Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Chapter 64

This was intimate enough.

Cheng Jun's body had a faint smell of bathing, soaking with the coldness of water. Now he got closer, and the unspeakable good smell overwhelmed Ruan Jiujiu.

Ruan Jiujiu was stunned.

Did he try to take advantage of her? So she should refuse or not?

Although she had promised him to make a blind date, this was too fast. They even had no hug before, and now he was about to kiss her? Perhaps even worse?

Ruan Jiujiu was entangled in the war of her mind, making her very confused.

She didn't notice her change. If this happened in the past, Cheng Jun would already be kicked ass by her. How could he get chance to pinch her chin.

The forehead ends slightly covered his eyelids, giving Cheng Jun's eyes a little bit of unclear emotion. He released his hand, lowered his head, and approached her face. Ruan Jiujiu clearly realized something. She dodged Cheng Jun's eyes, and staggered backwards. Her face flushed nervously.

It was just more panic than affection in her eyes.

Cheng Jun hesitated for a second.

"What are you doing!" Ruan Jiujiu was like a small angry animal, trying to fight back. “...”

His body got even closer. Ruan Jiujiu only wished to cling tightly to the wall and blend into it. At this moment, she felt that Cheng Jun's fingertips fell on her soft and delicate neck. His lightly rubbing made Ruan Jiujiu’s hair literally stand on end. Her ears were very itchy, making her want to scratch them hard.

Next second.

"Ah!" Suddenly a strong pain came from the neck, causing Ruan Jiujiu made a cry.

The culprit was, of course, Cheng Jun, the most super-invincible straight man in the universe. He took advantage of Ruan Jiujiu's unpreparedness to twist the soft skin on her neck and pinched! Ruan Jiujiu almost burst into tears.

After easing herself, she stared at Cheng Jun angrily. She didn’t expect Cheng Jun could make such a terrible reaction in that intimate moment! 

"What the hell!"

Cheng Jun withdrew hands in his pockets, and straightened his body, then slowly said: "Be a fruit farmer."

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

She was even more angry. She really wanted to immediately take out her marriage license and took Cheng Jun to divorce. Just let him reproduce asexually and left him to rot.

Ruan Jiujiu had thought that there was a good way for the strawberry issue. They could help each other with a straw, and sucked out a few fake strawberries to fool White Horse. Who would have expected Cheng Jun to act in this way and to make her head in blank. She had almost forgotten that important thing.

At this time, the fruit farmer Cheng Jun lowered his head and leaned in front of Ruan Jiujiu: "Your turn."

Ruan Jiujiu became quiet. 

It seemed that Cheng Jun was seriously working on the fruit growing.

With her angry, Ruan Jiujiu pulled herself up. Cheng Jun remained motionless in coordination, letting her find an angle. Ruan Jiujiu pinched a piece of skin near his collarbone and twisted hard.

Cheng Jun looked very clam all the way. He just looked at her silently even got pinched. Ruan Jiujiu almost felt that it was because of her weak strength. When she let go of her hand, there was a red strawberry mark left in his neck.

Ruan Jiujiu heaved a sigh of relief.

"Okay, an eye for an eye."

Cheng Jun upheld the serious scientific research spirit and said: "We all have one red dot. It’s like being bitten by a mosquito, and it’s also very symmetrical. You can’t fool her with this."

"So what should I do. Have more dots?"


The pain at that moment was still fresh in Ruan Jiujiu’s memory. She stepped back cautiously and said, "Stop!"

Cheng Jun said slowly: "Rock scissors paper."

Ruan Jiujiu: "Ah?"


If you wanted to compete her with luck, then Ruan Jiujiu will tell you she was the winner. She used to occasionally play rock scissors paper with her friends, and she won a lot of times. Ruan Jiujiu, with confidence, straightened her body: "Come on."

If anyone won, then pinched the opponent's neck. Here were three rounds.

Such a cruel idea of growing strawberries can only be come up with by them.

Ruan Jiujiu held her breath and watched Cheng Jun's gesture nervously. The two faced each other in silence. Ruan Jiujiu clenched fists and said: "One, two, three—"

Ruan Jiujiu—scissors.

Cheng Jun—paper.

