Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Chapter 57

Very few tourists in the amusement park and the most excited one was probably Ruan Jiujiu.

After playing a few rounds, her cheeks were flushed, eyes shone and hair was messed up. Ruan Jiujiu was still looking for other interesting projects.

"What else do you want to play?" Ruan Jiujiu asked Cheng Jun.

Cheng Jun sat on the bench blankly. His eyes even didn't turn around. Ruan Jiujiu thought of Xianglin's wife (a miserable fictional character)—“She rolls her eyes to show others she is still a living creature.” 

"Xianglin... No, Cheng Jun, you feel good?"

Cheng Jun remained silent for a moment.

"Not bad."

"Brave Canyon over there looks interesting. Do you want to try?"

Cheng Jun said: "No, we go to another one.”

“What’s it?”

"Ghost house."

If Ruan Jiujiu wasn’t afraid of heights and liked to play exciting projects, then the haunted house probably was her weak spot. After all, when girls saw ghosts, didn’t they all cry and bump into the arms of their boyfriends or husbands?

After refreshing himself, he was still struggling.

Ruan Jiujiu was in contemplation.

Picky players like her, the ordinary haunted houses will not be her choices. Because the props were poorly made, and the staff wasn’t dedicated enough, so the atmosphere of the whole game wasn’t scary at all. Not to mention that some of the staff members were timid than tourists, and were even scared to cry by her. And not surprisingly, she was blacklisted.

Ruan Jiujiu still remembered going to an abandoned hospital-themed haunted house a long time ago. The scene had been so horrible that she even had felt a little frightened.

Then, a boy of the young couple in front of her had been frightened to pee.

It had been very awkward at that time.

Ruan Jiujiu had also been embarrassed, and couldn't put herself into the scene anymore. So she had kept indifferent all the way to the end.

"But I don't know if the haunted house will be scary."

Seeing her hesitant expression, Cheng Jun was relieved. He stood up and said slowly: "Try it."

In case she might cried.

As you walked into an amusement park, then you should have fun. Therefore, Ruan Jiujiu followed Cheng Jun to the haunted house. After the staff keeping them informed of some precautions, they determined that there was no problem and then entered the house.

This time there were only them in the house, so probably they were about to enjoy VIP giant feast.

It was dark inside. Cheng Jun's voice sounded beside: "If you are afraid, grab my arm."

Ruan Jiujiu said yes without hesitation.

… The premise was that if she was really scared.

Suddenly, a hand dropped from above. It was pale and weak with blood on the fingertips, which almost thrown on Ruan Jiujiu's face.

Ruan Jiujiu was in shock.

This effect was pretty good! Atmosphere wasn’t bad! All the results went beyond her expectations and should be given a high score!

Cheng Jun didn't hear Ruan Jiujiu screaming, so he turned back subconsciously. Then, he saw a female ghost hanging in the air. The staff member who played the female ghost probably hadn't seen such a good-looking man, and instantly flushed coyly. Then her blood mouth and twisted facial features just showed in front of him.


Ruan Jiujiu said in a low voice: "It's a little scary."

Cheng Jun turned back stiffly, trying to stay calm. He finally waited for the imaginary subtext. When he was ready to lend his shoulders to Ruan Jiujiu. She added another sentence.


Cheng Jun: "? "

He had an ominous hunch now.

"Let's go to explore a more interesting room."

He got his arms pulled by Ruan Jiujiu as expected, but it wasn’t his desired situation. Ruan Jiujiu focused on the most terrifying room to have fun. She suddenly opened the door, the cabinet, and found a new dark door. She was keen to all kinds of surprises.

She even chased ghosts with a prop chainsaw!

Cheng Jun watched her getting more and more excited. He couldn’t even stop her, and Ruan Jiujiu had long forgotten his existence.

After hearing there were two good-looking tourists, the staff became so excited that even the rest employees wore clothes to try to scare them. The female ghosts all came to see Cheng Jun.

Ruan Jiujiu felt a strong stimulus, and thought that today's tickets were too worth buying.

She suddenly realized that Cheng Jun was missing? ?

"Cheng Jun? Where are you?" Ruan Jiujiu called his name.

"I’m here."

Cheng Jun struggled to escape from the intimidation of a group of female ghosts. His face was expressionless, and he didn't look very relaxed.

Ruan Jiujiu teased: "Aren't you afraid?"

Cheng Jun: "...No."

"Ah! Behind you!" Ruan Jiujiu suddenly pointed at Cheng Jun’s back and screamed.

He grabbed Ruan Jiujiu's wrist very quickly and walked to her a few steps. When he turned back, he found nothing. It turned out that Ruan Jiujiu deliberately frightened him.


Ruan Jiujiu almost laughed to bend down.

