Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Chapter 56

Ruan felt a bit awkward at first. After all, this time living together wasn’t that simple.

But soon, Cheng Jun told her with his actions that he probably regarded everything he said as air. By the time he got home, he just took out a bag of potato chips and started chewing.

"Why didn't you eat the rest in the fridge? So what are you eating these days?"

Cheng Jun sounded uncertain: "Air... maybe."

Ruan Jiujiu: "..." What the hell!

"Tell me, it’s a joke that you just had a meal in the past few days."

"Not exactly." Cheng Jun retorted slowly. "I also had a cup of instant noodles." Although the noodles had been thrown with just a few bites.

Ruan Jiujiu, without any doubt, thought Cheng Jun could realize his Inedia if he got a chance. Perhaps he could even have his nirvana.

They had a simple meal.

Although Cheng Jun's high fever had brought down, he looked tired. After taking the medicine, he sat on the couch.

Ruan Jiujiu was ready to sleep. As long as she thought of going to the company, she felt very embarrassed. She needed to make up her stupid decision. This can be said to be a typical example of how to be a victim of your own scheming.

She returned to her bedroom.

But she didn't sleep very well all night. The future occupied her whole brain.

Will she have a future with Cheng Jun? Ruan Jiujiu herself wasn’t even sure.

She turned over, still couldn't fall asleep. She felt a little bit thirsty, so she got up to drink. Pushing the door open, a black figure was on the couch of the living room, which totally freaked her out.

"What are you doing! ! ! " Would he steal food again in the middle of the night!

Cheng Jun rubbed his eyes. It looked like he was still awake.

But Ruan Jiujiu didn’t know the truth—He was afraid of her being quietly run away again, so he stayed here just in case.

Go back to sleep."


Ruan Jiujiu took a glass of water, and found Cheng Jun was still there. She blinked: "We’ll go to the amusement park tomorrow, right? So how can you handle it without sleeping?"

Cheng Jun said slowly: "After you."

"Okay, good night."

Cheng Jun watched her back disappeared behind the door which was closed then, leaving him alone on the couch.

Late at night, there was nothing sleepy in him.

In the dark living room, Cheng Jun took out his phone to review the process of tomorrow. Roller coaster and pirate ship were essential items. If Ruan Jiujiu dared to enter the haunted house, then it was the finale project.

Cheng Jun had the image of her scared screaming and putting arms around him.


Now he really couldn't sleep.


After drinking a glass of water, Ruan Jiujiu fell asleep completely. When she opened her eyes, it was late in the morning.

She opened the door as usual and yawned lazily, only to find Cheng Jun fell asleep on the couch.

"You still don’t wake up?"

Hearing this, Cheng Jun opened his eyes. He rubbed them slowly and said, "No, I just took a nap.”

In fact, it wasn't until the morning that he finally fell asleep.

"Do we go to the amusement park today?"

"Sure." Cheng Jun replied decisively.

"Okay." He seemed more looking forward to the trip than she did.

They ate sandwiches, changed clothes, and took a taxi to the park. There will be fewer people in winter. What’s more, it was in the examination week, and today wasn’t a day off, so very few people will be here. They wore masks and hats, leading the security guard stared at them sternly for a long time, like staring at two criminals.

"Wait me here."

Ruan Jiujiu: "? What?"

With a ticket in her hand, she was eagerly looking at the items in the park. It wasn’t long before Cheng Jun returned.

He held two ice-cream cones.

Ruan Jiujiu stared at him: "Why are you buying this."

Cheng Jun replied proudly: "It often happened on TV programs."

"... But it's winter now."

Cheng Jun: "l know."

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

It didn't take long for the cone in her hand to ice up. Ruan Jiujiu took a bite, and immediately began to breathe fast. The cone was almost freezing her head. She grinned her teeth. which led Cheng Jun to look back.

"Burn your mouth?" He asked sincerely.

Ruan Jiujiu smiled.

"I advise you to be kind."

Ruan Jiujiu spend a lot of time on the freezing cone. During the time, Cheng Jun ate a few more sausages, waiting patiently for Ruan Jiujiu to finish the cone.

Finally, Ruan Jiujiu made it. She regained a little consciousness. Cheng Jun next to her, slowly asked: "What are you going to play, roller coaster?"


Ruan Jiujiu, with a trembling voice, as if pretended not to be afraid. Actually, she was just frozen with a little trembling, plus some excitement.

But, Mr. Cheng totally misunderstood.

There was no need to line up at this time point, so they soon got on the roller coaster and sat in the first row. Cheng Jun originally wanted to take care of her to let her sit in the middle. But she was just concerned too much about face-saving, and insisted on the first tow.

The two fastened their seat belts.

Cheng Jun: "If you are scared, you can tell me."

Ruan Jiujiu: "You too."

Cheng Jun: "?"

A flutter of uneasiness enveloped him.

Ruan Jiujiu said under her breath with excitement: “You know what? I used to play roller coaster over ten times a day! Super like it!"

Cheng Jun: "..."

Before he could speak, the roller coaster started.

Ruan Jiujiu screamed abruptly. This was obvious different from his expectation... although she also “screamed”. Ruan Jiujiu watched them slowly climbed to the very tip top. Her eyes widened, and almost laughed excitedly.


The roller coaster slammed down!

The scenery passing by at high speed was like a phantom, which was barely visible to naked eyes.

Ruan Jiujiu’s thumping heart allowed her to relax and feel free. She felt that all her blood was boiling and she was so excited that her face turned red. When the roller coaster slowed down, she turned around, and found Cheng Jun who sat side by side was expressionless.

The wind blew his hair a little messy. His body seemed a bit stiff, and his lips were tight pursed.

Ruan Jiujiu asked loudly: "Are you afraid?"

Cheng Jun: "No..."

Then the roller coaster suddenly fell down again! All she could hear was the wind whizzing by. She now couldn’t hear what Cheng Jun was saying.

Ruan Jiujiu was excited throughout the journey until the roller coaster stopped slowly.

"Let's play it again!"

Cheng Jun: "What about..."

"Wow, I'm so happy!"

Mr. Cheng had never had a crazy experience in the amusement park before. Until today, sitting on the roller coaster and letting the cold wind slap in his face were also the first time.

It was today that he realized that...

he actually had a fear of heights.


Ruan Jiujiu looked very happy. At this moment, Cheng Jun was still calm, even if he realized that he had such a fear.

Cheng Jun glanced at Ruan Jiujiu.

Her hair was loosely blown by the wind, and her eyes squinted with laughter, like two crescent moons shining bright.

His heart suddenly jumped.

Cheng Jun thought, was this a fear or a Zing?

He looked at Ruan Jiujiu, even forgetting the wind and the rapidly changing scenery. He just looked at her quietly.

Finally, the roller coaster stopped slowly. Ruan Jiujiu’s cheeks flushed. She rubbed them and looked at Cheng Jun. Cheng Jun's face had no expression, but was paler than usual.

"Are you all right?" Ruan Jiujiu finally found her conscience, "You want to rest?"

How can he be timid now?

Cheng Jun: "I’m okay."


He stood up slowly, took his feet slowly, and walked down the steps slowly. He was stiff like a robot.

Ruan Jiujiu asked him again: "You sure you okay? I can play alone and you don’t need to accompany me."

Mr. Cheng insisted that he was okay.


Ruan Jiujiu: "I'm going to play the pirate ship! Come? ! "

The man sitting in the chair was silent for two seconds and then said, "Yes."

The end of this bravery was...

Cheng Jun was dragged onto a pirate ship like a dead man.

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