Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Chapter 47

Speak of the devil and he will appear.

As soon as Gu You entered the ward, he saw Xu Biying struggling on the bed. She looked so stubborn with hair scattered and eyes redden, which made her somewhat scaring. 

Gu You was silent for a few seconds and then said, "Enough?"

"Brother Yu! You came to see me!"

Xu Biying looked aggrieved: “Listen to me, you are all cheated by the woman Ruan Jiujiu. She is not what you think. She is pretending to be a good woman. She...”


Gu You's eyes, without the usual gentleness and calmness, were severe now. He went to Xu Biying's bed: "If you make trouble again, I’ll tell your parents everything. I can't manage you anymore."


Her parents were still looking forward to her wedding. They even had happily discussed the location of the wedding several days ago. Xu Biying absolutely neither wanted them to know that there was no possibility between her and Gu You, nor got laughed at by some villains.

Xu Biying helplessly grabbed Gu You's clothing: "Please trust me. She has already known you could make success. Being not divorced is also  because she has known Cheng Jun is rich and a big boss. She is not sincere!"

"Xu Biying!"

Gu You was very angry: "Do your parents teach you to discredit others' reputation like this!"

Xu Biying bit her lip unwillingly: "I didn't lie!" That woman was definitely not good! Once she had another richer man, she’ll definitely fly into the arms of that man without hesitation.

Gu You’s eyes to her was full of disappointment as well as indifference.

“There are already squatted media outside to guess what happened. You’d better be quiet. If Tu Nan wants to sue you, I won't be on your side."

Xu Biying couldn't believe it: "You want to stand on the side of Ruan Jiujiu? Why? Who is your childhood sweetheart for many years?"

Gu You pulled back his clothes: "My sister Biying is gone."

Then he turned and left.

Gu You came out of the ward and then met a man leaning against the wall. He wore a black coat. His back was against the cold tiles. He had no expression on the face. A pair of sleepy eyes glanced at Gu You carelessly. Even his eyes were very calm.

Almost ridiculously, Gu You soon thought of Liszt. Did he, on the other side of the computer screen, look at him with such eyes?

It really made people feel angry but powerless.

"How about your shoulder? You okay?” Gu You had injured his wrist a few months ago, so now he felt somewhat sympathetic.

Cheng Jun withdrew his gaze, and even his eyes were filled with coolness. He sneered slowly: "Of course.”

"That's good. By the way, where is Ruan Jiujiu?"

Cheng Jun looked at him sideways, and didn’t want to answer him.

There were only a few big words written in Cheng Jun’s eyes: None of your business.

Tu Nan had gone to deal with Xu Biying. There still had the media who was squatting outside and tried to find some gossip. So Tu Nan was so busy now. Of course, Cheng Jun didn’t need his care.

So the errands of buying Yakult should be done by Ruan Jiujiu.

Cheng Jun just wanted to got a talk with Gu You, so he gave her the errand.

"I don't allow anyone to hurt her."

Gu You became serious: "So do I.”

"Remember what I said? Don't waste time."

Gu You frowned: "I ..."

"Hey? Gu You, why are you here?" Ruan Jiujiu’s voice sounded from afar, "Ah... Is it because of us?"

It made sense. Xu Biying had few friends here, so there was no other way for her except for turning to Gu You. Gu You realized Ruan Jiujiu’s hidden message. He subconsciously retorted: "I'm not here to speak for her."

"It's okay. We listen to the facts."

Ruan Jiujiu shook her head, not wanting to talk about Xu Biying again.

"You okay? Hurt?" Gu You asked with concern.

Ruan Jiujiu said with a smile: "No, I ..."

Cheng Jun snorted suddenly which exactly interrupted their conversation.

Ruan Jiujiu shifted her eyes quickly on Cheng Jun: "Does your arm still hurt? Why did you run out without permission?"

