Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Chapter 45

Ruan Jiujiu realized that she was  still angry with him, but they were too close now, so she didn't know how to show him the poker face.

Ruan Jiujiu cleared her throat, took back her phone, and asked with a dull expression, "What do you eat tonight?"

Cheng Jun's eyes lit up: "Sweet and sour fish ..."

"Oh, noodles, got it."

Cheng Jun: "..."

Ruan Jiujiu put one and a half eggs on her noodles but only half for Cheng Jun. The half one was an appreciation of his help just now. 

Never forecast what a woman will do next. Mr. Cheng, looking at the half egg in front of him, felt so miserable.

But he knew if he said no, then he might even have no soup to eat, let along the egg. Therefore, he decided to eat the egg first so as not to lose it.

Ruan Jiujiu: "What about the steak?"

Cheng Jun was very clever: "It's up to you."

"Then let it be the side dish for lunch tomorrow. Heat it and you can still eat."

The next day, Mr. Cheng patiently waited until lunch time to open the bento box but found that there was only a small piece of steak.

Cheng Jun: "..."

Tu Nan, passing by, took a glance at it and then asked in surprise: "Boss, you sure you can eat enough?"

Cheng Jun looked at the culprit, quietly. Tu Nan felt uneasy and nervous. He asked with cold sweat, "Do you need me to buy you a meal?"


It turned out that you can neither offend a foodie now a chef.


Ruan Jiujiu had eaten one and a half steak, side dish and staple food for lunch. She was stuffed! But suddenly a sense of guilt rose in her heart. What about Cheng Jun? His appetite was much better than hers.

Old Meng beside her said, "You got a lunch in abundance. Rich girl."

"Nope, it's for free, so take it or waste it."

She said it in a bad way. After thinking for while, she decided to prepare an extra meal for Cheng Jun at night. After all, she didn't want to dream again in the middle of the night that the rat rattled something.

Today Ruan Jiujiu was a little busy. She worked overtime till night. When the work was completed, she was tired and her back was stiff. After a while, she stood up. Ruan Jiujiu stretched in place, and the phone sounded. It was Cheng Jun's message.

Cheng Jun: Is it over?

Ruan Jiujiu: Yes.

Employees at this point had long been off work. Only the technical maintenance department and customer service were still on duty. Ruan Jiujiu was ready to go to the parking lot. She walked out of the office, but saw a familiar figure.

Ruan Jiujiu was in surprise: "How did you come in?"

It was Xu Biying!

It had been a long time to see Xu Biying. She had lost her usual glamour. She looked haggard with dirty skin and tired eyes. Although she was so skinny, the cruelness revealed from her eyes made people feel scared.

"Gu You is not here if you are for him."

"No, I'm coming for you, Ruan Jiujiu."

Word by word, she said them very clearly. Xu Biying clenched her teeth as if she bitten Ruan Jiujiu. Ruan Jiujiu somehow felt cold.  

Ruan Jiujiu quietly took a step back. She didn’t know how Xu Biying had avoided the security gate, got into here and even found the building where she was. Now, Ruan Jiujiu couldn't escape. She only hoped that the remaining employees would soon find out something happened.

"I didn't expect it... I didn't expect it." Xu Biying squeezed out her smile which was uglier than crying. "If it wasn't that day I had seen Gu You drunk and called your name, I thought! I thought—" She thought that Gu You had found his last-life wife.

Who would have expected it to be Ruan Jiujiu!

As long as Xu Biying remembered that Ruan Jiujiu didn't divorce but still hooked up with Gu You, she'll immediately regard Ruan Jiujiu as a slut. If she could, she really wanted to slap this innocent white lotus!

How could she didn't know what kind of person Ruan Jiujiu was. If she really knew how to paint and how to play around with these two men. How could she lead such a miserable life in her last life.

"I thought I was the only one..." Xu Biying pursed her lips, "You are the same as me."

Ruan Jiujiu: "What?"

"The same. Rebirth."

Looking at her, Xu Bying thought she should be reborn earlier, so she can grasp the opportunity. Xu Biying only hated herself for being too careless. She had no idea that there would be a second rebirth woman who had even seized than chance earlier than her, leading to her present embarrassing situation.

Ruan Jiujiu suddenly got it—Xu Biying thought she was reborn again?

But Xu Biying was half right. It was just that she was reborn in another person's shell and knew the plot that Xu Biying didn't know.

Ruan Jiujiu shook her head: "I don't understand what you're talking about. If it's about Gu You, sorry, he and me are simply impossible, and I won't give him any chance."

She can divorce and can be with others, but this person can never be Gu You.

"So what do you mean? You wanna hook up with more than one? What a clever woman! Got a lover outside, and leave a husband home. It's disgusting to pretend to be innocent."

