Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Chapter 61

Skiing was a sport that needed great balance.

Ruan Jiujiu thought that her athletic ability was pretty good. Although she wasn’t good at playing computer games, she knew how to play tennis, table tennis and badminton! ... But, it seemed that there wasn’t much correlation between them.

The coach was patient and gentle. Probably it was because Cheng Jun had communicated with her before. She taught Ruan Jiujiu with tenderness all the way as if Ruan Jiujiu was her lover. Ruan Jiujiu felt weird, but still adjusted the movements according to the coach's instructions. She tried to find her own balance.

Ruan Jiujiu slid down slowly. With her toe-in, she tied to slow herself down.

From afar, Ruan Jiujiu’s caution was somehow funny.

She wasn’t afraid of heights but of falling over.

The coach followed and smiled softly, "Hey kid, is that your brother who spoke to you just now?"

Ruan Jiujiu: "Kid?"

"Yeah, you look young."

What the hell!

"I'm his wife, and I'm not a kid anymore." Ruan Jiujiu laughed.

The coach suddenly changed her attitude. She had been gentle and caring, but now she became sullen after hearing this.

Ruan Jiujiu watched her wonderful emotion changes, and quietly sighe—this was another woman who was successfully coaxed by Cheng Jun's appearance.

"We continue to practice."

The coach's tone was short and concise with no extra emotion.

This time, there was no cautious and gentle coach. So Ruan Jiujiu fell a few times in dozens of minutes. She now got her whole body fulled of snow.

The coach frowned and said angrily, "Why are you so stupid?"

There were novices falling everywhere in the ski area and Ruan Jiujiu indeed made much progress. However, the coach looked impatient. She, with arms folded, began to play mobile phones on her own.

Ruan Jiujiu suppressed her anger.

After all, Cheng Jun spent money on the teaching, so it wasn’t a good choice if they quarreled with each other. Here wasn’t their home, so they might put themselves in a weak position. Ruan Jiujiu didn’t want them to be unhappy because of such a small problem.

She stood up silently and continued to practice skiing.

Then she fell again and left a pit on the ground. Ruan Jiujiu felt a little blinded and disoriented. At this moment, she heard an unclear laugh over her head: "Hah."


No need to guess. It must be Cheng Jun.

Just when Ruan Jiujiu struggled with skiing, he had already slid a few times back and forth. It seemed that he skied a lot.

Ruan Jiujiu raised her head expressionlessly: "Do you want to die."

Cheng Jun took off his goggles and asked slowly: "Do you enjoy it?"

"Yep, but soon I’ll say no. I just kept falling over.”


"My ass, knees, elbows... Actually, I got the protection, so it’s not very painful. But I almost twisted my ankles." Ruan Jiujiu patted the snow on her body. She looked determined, "I continue to practice. Don’t worry, you can just go play."

She failed to stand up and fell again.

Cheng Jun reached out a hand: "Take it."

In the snow, his hair was blown by the wind, and his face was pure. Damn, he was pretty handsome. Even a heavy snow can become the background to set him off. For a moment, Ruan Jiujiu felt her heartbeat. She went red. Thanks for the mask, Cheng Jun can’t see it.

Ruan Jiujiu held out her hand. They both wore thick gloves. But Ruan Jiujiu seemed to feel his reassuring body temperature.

Being afraid of Cheng Jun became a dull dog to let her fall halfway. Ruan Jiujiu, with one hand on the ground, grabbed his hand with another. She was pulled up by Cheng Jun. The snowboard was heavy, and her center of gravity was unstable, so she threw herself into Cheng Jun's arms.

Cheng Jun stumbled and hugged her firmly.

Ruan Jiujiu: "Don't say I'm heavy!"

Cheng Jun: "Your helmet hit my chin."

Ruan Jiujiu: "... I’m sorry."

When the coach arrived, she became gentle again in the face of Cheng Jun. Just when she had played her mobile phone, Ruan Jiujiu fell to the ground. She was about to let Ruan Jiujiu get up on her own. But Cheng Jun moved faster to help Ruan Jiujiu.

“Be careful.” She sneered.

"If you have this attitude, don't teach others." Cheng Jun said in a low tone. But the coach was embarrassed.

She was a well-connected person to work here. On weekdays, she just needed to taught girls and children. Ruan Jiujiu took the skiing too serious, so she became impatient.

Because her uncle was the administrator of the snow field, her attitude turned worse: "Sorry, it’s not your call here to tell me how to teach people.” No matter how rich you were, the snow field was owned by a super rich boss, and her uncle worked for the big boss. The coach thought Ruan Jiujiu and Cheng Jun can’t afford private ski areas and even didn’t how to ski, so they were some poor guys in the well-off level and tried to bluff. It didn’t matter even she got a fight with them. 

