Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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"Huahuahua..." (the hiss of the running water.)

Ruan Jiujiu was awakened by a burst of water.

She rubbed her eyes in confusion and looked at her surroundings.

There was no doubt that this was a luxury suite in a hotel.

Rose petals sprinkled on the soft white bed sheet, a glass of red wine upside down on the bed sheet impregnated with a piece of red, the bathroom glass was made of translucent matte material, a long figure could be vaguely seen.

This was--

Ruan Jiujiu was even more confused.

Last night, she stayed up late to read a rebirth book and fell asleep before she could talk. However, she inexplicably appeared in a place which seemed to eb a hotel, and...

Ruan Jiujiu sat up, suddenly feeling something was wrong. As a member of the flat-chested girl, she felt a heavy weight on her chest. Her feet were on high heels that were rarely worn and a pair of straight and slender legs were lying on the bedside, but the scar left on the knee when she was six disappeared.


She stretched out her hand inconceivably and stared at the air blankly.

The slender, white, soft and boneless fingers were obviously well maintained. The gradient nails were exquisite and beautiful, the fingertips were soft and the skin color was so white that the slender blood vessels on the back of the hand could be easily seen.

Wealthy family, fingers never touched the spring water, beauty. These were the first impressions of Ruan Jiujiu.

She was silent for a moment, then picked up her phone and turned on the front camera.

The woman's eye makeup in the lens was as thick as dark circles. With false eyelashes, exaggerated European and American style makeup, purple colored lenses, aunt-colored red lips, old-style ramen hairstyle , she could still vaguely glimpse her gorgeous facial features.

The woman in the lens widened her eyes with a terrified look and the over-exaggerated cosmetic contact lenses appeared scary but somewhat funny.

Ruan Jiujiu put on a dull face.

This is--

Not her face!!!

The phone fell on the floor while the man who came out of the bathroom happened to see the scene. With young appearance, he was about in his early twenties. His face could be regarded as handsome and wrapped in a bath towel, a shapely body could be seen.

He looked at Ruan Jiujiu, the arc of the corners of his lips was somewhat indifferent, but his eyes were familiar and tender.

"I have washed my body clean, when shall we start?"

Ruan Jiujiu, "What do you mean ‘start’? Who are you?"

The other party clearly showed impatience and stepped forward with a faint smile on his face.

"Why, when you divorce Cheng Jun and take the money, you don't plan to stay with me?"

"Don't you agree to marry me with money?"

"Are you going to regret it again?"

He was a good player in the hunter, knowing that every time with such a stimulus to the woman in front of him, she would immediately surrender, coaxing him with sweet words and even rejoicing that he could take the initiative to marry with her.

However, Ruan Jiujiu in front of him was not as coward as he imagined.

Staring blankly at the man in front of her, Ruan Jiujiu lost her mind.

Are you kidding?

Isn't this the plot in the rebirth book she watched last night!

This book was called "Transmigrated Before Engagement" which was a common rebirth novel. The heroine in the book had been in love with the shining moonlight out of reach Cheng Jun in her previous life. In order to pursue love, she gave up the gentle and considerate childhood sweetheart and secretly fled to the city where the shining moonlight was located on the day of her engagement.

It was just that the reality was cruel. She tried her best to get in touch with the shining moonlight but found that he was just handsome without any ability and even got married once. He also had sex apathy and seldom paid attention to her seduce.

The heroine's dream was shattered. Only then did she discover that the childhood sweetheart had already become an e-sports rookie worth ten million. Looking at him on the screen holding his lover happily, the heroine's heart was ashamed and she killed herself in despair.

After waking up again, the heroine found herself back to three years ago.

Nothing had happened yet.

The heroine swore that she would not be a fool in this life, hug the thick thigh of her childhood sweetheart and led her own happy life!

And Ruan Jiujiu transmigrated into a cannon fodder with the same name and surname as her.

There was not much description of the original host in the article, only saying that being stupid and poisonous, she despised the poor and curried favour with the rich. He and the shining moonlight Cheng Jun just had no love for contract marriage. After divorce, she ended up with a miserable life. She wanted to restore the former marriage and were laughed by the heroine.

As for why she had transmigrated into the world in the book, Ruan Jiujiu suddenly remembered that there were a few big characters in the introduction of the rebirth book.

If you want to diss this book, you are doomed to transmigrate into a vicious female supporting character!

You are doomed to transmigrate into a vicious female supporting character!

Female supporting character!


This was simply the most malice from the author!

If she remembered correctly, the current plot had developed to the time when she divorced Cheng Jun, and it was also the beginning of the unfortunate second half life of the original vicious female supporting character.

Ruan Jiujiu shivered.

She didn't want to go down that old road. She couldn't divorce.

Enough of seeing Ruan Jiujiu in wonderful struggling expression, Xiang Rong, her lover, was a little impatient and asked, "When do you plan to start?"

Ruan Jiujiu returned to her mind, asking nervously, "I haven't divorced with him, right?"

Xiang Rong looked at her coldly: "Didn't you agree to sign the contract after going back?"

So she had not signed that yet.

