Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Ruan Jiujiu got up early.

The sky was so bright and there were only a few stars hanging over head. Every breath had absorbed the smell of moisture of the rain that had been falling all night.

Ruan Jiujiu opened the window, feeling the fresh cool air. There would be few people waking up at this quiet and comfortable time. Sleeping on the unfamiliar bed, Ruan Jiujiu had thought that she would not be able to fall asleep, but the sky lighted up when she opened her eyes, thankfully there was an alarm to wake her up.

There were many things that need be done today, so there was no time for sleepiness.

Ruan Jiujiu in slippers opened the bedroom door and a thin figure came out of the kitchen, frightening her.

Cheng Jun held two pieces of dry toast bread and a box of milk, which looked not nutritious. He did not respond to the existence of Ruan Jiujiu and slowly returned to the study.

Recalling that Cheng Jun probably didn't have dinner last night, Ruan Jiujiu scratched her head, stopping him: "Would you like some eggs or udon noddles in the morning?"

Cheng Jun stopped.

His gaze turned to the direction where Ruan Jiujiu stood. The lights in the living room were not turned on. The dark eyes were long and narrow, but they had a lazy beauty without any sharpness. His eyes did not seem to be an inquiry, but he let Ruan Jiujiu think that she might have said too much.

The original host certainly couldn't cook. The pair of slender jade hands were carefully maintained, how could it be possible to touch the stove fire.

The nails were very beautiful, but it was also very inconvenient to do things. Ruan Jiujiu washed them well with nail polish remover and cut them short.

Ruan Jiujiu stood stiffly.

Oops, she might be too smug, Cheng Jun shouldn't start to doubt anything, should he?

Just when she felt nervous, thinking about how to remedy, Cheng Jun reached out three fingers.

Ruan Jiujiu: "?"

Cheng Jun said slowly: "Three eggs."

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

Fried eggs, ham, bread, milk was heated in the microwave and finally had the temperature it should have. Ruan Jiujiu seldom had much for breakfast. She ahd thought that too much might be left, who knew that the rest was eaten by Cheng Jun.

He didn't eat fast, and he ate a lot. In Ruan Chirp's somewhat surprised eyes, he ate all the remaining food cleanly.

Cheng Jun silently looked at Ruan Jiujiu.

"... nothing left." Ruan Jiujiu was afraid that he had eaten so much early in the morning to break his stomach.

She liked cooking, but the last thing she liked was washing dishes. Cheng Jun was quite calm. He didn’t get angry and also washed all the tableware.

Ruan Jiujiu was very satisfied.

She got up early today to change another outfit. She didn’t like the lace and leopard clothes in the cabinet. Such glamorous face didn’t fit in these cheap and fleshy things. What a waste of a good figure!

The thing she couldn't bear the most was her curly hair like instant noodles, so she decided to get her hair cut first.

She came to the barber shop and her figure immediately attracted everyone's attention.

The woman came in  was in a long trench coat, wide-leg pants and a pair of low-heeled shoes. Her facial features were gorgeous and exquisite, almost without makeup, only plump lips painted with a dazzling positive red. A pair of slightly picked peach blossom eyes glanced into the store, flickering between the waves of light, not falling on a spot, they were all tickled.

Someone immediately came forward and asked, "What are you going to do? Come and sit down first."

Ruan Jiujiu sit in a chair and said, "Cut short and perm the hair ends."


The stylist in the store had been praising her hair volume and quality. She just smiled lightly and didn’t talking. Although the stylist’s heart was like a capering monkey and a mind like a galloping horse, he dare not ask too much.

They met countless people. Ruan Jiujiu with such cold look may have unusual identity. It’s better not to disturb her.

It had been fruitful to spend almost an morning at the barber shop. Ruan Jiujiu rubbed her long hair and paid the money with great satisfaction.

The balance of the account was quite satisfying for Ruan Jiujiu. Cheng Jun transferred her living expenses for this month as usual last night. It was absolutely more than enough for the consumption level of Ruan Jiujiu. She had no pursuit of luxury goods, even if she spent a lot of money within a month, she didn’t need to worry.

Ruan Jiujiu was in a good mood.

It turned out that it was such a good feeling to have income without working. With this in mind, Ruan Jiujiu decided to make a few more dishes for dinner and treat Cheng Jun to ease their cohabitation relationship.

Ruan Jiujiu did not intend to spend all of her money. She opened a new bank account and planned to transfer a sum of money every month.

Cheng Jun would never raise her like this for such a lifetime. Ruan Jiujiu thought when Cheng Jun found a girl she liked, she could leave away with joy and go to a city with low prices. In this way, whether it is work or buying a house, there must be no worry.

Ruan Jiujiu with her bag walked at ease towards the shopping mall. At this time came two young women, one squeezed a smile flatteringly, helping the latter hold coffee, and the other in a delicate makeup smiled gently.

They walked face-to-face and raised their heads as they said something, which happened to see Ruan Jiujiu.

They were stunned for a while.

Ruan Jiujiu nodded politely, stepped up the stairs and kicked into the shopping mall. Other than they two, many passers-by stopped to take a look.

"Wow... Sister Rou, I've never seen such a beautiful woman." The little girl holding the coffee sighed enviously. "Look at that skin, so delicate that it can pinch out the water, but she doesn't even wear much makeup. The body figure, wow..."

Suddenly, she noticed that the woman named An Rou couldn’t hold her face. She realized that she was still praising her as a great beauty and she was a bit embarrassed to save the scene for a while: "Uh, I don’t mean this! You are both beautiful and unique. She is a gorgeous rose while you are a lily..."

