Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Chapter 35 part1

Ruan Jiujiu was still looking for her cell phone everywhere, without even realizing Cheng Jun's reaction.

It occurred to her that everytime when she was about to fall asleep, she will occasionally heard the rustling sound. What if it was the rat in the house? Thinking of this, Ruan Jiujiu quickly turned on her old phone's flashlight, so as not to touch any horrible things in the dark corner.

As she was sweating, Cheng Jun's fingertips quickly flicked on the keyboard.

【This is Cheng Jun, Jiujiu is busy now. I'll send you the address. 】

About a minute later, another message was sent to him, saying that the phone will be sent back soon.

Ruan Jiujiu kneeled on the ground and lifted her hip. After changing the new phone, the old one was left at home. If she couldn’t find the new one, she could only use the old one.

She took her old mobile phone and checked the couch with the flashlight to see if that phone fell down from the gap. Cheng Jun leaning against the door had already figured out 10,000 methods of interrogation but he still wasn’t ready to implement it. Ruan Jiujiu suddenly stopped.

She sat up slowly, turned back all of a sudden, looking very scary.

Cheng Jun: "?"

Ruan Jiujiu pulled out a few snack bags under the couch and was emotionless. These bags included potato chips, ice cream, Bugles, and Want Want snacks. They all had one thing in common—being prohibited by Ruan Jiujiu. 

Her eyes watched his.

"..." Now Cheng Jun suddenly felt guilty.

"..." Now Ruan Jiujiu felt angry.

"No wonder you always sit on the couch every time you come back. Inedia? Bullshit!" Now Ruan Jiujiu thought of his sitting on the couch every time. Was this because he felt hungry? No! He just felt guilty for cheating her!   

And the most important thing was, he just threw them under the couch? ? ?

Cheng Jun: "Actually, the rat did it."

Ruan Jiujiu: "Can you make up more stories?"

She stared at Cheng Jun: "Why hide them here?"

Cheng Jun answered slowly: "I forgot."

His eyes shifted, looking like he didn't tell the truth. Ruan Jiujiu thought for a while and said, "Did you continue eating after I go to sleep?"

The sound of rustling at night...

It was like the sound of a rat chewing wood...

Absolutely, Cheng Jun, this guy, had eaten the remaining snacks after she go to sleep with earplugs and blindfold.

Ruan Jiujiu now had mixed feelings and didn't know what to say.

Cheng Jun glanced at the phone, and said in a slow voice: "I'll go to throw rubbish."

"Fine, remember to wear a coat."

Although she didn't known why Cheng Jun suddenly wanted to do this, she supported him to do exercise in any form including walk. Since Cheng Jun had his own driver, so she was really afraid that he would be covered in mold without any exercise.

Cheng Jun put on a down jacket and went out.

Ruan Jiujiu then continued to search for the phone. A few moments later, she realized —

Cheng Jun went out with empty hands?

What kind of garbage was he throwing? Was he throwing himself away?

It was cold and dry. Even the bones can feel the freezing cold. Cheng Jun went downstairs. An Audi stopped downstairs. Cheng Jun hadn't seen Gu You for a long time. Gu You now was leaning against the car with his arms folded. He seemed to be thinking something, not realizing Cheng Jun's approach.

The sneakers stepped on the ground and made a rattling sound. Gu You raised his head and froze for a moment, smiling at Cheng Jun.

“It’s you come here to see me.”

Cheng Jun just used his nasal voice to answer him.

Cheng Jun reached out and opened his palms, and Gu You immediately understood what he meant.

He took out a mobile phone from his pocket. Cheng Jun picked it up, and deleted Gu You's text messages in front of him.

Gu You watched him and didn't stop him. Until Cheng Jun completed a series of movements and put the phone into his pocket.

He looked at Cheng Jun and said, "I saw the divorce agreement."

Cheng Jun answered slowly: "It has been torn."

Gu You pressed his lips together and said, "Relax, I won't do something stupid."

Cheng Jun glanced at him without saying a word.

"As a man, I want to say that if you continue to be so passive, you'll get divorced one day sooner or later." Gu You paused for a few seconds. His brown eyes blinked quickly, as if recalling a certain picture. He laughed at himself again, "As a man, I also want to say, I'm jealous of you."

When Ruan Jiujiu had been in Gu You's car, she herself even hadn't realized she had protected Cheng Jun when Gu You had asked about them.

Whether it was love or not, there was indeed a relationship between them. Although it wasn't close, no one can destroy it easily.

Cheng Jun didn't speak at all, and his expression was indifferent. When Gu You paused, he snorted again and walked away with hands in the pockets.

Gu You said: "I don't mind waiting her."

Stepped on the stairs, Cheng Jun didn't look back. From Gu You's point of view, he could only see Cheng Jun just standing right there.

Cheng Jun’s slow voice sounded: "You already started the downfall at your age. It's better for you to think about your future rather than waste your insufficient time on hopeless goals.

Gu You: "..."

Such a gentle warning really hurt Gu You.

