Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

2020-04-18 10:01:15

Ruan Jiujiu cared nothing about Xiang Rong.

Because completely breaking off the relationship to make them never think about asking money from her was her purpose today. 

“Well, this doesn’t mean something. Xiang Rong is an open guy is the circle so he shouldn’t be mad at me, right?”

Ruan Jiujiu sounded soft: “At the most Li Yun can replace me.” 

Li Yun, being seen through, suddenly sat up and glanced at Xiang Rong with great upset.

Because she thought a stupid woman like Ruan Jiujiu will never find out their affair. But now, it looked like she knew it all.

Ruan Jiujiu looked at these two people with arms crossed on her shoulders.

“Yesterday, I did my accounts carefully and I remember we made an investment on a project together, right? I poured all my money including those I borrowed from others into it. It’s been a long time now. So, how about our investment? Profit or loss? Where is our account?” 

“Well... the account, it’s in the accountant. Don’t worry...” 

“Okay, I’m good.”

Ruan Jiujiu shook her head, seemed concerned: “It’s just my husband. If I divorce him now, my account will be checked and people will find a large sum of money goes missing and probably they’ll call the police or the lawyer. So please you guys be hurry.”

“Oh my god! Don’t!”

Before Li Yun stood up, Sun Lan who sat on the sofa can’t bear it anymore and quickly said: “Tomorrow we’ll get it done and give your money back with interest.”

They were very clear that the original host knew her husband won’t give the house if divorce, so she was gonna to get the share of Cheng’s company.

They had planned to take the investment losses as an excuse to ask for compensation after she divorced her husband. But now, it’s really go for wool and come home shorn.   

This company, though not quite big, financed tens of millions and had a promising future. After Ruan Jiujiu’s talk, they misunderstood that the CEO became aware of their plan. So they got panic.

Ruan Jiujiu’s words hit home even she didn’t expect such a reaction.    

No idea of the amazing response, so she was in a daze for a little while then calm down and nodded.   

“That’s good for both of us.”

She looked so calm like everything was under her control, which made Li and Sun even more terrified and wish to give the money back immediately.

After negotiation, Ruan Jiujiu got no plan to stay here, so she turned and walked away with her shopping bags. A figure behind came after her at once and stopped her in the corridor.

It was the pretty boy, Xiang Rong.

“What do you want?” Ruan Jiujiu looked at him with a cold eye.

Xiang Rong ground his back teeth, staring angrily at the totally different Ruan Jiujiu. He had planed to dump this vulgar woman’s ass, but now he felt unconvinced which made him upset. 


“You don’t afraid of my revenge?” He narrowed his eyes.

“How?” Ruan Jiujiu sighed slightly, “ You think I know nothing about your affairs with Li Yun? I just turned a blind eye to it. But now I’m tired of this. Xiang Rong, when a woman doesn’t love you any more, she’ll become the cruellest.”

Her voice was too gentle for him. He even didn’t know how to fight back.

“You don’t know how to get back at me.”


Till now, Xiong Rong was stunned. He looked at the pure and beautiful face which had been put on loads of make-up. Her eyes revealed little eagerness and even the smiles on her mouth were bitter. He just can’t help trembling.  

Looking at her faded away, a thought suddenly came upon Xiong Rong—Did she hate him now?

That’s why she mocked him as herself had been fooled with. That’s why she became a hedgehog, totally ignored other people’s feelings but only to hurt them with the piercing prickles.

It felt like a small prickle stabbed into his heart. He didn’t know what to say.      



Ruan Jiujiu clapped hands for herself silently in her heart.

She was really like a performer and just put on a great play. She felt so happy especially found that man standing there like a jackass. She almost laughed. 

Let this narcissist get immersed in his own romantic dream. After all, she had to come back to cook.

Speaking of cook, Ruan Jiujiu took out her phone and searched for a while. Finally, she found that name—Cheng Jun.

Hesitated for a moment, she sent a text to him.

[Anything want for dinner?]

The staff were busy testing the new game in recent days. Because of the large flow of players after servers opened and the coming Qixi Festival (the Chinese Valentine’s Day) which pushed the staff to open up a marriage system. To keep this activity hot, advertising campaigns conducted in wave during this period. They were as busy as bees. 

