Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Chapter 54

Ruan Jiujiu closed the window.

She told herself that she couldn’t repeat the same mistakes or go soft. Cheng Jun wasn’t a child. He’ll go back when the snow was heavy, so she didn’t need to worry about him.

Ruan Jiujiu, as if hadn't seen it, changed clothes and went to cook.

The snow was even heavier.

This was probably the heaviest snow in the New Year. The gray sky was coated with a halo of orange, and the whole world was buried in white snow. The glass window was covered with mist. She couldn’t see clear about outside world. Ruan Jiujiu hesitantly walked to the window, and rubbed it with her hand a few times.

The blurred scene was suddenly clear. She looked down and almost found no trace of Cheng Jun.

He was still sitting on the steps and motionless. Such a long time had made him covered with a layer of snow. It looked as if he’ll merge into this heavy snow.


Ruan Jiujiu frowned.

Was he crazy?

She walked around the house aimlessly for a few laps, and finally, she surrendered.

She didn't know when this snow will stop. If Cheng Jun really sat there all night, she was afraid he will get a high fever. He never cherished himself as though the torture and pain on his body had nothing to do with him.

Ruan Jiujiu put her coat on, poured a bottle of hot water and screwed the cap. She quickly went downstairs.

Cheng Jun was still sitting on the steps like a stone. Based on his absent-minded status, it was good enough for he wore a down jacket without Ruan Jiujiu’s reminding.

Ruan Jiujiu walked behind Cheng Jun, calling his name: "... Cheng Jun."


He raised his head and the snow on his body fell to the ground. He looked much paler than usual, and his lips were so pale that she could hardly see them. His eyelashes had frosted. A pair of lifeless eyes finally became alive when saw Ruan Jiujiu.

"Are you crazy? It’s a heavy snow now. Why don't you go home?"

Silence for a long time.

He said hoarsely, "I don’t have home."

His words were too bitter. They were like a soft thorn stuck in her heart. She was speechless for a while.

Ruan Jiujiu took a deep breath then a long sigh.

She squatted beside Cheng Jun and helped him to wipe off the snow. The warm thermos in her hand was put into Cheng Jun's arms. When she touched his fingers, she frowned. They were as cold as ice.

Cheng Jun didn't speak at all, but just stared at Ruan Jiujiu’s movements. When Ruan Jiujiu turned her eyes to him, he dropped his head like he was afraid of getting her annoyed.

"Find a hotel and have a sleep."

Ruan Jiujiu straightened her body: "Then take the latest flight back and never come again."

Cheng Jun didn’t respond to her for a long time.

He asked: "Is it because of me."


What Ruan Jiujiu didn’t know was that Cheng Jun came earlier than she expected. He found her according to the address. When he saw her short hair, he felt that as if she had made up her mind to completely break with the past.

His stopped in place, and didn’t step forward until she disappeared on the street corner.

"You hate my stalking, right?"

So, in order to avoid him, she would rather go to another city and change her hair style. These were all for breaking away from him.

"..." Ruan Jiujiu didn't know how to answer the question, so she had to avoid the topic, "Leave now, it's hard to get a taxi when getting dark. I'm leaving now."

She turned round.

At this moment, one hand grabbed her clothing corner, blocking her way. He didn’t summon too much strength, so Ruan Jiujiu could easily free herself.

"You can't do it again."

By saying "Don't go", Ruan Jiujiu won’t accept it anymore.

"I like you."


The sudden confession made Ruan Jiujiu freeze in place.

The man, sat on the steps, felt freezing cold now. The breath he exhaled instantly condensed into a white mist. But he still dragged her clothes pitifully. This wasn’t like a confession, but simply a begging. He hoped Ruan Jiujiu could give him a little bit of warmth.

There was a deadly silence between them. Only the whistling of the wind continued.

"You should leave."

Her tone was suddenly indifferent: "Don't come again."

Ruan Jiujiu pulled away his hand and walked toward the building without emotion. She thought she had to be indifferent, so that Cheng Jun would give up.

Being refused so simply, Cheng Jun, an introvert, must give up. He was afraid of being hurt again.

But at this moment, Ruan Jiujiu heard the sound of the water bottle rolling down on the ground.

She hadn't had time to look back, and was tightly hugged. He hugged her from the back as if afraid of her running away. He had no idea of letting go for one second. Ruan Jiujiu was shocked. She was in his arms and unable to move. She was totally dumbfounded.

This wasn’t like Cheng Jun at all.



He was humbly begging her now. He sounded very weak. If Tu Nan and the others saw this, they might be scared to death.

It was hard for her to scold him. She only felt his being hot, like a stove. It was a bit abnormal.

Did he have a fever?

Before Ruan Jiujiu asked him, he let go of his hand and fell to the ground unconsciously. Ruan Jiujiu freaked out when he crashed heavily in the snow.

"Cheng Jun!"*


Cheng Jun caught a high fever and was taken to the hospital by 120 First Aid Center.

Ruan Jiujiu felt anxious for him, but fortunately, his passing out was just because he had a fever and hadn’t eaten for a long time while being through a emotional time.

