Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Chapter 50

Ruan Jiujiu opened the door.

Qu Wei looked anxious. When she was about to continue knocking, she saw Ruan Jiujiu.

Ruan Jiujiu put her arms around her shoulders, with one leg stepping on the door frame to stop Qu Wei: "I'm sorry, we just got a mopping and it’s still wet, so let's talk right here. Here is well-ventilated. We can got clear minds.”

Qu Wei was embarrassed by her irony.

After learning that Cheng Jun turned out to be Jiacheng's big boss, Qu Wei couldn't sit still. She didn't find another good lover, so she had to still be with Cheng’s father. However, she had no idea that good news will come so fast.

Now Qu Wei was about to be stunned by the windfall. The corporate market value had shrunk by half, and Cheng’s father was in a state of half-death. The identity of being Cheng Jun’s stepmother was even more valuable that the company.

So she happily put on a new dress, and planned to come over to make an apology. She knew that Cheng Jun was soft and weak, so he would definitely help a poor couple in distress. Cheng Jun received little maternal love. So she just needed to gave what he wanted.

Thinking of this, Qu Wei squeezed tears with a pitiful look.

"Cheng Jun, your father is lying in the hospital with a sudden cerebral infarction, please go to see him!"

Cheng’s father did enter the hospital not long ago.

It was because of Cheng Jun.

He didn't expect that his loser son who was scolded for uselessness turned out to be Jiacheng's boss. Cheng Jun, like a stone thrown by him in the corner, was actually a priceless jade?

This was a huge change for his mental state.

Cheng’s father was so arrogant. Now when he thought of every time he scolded Cheng Jun who may laugh at him secretly; when he thought about how his relatives and friends would treat him as a loser father, his blood pressure immediately became high and then passed out on the ground.

Although some people had informed Cheng Jun in the first place, he didn’t want to visit his father. 

Ruan Jiujiu, looking at Qu Wei who pretended to be innocent, couldn't stand it: "It’s very kind of you to keep us informed, but you should remember to draw eye makeup and apply false eyelashes and then come over to let us know."

"How can you morally kidnap me? He is lying in the hospital now. Do I have to stay with him and take care of him every second? I am not a babysitter." Stared at by Ruan Jiujiu, Qu Wei subconsciously turned her head, and felt somewhat guilty.

Ruan Jiujiu now felt funny instead of angry: "So he wake up?"

Qu Wei was surprised: "Not yet."

"So actually you can just make a call to us. It's really painstaking for you to be here.”

Ruan Jiujiu’s words were so ironic, making Qu Wei don’t know how to fight back. She raised her eyes and the false eyelashes were trembling. She almost cried out but then saw Cheng Jun who stood behind Ruan Jiujiu.

The slender eyes looked lazy usually. Mostly, he liked to turn his face to another side to listen to them. But at this moment he was looking directly at her. He was so cold now, making Qu Wei panicky for a while. She didn't dare to look directly at him.

Qu Wei said: "It takes a lot of money to cure the disease. I know it shouldn't be at this time... But because he is your father, please help him.”

Cheng Jun's answer was very plain: "Sell his company to cure the disease."

"You! How can you be so cruel? He is your father. I know it’s my fault, so I will ask you to forgive me. But I hope you not to hurt the feelings between you two because of our personal grievances... "

Ruan Jiujiu now figured it out.

Qu Wei came to ask for money.

"As a stepmother, I haven’t fulfilled my due responsibilities. This is my dereliction of duty. But trust me, I will treat you... and Jiujiu good in the future. I promise!”

Ruan Jiujiu got goose bumps when heard "Jiujiu". It was awful.

But she smirked and called Qu Wei sweetly: "Aunt Qu, don’t worry. I’ll take care of Junjun, so you’d better to go back and take care of you husband.”

Qu Wei's expression was stiff.

"You little girl, watch your language!”

If it weren't for her, could Ruan Jiujiu enjoy such a rich life? A spoiIed and ungratefuI girl! 

"Cheng Jun, you need to speak for me. How can you tolerate your wife so rude?"

Ruan Jiujiu: "Sorry, he listens to me."

Cheng Jun: "She’s right."

Qu Wei was so angry that her face even got distorted: "I’m also her mother-in-law..."

"Shut up."

Ruan Jiujiu was shocked.

This was probably the first time she saw the sign of Cheng Jun's getting anger. Although his expression was calm and his tone was flat, only his eyes were fixed on Qu Wei, making people feel scared. 

His slow voice was like a warning right now: "You don’t deserve it."

Qu Wei got frightened by his expression.

Cheng Jun even didn’t want to give her a glance for more than a second. He took Ruan Jiujiu's arm and dragged her behind him. Then, the door was closed.

