Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Chapter 52

Ruan Jiujiu felt herself had been totally cheated by the “don’t-care” attitude in some novels.

She dragged her suitcase and was heading to a place dozens of miles away from Cheng Jun’s house. But, there was a traffic jam. Ruan Jiujiu just kept watching at the taxi's meter counter. She cared about her money! Seeing the number on the meter increasing, she felt so painful that even wanted to get out of the car immediately and then pulled the suitcase to leave.

However, today wasn’t past.

Now, never thought about tailored taxi service.

Ruan Jiujiu thought fortunately she still had the money got back from her insincere girlfriends. So anyway, she still can find a place to settle down. From now on, she was no longer the CEO's wife but an ordinary person who was about to face a livelihood problem such as renting a house.

The taxi was still moving slowly.

Perhaps the driver felt sympathy for her. He glanced at her in the rearview mirror. Ruan Jiujiu looked very depressed now. “Madam, if you’re in a hurry, you can take the subway. It’s very busy during the peak hours on Friday. Probably we need another one hour on the road.”

Ruan Jiujiu took a look at the meter.

"..." He was right.

A few minutes later, the taxi stopped by the roadside. Ruan Jiujiu dragged her suitcase to the subway. But she suddenly realized that she didn’t have an IC card. So here was the thing—she had no small change. Then she went to the bank to withdraw money to get the card. Finally, she got on the subway.

At this time, Ruan Jiujiu became sweaty.

But she had to put on a mask and a hat to avoid being recognized by others. Despite this, her beautiful figure and eyes were still striking. What’s more, the clothes she wore were not cheap, so she drew many attentions. Some people eve regarded her as a superstar. They tried to ask her for a signature.

Ruan Jiujiu began to regret that she shouldn’t for saving money to find trouble for herself. 

At the hotel, Ruan Jiujiu booked a single room. The lady at the front desk glanced at her name and smiled: "Ah, you have the same name as Jiacheng’s boss lady."

Ruan Jiujiu said humbly: "I'm not as pretty as she is."

If someone who knew her heard this, he or she will be shocked by her cheekiness.

The hotel was an ordinary hotel chain. Fortunately, the equipment was fairly new. She sat on the bed and felt hungry. So she decided to order a takeaway. The discounted spicy hot pot was very cost effective. But after taking a bite, she frowned. 

Come on, it had tens of thousands of great reviews. How could it tasted even worse than the food she cooked at home.

Ruan Jiujiu sighed, and suddenly lost her mind. She took a couple of bites and then lay on the bed, thinking. Now he should receive the message and accept the reality. She dared not hear his voice, so she had changed her mobile phone number and  blacklisted his WeChat. From now on, she had nothing to do with him.

Ruan Jiujiu already made up her mind.

Tomorrow, she’ll buy a ticket to another city, where no one could connect her with the boss lady of Jiacheng. She’ll change her hairstyle and wear ordinary clothes. When she had no chance to take care of her face, after a while, she would become a woman who could only be regarded as a good-looking rather than a charming one. She’ll become a very common person.

Regretted it? Perhaps for a moment. 

As a human, she also craved a comfortable and decent life, hoping that she will be less tired. Such selfishness will occasionally come up.

But she can’t it.

She couldn't repay Cheng Jun's equal emotions. If she let him deepen his love and make an irresponsible commitment, it was almost the same as fraud. At that night, Ruan Jiujiu thought a lot of things. As long as  she remembered she could still say that she’ll divorce him if she found the next lover when Cheng Jun had been holding her so tightly, she felt herself overwhelmed with shame and self-blame. 

Ruan Jiujiu didn’t know how to tell Cheng Jun about the divorce in front of him. Otherwise, Cheng Jun would suffer more.

She can only be a timid deserter now.


There were frozen dumplings and cooked food in the fridge, which were enough for Cheng Jun to eat for a day or two. By the time he changed the cook, with a new life, he will gradually forget her.

Without her, the days were still the same. What it used to be, what it was now. Cheng Jun had lived for so many years by himself, so he was much clearer than her to take care of himself.

... It was just not necessary to take care of himself with junk food or takeout.

