Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Chapter 53

Ruan Jiujiu sneezed.

Strange. Who was nagging her?

The first one in her mind was Cheng Jun. She froze for a moment, then suddenly sighed. In the past few days, she always thought of whether Cheng Jun had eaten well. Probably getting used to her cook identity, she was always afraid that Cheng Jun will feed himself to death.

However, Ruan Jiujiu still believed Tu Nan, an occasionally reliable guy, will take care of Cheng Jun. 

Ruan Jiujiu flew to another city. This was a coordinate she chose randomly on the map. Here had lower prices and convenient transportation. It was a livable city.

She looked at the house on the app in advance and told its landlord. After all the details had been discussed, she moved in.

The house, as a small single apartment, located on a residential building. 

Ruan Jiujiu went round to check the house and found that there were too many things needed to buy. She sat on the sofa and made a long shopping list. After changing her coat, she went to the nearby supermarket chain.

Pots, pans and various condiments were all in her list.

The checkmarks on the list were less than half, but the shopping cart was already full. The stuff weighed a few tens of kilograms at least. So Ruan Jiujiu decided to take them home firstly, and came back for shopping round two.

While lining up to check out, someone called her name in surprise.

"Ruan Jiujiu? ? ? "

The tone was obviously filled with hesitancy and surprise. Ruan Jiujiu heard a familiar voice and subconsciously wanted to look back, but she covered her face very quickly: "I'm sorry you got it wrong."

"No." It was Gu You.

With a few bags of fruit, he quickly walked over to make sure that Ruan Jiujiu really cut her hair. Her dress was quite different from before.

"Why are you here? " ... It seemed that she will settle down here.

Gu You's eyes fell on her shopping cart, which made him even more uncertain.

Ruan Jiujiu knew she can’t hide it anymore, so she let go of her hand, frowned: "Nothing to do with you anyway."

"You are here alone?" He sensed the truth precisely.

Ruan Jiujiu looked away, "None of your business."


Gu You lined up behind her. They were speechless, which was so embarrassing in the noisy supermarket. Being stared at by him, Ruan Jiujiu felt quite uncomfortable. Before Cheng Jun made the divorce public, Ruan Jiujiu would definitely keep this secret.

Soon, it was her turn.

The stuff she bought was too much. She carried two large bags, which looked even heavier than her. She went red but still pretended to be easy to carry these two oversized bags.

“Let me help you.”

Gu You behind her took a step forward and helped her to pick up a shopping bag. He put a small bag of fruit in her hand, and pick up another shopping bag.

Ruan Jiujiu said hurriedly: "You don't need to..."

"Just to pay back your kindness and it has nothing to do with other things, okay?"

Gu You quickly walked out of the supermarket with her bags.

"Where do you live?"

Ruan Jiujiu had to point in the direction of that single apartment. This was supposed to be a secret club, but she never thought that Gu You would have caught her on the first day.

Gu You smiled: "What a coincidence."

"Why are you here?" Ruan Jiujiu asked him with a depressed face.

Was there really a protagonist halo, so that she will meet him or Xu Biying wherever she went.

"My hometown is in this city. It's a coincidence. My house is only a few kilometers away, and today I just wanted to buy some fruits."


Ruan Jiujiu felt so embarrassed.

She was so “lucky” ! The house she choose will be near Gu You's hometown? ? ? Damn!

Fortunately, Gu You didn't like to gossip. After putting down two bags, he looked at the environment in the apartment and said, "So you just come here?"


"A woman living here must be careful. Let me check if there is any problem with the equipment."

Ruan Jiujiu scratched her hair: "No, thanks."

Gu You looked at her. Her bob hair was rubbed a bit messy. She didn’t look like a woman who had been married for many years. She was simply a little girl who hadn’t grown up yet. He smiled and helped her to check the facilities. He tightened the loose screws and was sure that there was no problem before leaving.

Ruan Jiujiu send him to the door with great gratitude, and suddenly remembered that Gu You's fruit was still at her house.

"Wait, your fruit—"

“Never mind, just a gift for your housewarming.”

Gu You suddenly became serious: "If there is any problem, remember to call me and don't refuse it for face saving.”

"Sure, thank you."

Ruan Jiujiu closed the door, leaning on the door and slowly sliding down on the wooden floor. She covered her face with a sigh.

She screwed it up. Gu You definitely found something went wrong.

