Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Chapter 59


Gu You was in the victory party. A group of people drank too much. It was pretty lively now. He didn't like too noisy scenes, so he came out after telling others.

The wind was cold to blow on his face, making him awake a little.

Gu You stood at the door with his hands in the pockets.

Tonight he wanted to lose himself for the last time. Tomorrow, he’ll continue to move toward the new goal without looking back.

A bit of sourness in the bottom of his heart made him give himself a self-mockery laugh. From the beginning to the end, he didn't have the qualification to compete with Cheng Jun. He could only regret the fate and didn't meet Ruan Jiujiu earlier.

Xu Biying had disappeared since the last incident. He didn't know where she was now, and also he can’t take care of her. After all, they were just two straight lines that intersected at one point and then drifted away. There was never a possibility of meet again.

At this time last year, the family hadn’t yet made a proposal to get engaged. However, in the eyes of others, he and Xu Biying made a good match because they were childhood sweethearts to each other.

At that time, Xu Biying had been naive and simple. She had relied on Gu You wholeheartedly. Even though he only had brother-sister affection for Xu Biying, he carried the expectations of his family and the love of Xu Biying. So he took the responsibility without a word and never thought about his own feelings. 

Too many things happened this year.

Gu You took a breath. He leaned quietly in a corner. Suddenly, Tu Nan, who sneaked out, patted Gu You's shoulder.

"Drink too much?"

"I don't like drinking."

"Good. But it's okay to have it in the future. Anyway, you don't have to play the game anymore."


Tu Nan looked at his side face, and then became serious: "If no game, how about looking for a girlfriend."

Gu You laughed: "Why did you say this suddenly?"

Of course, lest you stupid guy stared at the boss lady all day long!

The answer had already passed through Tu Nan's head, but of course he didn't say it. He pretended to say deeply: "You’ll know when you have eaten a bowl of curry rice."

Gu You: "?"

The news that Gu You’s retirement immediately went on hot search just after the game. Strike while the iron is hot. So Jiacheng promoted its new game, and explained that Gu You was also one of the closed beta players, and will move from the front to the back of the scene later on. He didn’t leave the e-sports circle.

Although the price on hot search wasn’t expensive, saving money was never a bad idea!

It can be said that Jiacheng was extremely frugal.

The company wasn’t busy lately. Old Meng asked for leave again and went to a sweet two-person tour with his wife. There were just a few days to the Spring Festival. So Ruan Jiujiu decided gave herself a few more days of leave until Old Meng returned to work.

White Horse, who hadn't been online for a long time, now was doing daily tasks in the game. She called Ruan Jiujiu to log in.

Ruan Jiujiu was idle at this moment, so she switched to a new ID, and went to do the novice task.

She had to use a new ID, because as long as she used the account Jiu Jiu Jiu, there will be a lot of people chasing her around. Then there was no way to play the game with peace of mind.

Ruan Jiujiu was boringly repeating the move while talked with White Horse.

Ruan Jiujiu: "Right, did you watch the live broadcast of Jiacheng’s finals?"

White Horse: "Of course I did! Although Gu You is one of my idols, Liszt is always my superstar! But take it easy, sis, I only like his game character not your real husband."


Ruan Jiujiu wanted to laugh.

They climbed up to a mountain peak in the game to enjoy the scenery. Ruan Jiujiu controlled the character sitting on the top. She was a little depressed: "I found that the current network response is too fast. I just watched a video, and then the search engine keeps pushing Liszt news to me. Are you the same?"

Ruan Jiujiu had watched a few videos and was shocked by Cheng Jun's gaming skills.

The commentary and comments were all about astonishment and admiration, and of course more were about brown nosing.

When she thought of the great guru they wanted to take as god, she felt a little bit guilty about working him hard at home. 

White Horse: "Huh? Nope. I’ve even watched the video for five or six times, and I haven't been pushed news about him.”

Ruan Jiujiu:? ? ?

"You got to be kidding. My search engine is almost covered by Liszt."

White Horse laughed. Somehow this little girl looked a little frivolous: "So, I can tell that you have googled too many times. Wow, this is love. Great."

Ruan Jiujiu now became even more depressed.

Things were getting weird because she had never searched about Cheng Jun.

Ruan Jiujiu asked in the game group. Everyone had watched the live broadcast, but no one like her to receive the overwhelming news.

... It was really weird.

When they had dinner, Ruan Jiujiu talked about it: "Does the search engine automatically identify me and push all your information to me?"

Cheng Jun slowly served himself an eggplant.


"Horrible. I have to turn off positioning first."