If it wasn’t for Tu Nan’s sensitiveness, Ruan Jiujiu really wanted to let him take care of his boss.

The next day, Ruan Jiujiu went to a barber shop downstairs and cut her hair into bob.

The barber kept expressing his pity to her beautiful hair. There were few customers in the shop, so the hairdressers were all watching and looked like shy girls, being afraid of saying hello to her.

The barber bought her hair.

Ruan Jiujiu didn’t want to cut her hair, but she finally accepted the reality for the sake of money.

After cutting, it was very different from her previous image. If she was charming in wavy curls hairstyle in the past, then now the bob made her a little more lively and playful like a young and beautiful female high school student. No one doubted that. The guests came in and guessed which high school student she was nearby. Ruan Jiujiu felt both happy and melancholy.

She cut her hair and bought some cheap clothes. Now she was more like a poor little girl.

Some boys in high school uniforms passing by whistled and grinned, they tried to ask her for contact information. Ruan Jiujiu could only tell herself that she was their elders and refused indifferently.

"Spicy girl."

"Hey, which school are you from? I'll come for you tomorrow after class."

"Grade one? Two? School girl? ”

What the hell!

Ruan Jiujiu really wanted to teach those kids a lesson.

She glared at them and then pretended not to have hear it. She checked her phone, and got shocked suddenly—wait, no train tickets? When she saw the words Spring Festival, she suddenly realized that she had caught up with Spring Festival peak travel season.


The ticket price wasn’t low, but after thinking about it, Ruan Jiujiu decided to buy one to leave.

She bought plane tickets a few days later and wanted to plan her life in the hotel first. 

Next step...


Ruan Jiujiu had no idea that Cheng Jun would have a greater reaction than she had imagined.

Ever since she left, Cheng Jun had also disappeared from the company.

At the beginning, When Tu Nan realized it, he found himself had been blacklisted by his sister-in-law and her phone number became empty. Other people also found themselves had been treated in the same way. They all confused.

When Tu Nan couldn't reach Cheng Jun, he knew things seemed worse.

As usual, the home was noisy at this point.

There will have the sounds of a hair dryer, stepping on the floor, cooking and soap opera of the TV series. Even if they were doing their own things, they still felt safe with their doors closed.

When he came back, he could always see her.

The long-time-no-see gastritis began to bother him. There was a disgusting sense of rumination, as if the stomach juice was rolling up and down.

He hadn’t eaten for a long time, and only the illness will come in time to remind him to take care of the body.

Cheng Jun was wearing baggy pajamas. As usual, he looked lazy. With a poker face, he opened the fridge, took out the frozen dumplings made by her, and cooked them in boiling water.

The heat had been turned up too high. Just in a daze for a short time, the dumplings were cooked to have  rotten wrappers, and the stuffing rolled out. It turned into a bowl of meat soup. He turned off the fire unconsciously, scooped it into the bowl, picked up the tableware and placed them on the table.

Only a pair of chopsticks and a bowl made the dining table much larger than usual. The boundless loneliness captured the heart and squeezed it.

Cheng Jun took the chopsticks, but was distracted.

Soon, the steaming soup gradually cooled, floating a thin oil layer. He was like eating ten bowls of dumplings stuffed with pork. He felt stuffed and greasy.

"Boom boom boom!" Tu Nan knocked on the door. As a big man, he yelled in tears. "Boss, please say something! Don't do stupid things!"

Cheng Jun walked slowly to the door and opened it.

Tu Nan almost blushed anxiously: "Where's sister-in-law? Where is she? You can't quarrel so hard! You need to talk to her.”

For a long time, Cheng Jun said to himself: "She is gone."

... She’ll never come back.

It was the second time for Tu Nan to see this expression.

Last time, it was when Cheng Jun's mother passed away.

Tu Nan almost burst into tears. He blushed and asked tremblingly, "Sister-in-law, has she been buried?"

Cheng Jun: "..."

Then the closed door was a response to Tu Nan.

The author had something to say:    Tu Nan: I think I'm getting closer and closer to being fired...

Hahaha, please see how our Junjun chase his wife!

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