Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Chapter 48

There were rumors about Jiacheng outside, saying that the company's big boss finally showed up. Various rumors made Tu Nan feel very busy.

Cheng Jun’s photos were exposed, and at the same time the whole network was in an uproar. They all focused on one point—Damn! Was Jiacheng’s boss so pretty? ! Paparazzi's fuzzy photos didn't even make him look a little ugly!

So Jiacheng not only didn’t lose its reputation by concealing Cheng Jun’s identity.

Instead, Cheng Jun's photos caused a huge upsurge of female fans. They all crammed into Jiacheng’s official blog to call him husband and asked Cheng Jun to debut. His popularity can be equal to online celebrity now.

The official blog, which had been silent for a long time, now only sent one message online.

It was a meme: Stop daydreaming.

At the same time, there was a message saying that Cheng Jun had been married for many years. His wife was the painter Fat Bird Fly First. The couple had kept a low profile for many years, and no one disclosed their identities. Then another group of people ran to the Fat Bird Fly First’s Weibo to verify this. They saw that Ruan Jiujiu updated her Weibo, and then became her fans.

So, Ruan Jiujiu didn’t know what happened but received a new nickname.

"Overbearing boss’s sweet wife."

Ruan Jiujiu saw this nickname on the Internet: "..."

The employees of the company were even more shocked. They used to think that Ruan Jiujiu was just some well-connected person and had something to do with Tu Nan. Who could have expected that she was the wife of the mysterious boss? ? ?

She was so amiable! She was so simple that they didn't find it at all!

In other words, the boss lady had been eating with them at that day. And they not only had failed to cherish the opportunity, but also persuaded her to drink.

Recalling that Cheng Jun's face when he took Ruan Jiujiu home, some colleagues who had persuaded her to drink turned pale faces now. Each one wrote a self-criticism all night and asked to hand it over to Tu Nan.

However, the real big boss was at home casually...

Ate two bowls of white porridge.


Ruan Jiujiu was really good at cooking. Even it was the ordinary white rice porridge, with sour and salty delicious side dishes, Cheng Jun can eat a lot. But he couldn't stand this everyday. Cheng Jun even felt himself had become that bowl of porridge.

However, Ruan Jiujiu treated herself very well. She ate everything. When she was eating noodles, she told Cheng Jun not to eat too much pickles, which was bad for the wound.

Cheng Jun had asked her for the Nth time on the same day: "Go to hospital. My wound seems to be healed."

Ruan Jiujiu said angrily, "Only two days passed. Healed? You think who you are? God"

It was hard to say that he will be a god, but he might turned into a monster if still kept eating porridge.

Cheng Jun sighed quietly.

Ruan Jiujiu felt that he was staring at her noddles. She hugged the bowl and said, "Do you think I have bothered you? Then I’ll go back to the room."

Cheng Jun: "No. Let's go to hospital after eating."

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

What was this guy thinking about? Two days ago, the person who called the pain was him. Wasn't it?

One ate porridge and the other ate noodles. Ruan Jiujiu unilaterally thought that this was very harmonious.

After dinner, Cheng Jun washed the dishes. He took the towel into the bathroom, and then was dragged by Ruan Jiujiu. She said rightly: "Haven’t you promised me not to take a shower these days? It will be infected."

It was okay not to take a bath for one day. But two days? He always felt a musty smell on him.

Cheng Jun said: "I will stink."

Ruan Jiujiu answered him very naturally: "It doesn’t matter. Isn't there a word called stinky man? If you even dislike your own taste, how can you expect others not to dislike you?"

Cheng Jun was silent.

He even didn’t know how to refute? ? ?

The two started a tug of war. Finally, Cheng Jun compromised and promised Ruan Jiujiu that he only took a little shower. But he needed Ruan Jiujiu to help him wash the hair.

Ruan Jiujiu thought it was so easy. So she accepted it.

Cheng Jun took a shower. His body was wet and wrapped in pajamas. He was standing in the bathroom. Ruan Jiujiu entered and looked around. Although they had lived together for so long, she had never seen his bathroom, which was much cleaner than she thought. The sea blue bricks, clean mirrors and racks. There were not many things, but they were all in good order.

"Wow, not bad."

Ruan Jiujiu held the shower head and patted Cheng Jun's neck to make him bow his head. Cheng Jun lowered his head obediently. He was tall, so the wash basin wasn’t fit him too much and even looked a little weird.

Ruan Jiujiu murmured, "Why are you so tall?"

"We can balance each other out."

After hearing this, Ruan Jiujiu froze for a moment, but then immediately pressed his neck down: "Stop joking. I'm going to put hot water!"

She really shouldn't think Cheng Jun as a well-behaved man. From the beginning to the end, she was so busy.

"Too hot."

"Too small."

"A little cold. Warm it up."


"Shut up!" Ruan Jiujiu was a little angry.

