Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Chapter 36 part2

Swiss took actions really fast.

Before Christmas, it even worked overtime to publish the official conceptual map and preview which all seemed to look good. Prior to this, Jiacheng's game name had been announced, called "Journey of Knight". Now, Swiss also used a similar name, called "Road to Knight".

Obviously, Swiss bought the announcement to create a trend. The major marketing accounts and some internet celebrities all retweeted the news. The game was given overwhelming compliments. Swiss claimed that they had hired some awesome designers, so this time the game will refresh itself to embrace all the gamers.

Being in the trending topic a whole day, Swiss received many comments. Netizens who often played games were full of suspicion about Swiss. After all, this company had made some corny games before. However, there were still many people expected the company to make new changes.

Meanwhile, some people had been discussing it on the Internet that the new style of Swiss was similar to that of Jiacheng. They were both classical and beautiful, which surprised people. But if you wanted to make comments on the real production, Jiacheng was better.

At the same time, Jiacheng, who had officially announced their preview will be published of the next day, had cancelled its plan and said they'll postpone it to three days later. As soon as the news came out, the netizens were shocked, not knowing what happened to Jiacheng.

This was the first time they delayed their plan? Was there something wrong?

Swiss felt crazy happy now.

Right! That woman didn't give the fake drawings. Jiacheng really had a problem!

Jiacheng's employees were in an uproar. Except for the company's senior management, no one knew what happened. Then rumor started floating around, saying that the company had a traitor to leak the original manuscripts. The rumormonger even secretly indicated that traitor was Ruan Jiujiu.

When Ruan Jiujiu arrived at the company, she immediately noticed that some employees were looking her strangely. She had kept a high profile when entered the company, so she had already accustomed to the strange eyes of others.

Until someone talked behind her back: "Look, the traitor can still come to work."

Tu Nan sent a message to Ruan Jiujiu.

"The company has a rumor that you betrayed the company. Probably it's the mole said this. Hang on, sister-in-law, we'll speed up to find out that guy."

Ruan Jiujiu froze for a while, and immediately replied: "Well, I won't go anywhere."

Old Meng sat in the office and asked slowly: "How about relaxing yourself?"

Ruan Jiujiu: "Relax?"

A strange light flashed in his eyes: "Let's watch 'One-Punch Man' (a Japanese webcomic) together! You'll love Saitama (the character in the webcomic)!"

Ruan Jiujiu: "... Thanks, but I'm not interested in bald man."

By this time, Lin Li sent a message to her: "Repay half of the money, and I ensure that you’re not held accountable by Jiacheng, ok?"

Ruan Jiujiu blocked him directly.

A psycho? Repay half of the money?

Jiacheng's employees were panicked the whole afternoon.

Several people were called into the office to talk one after another. Everyone knew it must be a question about the new game. If there was really a traitor, it was probably the worst thing. There were also melon-eating masses who were waiting to laugh at Ruan Jiujiu and to see when would she be called in.

In just a few hours, Tu Nan found out the rumormonger. Thanks to his extra guarding and tempering justice with mercy, he finally caught that guy. Ruan Jiujiu knew this person. She was Fang from the design department.

Her performance had always been pretty good, but she had failed to get promoted, which made her dissatisfied. And somehow she had been in league with Swiss. 

Prior to this, Jiacheng's game design manuscripts had several minor accidents, but fortunately they were quickly settled. Now connected these accidents together, it was obviously her tricks. Under the pressure of Tu Nan, she stuttered to admit.

When she learned that Ruan Jiujiu had betrayed the company, the new and old hatreds made her follow Swiss's instructions to pass along the rumor in the company. All the staff thought the company will focus on the culprit who lost the manuscripts, but they didn't expect the focus was on the rumormonger.

Faced with Tu Nan's severe expression, Fang panicked and said: "Impossible! It is definitely Ruan Jiujiu. She stole the company's manuscripts! Why don't you pursue her? It's not fair!"

Tu Nan lost his usual mild smile, but with his eyebrows tightened.

"The two issues are different. You have to bear legal responsibility for what you have done. Don't think about working in this circle in the future. Fang, why are you so stupid?"

She was scared and went pale.

"Sorry, it's my fault. I didn't expect it to be so serious. Please forgive me. I don't want to leave Jiacheng!"

Faced with her begging, Tu Nan was indifferent: "Take the parcel back to your Swiss. This is not your home."

Eliminating the traitor of the company incidentally made Tu Nan was relieved. If followed the original plan, Fang will be promoted after this game design. And then she'll get more secrets. It was just that Tu Nan didn't know how many traitors exist in the company now.

Tu Nan complained deeply when he thought that someone was still sleeping at home. He was unhappy and also wanted to live such a good life! 

Fang cried and walked away with a box of things. The company's gossip spread very quickly. 

Within a few minutes, Ruan Jiujiu was asked to Tu Nan's office.

The employees sitting in the office were in an uproar. Some people couldn't restrain their curiosity and pretended to go to the bathroom, passing by Tu Nan's office. Through the frosted glass, they were shocked to see that Ruan Jiujiu, who was supposed to be criticized, was sitting on the chair. While their handsome Mr. Tu nodded and smiled to hand her coffee ? ? ?

The employees who watched this: "! ! ! "

Holy shit! What the hell did they see!


The same moment.

The vice president of Swiss still hadn't received the latest news from Fang.

He only knew that Jiacheng was now thoroughly investigating traitors, so that greedy woman must have no good ending.

He stood in the office, sneering while holding a golf club in one hand.

"It's time for Jiacheng to go bankrupt."

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