Ruan Jiujiu straightened her body. On the stiletto heels in ten-centimetre height, it was hard to stand. She simply threw away her high-heeled shoes, took out the hotel slippers and put on a posture to walk out.

Xiang Rong lowered his face and stopped Ruan Jiujiu: "Where are you going?"

"I'm not going to divorce, shall we end here?" Ruan Jiujiu was too lazy to deal with him in vain, but her wrist was suddenly caught by him.

Xiang Rong's strength was so strong that she couldn't move and was thrown onto the bed by him.

"When do you start learning to throw a tantrum?" He propped his hands on the edge of the bed and already grabbed his belt with one hand. His tone was full of irony, "Or do you have other favorites?"

Eyes to eyes; close at hand.

Xiang Rong saw a bit of calm before the storm on the gorgeous face that was vulgar for him.


"Your mother hasn't taught you not to treat women rudely?"

As soon as her words finished, the woman lying on the bed raised her legs and hit his fatal place. His complexion immediately changed and he twisted into a ball in pain, directly covering the vital part and kneeling on the ground.

Ruan Jiujiu picked up the trench coat and wallet, taking out several hundred-dollar bills from the wallet and threw it on him.

"Pay for the room. If you don't feel enough, I will transfer more to you through Alipay."


In the evening, the sky was gloomy as dignified as ink and a cold heavy rain washed the steel jungle.

Ruan Jiujiu standing outside the hotel door, the big glass reflected the lace skirt on her body. Her enterprise line was exposed, the men around her all peeped at her. She immediately tied all the buttons of the trench coat and erected the collar.

She successfully found out the house address in her mobile phone and called a taxi.

The house was not far from the hotel. Ruan Jiujiu sitting in the back row thought about what to do next. Despite the confusion, it was like rushing to survive, but she still had to force herself to calm down.

Suddenly transmigrating into the world in the book, she didn't know which day she could go back, but she had to prepare herself.

Her lover Xiang Rong's phone text messages were bombarded one after another and Ruan Jiujiu was too lazy to take care of him.

The driver turned a corner: "Here we are."

Indeed, as written in the text, Cheng Jun was not as rich as the overbearing president in other texts. The house was in the urban area and the surrounding traffic was convenient, but it was not in a good location.

The community was at least ten years old, and it was not a new building. Fortunately, the greening was done well.

The rain was still falling while Ruan Jiujiu didn’t care about the money. She used her LV bag as an umbrella on top of her head to take shelter from rain. At this moment, she just wanted to make her this glamorous grimace do not take off makeup so as not to scare ordinary people.

There was a key in the bag. Fortunately, it was not a combination lock, otherwise she really couldn’t go inside.

The house was not large with about less than 100 square meters. Ruan Jiujiu turned on the lights and looked around. There were double sleeping and living rooms. The door of one bedroom was open while the other was closed. The open bedroom was full of women’s supplies. Without guessing, one can figure out that the two of them would never sleep on a bed.

Ruan Jiujiu opened the closet to pick a normal shirt and jeans to wear on the chair and took makeup remover to remove the makeup on the face. While she was busy doing this, the door was opened with a sound of click.

A long, slender figure walked in. Ruan Jiujiu raised her head but was stunned.

She thought, no wonder the book emphasized that he had a good face, no wonder he would become the shinning moonlight of Xu Biying, no wonder that such a utilitarian heroine would always be obsessed with him and spend several years in vain in order that he would look back at her one day.

The man standing at the door was tall and thin, the black hoodie was drenched with water, and his face was pale. The plastic file bag in hand was well protected, and it was clean and not wet.

He lowered his eyelids and put on the slippers.

The black hair tips were soaked in water, being a little messy, but it served as a foil to the white skin. He had a pair of uncommon slender sleeping phoenix eyes with slightly curled eyelids, which looked gentle, harmless and sleepy, as if he was careless about everything.

His line of the lower jaw was sharp and the lips were light and thin. It should have been sharp and extremely aggressive appearance, but because of those eyes, it neutralized a lot.

Ruan Jiujiu was a bit dumbfounded and she suddenly understood why Cheng Jun was indifferent to the heroine's earnest pursuit. In this face, can a woman look better than him?


Cheng Jun didn't feel Ruan Jiujiu's unspoken thoughts. In Ruan Jiujiu's gaze, he walked to the door of the bedroom, opened the document bag, put the contract on the table and even didn’t looked at her from beginning to end.

There were two divorce agreements on the table. If it were not for this matter, he would not come back so late.

Ruan Jiujiu gazed after Cheng Jun until he walked to the kitchen.


The kitchen cabinet door was opened and Cheng Jun took out a bucket of instant noodles in a familiar manner. His clothes didn't change, his hair was wet and with the wet black hoodie, he seemed to be cold. He stood on the spot with his back to Ruan Jiujiu. White tiles, white refrigerators, black stovetops and a black solitary back blended into the black and white world, he seemed not to be connected with the world in which he lived rather than with spiritual things.

Looking at his back, Ruan Jiujiu stood up slowly.

"I'm not going to divorce."

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