Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Chapter 36 part1

If he wanted Jiacheng's manuscripts, then gave him. Cheng Jun said so.

But... The manuscripts given him were those came from the plan A. Jiacheng had denied plan A's conceptual maps before and decided not to use them again.

You wanted to show us Dutch act? Then I had to accept it. After discussing with Cheng Jun, Ruan Jiujiu had a small meeting with Tu Nan and Old Meng. Old  Meng decided which drawings should be given. He even chose some design manuscripts that he disliked most.

Having talked about the details, Ruan Jiujiu texted Lin Li: "I got them. When we meet?"

Lin Li was very excited to receive the news.

He immediately asked Ruan Jiujiu to go to the last dessert shop, and told her to be careful not to be caught by others. Ruan Jiujiu naturally agreed.

Today was still cold and windy. Ruan Jiujiu kept shaking with cold. When she reached the shop, she quicky found the chubby man. It was Lin Li. He was eating a piece of crepe cake with cream on his face without realizing it. Ruan Jiujiu smiled slightly and walked to him.

She looked at Lin Li, just like looking at a bunch of money. How adorable!

She smiled more.

Although Lin Li had seen many beauties in different workplaces, being caught by Ruan Jiujiu still made him feel embarrassed, especially when she smiled at him.

Lin Li quickly picked up a tissue and wiped his mouth, and then let her to sit down.

"Want something to drink?"

Ruan Jiujiu ordered a cup of bubble milk tea to warm her hands.

Lin Li asked: "That thing—"

Ruan Jiujiu raised an eyebrow: "Keep them safe. It's not easy for me to get them." After all, she had selected for a long time.

"Of course."

Ruan Jiujiu put the flash drive on the table and pushed it over. Lin Li quickly picked it up and carefully wiped it several times, then put it in his black briefcase. Ruan Jiujiu watched he doing this. She felt amused.

Lin Li said: "Now pay you three million first, and the follow-up must wait for our company to proceed to the next step."

Ruan Jiujiu twitched her eyelids, and her look was like Cheng Jun's. The sharp eyebrows were slightly picked, and even the tone was gentle and slow: "You want to violate the agreement?"

"Of course not!"

Being stared at by her, Lin Li got goosebumps and immediately waved his hands.

"We're just afraid of getting fake drawings. Then it’s a big loss for us. So, please wait until..."

"I'm sorry, I'm not a patient woman. Your announcing the game conceptual maps is my deadline."

Ruan Jiujiu's arms were around shoulders. She sat with her legs crossed, "Or you can just refuse this. Our last conversation was recorded by me. If you don't give money, I'll tell Jiacheng know what you want. Your money? Jiacheng's money? I don't care."

Lin Li wiped his cold sweat: "I have to go back and discuss with them."

Ruan Jiujiu gave a half laugh: "I suggest you to think quickly. As far as I know, Jiacheng is about to made its official announcement a few days later."

The next day.

A golf club.

Lin Li stood aside and let the caddy step back. He bowed his head and reported to the vice president. The vice president squinted his eyes and smacked his lips, "So, do what she wants."

"What about the money?"

"Give her first. Then, there will be a way to make her spit it out." He sneered.

Now, he really wanted to give his cute mistress a reward.

With such a thought, the vice president was self-satisfied. Some executives in Swiss had always thought he knew nothing about management and criticized him for only knowing how to waste money. Now, he had a chance to prove himself now.

He had already thought about when he held a celebration, he will stand on the stage and give his speech on how to make these achievements.

As for that woman?

Oh, dared to threaten him, Nangong Aotian? This will be her death!


Ruan Jiujiu received the money from Swiss company. The first sum of three million and the second one was seven million. It was ten million! She had an unreal sense of happiness.

Swiss was really good at concealing itself for transferring so secretly. Ruan Jiujiu counted the zeros of the deposit, and suddenly realized the excitement of winning a lottery.

Oh my god! It was too easy to make money!

Ruan Jiujiu, leaning against the door frame seriously, looked at the phone and said to Cheng Jun: "Stupid people were also the rich people.  It's the universal truth."

Cheng Jun was busy eating breakfast. He made himself a glass of milk and poured it with a bag of cereal which was a baked fruit oatmeal and tasted crunchy and crispy. While Ruan Jiujiu didn't notice it, he piled cereal into a hill.

Hearing the sound, Ruan Jiujiu looked back and then found Cheng Jun plotting behind her: "... Stop!"

No matter how low-calorie things were, you can't eat too much like this!

Cheng Jun stopped with some disappointment, but shook out a lot of crunchy cereal at the last second. The cereal almost rolled out of the bowl.

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

Stupid people were also the rich people. So who was stupid now?

"Let's share the money. Since our company made major contribution to this business, so how about you taking 70% and the rest was mine? If you thought it was unfair, we can made a negotiation." She pulled the chair out and sat facing him. A pair of beautiful eyes were shining and blinking. The brilliance in her eyes can be called wealth's glitter.

Cheng Jun: "【Crunching, crunching, crunching】 ..."

Ruan Jiujiu: "Unfair? So how about you taking 80%?"

Cheng Jun: "【Crunching, crunching, crunching】 ..."

Ruan Jiujiu: "Hey!"

Cheng Jun finally lifted his head from a bowl of milk cereal and said slowly, "All for you."

Ruan Jiujiu was surprised: "Although you have money, you can't give it all to me."

Cheng Jun continued: "You keep it first, and I will ask you for money if I need it."

Ruan Jiujiu: "..." What the hell!

"You take it or I take it, no difference. We're married, so it's jointly owned property." His tone was very calm, and then he continued to chew his cereal.

Ruan Jiujiu had no idea but scratched her eyebrows and said, "Well, then I will hold it first."

She didn't need money so far, so she planned to deposit it in a bank. Anyway, earning some interest was not a bad idea.

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