dead?

Why the display here was quite familiar to her. Wait, this was her home!

Xu Biying realized something went wrong. She sat up in bed, picked up the phone in haste. The phone, she remembered, was a birthday gift given by her father a few years ago, but unfortunately she had lost it and bought a new one.

She turned it on. Can’t believe it!

The time clearly appeared on it. 

Exactly three years ago. It was a week ago when she was going to break off the engagement with her childhood sweetheart and to sneak to another city.  

Xu Biying just stared at her phone. A moment later, she cried for joy.

Great! She still got a chance! She must be blinded in the previous life. That was why she thought Cheng Jun was a nice man and even thought this ruthless man could be influenced by her. Thank god, now she ownedanother chance to start over.    

This life, she swore never to be a fool but only rode on her childhood sweetheart’s coattails! 

The author had something to say: 

Ruan Jiujiu: I think it was time for me to look for a sugar daddy.

Cheng Jun: You sure?   

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tourist 2020-04-20 11:12
HAHAHA Cheng Jun used a pity card to force Jiujiu to cook him more food how sly of him XD and I didn't expect the Xu Biying would be reborn
Novellike 2020-04-20 21:10
yep, Chen is super sly .
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tourist 2020-04-20 16:11
i thunk xu biying is the heroine
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tourist 2020-04-21 15:43
I am really confused can someone simply tell me what was the relationship between Cheng Jun and the heroine in their past life?
fang 2020-04-21 22:59
In the past life, Cheng Jun was the ex-husband of the heroine. Ruan Jiujiu got into the book before they divorced and became the past-life heroine, or say the female supporting role.
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