Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Chapter 41

Plans never caught up with changes.

Ruan Jiujiu had to lie over the preparation for a birthday surprise for Cheng Jun.

Cheng Jun had only said that he needed to go on a business trip, and very unfortunately his work hit the New Year's holiday days. Ruan Jiujiu, on the one hand; was pondering how to get her plan going; on the other, was eating the dates one after another.

So the next day, she suffered from excessive internal heat with a red pimple appeared between the eyes.


She quietly took out a small mirror to check her face. She should have covered it with some concealer. Now she was teased by Old Meng for a long time just because of this cute red acne. Old Meng said this was a cinnabar mole send by the last-life and told her to cherish it.

Ruan Jiujiu, with a sad face, felt very unhappy.

In the afternoon when she was drawing, she gave the heroine a bright red eyebrow mole. Old Meng glanced at it and said, "Yo, this is kind of interesting."

Ruan Jiujiu said with a blank expression: "So please treat every woman with cinnabar moles kindly."

Old Meng laughed.

In the evening, Fat bird Fly First sent a Weibo.

【A little fairy suffer from acne [heart]】

The picture was still a black-and-white line draft. The heroine was sitting on the big tree with one leg stepped on the branch. She had blade of grass in her mouth and looked like very bored. The only different color was a bright red cinnabar mole on her forehead, which made the entire painting alive.

In just one hour, there were tens of thousands of comments. The onlookers all said this was adorable.

Ruan Jiujiu set this line draft as her avatar.

The secretary sent a message to her, saying that Tu Nan had just attended a meeting and was sitting in the office to deal with affairs, so now he got time to talk to her. As soon as Ruan Jiujiu heard this, she ran to his office.

Tu Nan, who was an elite in the last second, now turned into a butt-munch the next second when he saw Ruan Jiujiu.

"Sister-in-law, you look good today. Please have a seat here. What do you want to drink, sister-in-law? Are you busy with work recently, sister-in-law..."

Ruan Jiujiu: "Stop, stop, stop!"

She was about to be confused by Tu Nan's “sister-in-law”.

Tu Nan immediately turned back to the serious man: "Is there a problem at work?"

"Uh, no, it's actually a personal business."

Tu Nan whispered that the husband and wife wouldn't engage in the cold war again. He took a chair to sit opposite Ruan Jiujiu to listen: "Ok, go ahead."

Ruan Jiujiu cautiously asked, "Why is Cheng Jun going on a business trip on New Year's Day?"

New Year's Day? Business trip?

Tu Nan froze for a moment.

He didn't even receive the message that Cheng Jun was going on a business trip. What's more, how could he let his boss go on business at this holiday. Cheng Jun was the one who was the least willing to move. If no one wanted to do the work, he would rather forgive the business.

But... Realizing that the boss must have lied to his sister-in-law, as a loyal and professional butt-munch, Tu Nan was very dedicated.

He immediately cooperated with Ruan Jiujiu: "Yeah yeah, he is going on a business trip, and is quite busy."

Ruan Jiujiu felt somewhat disappointed.

It seemed that Cheng Jun's business trip will not change. So the restaurant and movie tickets she had reserved in advance can only be canceled with regret. What's worse, the prepared surprises had to be invalidated one by one.

Tu Nan asked: "Sister-in-law, what's up? Are your alright?"

"Nothing. I just didn't expect anyone else to work on holidays." Ruan Jiujiu stood up, "I thought we could share the New Year together."

"By the way, is his trip far away?"

Tu Nanqian coughed: "It should be. Right, that's it."

Ruan Jiujiu: "?"

"Uh, in that H city."

It took more than three hours to fly there. It was indeed not close. Ruan Jiujiu understood that he was unlikely to return early, so she had to abandon the plan altogether.

After Ruan Jiujiu left, Tu Nan had already made up 10,000 small stories.

Although he wasn't sure what the couple would do, he still maintained the good qualities of an employee and kept Cheng Jun's secret all times. As for the details, Tu Nan didn't have the courage to ask Cheng Jun, so he had to swallow the doubt in silence.

Tu Nan thought of he'll get praise if the boss knew what he had done. He'll get promoted, raised the salary and married some pretty and rich woman. Then he'll really get the greatest success in his whole life... Well, forgot about the promotion. Anyway, he already had his glass ceilings. 

Tu Nan felt very satisfied with his good head.


Ruan Jiujiu was busy canceling all kinds of appointments all night. Because that was a holiday, so the appointments were very hot. The cancellation caused her to lose a lot of deposits. She was so so so sad about this money.

She counted the money in heartache, and didn't even notice Cheng Jun glancing at her for several times.

An hour later, Cheng Jun finally realized that he had been completely ignored.


He was wearing a black sweatshirt and trousers today, and his loose collar somewhat revealed his slender collarbone. His skin was milky-white, but it was unlike the pale white which was often caused by the insufficient sunshine. The good skin even had no traces of spots and pores, which made Ruan Jiujiu green-eyed.

Cheng Jun sat next to her and pressed the remote control a few times.

