Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Chapter 44

Ruan Jiujiu quietly snooped through the fridge inventory. The steak should be bought yesterday. Because there had no steak at home before. Of course, red wine and candles were also bought yesterday. The ingredients and utensils were for two people.

Everything happened while she was at work.


Ruan Jiujiu made up several possibilities.

First, Cheng Jun was having an affair. He didn’t go on a business trip at all, but invited that woman to come to the house for candlelight dinner while she was away.

Second, Cheng Jun's business trip was canceled, so he decided to invite that woman to come home for candlelight dinner.

Third, Cheng Jun was having an affair.


But Ruan Jiujiu thought that she can't nail him just relied on her own speculation and circumstantial evidence. She must find other evidence. Therefore, she closed the fridge door, and suddenly became Sherlock Holmes. Her eyes were cold and moved as fast as lightning to search for traces of the room.

It was really scary for a woman to be careful. Ruan Jiujiu checked the door and found two traces of dirt on the carpet, which were already dry. But the marks left by her and Cheng Jun's shoes were wet. It just snowed last night and the carpet had been washed before, so this must be the trace left by the third person.

Next, Ruan Jiujiu successfully found a few hairs on the couch and dining table. They were not long and were black.

In Ruan Jiujiu's mind, the image of a short-haired woman was immediately formed.

When Ruan Jiujiu was imagining how they cheated on her, Cheng Jun had already changed his loose pajamas, rubbed his eyes, and came out of the study room lazily.

They looked at each other in consternation.

Ruan Jiujiu: "!"

Cheng Jun: "?"

"I think we really need to talk about it," Ruan Jiujiu patted the table seriously, "Have we had a agreement before? If one of us has fallen in love with someone else, then just speak it out, right?"


Cheng Jun's eyes suddenly became a little strange. They had been filled with confusion, but not until Ruan Jiujiu finished, they turned sharp.

Suddenly being so stared at, it was a little scary. Ruan Jiujiu felt surprised, but then realized that it wasn't right, because it was Cheng Jun who didn't abide by the agreement. How could she feel guilty?

Ruan Jiujiu straightened her body, striving to oppress him with her posture.

"Do you remember?"

Cheng Jun walked to the coffee table and bowed slightly to pick up an orange. For a while, he said slowly and casually: "No."

Ruan Jiujiu had no idea Cheng Jun would be a rogue.

She took the evidence and walked behind Cheng Jun. She grabbed his arm and tried to tell Cheng Jun everything: "Then I'll get this out in the open..."

The man peeling the orange suddenly looked away. His hair was fluffy and messy, scattered on his full forehead. His thin lips were pursed. A pair of slender eyes were squinting down at Ruan Jiujiu.

Ruan Jiujiu looked like a weak herbivore that was captured by a large carnivore. She even felt nervous.

She realized that the distance between them was too close, so she stepped back subconsciously. Her calf hit the corner of the couch, and her upper body leaned back. She fell down on the couch and gasped uncontrollably.

Cheng Jun took a step towards her.

His figure was tall. The light was on him. And the black shadow of the human figure enveloped her. He easily supported the back of the couch with one hand. His arms were next to Ruan Jiujiu's ear. He turned his back to the light and Ruan Jiujiu couldn't see his eyes clearly.

Ruan Jiujiu could even smell a very light orange sourness.

She suddenly realized that this guy actually wanted to seduce her into forgetting what he had done.

But! it! was! impossible!

"Although you look pretty, you still have to discuss that woman with me, because I don't want to interfere with other people's relationships ..."

"That woman?"

"That means you are having an affair!"

Cheng Jun was stunned for a moment, and suddenly understood that Ruan Jiujiu didn't talk to him about Gu You. His tight body relaxed a little and asked, "Why do you think that?"

"The steak and red wine in the fridge? You know it, and don't pretend to be stupid." Ruan Jiujiu wanted to hold up a few hairs in her hand, but only to find they had fallen to the ground when somehow she had opened the hand.

She looked away in annoyance: "Where is hair? The hair, where..."

"They belong to Tu Nan." Cheng Jun said.

Ruan Jiujiu: "Huh? Why did Tu Nan get here?"

Cheng Jun felt hesitated: "He... said he would spend the holidays together."

"So, Tu Nan knew that you were not on a business trip, and came to have a holiday with you, and you forgot to notify me?"

