Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Chapter 37 part2

He, with his pale face, clicked on the preview video. Just watching half of it, he couldn't hold his breath, and his face even turned red. The naked little lover behind him moved forward softly and hugged him: "Sweetie, so our house..."

"Shut up! My money is gone! The hell with your houses!"

The vice president almost hit the ceiling at the news. He pointed at the little lover mercilessly and began to scold her: "Let your girlfriend come over. what's her name? Xu Biying ? ! You all pay my money back! Pay me back!"

Before he calmed down, he remembered one thing which made him feel like a pot of cold water being poured down from his head. Freezing cold.

He understood it completely.

That woman named Ruan Jiujiu wasn't a traitor, but Jiacheng's loyal dog!

Before he got a bone to pick with Ruan Jiujiu, he remembered another more important thing.

Yeah, those marketing accounts he bought were still online!

Those accounts didn't receive Swiss's instructions to undo the deal, so they thought Swiss still held back some unused tricks. Then, they, according to the deal, all took screenshots of both companies' conceptual maps and tweeted similar contents.

All the tweeters' central theme was the sameā€”Did Jiacheng steal from Swiss? Why I felt Swiss's was better?

People even didn't think of Swiss but all cheered Jiacheng wildly. So when they saw the trending topic from those marketing accounts, they suddenly began to laugh at Swiss.

"Nuts! You wanna scam Jiacheng? You don't know who's better?"

"How dare you scam Jiacheng? Disgusting! I definitely don't play your shit game!"

"Are you blind? You marketing accounts!"

"Wow, Swiss's money on trending topics is really worth nothing."

"Put together the conceptual maps of the two companies? Please, you sure it's not a public execution?"

"Who's that stupid teammate of Swiss to buy the trending topics? Please send ten such stupid but rich guys to Jiacheng!"

The mockery from netizens immediately put this marketing news on the hottest searches. In top ten searches, besides those related to Jiacheng's game, the rest were "Again! Swiss Scams Others", "Resistance to Swiss Game, We All Need This"...

Swiss's vice president who was informed of the news looked like crap. He quickly asked the secretary to contact them to withdraw the hot searches. Then the marketing accounts started to delete the related twitters. As soon as they deleted them, the netizens laughed more violently, and even made various mocking sticker packs for Swiss and left messages with those emojis on Swiss's official announcement tweeter.

Senior staff of Swiss immediately held an emergency meeting.

The vice president Nangong had already prepared for the celebration feast, and he had even dressed up with a nice suit. When the president saw this, he was mad at him and even wanted to kill him.

"Are you here for the wedding? Who made you dress in this way?"

Facing other people's mocking or indifferent eyes, the vice president was so embarrassed that he shut his mouth. He had prestige when he talked to his subordinates and mistress, but now he just sat there quietly.

Because of his behavior, the company had suffered a lot.

The vice president had planned to sue Jiacheng for plagiarism. And the compensation can be made up for the deficit in this action. But now, no compensation at all and even the ten million yuan had been given to that Ruan Jiujiu!

The vice president was pissed.

After being scolded, he asked the secretary to contact Tu Nan. But only learned that Tu Nan was busy now and didn't have time to answer the phone.

Did Tu Nan insult him? !

Vice President Nangong grabbed the phone directly and answered it angrily: "That woman, Ruan Jiujiu, misappropriated me ten million! How dare you frame me! I will sue her! I will sue your company! "

The secretary on the other side of the phone said very softly: "Okay, your complaint has been recorded, and we will address it when we have time. Wish you a good day! "

"Beep!" She hung up.


Jiacheng's public relations department can't stop laughing. They watched Jiacheng's topic increasing the heat. And in the end, it became the first non-star gossip that suppressed by Weibo.

Ruan Jiujiu, sitting in the office, browsed through the information one by one. Many internet celebrities commended for the animation design this time for being more delicate than before. They really appreciated the artists. Ruan Jiujiu excitedly ran to Cheng Jun's room and showed him the phone.

"Look, look, we've received many good comments!"

Cheng Jun just replied to Tu Nan. When he raised his head, he saw Ruan Jiujiu's cheeks were a little red with excitement. Her eyes were shining with a rare glory. She stepped forward with her mobile phone, resting one hand on Cheng Jun's shoulder. The distance between them instantly drew closer.

The screen reflected both of their faces.

He unconsciously straightened his back, and his body was somewhat stiff.

However, you can only see calmness and peace on his face.

The author had something to say:

Ruan Jiujiu: I was so happy!

Cheng Jun: So was I.

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