Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Chapter 58

Having a cold, they slept at home for several days.

Ruan Jiujiu doubted that it was because their living together, so cross infection happened so they still didn’t get well.

Jiacheng didn’t inform other employees of Ruan Jiujiu’s leaving, but only said that she would take a long vacation. Even Old Meng didn’t know the details. So, after a few days later, she’ll return to the company. For this result, Ruan Jiujiu felt awkward.

It felt like you getting away from home and then going back to continue school.

After hearing both boss and boss lady caught a cold, Tu Nan, as a qualified butt-munch, took the initiative to visit them. He sent a message to Ruan Jiujiu, but received no replies. As for why he didn’t send a message to the boss, it was because he was still in the blacklist...

Tu Nan, with his hair waxed, walking like a snake to the door, rang the door bell. 

Ruan Jiujiu heard the doorbell: "It should be my courier, help me please.”


Cheng Jun opened a bottle of Yakult and slowly opened the door. He remained silent for a second, and then slammed it before Ruan Jiujiu knowing what happened.

Ruan Jiujiu: "? Who’s that?"

Cheng Jun: "Someone got the wrong the door."

However, Tu Nan howled outside the door: "Sister-in-law, I'm here to see you!"

Ruan Jiujiu: “...”

Cheng Jun: “...”

“Better to shut the door.”


The two wanted to pretend to be dead, but Tu Nan was a tough guy. He sat at the door and began to sing the song Bok choy (A Chinese song with sad tune). His trembling voice made the passerby in tears. That old lady insisted that she wanted Tu Nan to join her senior performance group

It was very noisy outside the door, so Ruan Jiujiu let Cheng Jun get him in. Cheng Jun went out tiredly, and dragged Tu Nan back.

Tu Nan still held a bouquet of flowers and a box of tonics. He quickly placed them on the table.

"Sister-in-law! Boss! I came to see you!"

"..." Ruan Jiujiu suddenly regretted. She should be cruel enough to ask the security guard to take him out.


Ruan Jiujiu pointed at the bouquet on the table: "What’s this?"

Tu Nan looked confident: "Nice and white flower. So, white lily maybe?"

Ruan Jiujiu: "This is white chrysanthemum (A kind of flower that is usually sent to the dead)."

Tu Nan broke into a sweat.

"Right! Use it to make tea and this can help you to lower your temperature.”

"Also," Ruan Jiujiu pointed at the supplement, "Why bring a box of melatonin? (A kind of product that is usually for the elder)"

"Because... no gifts for this year?(Part of melatonin’s advertising slogan)"

Ruan Jiujiu suddenly realized that Tu Nan was single for a reason. She sighed for a long time and put a hand on Tu Nan's shoulder with a deep expression: "Listen, if you want to get a girlfriend, never learn from your boss. Look at him now, then you know why.”

Cheng Jun, who was drinking Yakult, gave a glance at the two.

Tu Nan felt a little upset, and then smiled: "Yeah. It’s good for me if I can have one-in-ten thousand of the boss! He is the god, and how can I catch up with him?” 

Ruan Jiujiu can’t stand it anymore: "I beg you not to suck up to him, okay?"

When Tu Nan came, it was meal time. Ruan Jiujiu was ready to cook, so she kept Tu Nan home for meal. Tu Nan agreed without hesitation. But Cheng Jun gazed at him, and said: “We only have two pairs of chopsticks.”

"It's okay, I can use my hand!" Tu Nan felt so happy.

Cheng Jun pondered for a moment and suggested to Ruan Jiujiu: "How about hot pot."

Ruan Jiujiu: "Ha ha ha."

Sometimes Cheng Jun was so childish that Ruan Jiujiu didn’t know how to handle him.

Tu Nan pretended to be miserable and then was scared by the boss's eyes. Instantly, he realized that his current act might be retaliated by the boss. What's more, the boss still hadn’t said yes to his friend request in WeChat!

Ruan Jiujiu: "How about rice with curry chicken?"

"Good idea!”

Tu Nan tried to go to the kitchen to help her, and was stopped by Ruan Jiujiu to stay in the living room. She thought it was worse if he tried to help, so staying in the living room would be a big favor.

Tu Nan sat on the couch in low spirits. Suddenly, his eyes lit up and quickly checked his group chat and @ Fu Zicheng and Jiao Fan.

Tu Nan: I'm about to eat sister-in-law's meal ha ha ha ha ha ha! Guys, time to be green eyed now!

Fu Zicheng: Damn! Why not call me?

Jiao Fan: Tu Nan, be careful. Do you remember what happened last time?”

Tu Nan: Relax. Boss will definitely not look at the phone now.

Tu Nan: Since you got the news, I’ll withdraw my messages now, and he will find nothing.

Group message prompt—Tu Nan had been moved out of the "group chat" group by Cheng Jun.

The remaining two shivered.

Ruan Jiujiu didn't know what happened between them. She moved quickly, boiled the curry, and served it with rice. Tu Nan walked behind Ruan Jiujiu with a sad face: "Sister-in-law, boss just gave me cold shoulder."

He tried to find comfort from her sister-in-law.

The gentle sister-in-law smiled and said, "It’s normal, right?"

Tu Nan thought that women were devils. Devils!

But the dish was really delicious! Damn! So yummy!