Finally, all the work got done today. The girls of the company, heard that their mysterious boss now was is the office, all became excited. They really wanted to know what the boss looks like. 

Some clerks of the tea room scrambled to send coffee to the boss. A figure, dressing a white long dress, stepped forward all of a sudden. It’s An Rou, a pretty and elegant woman. She closed lightly lips to smile, took over the coffee and said: “Let me, and you can all get off work.” 

This immediately made these clerks feel discouraged. What they can do was just looking at her disappearing back.

“I’m so jealous of her! I’ll keep working, get promoted and see the boss. I heard that he is awesome!”

“But I heard of his being married.” 

“You got to be kidding—”

“If it’s true, why does supervisor An hit on him? Does she want to be the mistress?”


An Rou took the coffee into the meeting room.

Tu Nan was working on data analysis. A few people sat around the table. The most eye-catching one was the man who was in grey hoodie and sat at a corner. His eyelids lowered, the long, narrow eyes revealed some distractions. 

Ding! The phone rang. He clicked on the screen and gave it a look. It’s the first time he didn’t drop it.

He was just staring at it. This strange action made Tu Nan even forget what he himself was reporting about. He peeked at the direction where Cheng Jun was. Other people, including An Rou, also peeked at him. An Rou smoothed her strands of hair deliberately to make herself look more energetic. 


Cheng Jun poked his slender fingers on the screen quickly and sent a text. 

He slowly raised his head, facing with these gossip watermelon eaters’ staring. “No overtime work tonight.” He said in a flat voice.

“Boss, what are you going to do?” Tu Nan’s question represented all the bachelors’ idea here. 

Cheng Jun closed the file.

“Home for dinner.”

These bachelors froze at first, then groaned like the wolf howling.

“Oh my gosh! In 21st century still has a wife calls her husband back for dinner! Please stop your flirting!”

“Boss, I beg you to tell us what’s a wife’s dinner looks like? I only saw it from internet!”

“I’m so sorry such a wonderful life is beyond my imagination.”

“I’m crying now. Just leave me alone.”

These bachelors kept groaning. Since they had been in the IT industry, even those who had girlfriends before now became bachelors. They definitely wanted to get married!   

But except An Rou. The hot coffee cup held by her burned the hands. But she even didn’t realized it. The smiles on her face now looked stiff.  



Ruan Jiujiu specially treated Cheng Jun with three dishes and one soup. 

The two people had a very harmonious eating pattern. She’s in charge of cooking while he’s responsible for the pot cleaning. She just had one small meal while he could finish the rest.

Looking at Cheng Jun concentrated on his plate, Ruan Jiujiu felt a happy sense of achievement and identity.    

Not like others, Cheng Jun cared nothing about the great changes on her appearance. He even had no confusion for one second which gave Ruan Jiujiu an illusion of his observation over the real soul under the skin.

After dinner, Ruan Jiujiu sat on the couch to play her phone. 

Cheng Jun, in a pink floral apron, was washing the dishes. Looked cute but weird. Ruan Jiujiu tried to control her hands and told herself not to take pictures of him.  

She felt really bored so just took some paper from the drawer to practice.

Long time to paint. Ruan Jiujiu almost forgot how to paint. Stick figures gradually shaped up under her rollerball pen. Driven by her idea, a back view of a cute little man who dressed an apron just came out on paper. She was good at catching the lovely point, because the little man on the paper looked goofy but cute with one ahoge hair on the head.

Painting was done. Ruan Jiujiu got a message from Li Yun. It’s about sending her the account details. Ruan took a glance at Cheng Jun who was still doing the washing slowly. So she dropped the pen and happily entered the bedroom to do calculations.  

Cheng Jun took off the apron, headed for the study.
When walked by the couch on the living room, he found a paper lain on the tea table. The Q-version little man was really conspicuous.

He stopped.
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Haha hubby found the drawn chibi version of him by his wife
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I love this story so far! Reminds me to Chen Shu and Ye Sui except with no ghosts around hehe
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lol ,follow the next chapter.
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Ah, this MC is light and carefree. Like!
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tourist 2020-05-02 07:27
>The two people had a very harmonious eating pattern. She’s in charge of cooking while he’s responsible for the pot cleaning. She just had one small meal while he could finish the rest. I am shipping these two and their cozy domestic situation for life, damn it!
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