Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Chapter 39 part1

When Gu You had felt something wrong with his body, he immediately thought of Xu Biying.

It was Xu Biying who had given him water and softly persuaded him to stay a little longer. Gu You and her had known each other for many years. Even if they didn’t get married, they were still best friends. So Gu You had always tolerated her. Finally, it became a real big problem.

Xu Biying chuckled on the sofa and kept apologizing, saying it was her fault.

The temperature of the air conditioner in the room was a little high, which soon made Gu You feel thirsty. He drank half a glass of warm water, glanced at the time again and decided to leave a little later. Behind his ear was Xu Biying's delicate and soft "Brother You". Gu You didn’t realized that she sat closer and closer. May be it was intentional or may be it was unintentional, but her neckline was open, exposing the soft and fair skin.

Xu Biying's tearful eyes made people just have a desire to protect her.

Gu You felt like a fire rising from the chest.

Xu Biying put her hands on his knees. Because another face suddenly appeared in Gu You’s mind, so he was a little irritable, which made him feel ashamed and unbearable. He stood up abruptly, and was in such a hurry that even left the coat on sofa. His tone was more cold than usual: "I'm leaving now."

"Where are you going?"

"Sorry, I need to go..."

"No, you can't!"

Xu Biying wanted to hug him from his back, but was pushed away mercilessly. His strength was a little strong, making she hit on the ground and feel a bit lost. Gu You stepped out of the door and closed it loudly.

Xu Biying felt like things were getting out of hand. She hurried forward to go after him. When she caught up, Gu You had already driven away.

Xu Biying was shocked.

The first thing she thought wasn’t whether Gu You would be in a dilemma but he would be taken advantage of by other women.

Gu You drove to the hotel where the annual meeting was held. It was only ten minutes away by driving. According to the schedule given by Tu Nan, the process of introducing the newcomer will probably take more than an hour, so it didn't matter if he was a bit late.

It was a little sultry in the small space. Gu You opened the window to let the cool wind blow on his face, so that the restless blood could calm down. His heartbeat was about to explode, which gave him an uneasy hunch.

This hunch climbed to the top after arriving at the hotel.

Gu You hid in the toilet rather embarrassedly. He pat cold water on his face so he could come to his senses as soon as possible.

Her felt so hot, and lower half of his body obviously had some reaction. Gu You realize that he had been drugged. As for who done this to him, he immediately had a name in his mind—the one Gu You least wanted to believe.

He didn't expect that Xu Biying would use such a dirty trick!

Where had she got the drug and when had she had such an idea? Gu You totally didn’t know. Now he himself was even in trouble and may be seen by others at any time. But he can’t give up the opportunity to introduce himself this time.

Why was there always something going wrong at every critical moment?

Gu You desperately restrained his impulses and wished to immediately take a cold shower. At this moment of embarrassment, the person he didn’t want to see the most appeared in front of him.

That was Ruan Jiujiu.

She asked Gu You stay right here. And if he needed, he could hide in the toilet first. Then She trotted all the way back to the lobby on the second floor. Tu Nan was already standing on the podium, preparing the speech.

Ruan Jiujiu: "... Shit!"

She had to hurry up!

While others didn't pay attention, Ruan Jiujiu stopped a waiter. It was a young boy. She dragged him aside, and the little boy blushed and asked stutteringly “Excuse me”. Ruan Jiujiu looked serious, "Do you have ice cubes?"

“Yes." The waiter thought she wanted a cold drink. "I'll get it for you now."

"Okay, give me a bucket of ice!"

"A bucket? ? " The waiter was stunned.

Ruan Jiujiu drew the palms together and softly said: “And one more empty bucket or a basin. Please, it’s an emergency."

"Uh, does the ice cubes for freezing work?"

"Sure! Please hurry up, thank you!"

Ruan Jiujiu didn’t know where the story hostess was, and also felt surprised about the drugging plot. But this critical moment was obviously not suitable for her to make sacrifices to detoxify him. Tonight meeting was equally important to Gu You, so he certainly didn’t want to miss it. After all, he was a very ambitious man.

Therefore, Ruan Jiujiu had to do this now.

The waiter was very helpful. After a while he came with a bucket. It was a little heavy for Ruan Jiujiu.

"Excuse me, may I help you?" He began.

"Is there a spare suit in the hotel? Would you get it to me? Probably six feet tall. Anyway, the size should not be too small. Oh, and one more towel for me, Please.”

It was urgent, so Ruan Jiujiu had no time to get a room for Gu You but had to have him in the toilet.

When Gu You watched Ruan Jiujiu was carrying a bucket of ice and an empty bucket, he stunned.

Ruan Jiujiu, with a serious expression: "Have you ever heard of ice bucket challenge?"


Gu You entered the toilet. For safety's sake, Ruan Jiujiu stood outside the men's toilet door.

At this point there were few people who come to the toilet. After a while, she heard the sound from the inside, and her apprehensions quieted. 

Suddenly, a man came to the corridor, and he was an employee of Jiacheng. He ran into Ruan Jiujiu. First he stunned, and then pointed at the men's toilet with embarrassment: "Well..."

Ruan Jiujiu sincerely asked, "Are you in a hurry?"

"Not exactly..."

"This on is broken, so you may go to another one."


Eyes to eyes. It was awkward for a while.

The man scratched his head and didn’t dare to ask how she knew the toilet was broken, so he just said: "Ok."

Ruan Jiujiu still with a sincere look: "Wish you a happy toilet."


Watching him go away, Ruan Jiujiu wiped the cold sweat on her forehead, feeling that her face would be totally lost today. It could be possible that tomorrow, rumors will be spread throughout the company—why Ruan Jiujiu kept guarding the men's toilet.


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