Although these words were harsh, Ruan Jiujiu just let it go. If there was a fight in the company, the situation will get worse. It had no bad effects on Xu Biying once she left, but she herself was still need to work here.

Ruan Jiujiu knew that Xu Biying's tricks. She just wanted to pick a fight to embarrass Ruan Jiujiu.

But Ruan Jiujiu wasn't a fool. She imagined Xu Biying as a moldy potato, and then she felt much lighter.

"You need to leave." Ruan Jiujiu said in a calm tone, "The security team will patrol here later, and there are still many employees in the company who didn't leave. I hope you can clear up your mind. If today you made a big trouble here, Gu You will only hate you more."

Hearing Gu You, Xu Biying smiled suddenly, with tears in her eyes.

"He doesn't like me, so this is not a good excuse."

Ruan Jiujiu stunned.

She had just thought that Gu You was in conflict with Xu Biying, but didn't expect a crack between them. Watching Xu Biying's desperate expression when mentioned Gu You, Ruan Jiujiu realized that, perhaps, the relationship between the leading man and the leading woman had changed dramatically but quietly.

Taking advantage of her stunned moment, Xu Biying became angry: "I can't live a good life, but why can you?"

How could her white moonlight, her childhood sweetheart, fall in love with such a woman? She can't believe it!

Xu Biying only wanted to get her in trouble. She needed Ruan Jiujiu also became notorious and can never stand up again. Only in this way can Xu Biying feel happy. 

There were still no others to go upstairs. Watching Xu Biying's eyes getting more and more stranger, Ruan Jiujiu knew bad things will happen. She took a glance at the emergency access. It seemed that she can only run away.

At this moment, Xu Biying's eyes became cold and she pushed Ruan Jiujiu hard!

Xu Biying's intention was to wait for Ruan Jiujiu to fight her back, and then she would desperately scream to attract the security personnel. It was best to make it a trending topic to let the netizens see how bad the so-called painter Ruan Jiujiu was.

Ruan Jiujiu had wanted to avoid the push.

However, after a day of work, her body was stiff. When her body twisted hard, she didn't have time to react. The body was a step faster than the nerve, and she fell backward. The back of her head was about to hit the corner of the table! It will kill a person if he fell in this!

Shit! Shit! Shit!

Ruan Jiujiu got desperate. Wouldn't this fall kill her?

Xu Biying screamed.

Someone moved a step faster. A figure stepped forward quickly and grabbed Ruan Jiujiu.

Ruan Jiujiu only saw the sky turning around in front of her, and then her arms were tightly held. She fell in a strong embrace. And the man who held her fell heavily on the ground with inertia. The man groaned unclearly.

Ruan Jiujiu got brain fade by the thrilling accident just now. She froze for a few seconds and quickly called Cheng Jun's name.

"Cheng Jun! Cheng Jun! Are you okay!"

Cheng Jun, who worked as a human cushion, hadn't fallen lightly. His facial expression still didn't change, and he even didn't frown. He looked at Ruan Jiujiu without a blink. But Ruan Jiujiu found fear in his eyes, which she had never seen from his eyes, but she didn't have time to think about the real reason at the moment.

Ruan Jiujiu was afraid that herself will crush Cheng Jun. But before she stood up, she was tightly hugged by him, making her almost breathless.

She listened with some apprehension to Cheng Jun's throbbing heart. His muscles were tight and stiff like a rock, but the hand on her back was shaking.

It was obvious that he was shivering.

Ruan Jiujiu planked Cheng Jun. She even didn't dare to take a breath.

Ruan Jiujiu watched Cheng Jun's shoulders with blood oozing from his clothes, and his gray sweater was dyed black and red. It was awful and terrifying. Ruan Jiujiu was scared and had tears in her eyes: "You are bleeding! Let's go to hospital!"



Cheng Jun said hoarsely, but his hand wasn't loose: "Let me hug you for a while..."

He felt like it was a dream, but so real because of the pain. He didn't want to let it go.

Xu Biying beside him was frightened and was about to turn around to escape, but was stopped by Tu Nan who was led by the security personnel. The security personnel directly grabbed Xu Biying and prevented her from any chance of escaping.

Tu Nan rushed forward anxiously. He forgot that there were others beside him, and he quickly pulled out his phone to dial 120 for emergency while asking about the situation of the two. (120 is an emergency call in China)

"Boss, are you okay! How about you, sister-in-law?"

Xu Biying froze in place.

… Boss? Sister in law?

Wait, wasn't Tu Nan in front of her was Jiacheng's big boss? !

Suddenly a bad hunch rose in her heart. According to the hearsay, there was a mysterious big boss in Jiacheng who had never appeared before. So, Cheng Jun? !

Xu Biying looked pale, and just passed out on the spot.

The author had something to say:

Junjun finally became a little romantic.

Relax, next chapter was still filled with love and sweetness.

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