Mr. Cheng, who had behaved in a careless and cool manner, now relaxed in Gu You’s gaze. The imposing gesture disappeared in one second. He weakly touched his injured shoulder: "I can't find you, and I’m worried. "

Ruan Jiujiu really wanted to roll her eyes and told him who had asked her to buy Yakult. But whenever Cheng Jun showed his weakness, Ruan Jiujiu then didn’t know how to blame him. 

So she sighed: "I said I’ll be back soon. Let’s go. ”


Cheng Jun followed Ruan Jiujiu into the ward, leaving Gu You surprised and eye-greened. He really didn't expect that Cheng Jun could use such a "despicable" trick one day. And he also didn’t know how Cheng Jun felt about this, 

But to be honest, he was so jealous.


The doctor advised Ruan Jiujiu about specific matters, mainly not to get wet, not to do strenuous exercises and just have a rest in peace.

It was just a minor injury, and the doctor didn’t intend to give any advice. But Cheng Jun beside him kept staring at him and made his toes curl. So the doctor thought of benefiting the husband and wife relationship, and then said a lot of unnecessary precautions with Ruan Jiujiu seriously.

Ruan Jiujiu wrote them down one by one.

After they returned home, Cheng Jun sat on the couch and said, "I want to eat braised lamb chops."

"How can you eat lamb when you are injured?"

"Then fish ..."

"You can't eat fish! What should I do if the wound is inflamed?" Ruan Jiujiu was afraid that the wound can’t be healed soon, which might affect his work efficiency. "You should drink porridge these days. Eat lighter. Wait until you get better, and then I’ll cook you a big meal. "

Cheng Jun realized that he was digging his own grave. So he immediately took measures to remedy: "My wound seems to be healed."

Ruan Jiujiu took a glance at him: "Eating is more important than life? It needs a hundred days for a person who hurt his bones to get recovered. So we’ll go to check it again after a week."


Not only did God close the window, but also bolted the door, and no light seemed to penetrate through. Cheng Jun was paralyzed on the couch. This time he was really paralyzed.

Was it too late to repent?


Xu Biying had been tortured enough these days.

She just put down roots in this strange but familiar city and found a new job. Because of her farce in Jiacheng, her new boss probably heard of something. Now, her job was gone and Gu You wasn’t reliable anymore.

She had little savings and never had a sense of crisis. When she came out of the police station, she suddenly realized that if she can’t find a way to fix this, she probably really had one way to save herself—went home and told her parents.

At this time, Xu Biying thought of one person.

In despair, she found the card and called him.

The phone answered. Nangong Aotian's sneer came: "So why call me again? Didn't you run along with your lover?"

Xu Biying stood in her small room.

This single apartment was only about forty square meters, and the electrical appliances were aging. She was now living a life that is as wretched as in her previous life. How could she allow herself to repeat such a desperate life? No, absolutely not!

Xu Biying grabbed the phone, and the glory and wealth in her mind were like bubbles. All disappeared.

She just wanted to live a better life. Was this her fault? Why did they always think of her as sinful? 

Xu Biying didn’t want this.

She wiped away her tears and felt desperate. Gu You had completely abandoned her, let alone Cheng Jun. How can someone like him fall in love with others. She had only one way now—to cling to Nangong Aotian.

Although he wasn’t a good match and compared with Gu You, he had nothing but money,

... being rich was also his strength.

Her voice continued to tremble: "I want to follow you."

Nangong Aotian snorted with a contemptuous tone: "Do you think I'm a scavenger? Stop joking. I never pick up second-hand goods."

Being called as second-hand goods, Xu Biying held her phone tightly, trembled. She almost got angry at him. But she patiently held her anger back and said, "If I have something about Jiacheng on me?"

Nangong Aotian said coldly: "Do you think I’ll believe you this time?"


Xu Biying took a deep breath: "How about we meet and talk about this."

Xu Biying really wanted to see what people would do when Ruan Jiujiu’s sordid past was exposed to the world!

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