Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Chapter 40

At the request of the company, Ruan Jiujiu signed up for an Weibo account. After considering for a long time, she finally thought of a name unrelated to "Jiu". It took a whole day for her to come up with the name.

According to the secretary, when Mr. Tu heard this name, his facial muscles twitched. His eyes told her that he wanted to say something, but finally he swallowed those words.

(An hint from the translator: “jiu” is used to describe the birdsong in Chinese. So Ruan Jiujiu really likes birds~)

His hand knocked on the table and then he said, "Well ... 'Fat Birds Fly First ' ... Sounds pretty good."

Ruan Jiujiu could make up for Tu Nan's look of wanting to laugh but held back.

Wasn't this name cute?

Ruan Jiujiu herself was still very satisfied.

The establishment of the Weibo account of "Fat Birds Fly First " immediately attracted the first batch of onlookers because the account was officially verified as "the painter of Journey of Knight" and was @ by Jiacheng's official account. These people rushed into her Weibo and only saw one update: 

Fat Birds Fly First : Hello~ What do you eat for dinner? Please for my reference.

As a result, netizens who originally came to confess their love for the game immediately forgot their intentions. They all left messages on the comments section. Some people's dinner pictures were made over the top. A good interaction of game turned into a large-scale dinner communication scene. Quite amazing!

Two hours later, Fat Birds Fly First  updated again with only one word: Dinner.

The picture was a gourmet photo without filters. On the table were a few dishes of home-cooked food. There had meat and vegetables. Red and green, plus two bowls of white rice, they were really mouth-watering.

"Wow, did the blogger make it? A painter and cook, cool!"

"Who’s next to you?"

"So jealous! I want to taste it too!"

"I'm super envious of this wonderful life!"

People who didn't know the truth may think that she was a food blogger. The style of this account completely had nothing to do with the game company. The only comments left were the confession and the discussion about eating food. There were a few comments from haters, which were immediately covered by others. Like the stones sank into the water, they disappeared without raising a trace of water.

Ruan Jiujiu also had a Weibo account in her last life, but there had far fewer fans than now. At that time, she had also shared painting and food, or sometimes photos of tourist attractions. The number of active fans hadn't been large, but they had all been in harmony.

Now, the number had increased. She received messages or @ from strangers just in one night, leaving her a little uneasy. Fortunately, only a handful of people tried to find trouble for her, and most followers were cute and nice. Ruan Jiujiu put a few unfinished line drafts on the account at the request of the company, and watched as the number of followers rose. Within a few days, it had already had 100,000 fans.

Ruan Jiujiu was a little surprised: "I really didn't expect so many people."

A blogger like her who rarely updated and didn't know how to manage the account should be ignored.

"This is what we have expected." Old Meng smiled at her and said, "Even I feel very warm when looking at your Weibo. Oh, could you teach me how to cook eggplant box. My wife has seen it on your update and she really wants to taste it."

Then Old Meng put a bag of winter jujube on the desk for her.

"This is a special local product from her hometown. She said this is for you it you don't mind. The dates are crisp and sweet. Anyway, tastes not bad."

Ruan Jiujiu thanked Old Meng.

During this time, the employees of the company had changed their attitudes towards Ruan Jiujiu. Not only did they respect her a lot, but didn’t dare to talk to her. They looked at her like looking at a big boss. Seriously, even Mr. Tu always paid respect to her. If they still didn't know what to do, they were really stupid then.

Ruan Jiujiu at first wanted to fit into the employees, but later she realized she didn't need to force herself to do this. At the beginning, she had joined the company halfway and even with a privileged position. Now she had become a core staff, and then there was no way to fit into them anymore. Otherwise, it became a burden for everyone.

Knowing her idea, Old Meng smiled and said it was good for her to think in this way.

Gu You had performed well on the day of the annual meeting. Recently, he had been quite hot and been interviewed many times. People can see his face in many online media. Appearance was as good as underneath, so how could such a person not be popular?