Sitting by the hospital bed, Ruan Jiujiu sighed, not knowing what to say.

"How did you live to the present? You don’t know taking care of yourself as an adult?"

Cheng Jun, having IV drip, still hadn't awakened yet.

His forehead was hot, and the fever hadn't receded. He mumbled something. Ruan Jiujiu came closer to hear it. He kept mumbling not to leave, even his hands were shaking lightly.

Ruan Jiujiu was afraid that the needle on the back of his hand will get into other blood vessels so she grabbed that hand.

Touching her fingertips, Cheng Jun was faster to grabbed her hand. Ruan Jiujiu felt being bitten tightly by a turtle.

Like nothing happened, he stopped talking nonsense, but that hand never meant to let go.


Ruan Jiujiu laughed: "I really owe you in my last life." So this life she came to pay the debt.

Ruan Jiujiu’s hand was soft and small. Cheng Jun’s hand was wide and strong, covering her hand and holding the back of hers. His palm was a little hot. Ruan Jiujiu thought this guy really took advantage of her unconsciously.

She sat and looked at Cheng Jun.

May be it was an illusion, just a few days past, but she felt him was thinner and haggard than before.

Ruan Jiujiu sighed again.

She was the least to see others look poor and pitiful. How can she refuse him if he still acted in this way?


When Cheng Jun woke up, he didn't mean to let go of his hand. The nurse who changed the infusion bottle was envious and funny.

Ruan Jiujiu flushed awkwardly. She let Cheng Jun loosen hand, but Cheng Jun began to act silly.

"... Blood is out!"

Cheng Jun was slapped then released his hand.

Next, wherever Ruan Jiujiu was, his eyes followed. If Ruan Jiujiu went out to get the medicine, he’ll also follow behind with an infusion bottle on the hand. He was afraid of her running away. Their relationship now was even closer than police and thief.

Ruan Jiujiu felt stressful.

She peeled apples for him, and he looked at this intently. People who didn't know thought he was watching some movies.

"I'll buy you food."

"Don't go." He subconsciously grabbed her wrist again.

Ruan Jiujiu: "... You have to eat."

Cheng Jun answered her with silent eyes.

Ruan Jiujiu had no choice but to buy the hospital food and let the nurse bring it over. Cheng Jun had been staring at her for a long time, making her uncomfortable. If he wasn’t sick right now, she really wants to punch him.

After eating, Ruan Jiujiu stood up, and Cheng Jun immediately followed.

"I'm going to the toilet."

"I accompany you."

Ruan Jiujiu stared at him angrily: "Sit down!!!"

While Cheng Jun was in a coma with a high fever, Ruan Jiujiu had sent a message to Tu Nan. Fortunately, there still had records of Tu Nan's phone number, otherwise, she will go mad. Ruan Jiujiu told him the place and waited for him to pick Cheng Jun up.

When Tu Nan came, Cheng Jun had fallen asleep. Ruan Jiujiu walked out of the ward quietly. When she saw Tu Nan, Tu Nan were in tears. 

"Sister in law..."

Ruan Jiujiu: "?" They hadn't seen each other in a few days... Did Tu Nan have such a deep feeling for her? Anyway, it wasn’t a part-for-ever. 

But she didn’t know that herself had experienced death in Tu Nan’s heart.

"Take good care of him."

"Where are you going, sister in law?"

"Don't come to me again, and don't call me sister-in-law."

Ruan Jiujiu was in a mess now. Seeing Cheng Jun like this, how could she be comfortable. But she had to take the initiative and resolutely cut Cheng Jun's last thoughts to let him stop thinking about her. Time will heal everything.

"No, you can't go." Tu Nan was anxious. "Boss... he hasn't eaten or slept for a few days, and terrible things will happen if he still acts in this way."

"He just need time to calm down. It will be fine after a while. He’ll eat when hungry, sleep when sleepy. His body will help him adjust." Ruan Jiujiu turned round, “We are adults now, and no one will die without another.” 

"The boss will."


Ruan Jiujiu, for a while, couldn't find a reason to refute.

The author had something to say:

Well done, Tu Nan ╮(╯▽╰)╭

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tourist 2020-06-13 11:28
I hope they both could talk properly and settle this And I think this is the first time Tu Nan becomes helpful to Cheng Jun XD
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tourist 2020-06-14 00:21
I think I missed the part where she explains why she's refusing to give him a chance? Like, I'm not getting her motivation in trying to cut all ties at all?
fang 2020-06-16 08:33
Because she knew they were not the same world people, so she thought there will have no good results between them.
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tourist 2020-06-13 16:44
poor Cheng Jun. I don't understand why she can't try to be with him? He is loyal, handsome and has good job. Moreover, she is fine with his charaktect. I will give the relationship a chance. However, If she doesn't feel anything, he should let it go(we all know that this is a fiction and they are destiny to be together).
fang 2020-06-16 08:36
I will make decision as you did😂Perhaps she needed more time to know her true feelings about him and stop taking the excuse of being not the same world people😝
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