Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Hearing this, Cheng Jun turned his eyes on her for the first time since entering the room with no emotions, as if looking at a stranger he had never met.

"The house cannot be given to you."

House? Ruan was stunned for a moment.

There were two divorce agreements on the table. Ruan Jiujiu hurriedly browsed them. It clearly stated that they divorced because the relationship between them broke up. All shares of Cheng's company being equivalent to more than RMB 5 million would be given to her.

As mentioned in the original book, Cheng's company was an industry owned by Cheng Jun's father without too large scale. It's just that since the stepmother came home after the death of her mother, the relationship between the father and the son had long been broken. Cheng Jun owned very few shares and had millions of them.

Ruan Jiujiu felt a little surprised. This house was just an ordinary residential building less than 100 square meters close to the urban area. According to the book's female estimate, it was not worth more than 3 million. Cheng Jun was willing to compensate her so much?

No wonder the original host immediately agreed to the divorce.

According to the description in the book, the original host was very pleased to accept Cheng Jun's conditions, so that the female lead even hated her for this. At first, the heroine was willing to marry Cheng Jun, and the several millions RMB that the original host took away were enough for an ordinary person to live comfortably for a lifetime.

Ruan Jiujiu closed the contract and shook her head: "I'm not talking about the conditions with you or asking for a house. I'm not going to divorce."

When there was currently no clue, it was most important to stabilize the environmental conditions around. Ruan Jiujiu experienced several twists and turns in a short period of time. Until now, his head was in a mess. She just wanted to stay in a place to let herself relax and accept reality.

No divorce for the time being before figuring out the plot development of this world and then decide the next plan.

Cheng Jun didn't care much about Ruan Jiujiu's changes.

"It is good."

Perhaps for him, it was not very important whether there was anyone around him or who they were.

Ruan Jiujiu frowned at the instant noodles in Cheng Jun's hands.

She went to the kitchen and rummaged through the food in the refrigerator. There were either fast food such as instant noodles or soft drinks. No vegetables and fruits to eat.

Ruan Jiujiu stayed silent. Never cook at home?

"... Cheng Jun, after you eat instant noodles, let's go to the supermarket to buy something."

Cheng Jun glanced at her slowly.

The meaning in his eyes was obvious, as if Ruan Jiujiu a stranger making a sudden request.

Ruan Jiujiu said unreasonably and vigorously: "I can't lift up the bags, and it's dark, and it's raining outside."


The original host and Cheng Jun in the weekdays didn’t disturb each other, they could even do not say a word for a few months. The original host once was greedy for his beauty, but Cheng Jun was recognized as a wooden beauty, a stubborn stone that couldn't be warmed up, so she gradually lost the idea of showing excessive passion.

Ruan Jiujiu only wanted to maintain the courtesy towards Cheng Jun.

"Go and change your clothes after eating, lest you will catch cold."

Cheng Jun didn't say anything, returning to the study with instant noodles and closed the door.

Ruan Jiujiu took a glance and found that there seemed to be a single bed in the study, thinking of the room where she was sleeping without any men's clothing, she could not help but relieved.

... Fortunately, there should be no need to sleep on a bed.

Ruan Jiujiu was alone before transmigrating into the book. No family, no boyfriend, living alone in a strange city, few contacts with others. Now that she had a cohabitation partner who had a good temper, she was somewhat happy.

Maybe such a life would be very good.

Cheng Jun replaced the black hoodie and wore a light gray sportswear, just looking at the face, if she said she was a high school student, no one would question it.

He carried a few bags of rubbish and Ruan Jiujiu walking behind him without anything in his hands looked around. They were not embarrassed to be silent. There was a supermarket nearby and it only took a few minutes to get there. Ruan Jiujiu found what they needed at home skillfully while Cheng Jun was responsible for pushing the shopping cart. The two had a clear division of labor.

"Buzz." Cheng Jun's cell phone suddenly vibrated. He stopped at the same place, holding the shopping cart with one hand to answer the call.

At the other end of the phone was a young male voice: "Boss, the bug is fixed. Will you go online and take a look?"


Cheng Jun's eyes fell on a row of shelves not far in front and Ruan Jiujiu on tiptoe to reach the top row of toilet paper towels. She raised her head and stretched her hands high, awkwardly not like "her".

His expression was thoughtful.