Ruan Jiujiu saw him once in the company. He behaved politely and very gracefully. It was tacit that they all didn't mention that incident.

Ruan Jiujiu didn't know who had drugged him, and didn't know what happened between them.

But, when Ruan Jiujiu saw the media interviewed Gu You if he was in a relationship. He said no. She knew that unlike the book story, it wasn’t easy for Xu Biying to achieve the goal.

In the book, when Gu You was asked this question, he had a gentle smile and told the public who was his fiancee without any hesitation.

And such a action even won more fans.

After the new year, Gu You will participate in the competition as one of Jiacheng's club members in early January. This was his last game as well as the most glorious battle in his life. After winning the championship, he fulfilled his wish and then moved from the front to the back of the scene. This was his second stage of life.

Ruan Jiuiu had to admit that she appreciated a gentle but powerful man like him no matter he was a story character or someone in the real world. 

Till now, Ruan Jiujiu had already felt confused about the plot. She didn't know who will marry him. Perhaps he'll meet his last-life wife by coincidence.

"Mrs. Ruan, you're home."

The driver reminded her. She then said thank you, and went home carrying the dates. She tucked her head under the hat. It was too cold, and her hands became stiff with only two fingers to carry the bag. She trembled and returned home.

There was only a small lamp in the living room, and the curtains were pulled, which was a little dim. Ruan Jiujiu was in a daze for a moment. Then asked, "Cheng Jun?"

The bathroom door was opened.

Cheng Jun wiped his wet and short hair, slowly said: "Here."

Ruan Jiujiu raised her eyebrows suspiciously: "You take a shower now?"

His eyes darted, but his expression was still calm: "I just want to."

Ruan Jiujiu: "..." It was really not an unconvincing and meaningful answer.

This was the fourth time recently. When she was looking for him, she’ll suddenly bumped into the scene when he went out the bathroom after a shower. Cheng Jun was like a ghost at home. If it wasn't that she occasionally heard the watering sound from his bathroom when she woke up to her bathroom in the early morning or in the middle of the night, she might think this man had never done the baths and can even found some unwashed evidence on his body.

They faced each other.

Ruan Jiujiu couldn't help stepping forward, taking his arm, and sniffed hard on him.



Under the dim light, they were staring at each other. The scene was unbelievably beautiful. Ruan Jiujiu's soft and cold fingers were clinging to his warm and strong arm. She could even smell the water vapor and the shampoo.

She looked up with the ends a pair of beautiful eyes slightly raised. Her rosy lips curled into a cute arc, exposing two sharp small teeth.

Her face was a little reddish, and her eyes were twinkling like countless stars in the Milky Way.


She said quietly: "Why do you spray perfume after bathing?"

Cheng Jun: "No, it's not perfume."

Ruan Jiujiu: "I just smelled it two days ago. It's a Gucci men's perfume, right?"

Cheng Jun: "No."

Ruan Jiujiu: "And over 1000 RMB ."

Cheng Jun felt guilty: "... No, it's not."

Someone still didn't admit it.

Ruan Jiujiu had wanted to send him a bottle of perfume as a birthday gift, but after trying a bunch of perfumes, she found that these were even not as good as his own clean and refreshing smell. Besides, there were not many opportunities for him to spray perfume. It was better to buy him a snack bag to make him happy.

Now, it seemed that he liked perfume.

However, Ruan Jiujiu totally misunderstood him.

Ruan Jiujiu: "I'll wash the dates." Then she walked towards the kitchen, leaving Cheng Jun standing alone.

A cool breeze blew through. He was deep in thought. This wasn't the result that the course told him. Which step was wrong?

"Oh, what’s your plan on New Year's Eve?"

Unexpectedly, Cheng Jun said that he would go on a business trip.

Business trip? !

Ruan Jiujiu was in surprise: "How could you still have to work on that day?"

Cheng Jun wiped off the water droplets on his hair: "Personal work needs to be handled."

Ruan Jiujiu was frustrating for a while.

So her plan will be not going to work?

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