Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Chapter 49

Ruan Jiujiu was busy with the game and Cheng Jun was in the study to get down to the problem.

These composite photos were of course familiar to him. They were the photos once sent to him by Ruan Jiujiu’s “lover” who had threatened him. Tu Nan had been afraid that Cheng Jun would be very angry and do irrational things. However, who would have thought Cheng Jun was quite calm.

His counterattack was fierce.

The composite photos had been spread everywhere online by the marketing accounts. But after a while, Jiacheng gave a proof of photo fraud and then this action went on a hot search. The evidence was very clear, which all embarrassed those accounts.

The past of the so-called "lover" was exposed. He had relationship with many women and had a very messy private life. His parents had cut him off. So he wanted to make money through some improper ways. These composite photos had been taken as the “evidence” to threaten Cheng Jun several months ago. However, the man had held grudges since this had been figured out. So, this time, he was used by some bad people. And of course, Ruan Jiujiu and Cheng Jun were defamed again.

Almost all the marketing accounts that had reposted the false information were now sent a lawyer's letter. The letter informed them that the related evidence had been reserved and Jiacheng will file a lawsuit against them. Due to the severe diction, these accounts remembered that Jiacheng once had sued others because of its reputation even at a steep price to itself. So they all immediately made an apology to Jiacheng one after another and deleted the posts.


Then, some evidence of Swiss’ evil deeds were exposed.

For example, planting a spy to receive classified information, and spending money to try to buy Jiacheng’s manuscripts. Many dirty and secret transactions now were all been exposed. In fact, Jiacheng had collected the evidence for a long time and just kept waiting for this timing point.

Swiss pretended to be nice and released its official blog "Jiacheng could not have such a scandal". But the comments below were all ridicule from netizens.

"Of course Jiacheng will not have such a scandal, cuz it’s all your idea.”

"Shit! Why didn't I find Swiss is a performer earlier?”


"If you really got time, you should focus on your game design. Stealing other people's original works is really disgusting. And your work is still bad enough. Loser! [vomit/vomit] ”

"Yep. Swiss had pretended to be innocent last time. And this time, again? Don’t you think we’re all idiots?”

"Poor Swiss! Jiacheng now launched  counterattack. Time for you to be taught a lesson.” 

Swiss had kept silent and pretended nothing happened.

However, there soon had another big news—Jiacheng's lady boss had an affair with the club's e-sports player Gu You. Suddenly, there were many opinions about this. The anonym claimed that she herself was Gu You's childhood sweetheart. She even put evidence online, including some chat records in the game "Like a Dream", and said it was Jiacheng's lady boss who sabotaged the relationship between them.

Things had been reversed again. The onlookers were all shocked.

The club’s competition will start in a few weeks. If this was true, then Jiacheng’s club will be scolded and it will be difficult for Gu You to continue his competition.

To deal with this, first, Gu You immediately issued a statement on his Weibo, saying that he had no personal relationship with the boss lady, and their colleagues can prove it.

Second, the players of "Like a Dream" also proved it.

At that time, many people had paid attention to the gossip of the game. Several players in the gang group had Weibo accounts, so they all made a statement that Gu You and Ruan Jiujiu were innocent. And then, everyone realized one thing—

Wait! Jiacheng's big boss was Liszt? Liszt was Jiu Jiu Jiu’s husband? Jiu Jiu Jiu was the painter Fat Bird Fly First? The two had been married for many years? ? ?


Liszt's furious battle against Homeland had quickly come to the top of the hot search. The netizens had all been dumbfounded at that time. He was handsome!!! 

Now everyone's focus quickly shifted.

Then, some marketing accounts even stared to help netizens to figure things out. What’s more, because some posts at that time had received great attention and many players stood out to make explanations, so the truth revealed gradually: the anonym, or say the so-called childhood sweetheart had one-way crush on Gu You, but they wasn’t a couple. Qingfeng Biying not only wrote fabrications online, but also tried to provoked “Jiu Jiu Jiu”, Jiacheng’s lady boss. But she had been taught a lesson in return.   

The whole event was made up by Qingfeng Biying, or say that anonym. In the chat evidence she posted, Gu You never had promised anything.

Netizens made Xu Biying immediately change from a victim to a patient of persecutory delusion. Her Weibo alt then stopped updating due to people’s attack.

This time, she really felt what people called real "cyber violence".

Netizens were very busy. They ran to Jiacheng's official blog to watch and then to Swiss. They checked Xu Biying's alt and then check Gu You’s account. Finally they ran back to Jiacheng and then went to Fat Bird Fly First to comfort Ruan Jiujiu. 

However, who can think that she was still struggling with AniPop.

After the rumors rested a little, Jiacheng gave another heavy blow.

Its official Weibo account issued a statement, which roughly meant that Jiacheng no longer had any cooperation with Swiss. Everyone had clear eyes.