"Huh? Why don't you have time, don't you go home?"

Cheng Jun said slowly: "In the supermarket."

"Supermarket?" The other party joked, "Are you with her?"

His reply was light.


The caller was silent for a few seconds, and then a shocking roar broke out: "How..."

Cheng Jun hung up the phone directly, cutting off the source of the noise. He stepped forward, crossed Ruan Jiujiu and easily took a packet of paper and threw it into the shopping cart. Ruan Jiujiu sighed with a relief, "Thank you."

Responding to her was the back view of Cheng Jun pushing the shopping cart away, turning lightly to the opposite shelf.

Ruan Jiujiu: "... come back! Don't take junk food!"

At the same time, Tu Nan, who was hung up, was stunned. Several people beside him asked, "What's wrong? Does the boss say to work overtime?"


He pondered for a while and said mysteriously, "Guess what big secret I heard about? The boss went with his wife to the supermarket! Ouch, he will go out with others, it is raining fish!”

As soon as the words came out, everyone was in an uproar.

On weekdays, the boss never mentioned his wife. At the time of marriage, even the wedding banquet was not held. They still didn't know what the legendary Mrs. Cheng looked like.

Looking at it now, maybe the relationship between them was good, but Cheng Jun did not like to show his emotions because of his restrained personality?

"I heard that his wife is making a divorce?" The only woman, An Rou, bit her lip and said carefully.

"Don't talk nonsense! The boss doesn't like people telling gossips."

"How come? my friend and her wife occasionally play together, which I have only recently known."

A group of bachelors were immediately interested: "What does she look like? Good-looking? How about her personality?"

This time they asked the key question. When she thought of the face with a thick makeup and a strange aesthetic appearance seen from a distance, compared with her exquisite nude makeup, who was vulgar could be distinguished at a glance. An Rou puffed her lips, shaking her head with a smile.

"The makeup is a bit thick, so I can't see clearly."


Getting along briefly, Ruan Jiujiu discovered Cheng Jun's many merits.

He will take the initiative to pick up rubbish, push the shopping cart and take the initiative to pay the bills without Ruan Jiujiu speaking a word. He was taciturn and not noisy.

The most important point was that he ignored her abnormal behavior, so that she could freely expose her nature without pretending to be.

No, it should be said that he did not care about anything, including herself.

Ruan Jiujiu was about to ask him if he wanted to eat together with her, but he put down his shopping bag and went straight to the study. Watching him close the door, Ruan Jiujiu shrugged her shoulders, deciding to make herself a bowl of noodles.

At night, Ruan Jiujiu lay comfortably on the double bed and rolled around. She had already thought about sleeping till tomorrow morning and then going to the mall to buy some clothes.

"Ding Ding Dong Dong..."

The ringtone of the mobile phone rang endlessly over and over again.

Ruan Jiujiu took a glance at the name on the screen, which was unfamiliar. She didn't answer it and her expression was calm. Soon the other party sent a few messages, which seemed to be very angry, too lazy to cover up.

In the WeChat chat history, the man was named as “Sweetie”.

Xiang Rong, a little white-faced man with a bad mind only sought for money. She didn’t know whether the original host was really stupid or pretended to be stupid. She dated with this kind of person, spent a lot of money on him and even promised to take the money to marry him after divorce?

Taking other’s money and ruining a family couldn’t be accepted by anyone.

Xiang Rong kept sending messages one by one, one after another, as if being afraid of Ruan Jiujiu missing, he almost chased to her house. At the moment he was sending a message, there was also a girl named Yunyun sending a message to comfort her.

[Qiuqiu, are you angry? The character of Xiang Rong is like this. Don’t bother about him. We are waiting for your good news.]

[By the way, what’s going on with your divorce? How about holding a party to celebrate tomorrow?]

Ruan Jiujiu looked at the familiar name. There were many group photos of her, Ruan Jiujiu and Xiang Rong, and this girlf was obviously close to Xiang Rong.

Xiang Rong was introduced by this girl and there must be some affairs between them.

Trouble could never be avoided and there was no other way than to solve it herself. Ruan Jiujiu sat upright calmly, sending messages to them.

[Xiang Rong, we should meet tomorrow.]

[Yunyun, tomorrow I will take Xiang Rong to see you.]

Ruan Jiujiu put her phone down.

She wanted to see what these people are going to do.

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