"... Hey, I won!" Ruan Jiujiu’s eyes shone brightly. She quickly let Cheng Jun lower his head, "Come on, time to grow strawberries!"

Cheng Jun quietly lowered his head, letting Ruan Jiujiu choose from his shoulder blades and successfully be left a small strawberry. Ruan Jiujiu raised her hands gleefully, preparing for round two.

One, two, three—

Ruan Jiujiu was surprised: "Again!"

Cheng Jun made a small sound, but he wasn’t surprised. He just lowered his head and continued to let her grow strawberries. Ruan Jiujiu saw three red "small strawberries" on his neck, and suddenly felt guilty and embarrassed.

"I pinched you twice, so come on."

Cheng Jun: "Okay."

Ruan Jiujiu: "?"

You didn’t understand what it meant to be polite!

However, words had been given out. Ruan Jiujiu gritted her teeth and let Cheng Jun choose a good place to grow strawberries. She closed her eyes and tightened her brows—ready to meet the sudden tingling.

Silence. Continue to be silent.

Ruan JiuJiu could feel Cheng Jun's smooth breathing above her head, but she didn't feel his next movement. So she opened her eyes quietly, and saw Cheng Jun walking towards the couch.

"Hey?" Ruan JIujiu was suddenly scared. "You go to find a tool?"

Cheng Jun: "... No."

He picked up a bottle of herbal tea, unscrewed it, and drank half a bottle.

Ruan Jiujiu: "No more strawberries, fruit grower?"

Cheng Jun turned and said in a slow voice: "Keep it to next time."


Ruan Jiujiu went back to the room to sleep. She sat in front of the vanity table and looked closely. At first glance, the red dot on her neck really looked like that.

Ruan Jiujiu blushed, and suddenly got a little embarrassed. She was even more embarrassed when she thought of White Horse’s tease tomorrow. Somehow she felt that this wasn’t a good idea. Speaking of this, only Cheng Jun would allow her to play like this.

Cheng Jun’s standing in front of her came in her mind. His casual expression on weekdays at that moment seemed to have a more complicated meaning, which made her confused.

… Forgot it.

Ruan Jiujiu waved her hand to clear off the cranky thoughts in her mind. She had to get up tomorrow to put on makeup, so it was better to sleep early.

Ruan Jiujiu turned over in bed and gradually drowsed.

Another room.

The curtains were pulled tightly, and Cheng Jun was lying on the bed without any sleepiness.

As long as he closed eyes, his mind was full of Ruan Jiujiu’s soft skin, ruddy lips, and delicate jade shoulder blades, which made him wonder how it feel when touch them.

It should be good, he thought.

He turned over and couldn't sleep anymore.


The next day.

Ruan Jiujiu got up and put on makeup in a spirited manner, but she felt something went wrong. The woman in the mirror looked very beautiful. Her skin was fair like mutton-fat jade, and there was even no pores. Just light makeup was enough to add beauty. But the more she looked, the worse she felt. She couldn't help but fall into contemplation.

It seemed... something was missing?

Ruan Jiujiu checked herself carefully, and finally found it. She was shocked to find that little strawberries were gone! Gone!

"Cheng Jun, Cheng Jun!" She quickly got up and called Cheng Jun's name.

Cheng Jun, wearing baggy pajamas, rubbed his sleepy eyes and then went out off the room. Ruan Jiujiu held his arm, pulled his collar, and tiptoed to get close to observe. Cheng Jun gave up the resistance decisively and just let her make the observation. He even helped her with the collar.

Ruan Jiujiu hopelessly looked for a long time. Sure enough, the place she had pinched had recovered as before. There was nothing.

"... God." Ruan Jiujiu said with a sad face.

Cheng Jun: "?"

"So why did I work so hard last night?" Ruan Jiujiu walked slowly towards her room with depressed facial expression, "I'm so stupid, really. "

Cheng Jun: "..."

"I didn't even know that marks wouldn’t be left the next day. Is it because of our weak strength?”

Cheng Jun was strangely silent for a few seconds, and said slowly: "Perhaps."

Of course he knew.

The author had something to say: Our Junjun had soft heart and he’ll wait Jiujiu until she said YES.

At night. Cheng Jun was lying in the bed: ... I regret it.

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