Ruan Jiujiu didn't want to take this coach serious. But she didn't expect her rude attitude towards Cheng Jun. An anger rose to her heart.

She froze her face: "Hey, believe me, I’ll complain about you."

"As you want. I can help you to call the director here.”

Without waiting for them to argue again, the coach had took the phone and made a call.

Ruan Jiujiu was afraid that she may ask a group of people to come and make things worse. But Cheng Jun acted faster. He guarded Ruan Jiujiu behind him and took her arm: "It's ok."

The administrator of the ski area soon came.

Hearing the news of his niece, he was also impatient but had to cope with it. He had already greeted another coach and told the coach to be kind to Ruan Jiujiu and Cheng Jun and to extend the course for half an hour.

Until the administrator approached, he saw clearly the man who took off the goggles, his face suddenly turned pale.

Although there were many pictures of Cheng Jun on the Internet, they were vague and unclear. After Cheng Jun made his identity public, most pictures had also been deleted online. So it was normal for ordinary people to not recognize him. But the administrator worked here as early as five years ago, and knew the boss’s appearance.

His lips trembled: "Bo, boss..."

That coach froze, and then Ruan Jiujiu froze.

Ruan Jiujiu looked at Cheng Jun in amazement: "This is also Jia..."

"This land is mine."

Ruan Jiujiu:? ? ?

"Including the hotel."

Ruan Jiujiu: ! ! !

The previous complacent coach suddenly became a frosted eggplant. She felt so regretful now.

"Boss, why didn't you tell me when you came? Today the..."

"Solve it according to the rules."

Compared to Ruan Jiujiu’s shock, Cheng Jun seemed more calm. He didn't even give the administrator one more look: “Let’s go.”

The administrator shuddered and watched the two going away. The coach behind him looked pale and stuttered: "Uncle, what about... what about me?"

"You’re fired. What you know is just find me trouble!” He glared at the ignorant niece: "Pack things up and get out!"

"Don't you promise my mother that I will stay here?" 

She didn't accept her uncle’s order. Her tone was crying, and she wanted to let her uncle forgive her again. After all, where can she find an easy job that can earn tens of thousands of RMB every month?

However, her uncle, who had a good temper, was angry.

"Promise? That’s a shit! Today is either you fired or I fired!”


Ruan Jiujiu followed Cheng Jun. She moved hard and asked, "This is your land?" She didn’t expect nerdy Cheng Jun would also buy a large site. That was very capitalist. Ruan Jiujiu was in shock.

Cheng Jun said yes.

The land had been bought a few years ago. He didn't come here for skiing often, so it was a waste for just being a skiing area for himself. He had simply changed it to a resort. After a few years, he made a lot of profits.

"Where are we going now?"


Ruan Jiujiu: "Hmm?"

"I teach you."

Cheng Jun helped Ruan Jiujiu to walk step by step and then stopped when arrived at a small hill. He stood beside her and told her to hold still. Then he started to talk about the main points slowly. The easiest mistake for novices was to misunderstand their center of gravity. Cheng Jun corrected Ruan Jiujiu’s movements while speaking. He was just like an experienced teacher.

His speed of speaking wasn’t fast, and his expression was easy to understand. Ruan Jiujiu suddenly got a clear mind and removed her confusion.

Ruan Jiujiu, in accordance with Cheng Jun’s instructions, slowly and smoothly slid down the hillside.

She screamed excitedly, and then, forgot to control the balance.

... Hit the ground, again.

When Ruan Jiujiu heard a click, she was in a panic. She quickly sat up and saw Cheng Jun looking at the phone with satisfaction: "Good."

Ruan tweeted: "...What did you shoot?"


On the screen was a very clear picture. Ruan Jiujiu fell on the snow in an embarrassed posture. So funny!

The most terrible thing was...

Ruan Jiujiu asked angrily: "Stop! Who allowed you to set it up as a screensaver!"

The author had something to say:   

Cheng Jun: If you dislike yourself, who else would like you?

Ruan Jiujiu: ... Fine. Totally make sense!

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tourist 2020-07-02 07:37
I dunno...ever since the whole running away escapade, I haven't been able to enjoy this any more. Jiuijiu was childish and cruel for leaving like that. Chen was creepy and childish ann wierd for the whole hunger strike + stalking thing. And now that he has her back, he's not showing a shred of the love or kindness I was expecting to see. It's like they're trying to go back to the former comedy, but it's just not working. Something needs to change.
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