Although Cheng Jun was a few years older than him, he became a boss after his success in the youth. Unlike Gu You, who was still struggling for the future. Cheng Jun was right.

Everymen all know what kind of choices they should make between Cheng Jun and him.

Gu You became serious: "I see. I'll work hard."

Cheng Jun hummed and walked upstairs.

Home. Ruan Jiujiu somehow felt Cheng Jun was a little happy. She asked suspiciously: Did you eat something?"

Cheng Jun looked at her contemptuously: "I''m not you."

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

She found nothing to say in answer.

Cheng Jun changed his shoes. Then he took out a mobile phone from the pocket of the down jacket and handed it to her: "Yours."

Ruan Jiujiu was in surprise, and then took the phone excitedly to turn it on. Sure enough, everything was intact. She asked in shock and joy: "Where did you find it?"

Cheng Jun lied calmly: "The corridor."

Ruan Jiujiu forgot to ask Cheng Jun why he went downstairs without the garbage.

She said, with a sigh of relief: "Fortunately, it comes back. I got a lot of inspirations in the sticky notes and I hasn't saved it to the cloud file yet." Then she quickly moved all important data to the cloud file to avoid losing again.

Cheng Jun returned to the study when Ruan Jiujiu was busy with the data. He closed the door and sat solemnly on the computer chair.

He turned on the computer and looked at the display for a long time, and then he typed a few words.

In the search box:

How to pursuit female efficiently?


The following day, Ruan Jiujiu went to work as usual. She became Cheng Jun's hitchhiker and got off a few hundred meters away from the company, which happened to be seen by some employees in the department.

Just after a lunch, many employees knew that Ruan Jiujiu just looked like to be rich, but actually she couldn't even afford a car and could only take a taxi to work. Life must be very hard for her.

Ruan Jiujiu received a few messages from the group when she was off work. They all said that they could send her home.

Ruan Jiujiu: "? ? ? "

She quickly replied in the group: "Thank you for your kindness. I got a car to go home."

Fang was one of those who laughed at Ruan Jiujiu in that dining day. She pretended to be kind: "Oh, it's not safe to take Didi (It's a Chinese transportation network company headquartered in Beijing). After all, you look so beautiful."

Ruan Jiujiu: "Uh... There is a tailored car service for me."

Everyone thought that she was trying to restore some dignity.

There were very few tailored cars in the company. The luxury cars parked in the parking lot had all been known by these employees. If someone really took a tailored car, everyone in the company will know it.

Ruan Jiujiu's refusal was like looking for self-respect. But some male colleagues felt pity for her.

Anyone who didn't cherish such a beautiful woman but let her take a taxi on her own was really an idiot.

After work, Ruan Jiujiu contacted Cheng Jun. Suddenly some girls stepped forward with a smile and said that it was just the way to go with her to the parking lot.

Ruan Jiujiu really wanted to say no.

Cheng Jun was a confidential person. Even he occasionally appeared in the company, he still had a VIP channel to get in. And this happened when the employees were at work. There were not many people who knew his identity. And these people were all senior executives of the company and had strict confidentiality to his identity. His unwillingness to expose himself was very simple. Socializing was too annoying. He just wanted to do his favorite career. Dealing with others wasn’t in his list.

When the employees showed up, Cheng Jun will definitely not be there.

These girls had been staying here for a while. Ruan Jiujiu felt upset and had no choice but to follow them to the parking lot.

Ruan Jiujiu lowered her head and quickly sent Cheng Jun a message.

"Give me a few seconds. I'll meet you later."

"Hey, who are you texting?" Fang stepped forward deliberately. The phone screen was immediately covered by Ruan Jiujiu.

Ruan Jiujiu was calmed: "Nothing."

"By the way, what does your husband do?"

Mentioned the topic of her husband, other girls immediately stepped forward with interest. Cheng Jun had been so amazing that day, so that they had looked dumbfounded, and even left no photos of him. They only knew that it was Ruan's husband, and the rest of the information was unknown.

Ruan Jiujiu frowned: "He's just an ordinary clerk."

Even she said this, they didn't buy it and were convinced that Ruan Jiujiu only wanted to hide the treasure and didn't want to tell them.

Fang, grinning and winking, "Is he great in bed?"

Ruan Jiujiu suddenly stopped.

They were excited, but they felt a little bit awkward to seeing her stopped. They thought she was pissed off. Ruan Jiujiu wanted to keep her job steady, so she didn't want to be in conflict with others. Otherwise, things might get hard for Tu Nan.

She endured it and said, "I got my companion to wait, so you should go." 

A Land Rover worth several million yuans now parked next to Ruan Jiujiu. They were very clear that Mr. Tu had taken it once before.

They thought Ruan Jiujiu was bluffing, so they couldn't help smiling at each other, like reaching some kind of agreement—Sure enough, good looks worth nothing. She was so poor, and probably even had bad sex life with her husband. After all, the man had treated her in that day.

Got a satisfactory guess, and they left to their cars with contentment.

They drove their cars, and also made a special round in front of her to show off their Audi and BMW. They succeeded in seeing her embarrassed expression because of no car for her, so they went away.

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