Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Chapter 46

Cheng Jun's right shoulder was scratched by the debris of an empty ink bottle dropped on the ground. Things happened too fast, so Ruan Jiujiu didn't even notice the drop of the bottle. Thanks for the clothes protection, Cheng Jun wasn’t hurt too much by the glass debris.

But Ruan Jiujiu looked worried.

Cheng Jun was taken over to treat the injury, and Xu Biying, who had passed out, was also taken to check out. Fortunately, it was only hypoglycemia. She was still unconscious and was given fluids. It won’t took much time for her to wake up.

Ruan Jiujiu was so upset. She just kept turning around, which made Tu Nan feel dizzy.

Tu Nan felt a little funny: "Calm down, sister-in-law. It’s just a minor injury."

"It’s my fault." She had a chance to escape. It was because of her hesitation. Otherwise, Cheng Jun didn’t need to suffer this.

Normally, she was very flexible. If it wasn’t sitting for a day and the body was so stiff, she won’t be pushed down by Xu Biying. According to Tu Nan, Xu Biying, with the help of Fang, had entered the company. Although Fang had left the company, she had good relations with several security guards. But after a while, Tu Nan dismissed these people.

The police rushed to inquire about the situation, and Ruan Jiujiu answered truthfully. They had already got the surveillance video upstairs, and after Xu Biying woke up, she’ll be asked to make a note later. The police will check the video after came back to the station.

Because there was no direct injury to Ruan Jiujiu and Cheng Jun wasn’t seriously hurt, so the police can’t give Xu Biying criminal punishment.

Ruan Jiujiu had just wanted to stay away from Xu Biying. But she had no idea this woman was crazy. Who knew she would like a mad dog to bite someone else.

Cheng Jun came out.

Tu Nan was about to step forward but Ruan Jiujiu was ahead of him. Tu Nan then touched his head in embarrassment. Of course, the boss didn’t want to see him in the first eyes. So it was better to leave room for the couple.

"Are you okay, are you okay? Would it hurt a lot? Are your muscles hurt. Can your arm still work?”

Ruan Jiujiu really freaked out. If something went wrong with Cheng Jun's arm, the impact on him will last a lifetime, and no matter how she compensated him, it won't help.

Cheng Jun’s wound just looked scary. In fact, it was very shallow and will be healed within a few days. He didn’t even feel the pain now. But he watched Ruan Jiujiu trotting all the way with anxiety and tension, his calm expression instantly turned into a frown.

"It hurts."

"Quick, sit down and take a rest. You need water? I get it for you.”


Tu Nan on the side looked stunned: "..." The boss was too shameless! !

Cheng Jun was drinking warm water, and Ruan Jiujiu was busy taking care of him. She did everything for him except for getting him just lie in bed. Tu Nan had seen everything. His face even got a cramp, but he immediately got a cold sweat and then pretended nothing happened after being stared at by the boss.

At this moment, a nurse came in and told them that Xu Biying was awake.

Cheng Jun stood up subconsciously, but was dragged by Ruan Jiujiu. Like coaxing him as a little child: "Just sit here and don't move. We’ll be back later."

Tu Nan snorted.

Cheng Jun: "..."

"Sister-in-law, you accompany the boss here. It's not a big deal over there. I’ll check it out."

Ruan Jiujiu: "But ..."

"Easy, I got this.”

Ruan Jiujiu watched Tu Nan to another ward. In the face of the police inquiry, Xu Biying pressed her lips tightly and stared at the ceiling without a word. It wasn’t until Tu Nan entered the door that she recovered her mind. She looked at Tu Nan in disbelief.

"I just have one question—"

In the face of Xu Biying, Tu Nan lost his friendly attitude which he always had to Ruan Jiujiu. His eyes were like the ice, making people feel cold.

"I don't care about your reasons or doubts. You got to understand that you have run into Jiacheng and almost hurt people."

"Cheng Jun is the mysterious big boss, right? Right?" Xu Biying ignored his words completely, murmured with a pale face over and over again, "I need to see Cheng Jun! I need to see him!"

When she became excited, the transparent infusion tube was flooded with red blood. The nurse beside her quickly held her down to calm her down.

"Ruan Jiujiu is a liar! She is no different from me. She is a fake. Don't be fooled by her!"

"She was going to divorce, but she doesn’t. This is must because she knows Cheng Jun is rich!"

Tu Nan said it coldly to the policeman beside him: "Find a doctor to assess her mental state. I have reason to suspect that she has mania and paranoia. Perhaps she is more suitable to stay in a nursing home to recover and then come out."

"Okay, we’ll contact the doctor tomorrow."


On the other side, Ruan Jiujiu was peeling oranges for Cheng Jun.

Cheng Jun behaved well. He sat on the hospital bed and waited for Ruan Jiujiu to bring the orange to his mouth. He silently looked at Ruan Jiujiu's devotion to peeling oranges. His eyes were fixed. Ruan Jiujiu felt uncomfortable being stared at by him. She then stared at Cheng Jun angrily.

"What are you looking at!"

Cheng Jun: "I'm afraid you will eat oranges."

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

Cheng Jun: "Peel off the white veins."

Ruan Jiujiu: "... I advise you to be kind and thank you."

It was because he was hurt for her, so Ruan Jiujiu tried to suppress her anger. If according to her usual temper, she had already beaten him on the spot now. How could he be here to find trouble for her.

She fiercely peeled the orange and handed it to him.

Cheng Jun looked innocent: "I can’t peel it with only one hand.”

Ruan Jiujiu can’t bear it anymore. When she was about to get angry. Cheng Jun immediately frowned and hissed weakly: "The shoulder hurts. It seems that it hurts the bone."

"..." Fine, she endured.

Ruan Jiujiu peeled the petals of the oranges patiently and put them on his hands. Only then did Cheng Jun eat the oranges in peace and contentment.

"Why did you keep holding me for a while? Did you mess with your head?"

Ruan Jiujiu now remembered something wrong with his facial expression at that time. He had been like a fish out of water, and had tightly held her waist, which almost made her breathless. Ruan Jiujiu nearly thought Cheng Jun liked her. Otherwise, why he done this to her?

Cheng Jun was silent for a moment and said, "No, I didn’t."

"So you cared about me?" Ruan Jiujiu teased him.


Ruan Jiujiu: "I knew you wouldn't... um? ? ? "

Ruan Jiujiu was stunned for a moment. She didn't expect Cheng Jun to give a positive answer. In her mind, Cheng Jun’s world had no word for love at all. She was strangely consistent with Jiao Fan in this matter. Both of them believe that Cheng Jun can reproduce asexually and give birth to his offspring.

Therefore, she quickly ruled out the possibility that Cheng Jun would like her.

Ruan Jiujiu: "Why are you so serious? Don't make me think you like me!"

Cheng Jun held the orange in his palm, and the soft orange petals clung to his wet skin. He was about to say what was in his heart. But the next second, Ruan Jiujiu frowned and said, "That would be terrible."

His eyes froze.

Before Cheng Jun had time to ask "Why". Tu Nan opened the door and walked in: "That woman is a maniac. She wants Gu You to come here. If Gu You is related to this matter, then I really won’t forgive him.”

"It has nothing to do with others. She just wanted to come to me to vent her anger."

"In any case, she has to bear the consequences. How could she hurt others according to her will? “

"But," Tu Nan looked at Cheng Jun in annoyance. "Boss, what should I do with my slips of tongue.”

Cheng Jun heard it.

He was very calm and slowly said: "It’s okay to reveal who I am."

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