Cheng Jun chose to give her the runaround: "... Yes."

"This is too far! How can you be so careless!"

Cheng Jun was about to nod and continue to give her the runaround. Ruan Jiujiu suddenly changed her angry face into a sneering one.

"You thought I would think so, right? So, why didn't he notify me, and you didn't notify me? And how could you still feel okay with eating steak and drinking wine? You don't let me eat alone, but you? And I even waste my money on those arrangements!"

Seeing things getting more and more complicated, Cheng Jun's living will now produced: "In fact, this is all for you."

"Do you think I'll buy what you say?"

Too many lies, so no one would believe the truth. Pinocchio Jun paid a considerable price for this.

Not only did he lose his breakfast, lunch and dinner, but failed to talk to Ruan Jiujiu on the first day of the New Year. She didn't say anything to him, and treated him like air. She cooked only one person's meal, and went back to her room with her bowl, leaving Cheng Jun standing alone in the dining room. He sighed.

Cheng Jun silently returned to the study, turned on the computer and went to the homepage of (a Chinese electronic commerce company), and selected the book he had bought. The book named "Teaching you how to efficiently get girls' love".

For the first time in his life, he gave a medium review and attached a comment: Useless.

Then the book was honorably sacrificed in the trash can.

However, the most unlucky guy should still be Tu Nan.

Just when he woke up, he found that the boss and the boss lady had all blacklisted him.


Tu Nanyan was in tears and sent a message in his Moments (The sharing function of WeChat. It's similar to Ins): I will never try to brown nose!

It didn't take a few minutes.

Tu Nan's father sent a WeChat to him: When did you have a brown nose? Why should you make it brown?

Tu Nan's mother: Did you drink too much! Delete it now! Seen by other girls is bad enough!

Tu Nan: "..."


In the evening, Ruan Jiujiu sat on the sofa and was playing an online game PUBG.

She was very depressed, especially when she had soon been killed by other players several times. Her teammates kept complaining to her, which made her feel more even more depressed.

"Sis, get out if you don't know how to play."

"You should find a machine assistant."

Ruan Jiujiu: "... Shut up."

When she was about to use her RMB player advantage to kick their ass and then logged out, Cheng Jun came out of the study. Ruan Jiujiu quickly stopped him. She forgot that she was still angry at him. "You know how to play this? Come and help me!"

Cheng Jun, with one hand put in his pocket, walked beside Ruan Jiujiu with a tired expression. At the moment, he heard a frivolous voice from a male: "Hey, baby, if you call me sweetie, I'll send you an eight-fold teleconverter (A game equipment)."

Ruan Jiujiu could feel a sense of murderousness in the air.

Her back was numb with goosebumps. She felt a sunken couch. It was Cheng Jun who sat down next to her. He still had a fresh smell of bathing. And in the next second, the fresh breath completely covered Ruan Jiujiu.

He crossed her right shoulder with one hand. His arm weighed on her shoulder, and they were very close. Ruan Jiujiu turned her head, and almost touched his neck. She, somehow, felt nervous and shy.

Cheng Jun picked up the phone and said briefly: "Look."

Ruan Jiujiu was confused: "What?"

Cheng Jun's fingers were quite flexible.

Ruan Jiujiu watched him change his gun quickly, ran two steps tentatively from left to right, and then fired. But he missed the shot. Other players became to laugh at her: "Oh, are you angry? Hold your gun, lady!" Cheng Jun's face didn't change, but then he suddenly shot a player's head in the laughter of his teammates. This player used a sneak attack.

Ruan Jiujiu: "! ! ! "

The teammates were also dumb, and after a while: "Holy shit! What happened? Lucky dog? Or you were just helped by money?"


Another shot. Cheng Jun had killed a player who had been hiding on the other side of the corner and ready to attack.

The teammates were stunned by this series of actions.

They had mocked Ruan Jiujiu, but right now, all shut up. At this moment, Cheng Jun aimed at a few of them, not waiting for them to react, but just threw a grenade to his teammates. Some died on the spot and only a few people yelled through their own microphones. Cheng Jun turned off the voice and reported them all.

Ruan Jiujiu watched the whole process, and couldn't help being surprised.

"I thought you wouldn't play this kind of shooting game!"

Cheng Jun: “Hmm”.

It was quite easy to deal with the trash.

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