Then, many funny comments had been made below this serious official Weibo. The top 1 was: “Btw, our boss said it’s impossible to get a divorce. [laugh]"

After this Weibo being updated, everyone was in an uproar. Although Jiacheng was large and enjoyed a rosy prospect, it was still a loss for it to give up cooperation with Swiss. So Jiacheng was very decisive. Now, Weibo became netizens’ party place, and some marketing account even adopted newsjacking strategy by listing all the corporations of Jiacheng and Swiss, respectively. Jiacheng’s corporations were all big companies. These company all presented the evidence to prove their cooperation with Jiacheng. They, with a wicked sense of humor, stuck meme “My friends, don’t fire!”

No matter it was the onlooker or people who watched PDA, all helped to publicize Jiacheng’s new game “Journey of Knight”.

Ruan Jiujiu’s Weibo had been completely occupied by netizens.

Comments included comforting, onlooking, blessings, jealous and some even asked she and Cheng Jun to get married quickly. But then someone immediately reminded that she was already the boss lady. Then, the marriage request instantly changed into “please stop PDA”.

Tu Nan called Cheng Jun: "Boss, do you want to show up for a meeting?"

Cheng Jun: "Huh?"

"Like Iron Man proclaiming himself Iron Man and Black Panther proclaiming himself Black Panther,  you?"

Cheng Jun: "..."

Beep. Cheng Jun hung up. Tu Nan felt his career was in the precarious situation in the new year. But, if he knew that he had interrupted his boss’ love confession a few hours ago, he would have chosen to die on the spot without hesitation.

Ruan Jiujiu was fighting against AniPop. Suddenly, Cheng Jun opened his study door and put Ruan Jiujiu's mobile phone on the coffee table.

Ruan Jiujiu subconsciously curled up on the couch, holding his phone in the arms to prevent him from seeing it.

Cheng Jun glanced at her and asked, "Level?"

Ruan Jiujiu: "... Don't ask!"

Cheng Jun: "?"

Ruan Jiujiu quit the game and deleted it. She said seriously: "Too high, and I'm afraid to scare you, so it’s no good for you to know.” 

He took the phone and said slowly: "I logged in with WeChat account."

Ruan Jiujiu: "! ! ! "

So, he could see her level as long as he re-downloaded it!

"No download!"

She held the cushion in one hand and quickly stepped forward to grab the phone. Cheng Jun's arm was long and he raised it high. Ruan Jiujiu didn't catch it, but instead fell on Cheng Jun's body. Cheng Jun, being caught off guard, fell down backwards. He was trapped in the soft couch and Ruan Jiujiu also fell on him.

Although Cheng Jun was a geek, he had muscles. Because of no soft fat, Ruan Jiujiu felt like she had hit a wall, making her dizzy. She even didn’t realize her intimate hugging posture. 

Cheng Jun, trapped in the couch, looked at her. He now forgot to move.

She smelled so good. It was the shower gel. Her hair also smelled good, which made Cheng Jun wonder—why tacky shampoo was fragrant.

Ruan Jiujiu felt unbelievably soft, as if she had no bones, giving him the impulse for the first time—he wanted to pinch her.

"Why are you like a brick. So painful." Ruan Jiujiu rubbed her nose. She suddenly remembered Cheng Jun was also injured, "Ah! Your arm is okay?"

She quickly straightened her body, making Cheng Jun feel empty and disappointed.

He murmured: "It's okay."

"Do you want to check it? I'm afraid the wound was pressed just now."

Cheng Jun: "No."

Ruan Jiujiu: "Better to check it!"

Cheng Jun's tone was firm: "No."

Ruan Jiujiu regarded this as a man's self-esteem. But who would have thought that just because Cheng Jun's wound had scab, so it was terrible for her to know that he had ready recovered. 

Today, there was still no understanding between the couple.

"Boom boom boom!" A knock suddenly sounded.

They looked at each other. Ruan Jiujiu guessed: "You called takeaway?"

Cheng Jun: "... No."

"No takeaway, so who would knock on the door?" Even Tu Nan wasn’t given permission to visit him, let alone others. This house was like his private territory, so he prohibited anyone from getting in and out.

Just then, Ruan Jiujiu’s phone rang.

It was Qu Wei? !

Cheng Jun glanced at the name on her phone. He was very calm and ready to open the door. But then was stopped by Ruan Jiujiu.

"No, you are injured and your combat strength is too weak. Let me."

Ruan Jiujiu still didn’t know that boss Cheng had taught Swiss a lesson online. She, right now, was like protecting a little chick to stop Cheng Jun behind her. Ruan Jiujiu quickly cleaned herself up and waited Qu Wei’s second hung-up. Then, she calmly walked towards the door.

Was it a joke? The stepmother still wanted to come over to share the money? Did she really think they were some stupid rich people?

The author had something to say:

Ruan Jiujiu: Don't worry! I got you!

Cheng Jun: Okay.

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