The channel suddenly jumped to an interview, and the person interviewed was Gu You.

Ruan Jiujiu, being distracted, suddenly heard Gu You's voice. She raised her head subconsciously: "Well? Gu Gu?"

Then the next second, the TV screen went dark.

Cheng Jun hid the remote control calmly: "The TV seems to be broken."

Ruan Jiujiu: "... You think I'm a school-aged child? "

Ruan Jiujiu thought, after all, Gu You had signed up with Jiacheng as a formal employee, so it was quite normal for the boss to see his interview. Anyway, this can help to raise Jiacheng's audience ratings.

Despite having some confusion about Cheng Jun's behavior, Ruan Jiujiu didn't want to spend time on this question.

Cheng Jun always made some moves for no reason, and she was used to it.

Ruan Jiujiu: "Then I'll go back to my room, good night!"

After the last day of work tomorrow, she can take a good night's sleep in the holiday. Ruan Jiujiu had already planned to sleep from dawn to dark and to get food delivery.

"Boom." This was the sound of the door closing.

Cheng Jun sitting on the couch was silent.

He quietly took out a bag of Lay's potato chips from under the couch. He was thinking about how to proceed with the next step while eating the chips.

Today, he should have make her talk, but he had already failed halfway. But, there were other plans to save the situation.

He was very confident.


Cheng Jun, as he had said before, packed his suitcase early in the morning, and was ready to go on a trip.

Ruan Jiujiu was busy changing clothes, but she still didn't forget to remind him what he should bring. Cheng Jun's casual look made him like going out to play. Ruan Jiujiu even felt anxious for him. If time allowed, she will watch him put the stuff into his suitcase one by one.

Before she went out, she said, "I got work, so be careful on your way."


"and …"

Ruan Jiujiu's "happy birthday" almost blurted out. She thought about it, touched her nose, and said, "Forget it, nothing. Just take care of yourself."

Although Cheng Jun was quite worrying, he still had a good life without her. So there should be no mistakes if he went out alone.

Seeing her leave, Cheng Jun also waved goodbye to her in a proper manner.

As soon as the door closed, he immediately began to act. According to the course, he will prepare a beautiful candlelight dinner. Of course, candles, red wine and steak were also indispensable.

Ruan Jiujiu didn't know Cheng Jun had lied to her.

She was a little absent-minded all day.

Since Cheng Jun wasn't here, she should go to the company's party to sing and eat together.

Until after work, she was still not sure whether she should go to the party.

Ruan Jiujiu suddenly felt a little bored when she thought of going back to that empty house. An idea flashed in her mind—

Why not just bought a plane ticket and found Cheng Jun for the holidays?

Talking about business must be in the daytime, and they can celebrate together at night. Going to another city may be a good choice!

Following your heart sometimes was not a bad idea. Ruan Jiujiu even felt a little excited. She was an activist. She was the one who talked the talk, and walked the walk. She told her driver that she had something to do, and then immediately took a taxi to the airport.

On the way, she quickly book a ticket. Fortunately she carried her ID card. It was just that she didn't take the cosmetics, so she can only buy some travel sized products.

The latest flight was at about nine o'clock in the evening. It was about eight o'clock to arrive at the airport at this point. But she will be faster without shipping luggage. Ruan Jiujiu ran fast as soon as she got off the taxi. Everything went very well: check-in, safety inspection and finding the boarding gate. Therefore, it wasn't nine o 'clock yet that she arrived at the gate.

The ticket checking had started, and Ruan Jiujiu was in line to finish the checking and then sat in her place.

She was lucky enough to buy a window seat, but this time she was not in the first class, and there was no Cheng Jun beside her. A couple sitting next to her, but the man peeped at Ruan Jiujiu a few times and was caught by his girlfriend. The girlfriend grabbed his ears and changed seats with him. Case closed.

The plane had a few minutes to take off, Ruan Jiujiu, turned on her phone, and clicked on the chat history with Cheng Jun.

Ruan Jiujiu: "I'm coming! Surprise? The plane will take off immediately, and see you in a few hours~"

Then she turned off the phone, leaning on her seat and closing her eyes to refresh herself.

Cheng Jun, who was prepared, was waiting patiently at home for Ruan Jiujiu to come. And then he received the message that Ruan Jiujiu was coming to him.

Cheng Jun: "..."

Where did she go? Heaven?

He responded very quickly and called Tu Nan directly. Cheng Jun rarely phoned Tu Nan. So when Tu Nan looked at the name of the phone, he felt shocked and even ignored his blind date. He immediately walked aside and answered the phone.

"What happened, boss? Do I need to have work overtime again?"

Cheng Jun's voice was quiet: "You told her where I am?"

Tu Nan first was stunned, and then immediately realized who was "her".

"I just made up that an H city. Why? ... No, sister-in-law ran to find you ? ! Holy shit!"

The answer to Tu Nan was the beep.

He cried with a sad face and suddenly forgot that he was still on a blind date. It was awful! He totally screw it up!

The author had something to say: A surprise of a couple’s beautiful misunderstanding hhhhhhhhh.

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