She was right.

Gu You didn't make it clear but often bought her some stuff.

Sometimes it was meat; sometimes they were vegetables and fruits. Ruan Jiujiu, at first, rejected him. But she gradually accepted because of his strong persuasion. In fact, as he said, he just send something to her, and occasionally talked with her a few words. Then, he’ll leave. There had no signs of flirting.

Ruan Jiujiu gradually let her guard down. Occasionally, she’ll politely ask Gu You to bring back some homemade snacks and other foods as a thank-you. But no matter how, she never thought about letting him stay for dinner or lunch.

Ruan Jiujiu had recently got a part-time job—painted drawings for others. It was kind of income, so her life now had gradually stabilized.

Gu You was heartily happy for her.

Before leaving, Ruan Jiujiu sent him a box of snacks. Gu You took it solemnly, then said goodbye to her and went downstairs.

His lips raised unconsciously. When he turned from the building, a dark shadow passed by. Gu You had something in mind, so naturally he didn’t notice who was that.


Cheng Jun took off his hat and looked back at Gu You.

He looked up at the building where Ruan Jiujiu lived, and turned to the corner where Gu You had disappeared. He was silent for a long time.

After a while.

Cheng Jun took out his phone and dialed the phone.

His calm tone was very clear in the quiet courtyard: "Call Gu You back to the club for whatever reason."


Ruan Jiujiu was on the way home.

Recently, Gu You no longer showed up in her life frequently, which made her feel much relieved. She didn’t need to worry about how to refuse Gu You anymore.

She caught up with the supermarket's price cuts, so the bag of vegetables didn’t cost her much.

A meal for one person was difficult to cook. It was hard to control the portion. She always made a mistake for being cook a meal for two people, so she can only eat it alone until she was fed up with the same type. As long as she thought of cooking tomorrow, she felt headache again.

So today she wanted to get out of the cooing work by ordering takeout. And the dishes left can still be kept for several days.

Ruan Jiujiu walked very fast. Living alone always needed more caution. It was dangerous in case of being targeted.

But at this moment, she had a strange feeling, making her toes curl.

Ruan Jiujiu took a look back.

She always had this strange feeling in recent days, which even caused her to have nightmares at night. There were not many pedestrians on this road, so even if she was brave, she was still scared. Her pace accelerated.

Suddenly, some laughter with bad intentions sounded: “Hey, girl, where you live? I can send you home.”


Ruan Jiujiu planned to kick their’ asses with a bag of vegetables. But someone moved faster than her. He punched one of these guys. And the guy got a bleeding nose. Then another punch. The guy started to yell in pain, shouting to call the police.

Ruan Jiujiu totally freaked out by what happened.

When she saw who was that, she was stunned: "Cheng Jun?"

Cheng Jun guarded her behind him with one hand. He lowered his head, and stared at the man who was crying on the ground. The chill in his eyes made the guy tremble and forget to call the police. The guy just quickly ran away.

Ruan Jiujiu was still in shock.

... Wait.

"Why do you know I’m here? Have you been following me for several days?"

Cheng Jun: "... Just passing by."

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

Cheng Jun: "..."

"I’ve told you on the note. ‘Don't come to me’ " Ruan Jiujiu stepped back a few steps, "Thank you for today’s help. I’ll be more careful. You should leave.”

Cheng Jun didn’t agree, but stared at her silently.

"Leave." Ruan Jiujiu sighed.

He still said nothing.

Then she turned around, continuing to walk to the apartment. Cheng Jun behind her seemed to be afraid of pissing her off. He just followed her from a distance and didn’t approach. Until Ruan Jiujiu went up the stairs, he stood at the gate of the community far away, watching the lights turned on one by one.

Ruan Jiujiu went back to the apartment and locked the door. Through the peep hole, she didn’t see him. She hoped he had already left.

It was already snowing outside.

A big snow fall was amazingly beautiful.

Ruan Jiujiu opened a slit in the window to get some air. She glanced outside but found a black figure in the vast white.

He sat on the steps, motionless. The snow fell on him.

His back was lonely.


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His wife leaving and him following is romantic and dramatic ... until you realise that his wife felt so insecure in her relationship and status that she didn't just think about starting over, she acted on it.
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Yes they finally meet again!
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He is so honest with his mates but not his wife... ...he kinda deserves being given the runaround until he mans up and communicates honestly with his wife.
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