Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Chapter 38 part1

The curtains were pulled and no light came inside.

A man sat on a leather sofa, tilting his legs and shaking his body slightly. His eyes were fixed on the two women in front of him. One was already crying, and the other was clenched her own fists without any facial expression. They were Xu Biying's girlfriend Xie Lanlan and Xu Biying, respectively.

Next to them were some sturdy black men with hands behind backs. The men looked at them indifferently.

"When are you going to pay back?" Nangong Aotian finally said slowly.

"How can I have so much money? Please forgive me!" Xie Lanlan felt so sad, choking badly. Her tears slipped from the face with her foundation mixed with non-waterproof mascara, leaving two stains, which let Nangong Aotian winced and felt disgusted.

How had he liked this woman in the first place?

Xu Biying gritted her teeth: "Shouldn't you come looking for Ruan Jiujiu for this matter?"

"Ruan Jiujiu?" Nangong Aotian smiled instead of getting angry. "She and Jiacheng's boss are on the same side. You want me to contact her? Am I looking for trouble for myself?"

"They are on the same side? Impossible!"

Xu Biying prided herself on knowing Ruan Jiujiu very well.

A woman like Ruan Jiujiu can be described in one word "vulgar", which included all her characteristics from the inside to the outside. If she was good enough, she had already hooked up a more excellent man. How would she still waste her time on Cheng Jun? On such an useless man?

Furthermore, if Ruan Jiujiu really followed Jiacheng's boss, why not divorce Cheng Jun? This obviously made no sense.

Xu Biying's eyes were filled with unwillingness. She had tried her best to repair the relationship with Gu You, but there seemed to be a thick barrier between them so that Xu Biying could never touch him. She had thought that she will got another chance to be with the frustrated Gu You if Jiacheng was hit hard.

Just like the rebirth, please give her another chance. This time she will be single-minded to Gu You.

Her obsessive look made Nangong Aotian, who was accustomed to the heavy makeup or the white lotus, felt somewhat tempted.

"You don't have to pay back the money."

He, wore a pair of black leather high-fashion shoes, stood on the ground and walked forward a few steps, and finally stopped in front of Xu Biying.

The man hooked her chin with his fingertips. His eyes were cruel: "Use your body to repay."

The girlfriend beside Xu paled: "Aotian! I thought you..."

"Shut up. A woman like you, I'm not interested anymore."

He made a sign to the strong black man beside him. The man then dragged Xie Lanlan with her mouth covered and only left Xu Biying trembling alone.

Even though Xu Biying was bold, but facing with this, her mind went blank. Nangong Aotian's flirtatious voice sounded above her head: "I'm always generous to women. House, cars and jewellery, you name it."



The door was suddenly hit, causing the other two strong men looked at each other and immediately walked to the peephole to see who was outside the door. The next second, they just heard a thump and the door burst open, hitting hard on one of the strong men.

A figure rushed in, not waiting for Nangong Aotian to shout, immediately beating the two men to the ground.

Xu Biying really cried this time: "Brother You!"

"Who are you!" Nangong's face was livid fear.

Gu You wiped off the blood on his hand, dragged Xu Biying, and glanced coldly at him: "If you do this to her again, then watch your ass! "

Then, Gu You helped Xu Biying leave.

Along the way, Xu Biying's heart beat like a drum, and she felt so happy now. Crying and laughing, even tears were still on her face.

Gu You sat in the driver's seat and ran anxiously when he received the message. He didn't have time to change his suit. Gu You had been invited to Jiacheng's annual meeting, but now his main mission was to send Xu Biying home safely.

Xu Biying sat in the back row, wrapped in Gu You's coat and huddled.

Her eyes kept shining on Gu You: "Brother Yu... if it were not you today ..."


Gu You pursed his lips tightly and looked more serious than usual. He held the steering wheel, trying to calm his tone: "Why are you entangled with them."

"I... I'm innocent! I just got sucked into this" Xu Biying immediately turned teary eyes and felt grieved, "It was my girlfriend who put me into."


His silence made her uneasy. Xu Biying was also suddenly realized— why did Gu You be here? How did he know?

She suddenly became nervous: "Brother You..."

"Don't try to do something that shouldn't be done." His lips moved, but then he just took a breath instead of giving more hints, "As you elder brother, this is my advice for you."

The words elder brother stabbed Xu Biying's heart like a needle, making her almost suffocate.

They were speechless all the way.

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