Ruan Jiujiu realized that Cheng Jun was really angry. She carefully dragged his sleeve and asked, "Are you... alright?"

"It's okay."

Cheng Jun, when looked at her, became normal as usual.

Ruan Jiujiu gave a sigh of relief: "But  Qu Wei is like brown sugar. So sticky. She probably will find other ways out...”

"No." He will handle it. He had assured her of keeping her away from troubles. 

Cheng Jun suddenly reached out and touched her soft hair. It was like soothing the little beast. His movements were very light, and even the tone was unbelievably gentle. Ruan Jiujiu felt a little weird and turned away from his hand.

"Don't take advantage of me."

Cheng Jun looked innocent: "Advantage?" It seemed that his reaction was telling Ruan Jiujiu one thing—she had no advantage that can be taken by others.

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

Seeing that Cheng Jun was injured, she endured!

Since Cheng Jun let her not worry about this, so Ruan Jiujiu decided to ignore it. Cheng Jun had his own way of handling it.

Qu Wei felt so angry and returned to the hospital. Cheng’s father had woken up for a while, and his mental state wasn’t bad. When he saw the well-dressed Qu Wei walking into the ward, he suddenly got angry: "Where did you go?"

"This is because of you that I got angry! Cheng Jun, he is really ungrateful, I..."

"Pa!" [face slapping sound]

Cheng’s father was sensitive about his reputation. After he knew that Qu Wei had asked Cheng Jun for money when he was in a coma, he was so angry that he stretched his hand and slapped her.

Qu Wei was stunned: "You dare to beat me?"

"You! You are ashamed! I’ve never seen a woman like you who just like money!"

He became more and more angry, and felt dizzy. The he suddenly twitched and fell to the bed.

Now, he really had to stay in  hospital.

Cheng Jun sent someone to pay for it. The assistant was really meticulous. He only spent on medical treatment and didn’t pay a penny more. Qu Wei was upset. She didn’t know how get extra money but kept accompanying Cheng’s father.

She shyly asked the assistant for money. But the gentle assistant pushed the glasses on the nose, and then the bodyguard behind him stepped forward, staring at Qu Wei coldly. Qu Wei felt terrified.

The assistant smiled: "If you are short of money, I have a channel here to sell bags and jewelry. You can rest assured that you will be given the highest price."

Qu Wei pulled her lips awkwardly: "No, I don’t need to."

After waiting so hard for a long time, she failed to get a penny from Cheng Jun! On the contrary, to please the assistant, she had spent some money. But the assistant never knew what it meant working with money.

Qu Wei really wanted to cry.


Ruan Jiujiu went online and found the numbers of her followers had doubled in just a few hours. The comments were all about blessing and jealousy. She was stunned. Through the comments, she could figure out what was going on.

When she went to the company, the company's staff were polite to her. She like a queen treated by them, which made her feel uncomfortable.

So was this really the feeling of being boss lady?

Recalling the nickname "Overbearing boss’s sweet wife" given by netizens, Ruan Jiujiu laughed, and didn't know what to say.

Cheng Jun felt much better, and he will check it out tomorrow. It seemed that he was very happy. Ruan Jiujiu, sitting on the couch, asked Cheng Jun to peel her grapefruit. She lazily pressed buttons on the remote. There were just similar programs which made her feel bored. Gradually, Ruan Jiujiu felt sleepy.

She yawned, with her eyes narrowed. When the grapefruit was peeled off, she had already fallen asleep.

Recently, she was too busy working. When she closed her eyes, the eye sockets were a little blue, which was obviously caused by frequent overtime.

The living room was very quiet and there was no sound at all.

Cheng Jun looked at Ruan Jiujiu. She slept deeply, but she frowned. As if she felt unstable in her dream. Cheng Jun didn't know what kind of dream she was having at the moment. He pushed her gently, and Ruan Jiujiu fell down on him, mumbled .

Cheng Jun stood up so that she can feel comfortable on the couch. He found a quilt to cover her and tucked it in for her. At this moment, Ruan Jiujiu had fallen into deep sleep. She was motionless, breathing evenly.

Cheng Jun was about to leave. But he stopped, turned around again and crouched in front of her.

Recalling Ruan Jiujiu’s words, Cheng Jun sighed. After a while, he said softly: "I'm afraid, it will be very bad." It was too difficult to hide his feelings. He couldn't do it.

After saying this, he stood up and left the living room.

The lights were turned off.

In the dark living room, it was silent. Ruan Jiujiu, who was supposed to be asleep, suddenly opened her eyes.

She was wrapped in a warm and soft quilt, and stared blankly at the ceiling. 

The author had something to say:   Jiujiu: I should have fallen asleep.

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