Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Chapter 37 part1

On the internet, it was overwhelmed with the promotion of Swiss's new game. Obviously Swiss wanted to compete with Jiacheng, so it chose to launched its game at this key point. Jiacheng, who was supposed to release its game, had no news now. Unknowing what happened to Jiacheng, people started to spread various rumours, making Jiacheng become one of the most searched names online for a few days.

Tu Nan, who was sitting in the office, almost applauded: "Nice trick!" Although the company was not short of money, it can be popular for days for free without sparking complaints. This was definitely the most wonderful thing.

According to Cheng Jun, he will post on Weibo (a microblog in China, like Twitter overseas) on the afternoon of the third day, saying Jiacheng would meet you at nine o'clock in the evening.

On Saturday evening, the number of microbloggers reached the peak. So that tweeting had gone viral on social media. Everyone was waiting for Jiacheng's conceptual maps to see whether the rumor was true or not. The rumor said Jiacheng's idea was as same as Swiss's, so the former one didn't dare to make it public. 

Three days for a new conceptual map? Hell no!

Therefore, everyone was eager to see Jiacheng make a fool out of itself.

Swiss, however, even added fuel to the fire in advance, saying that good design will never be the same. Jiacheng had always been famous for its bright style. So how can it be similar to Swiss's? That was really a bullshit!

Then came the moment everyone was waiting for Jiacheng, who firmly occupied the top on trending topics, finally released its conceptual maps and preview at 9 o'clock in the evening.

"Journey of Knight".

At the beginning of the video, there had been heavy snowfalls, and A Country of Snow was shrouded in ice and snow. People were nowhere to be seen. Along with the rustling jackdaws passing by, a cold flute kept sounding. The tune was delicate but creepy, which made people tremble.

The jackdaws in the blizzard suddenly froze in the wind, and instantly fell into the snow like withered leaves. Dead.

The shot was lifted from the ground. No traces on the snowy ground, but a man suddenly walked by. In this icy world, he was in a black burlap cloth, with a rusted sword around his waist. His hat was covered with snow. No one could see his face clear. He faded away, only leaving people with his thin back.

Wherever he walked, there was no footprint at all.

The legendary underworld started.


The video, which lasted only two minutes, was over soon. All the netizens were dumbfounded.

They kept silence for a while, and then, the number of comments and reposts increased exponentially. Even the employees of Jiacheng were shocked.

"Holy shit! ! ! Incredible!"

"Oh my god! It's super cool!"

"When will the game server be opened? I like it so much!"

"Jiacheng didn't let me down this time! I want give the full score to the preview!"

There were a bunch of interjections left in the comments. It didn't take long for Jiacheng to occupy half of the top ten topics. They all included keywords of its game.

The first topic was: #Begging Jiacheng to Open Its Server!#

On the one hand, people all praised Jiacheng for its innovation and delicate game background. On the one hand, they warmly discussed about who were the painters? They were awesome artists!

Tu Nan sent a voice message to Ruan Jiujiu with brisk and excited tone: "Sister-in-law, you are famous now!"

Ruan Jiujiu: "..." The words somehow was weird.

The Swiss senior executives were still waiting Jiacheng to go bankrupt. After Lin Li saw the comments on the internet, his face suddenly changed, and he tremblingly called the vice president: "Please check the online news now! Something is wrong!"

The vice president was embracing his little lover and waiting for the evening feast. To let her feel happy, he deceived her into believing that he'll buy her houses. When he received a call from Lin Li, his heart sank to the bottomless water instantly.

He pushed the lover away and quickly checked his phone.

So many positive reviews of Jiacheng made him angry.

Jiacheng had published two pieces of news. One was its conceptual maps and the other was the first preview video. He trembled to click on the picture. If the first picture was still a bit like Swiss's, then the next one was completely different. Not only the character design, but also the background clothing, which were all obviously better than theirs given by Ruan Jiujiu. 

Damn it!

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