Cheng Jun lowered his head in a muffled voice, and for a while, said slowly: "The shampoo entered my eyes."

"Ah, sorry! Your fault! Why didn't you tell me earlier!"


After washing his hair, Ruan Jiujiu dried it with a blow dryer. She turned on hot air, gently blowing him. Cheng Jun's curly hair tips looked a little bit messy. She thought that his black hair would be soft, but it was actually hard and piercing. Ruan Jiujiu kept rubbing his hair like raking a cornfield, so that it would dry faster.

Cheng Jun's voice was very low: "Can I ask why?"

The noise of the hair dryer was a bit loud. Ruan Jiujiu, "What? Speak louder."

"Why do you feel bad."


The wire of the hair dryer was a little short. Being pulled by her, it suddenly fell off the socket. The buzzing sound disappeared instantly. It happened that she heard Cheng Jun clearly.

Ruan Jiujiu realized this a few seconds later. Then she remembered he was asking about the matter in the hospital that day.

She had to admit that this guy's reflex arc was very long. Two days later, he can still think of this matter and ask. Ruan Jiujiu admired him.

His hair was almost dry, and Ruan Jiujiu rubbed his head and retracted the hair dryer wire."

I understand you. Even it is an assumption, you’ll be concerned about it. I know, men's self-esteem... So, the reason is very simple, because we have no feelings, and it is bad to have them."

In comparison, Ruan Jiujiu regarded him more as one of her friends, relatives, or some special person who can be trusted.

But she, at the same time, was also very sensible. She always knew how to restrain herself and avoid unnecessary harm.

She controlled herself very well to avoid making mistakes. And she believed Cheng Jun was even more so. Cheng Jun's personality lacked emotional dependence, so he paid special attention to her. Few female characters had appeared in his life, so he thought her existence was special.

If Cheng Jun changed the environment, he wouldn’t think that she had anything to rely on.

This was always her opinion.

Speaking of cooking, there had many people better than her; Speaking of painting, she wasn’t irreplaceable. It was very easy for a large company like Jiacheng to find some talented artists. And speaking of the appearance, it was even more ridiculous. She wasn’t as good-looking as Cheng Jun. If he wanted, there will be a lot of outstanding girls waiting in line.

What’s more, she was grumpy and competitive. She always bullied Cheng Jun because of his good temper. Anyway, she got a lot of flaws. It was really weird if Cheng Jun had fallen in love with her.

Although Ruan Jiujiu always laughed at Cheng Jun that a man like him can even be loved by girls, she knew that Cheng Jun was pretty excellent and she can never be perfect for him.

Therefore, from the beginning to the end, except for being attracted by his pretty face sometimes, she had never thought about the possibility between them.

"Sop thinking too much. Mr. Cheng, if you really have a good girl, hurry up! After all, you’re not young anymore." Ruan Jiujiu put the hair dryer in the drawer. "It’s not a good thing if I always live with you, right?”  

Cheng Jun was silent for a long time.


Ruan Jiujiu took a few steps and didn't hear it clearly. She froze for a while and then turned back: "Excuse me?"

"I said……"

"Ding Ding Dong Dong..."

The ringtone on the phone interrupted Cheng Jun. He picked up his cell phone and saw that it was Tu Nan's call. He picked it up.

"Boss, someone has released sister-in-law's negative stuff. I’ve checked it and it should be done by Swiss. I’m still working on it. Don't let her go online. She’ll be unhappy if she sees it."

Of course, it was better for Cheng Jun not to see it as well.

All kinds of rumors on the Internet had been in an uproar. Ruan Jiujiu’s so-called friends had all come out to prove her dissipated private life. They claimed that Ruan Jiujiu was still flirting with others after marriage, and Jiacheng’s stupid boss even didn’t know himself had been cuckolded 

With a few very realistic composite photos, even Tu Nan was startled at first, thinking that his sister-in-law really had done such things.

Cheng Jun's tone was very calm: "Got it."

Then he hang up.

Ruan Jiujiu: "You okay?" She could see that Cheng Jun wasn’t very happy.

Cheng Jun stood up, grabbed her arm, and pulled her to sit on the couch in the living room. He clicked a few times on his mobile phone. When he handed it to her, the phone screen showed AniPop game. 

Ruan Jiujiu was a little bit confused: “What’s this?" 

"Play it until 20th levels."

Ruan Jiujiu: "? ? ? “

Cheng Jun put one hand into his pocket and took her mobile phone with another hand: "No cheating."

Ruan Jiujiu thought it was a joke. A game like AniPop? Even a three-year-olds child know how to play. It was going to be a piece of cake for her to get into the 20th level.

Cheng Jun took her mobile phone into the study room. Ruan Jiujiu never worried that Cheng Jun would check her cell phone, so she concentrated on playing. How could she be underestimated by Cheng Jun for this game?

After an hour.

Ruan Jiujiu: "Probably I’m only one and a half years old."

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