He was almost moved to cry. During his recent business trip, the customer was a foreigner who wasn’t used to eating Chinese food. After eating Western food every meal, now Tu Nan felt so comfortable with the delicious curry rice. Chatting while eating, feeling the warmth of a home, Tu Nan suddenly didn’t want to return to his empty and cold big house.

"Sister-in-law, do you have any more curry rice?" Tu Nan really made himself at home. He picked up his plate to Ruan Jiujiu.


Fortunately, Ruan Jiujiu had cooked a lot of curry. She gave Tu Nan a big plate. When it was Cheng Jun's turn, there was only half a plate left. Cheng Jun's aura was even more gloomy.

However, Tu Nan was unaware and even bold enough. He brought “Gu You” topic up.

"Right, sister-in-law, will you watch the club's game tomorrow?"

"Oh? Tomorrow?"

It was about the end of the month, which was almost the date of Gu You playing the finals. Ruan Jiujiu’s eyes lit up: “Sure! I’ll watch the live broadcast!"

"If you want to see the live show, I got tickets, and for the first row."

"Thanks. But it's good to watch on TV." She wasn’t very keen on e-sports games, but it should be a very memorable time to witness the peak moment of the male host.

Cheng Jun’s head above was overcast.

When Tu Nan realized that the boss's facial expression wasn’t right, it was too late. After eating, he was kicked out by Cheng Jun. Carrying chrysanthemum and melatonin, Tu Nan stood blankly, feeling sorrowful.

"I want to have a family. There is another her." (Sang again.)


Ruan Jiujiu just went to the bathroom for a while. When she poked her head up, she found no signs of Tu Nan.

"Huh, where’s Tu Nan?"

Cheng Jun answered concisely: "Overtime."


Ruan Jiujiu still remembered the club finals tomorrow, but she forgot Tu Nan in one second. The next day, she finished her lunch early and was ready to watch the live broadcast. But Cheng Jun was annoying. He either talked about there was no electricity or talked about walked out to the supermarket together.

Ruan Jiujiu grabbed him: "Could you please be quiet and let me watch TV for a while?”

Cheng Jun: "No."

Ruan Jiujiu felt depressed. If she didn’t know that Cheng Jun was the boss of Jiacheng, she really had to wonder if Cheng Jun had an opinion on Jiacheng. It was quite reasonable to cheer for his own club. But he even didn’t want to watch it, let alone cheer-up on the spot.

"Don't disturb me. Please walk away.”

However... Cheng Jun sat beside her and made up his mind. He took a bag of Lay's potato chips from somewhere and crunched on them.

Host: "Now, let me introduce today's..."

"Crunching crunching..."

"The competition is about to start, everyone..."

"Crunching crunching..."

The noise of eating potato chips continued interrupting her. Ruan Jiujiu turned up the volume to cover Cheng Jun’s eating.

Cheng Jun: "It's bad for your ears to this volume."

Ruan Jiujiu glared at him: "So do you know why I did this?"

On the live broadcast, a game started. The anchor of the commentary must be very excited. In addition, he was a big fan of the Jiacheng club. So his voice was high and fulled of passion during the whole process. Ruan Jiujiu, as a player who didn’t know much about e-sports, was also attracted. She was excited and felt her blood boiling.

"Holy shit, Gu You is awesome!”

"Oh my god, was that him? He just made it! Handsome!”

Sure enough, as described in the book, Gu You was punching above his weight. He led his teammates to win scores. As the commentator shouted with excitement, Ruan Jiujiu even blushed with excitement.

"He’s really great!"


Sitting next to her was an e-sports guru, the real guru, but at this moment was completely ignored by her. This was ridiculous. He kept eyes on the movement of Ruan Jiujiu. After a few years, he had the idea of coming back to the e-sports for the first time.

Jealousy made people can't breathe.

Finally, the game ended. Jiacheng won the first place with a very glorious result.

Ruan Jiujiu excitedly reposted the Weibo: "Fighting! Jiacheng!"

At the celebration, Tu Nan was present and there were specially recorded videos. He congratulated everyone on today's achievements, especially Gu You. On such a special occasion, he announced that today was Gu You’s first as well as the last time to represent Jiacheng to compete. 

Gu You's sudden retirement caused everyone to sigh.

In a place where no one could see, Gu You's fingers trembled slightly, and finally, he clenched his fists.

Facing the reporters, he said with a smile: "Sometimes you have to understand the right time to stop. Don't overestimate yourself. This is the advice that Jiacheng's boss gave me. Stop it in time and give yourself a way. I hope after this turning point, I will usher in a new life. You lose, you gain. "

He finally couldn't hold back and sighed regretfully.

But at this time, Ruan Jiujiu had turned off the TV, so she missed the next interview about Gu You.

Ruan Jiujiu said excitedly: "What should I do? I also want to play the game! It feels very interesting!"

As for Cheng Jun, he had been totally ignored.

Probably the online search and information capture were too accurate. As long as Ruan Jiujiu played mobile phone or computer, she found that all the videos and news recommended for her were all about e-sports games.

【Liszt, The Fully-deserved God! 】

【Liszt, The Winner Again! Who Can Break His Record? 】

【Clear you mind and let’s talk about Gu You’s performance today. Do you feel he’s better than Liszt? No, I think the gap between them is still very large. 】



As if the screens were caught in a virus, they were all about Liszt.

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

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