She never thought that Cheng Jun was so adorable!"

Don't be afraid! Rest assured, I'll protect you." Ruan Jiujiu patted her chest and told Cheng Jun to hold her tightly: "Come on, we almost there."

In Cheng Jun's conjecture, Ruan Jiujiu would hide in his arms, crying for fear and begging for comfort. But now... he was the timid one?

Ruan Jiujiu, like a man, protected Cheng Jun.

Cheng Jun gently tugged her wrist, and somehow his hand fell quietly. Gradually, his fingertips slipped to her wrist, and finally held her hands gently. However, Ruan Jiujiu focused on the haunted house, so she even didn’t notice it was a person or a dog beside her.

Cheng Jun’s mind drifted.

In the empty and dark house, his heart beat faster and faster, and all his attention was on Ruan Jiujiu's hand.

Sure enough, there would have the illusion of rapid heartbeat by fear. So what about her? Would she have the same feeling?

"Wow! Look, cleft girl!" Ruan Jiujiu pointed somewhere excitedly.

The female ghost with a big smile at Cheng Jun.

Cheng Jun: "..."

On this trip, Ruan Jiujiu had great satisfaction.

Until she left the house, she was still wanted to play for round two. But Cheng Jun dragged her out.

Before they knew it, it was in the evening. The sky was gloomy, and had thick cloud floating. Ruan Jiujiu touched her empty stomach, and finally remembered that they hadn't eaten yet: "Let's go for dinner."

There were many stalls outside the door of the park, such as Oden, hot pot on sticks, fried skewers and grilled squid.

They looked at each other and understood immediately.

Ruan Jiujiu happily followed Cheng Jun. Her mouth was full of oil. Cheng Jun ate a piece of small octopus balls, and Ruan Jiujiu stepped forward to pick up one into her mouth.

"Yummy!" Her mouth was full of food, so she could only give vague comments.

Cheng Jun looked peaceful.

The noisy fireworks and dim light shone upon him, making his eyebrows look even more pretty than usual. People passing by were dumbfounded.

He stared at the woman next to him. She was cute. Cheng Jun couldn’t help softening his eyes more.

At this moment, he heard some comments from the crowd.

"It got to be brother and sister. The girl looks very young."

"Maybe it's a couple, and the age gap is about five or six years."

"What about father and daughter. The man’s baby face doesn't show age."

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

Cheng Jun: "..."

Cheng Jun was absolutely unhappy on his way home.

He remained silent all the way. Ruan Jiujiu looked at the old father beside her, saying, "Still thinking about age stuff?”

The original host was a few years younger than Cheng Jun, and now Ruan Jiujiu cut her hair, making herself look more immature. No wonder others would say that. Actually, Cheng Jun looked very young, but she was younger, so people misunderstood them.

"Jiujiu." His tone was calm. It seemed that he wanted to say something serious. Ruan Jiujiu got nervous.

"What happened?" she asked.

"I want to say..."

"?" Ruan Jiujiu didn’t know what she was nervous about.

"There is a pepper on your teeth."


Ruan Jiujiu went red instantly, and for a time she became angry and grabbed a pile of snow to squeeze it into a ball, throwing directly at Cheng Jun: "Why don't you tell me early!" Now she just wanted to take out a small mirror to check herself. That was shameful!

Cheng Jun, who was hit by snow, was just listened to her words.

In fact, he was just kidding. Her teeth were clean and white, and there was nothing on them.

Under the cover of her lacking attention, he suddenly turned back to throw a snowball at her, which was right on her head.


Ruan Jiujiu felt cold in her heart and quite suspicious of Cheng Jun’s idea of being together with her.

She was very vengeful, and turned back and threw a snowball at Cheng Cheng. But she missed the shot while got a counterattack.

They started this war for a long time. Ruan Jiujiu had a tough loss. Finally, she roared: "How can you do this to me!"

Cheng Jun was surprised, even his tone was slow: "Aren't we playing?"

Ruan Jiujiu: "..." 

Then, Cheng Jun stepped forward. In her gaze, he bent his knees slightly and propped his hands on his thighs. He now was faced with the snowball in her hands: "Now, your turn."

Ruan Jiujiu squeezed the snowball and suddenly her heart softened.

"Forget it," she dropped it. "Go back."

The two walked harmoniously on the road. Facing the cold wind, Ruan Jiujiu sneezed. Then Cheng Jun immediately sneezed.

Shit! Did they catch a cold!


At night.

The two sat on the couch in a good manner with red faces. Then they put the towel on their foreheads simultaneously, lying on the couch, waiting for the antipyretic medicine to be delivered.

Cheng Jun: "Alas."

Ruan Jiujiu: "Alas."

The author had something to say:    Two idiots hhhhhhh

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