Ruan Jiujiu will never know that this was made by Mr. Cheng. He had set a mini program in her phone. More specifically, a kind of virus only for her phone. Only she can enjoy the overwhelming news of Liszt in this way.

The culprit was quite calm, and had no guilty for being caught on the spot.

Ruan Jiujiu asked casually: "Right, any plan for the Spring Festival?"

She was about to say how about going shopping in the supermarket in a few days. Even if they were just two people home, they had to treat themselves well in New Year's Eve.

Cheng Jun stopped eating.

He said slowly: "Go travel."

Ruan Jiujiu: "Huh?"

Cheng Jun had never taken the Spring Festival seriously in the past, and he had no idea at all about this festival. It was just that there were very important things to do this year. Ruan Jiujiu won’t say yes to his suggestion usually, but he knew it was natural enough to go out on holiday. 

Suddenly being invited, Ruan Jiujiu answered very quickly: "Will this be an invitation for dating? Isn't our progress too fast? I don’t think it’s a good idea."

Cheng Jun's expression was "Did we ever go out?" After staring silently at Ruan Jiujiu for a moment, he continued: "Just go out, don't be too stressed. Treat this as an employee’s benefit. "

"How can an employee go out on vacation alone with the boss..." Ruan Jiujiu murmured.

"We are different." Cheng Jun said.

"Everyone has a different situation? (lyrics in a Chinese song)" Ruan Jiujiu sang.

Cheng Jun: "..."

Ruan Jiujiu: "Don't look at me. I know I’m stupid.”

Cheng Jun’s invitation wasn’t formal, but it was worth considering. If this happened in the past, Ruan Jiujiu will refuse him mercilessly. Because what the hell with a plastic couple hanging out? What’s more, as long as she thought of how embarrassing it had been out last time, she didn’t want that again.

But, now that they were getting closer to each other and Ruan Jiujiu had  promised Cheng Jun that she would give it a try. She pondered for a moment and agreed to Cheng Jun's invitation.

Anyway, watching the CCTV New Year's Gala at home was quite boring, so it might not a bad idea to play out.

In the past, Ruan Jiujiu used to have a reunion dinner at home every Spring Festival. So this year she felt a little bit excited for hanging out. The excitement of the vacation made her quickly forget about her computer and mobile phone problems. Cheng Jun had already bought plane tickets. Two days later, their journey will be started. 

The place they went was still snow-covered. There should have ski area and amusement facilities. So, time to have fun now.

Ruan Jiujiu couldn't help but look forward to it.

Of course, you have to bring a bunch of things to your vacation. Winter coats, vests, scarf masks and other things to keep you warm. Soon, her suitcase was stuffed. She looked at Cheng Jun, who was only packing a backpack, said, "Get another small suitcase and you take it, okay?"

Cheng Jun gave her a positive answer.

When they arrived at the airport, there were few people. After checking her luggage, there was only a small bag left in her hand. She was relaxed and happy. Cheng Jun lined up behind her. When passing the security check, Ruan Jiujiu turned back and said, "I’ll go to the bathroom later, and you wait here after you finish."


Ruan Jiujiu went through the security check and then to the bathroom. Cheng Jun, who lined up, stepped forward.

The staff at the security check was a young girl. She glanced at Cheng Jun and blushed.

She scanned Cheng Jun shyly, and even dared not to touch him. At this moment, another staff member next to him stepped forward and said: "Is it a power bank? You have to take it out and check again."

It should be Ruan Jiujiu forgot to take it out when packed the luggage.

Cheng Jun then unzipped it.

In their gaze, the suitcase was opened. It was stuffed with a colorful pile of underwear or something like that. If it weren't for Cheng Jun's quick response, a suspender skirt would have to slip out.

The staff’s eyes became strange now. They probably didn't expect a man to wear female clothes: "..."

That girl was shocked and her eyes to Cheng Jun also changed. He was a transvestite!

Cheng Jun quietly did his search among a pile of clothes for a long time, and finally found that damn power bank.

The whole process was filled with an awkward and strange atmosphere.


Ruan Jiujiu came back from the bathroom. But she found Cheng Jun still hadn’t gone through the check. Ruan Jiujiu looked around. Not knowing why, she always felt a bit weird.

She waited for Cheng Jun to drag her small suitcase, and then asked: "What happened?"

Cheng Jun: "Huh?"

"They eyes looking at you are strange somehow.” Ruan Jiujiu suddenly thought of something. She became serious and lowered her voice, quietly asked: “Did they find your true identity? You exposed?"

Cheng Jun said calmly: "No."

… If it was true, at most he just exposed his drag queen or pervert identity.

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