Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Chapter 39 part2

Gu You will never forget tonight.

He used the empty bucket to carry water, put ice cubes into it, and then poured the water on the body. He did these again and again.

He felt the biting cold. His muscles stiffened; his face paled; his body trembling, but he gritted his teeth to get through this. When he was pouring the water on himself, his mind was all about the future, the past, and many other things.

From an early age, his parents had taught him to take responsibility. However, from this moment on, he can no longer afford the identity as an elder brother. His last remaining warmth to Xu Biying was smashed by the cold water. It was freezing, and his head went numb.

Until the end, he still couldn’t feel any warmth.

He, with a sullen face, wiped off the water, and put on a black suit. Although the shoulders were slightly narrow, the suit was good.

Gu You walked out of the door with the bucket. His face had returned to the usual quietness and mildness. But his wet hair and pale stiff skin still exposed himself at the moment.

Ruan Jiujiu said, “Put the bucket here, someone will come to collect it later. You put yourself back together here. I’ll go there first to avoid rumors.”


Ruan Jiujiu turned back, puzzled: "Huh?"

He withdrew his fingers, and pressed his lips together. Looking at the beautiful face, he restrained his feelings, and expressed his gratitude in a proper tone and mood: "... Ruan Jiujiu, thank you. I’ll remember what you’ve done for me today. "

Ruan Jiujiu was amused by his seriousness.

She slapped Gu You on the shoulder and said with a smile: "Hey, you’re welcome. Just behave well later."

Gu You looked at her and also smiled.

He hummed.

On the other side, Tu Nan stood on the stage, but didn’t see Ruan Jiujiu and Gu You. He was very anxious, so then he tipped the wink on Jiao Fan and the others to find them. It was about time to introduce new people. If both of them didn’t show up, then it was a big problem. 

At the moment, Ruan Jiujiu walked out.

Jiao Fan sighed in relief, ran to her and whispered, "Sister-in-law, where did you go?"

She adjusted her hair and said, "I went to the toilet. So sorry, I had eaten something wrong."

"It’s ok. Now just prepare for the speech!"

It was exactly the right time for her to show up. Tuan Nan found her immediately in the crowd, so he naturally turned the topic to the introduction part of the new comers. The first one to appear was Ruan Jiujiu. Tu Nan stepped back and people started to talking about Ruan Jiujiu who went to the stage and stood in the center.

Tu Nan cleared his throat and said: "Before today, some people doubted the ability of our Mrs Ruan. Here I want to make two points.

First, our selection is very fair. Mrs. Ruan came to Jiacheng with the absolute advantage of voting. This is what everyone sees, and during the voting, no secure advantages through influence.

Second and the most important point is that in our new game "Journey of Knight", Mrs. Ruan is the main creator. She has added many inspirations in the game and brought us a lot of surprises. She has contributed to this success. Here, please applaud her! "

Tu Nan's words caused a lot of uproar. Many people didn't expect the core creativity will come from Ruan Jiujiu.

People’s contempt gradually became admiration and recognition. At the very beginning, they just gave her frivolous applause due to her appearance. But now this time, most of them applauded her sincerely.

Applause stopped, and Ruan Jiujiu, being affected by those feelings, was also somewhat happy. Her hand holding the microphone shivered slightly, exposing her emotions, but she looked very calm. She even didn’t stuttered the introduction and thank-you words. Ruan jiujiu smoothly finished her speech. 

Tu Nan had prepared to help her, thinking about how to answer the questions for Ruan Jiujiu. However, seeing her decent manners, he also gave a thumbs up quietly.

Ruan Jiujiu bowed, and as she was about to step down, Tu Nan smiled and said, "Good job."

"I'm going to be scared to death." Ruan Jiujiu was with a stiff face, which almost amused Tu Nan.

Now it wasn’t a good time and place, otherwise he couldn't help teasing the cute little sister-in-law.

Ruan Jiujiu stepped down. Gu You, who was walking in suit, greeted her. The moment the two smiled at each other and passed by, Ruan Jiujiu whispered: "Go."

"Thank you."

When Gu You took the stage to introduce himself, Ruan Jiujiu was ready to sneak away.

She had already informed Old Meng. Then she quietly held her coat, and by the way, let that obedient waiter pack up a bunch of food. Ruan Jiujiu thought that at the company's annual meeting, the real big boss should also enjoy the meal rather than staying alone at home.

In a tumult of excitement, no one found her quietly disappeared figure.

The door was opened.

There was only a small light in the living room, dim and lonely. Cheng Jun was sitting on the couch with one hand on the back of his head. He seemed to be in a daze. Hearing the sound, he turned his head to the door, looking at Ruan Jiujiu in surprise.

He asked slowly: "Why did you come back so early?"

Ruan Jiujiu shook a heavy bag of packed food in her hand and raised her lips.

"Come back to the annual meeting. Is it ok, boss?"


He froze for a moment. The tone was still slow, but was contaminated with warmth: "Okay."

The author had something to say: The next day.

Ruan Jiujiu stood on the scale: I'm so stupid, really.

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