An Rou was really worthy of the name. She pursed her lips and glanced at the cramped intern beside her. She said softly, "It's okay, the beauties are all over the world. Isn't it embarrassing to indeed compare?"

The intern was relieved: "Sister Rou, you are so kind!"

An Rou puffed her lips and smiled: "Come on, let's go, the work is not finished yet."

Her eyes looked away, but she was a bit suspicious.

Strange... why did she feel that the back is a bit familiar? But if she had really seen such a beautiful woman before, she should definitely have an impression.

Who on earth is she?

Ruan Jiujiu didn't know that a small episode happened. She had already started the long journey of trying and buying clothes.

Although the clothes on the body were very general in design, they were all branded goods, and with a Chanel bag in her hand, she looked good. They warmly introduced the newly-launched clothes and Ruan Jiujiu took a look at the tag casually and saw a bunch of zeros in the back.

She just wanted to buy a few pieces of normal-looking clothes, which need not be expensive. At the beginning, the shopping guide still introduced it warmly, until Ruan Jiujiu swiftly her eyes toward the discount zone and the clothes she was holding were not expensive, their smile faded away.

However, as shopping guides, they had the qualities they deserved. Their enthusiasm dissipated and they left her away, which let Ruan Jiujiu be relieved.

She successfully bought a few pieces of clothing and after trying it on, the eyes of the shopping guides brightened and they complimented her enviously.

"This dress is very picky, and your good figure is beautiful!"

Being praised was of course happy. Ruan Jiujiu said thanks with a smile.

The agreed time was almost coming, Ruan Jiujiu carrying two shopping bags called a taxi to the Green Island Cafe. She came down from the taxi and happened to bump into Xiang Rong, the little white face. Xiang Rong wore a plaid shirt and coffee-colored sweater vest today, with a slender figure, he caused the girls along the way to blush.

Ruan Jiujiu murmured something. Comparing with Cheng Jun, he fell into the shade.

She stepped forward and called Xiang Rong from behind.

Hearing the familiar voice, Xiang Rong turned around with a cold look, but he was stunned seeing Ruan Jiujiu.

He looked shocked at first and immediately remembered who was the woman in front of him. He fixed his eyes on Ruan Jiujiu and looked at her from top to bottom. Then he asked very hard: "Are you... Ruan Qiu?"

Ruan Jiujiu remembered that the original host didn’t like the name, so she used the name Ruan Qiu when he hooked someone outside.

The same to Xiang Rong.

"It's me." She took a step forward, a pair of peach-eyed eyes that seemed to be with a faint smile could suck in all human souls.

Xiang Rong moved his dry throat and was shocked for a while.

Although they had been with each other for a while, Ruan Qiu was very satisfied with her makeup in European and American style, saying that she was not willing to remove makeup and let Xiang Rong move her face. Xiang Rong knew that such a ruined skin would definitely be beautiful, but when he looked at Ruan Qiu's ugly face and the infatuated stupid look on her face, he felt disgusted.

Not to mention the intimate contact, he felt sick after seeing the spider-legged false eyelashes.

If it were not for Ruan Qiu to get millions of dollars, he was determined not to waste so long time on her. Now it's okay, not only did she not divorced, she had changed a lot?!

Xiang Rong gritted his teeth: "I find that I don't know you anymore."

Ruan Jiujiu past by him with a smile in her eyes and said in a cold tone: "You must be kidding, I'm afraid you never knew me before."


In the private room, there were two women dressed up, one was Li Yun and the other was Sun Lan. Li Yun introduced Ruan Jiujiu Xiang Rong before. They first met because of the Mahjong. Compared to them, the original host had little money and was always anxious to meet people of the same "class".

Who would have expected that they just came to see the joke.

As soon as Ruan Jiujiu entered in the door, they suddenly froze: "This lady, you are..."

"Can't you recognize me?" Ruan Jiujiu leaned by the door.

Behind him, Xiang Rong entered the room stiffly and finally returned to calm. Instead, the two girlfriends covered their lips in shock, unable to believe that the one in front pf them was the vulgar Ruan Qiu. But looking closely, the contours of the facial features were indeed very similar.

Li Yun quickly stood up and squeezed out a smile: "Ruan Qiu, please sit down. Look at you, I haven't seen you for a few days, you turn to be so beautiful."

"I shall not go in. It's better to be just right here to avoid being misunderstood and gossiped by someone."

They spreading many rumors behind were embarrassed, and Li Yun's hand stretched out stayed stiffly in the air, and she forced a smile in agreement.

"How come, who talked gossip?"

Ruan Jiujiu was too lazy to talk with her. She hugged her shoulders in both hands and threw a heavy bomb.

"I'm not going to divorce."

"What!" They three changed their faces in unison.

Looking at their disguised appearance, the woman leaning on the door smiled and said in a relaxing tone: "Just come to break up with Xiang Rong and hope he won't bother me from now on."

"This..." They looked at each other, no one spoke first, but Xiang Rong kept looking dull, staring at Ruan Jiujiu coldly.

"Why, you are not happy to see that I am not going to divorce?" Ruan Jiujiu asked.

"Of course not, but why?"

They were all confused by Ruan Jiujiu's sudden face changing.

Ruan Jiujiu sighed: "It's really embarrassing to say. Li Yun, you're so unkind, how can you introduce me to someone who is unable to do that thing?"

Li Yun dumbfounded: "What, what?"

"Don't bite off more than you can chew, right?" Ruan Jiujiu took a glance at Xiang Rong in disgust, for a while both of themwere a little embarrassed.

Xiang Rong had nothing to say.
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