Transmigrating into the Male Supporting Character’s Ex-wife

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Chapter 34 part2

The next day, Ruan Jiujiu awakened with sweat.

When she woke up, she was wrapped in the quilt—tightly wrapped and even unable to move.

The sweater and trousers hadn’t been taken off. It felt like roasting in the stove. She was so thirsty, so quickly picked up that half a glass of water at the head of the bed and drank it all.

Ruan Jiujiu changed her clothes into pajamas and went out briskly, but saw Cheng Jun coming out of the kitchen with a box of milk.

Ruan Jiujiu: "Oh my god! What's wrong with your eyes?"

Cheng Jun even had a day with dark circles?

He glanced at her quietly and refused to speak to her.

Ruan Jiujiu only remembered she had drunk last night and sent a message to Cheng Jun, and then remembered nothing. She knew Cheng Jun must have brought her back very hard for she was in her bed when woke up.

Ruan Jiujiu felt a little guilty: "Sorry, did I do something bad to you?"

Although Cheng Jun didn't speak, his eyes told her that she had been very, very, very awful last night.

Ruan Jiujiu felt awkward to ask more questions. She thought she had puked on him, so it would be more embarrassing to ask him again.

In order to return the favor, Ruan Jiujiu readily accepted his orders and made him a big meal. After eating and drinking, Cheng Jun no longer accused her with his eyes. They restored the harmonious atmosphere of the past.

After dinner, Ruan Jiujiu saw Old Meng's message.

【I heard that you were carried back by your husband like carrying a rice bag? [Laughing] Everyone in the department saw it hahahahahaha! 】

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

She ground her teeth secretly and looked at Cheng Jun with a scaring smile, "How did I get back yesterday?"

Cheng Jun answered without thinking: "I carried you back."

Ruan Jiujiu: "With your back or shoulder?"

Cheng Jun: "... I forgot."

Ruan Jiujiu: "You're in hell now, really."


White Horse's real name was Bai Long. Her voice sent to Ruan Jiujiu was very sweet. It was totally different from her airy manner in the game.

She greeted Ruan Jiujiu in excitement and told her the time and place.

In the gang group, there were many players in the same city. Unexpectedly, White Horse's home wasn’t far from Ruan Jiujiu's. Probably just about half an hour's drive. This time it was a small party. There were about five or six people, and all of them were Ruan Jiujiu's friends of the game, so she dared to go there.

They booked a private dining room, which was a restaurant opened by Hoof in the Air's family. His family was not bad. He and White Horse were a pair of couples offline. They all lived in moderately prosperous families and always had couple's nicknames in games.

The rest were Deng Bu Li Shao, I Am Ye Liangchen, and Meat Buns Beat Dogs. Ruan Jiujiu felt amused when she saw the names.

It was still cold outside. Ruan Jiujiu put on down jackets, jeans, scarves and hats casually. The she walked out. By the time she arrived at the restaurant, the others were all present. They had been chatting lively.

Ruan Jiujiu opened the door of the private room, took off her hat, and the people who were chatting suddenly quieted down.

They looked at each other, and can't believe the beauty stood in front of them was Ruan Jiujiu. Even though she didn't make up or even used a lipstick, she was still pretty.

Ruan Jiujiu with a smile: "Hi, I'm Jiu Jiu Jiu."

"Holy shit! ! "

The only girl on the scene yelled, "You're good at hiding yourself!"

"Oh my god! Who are you, beauty? "

The atmosphere that had just frozen was suddenly warmed up again. They called her name with great enthusiasm, which was as noisy as in a bird's nest. Ruan Jiujiu didn't know what to do.

They introduced themselves one by one. To Ruan Jiujiu's surprise, Deng Bu Li Shao was a little boy in high school. He was young but very cool. He had been wearing a baseball cap and holding his shoulders with his hands.

A grinning man leaned an arm on Bai Long's shoulder and said, "I'm her pretty boy."

"Nope, you are a portly man."


Ruan Jiujiu can't help laughing: "You're Hoof in the Air?"

The man gave her a shamefaced laugh: "Yeah, it's me, I'm Wei Tian."

Ruan Jiujiu sat on the chair, and Wei Tian, or say Hoof in the Air, said with a smile: "How about guru?"

All of sudden, the rest of them raised their ears one after another: "That's right, what does he look like? Are you living together? Are you married? ..." Too many questions for Ruan Jiujiu.

Ruan Jiujiu: "He’s just an ordinary person."

Bai Long: "What's the difference between you and Liu Qiangdong?" (Liu Qiangdong is a Chinese Internet entrepreneur. He is the founder of or Jingdong Mall. He has a beautiful wife, but he said he didn't know whether she’s pretty or not.)

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

Bai Long said: "I really didn't expect you to be so beautiful. If I know, ugh, who's Qingfeng Biying? Does she beautiful? So funny."

Ruan Jiujiu just shook her head: "Well, everyone has his own personal characteristics, so there's no comparison at all."

"If I were Homeland, I would choose you too. Unfortunately, you have a more awesome guru."

Speaking of this, Bai Long lowered her voice and said nervously: "Do you know that they broke up?"

Ruan Jiujiu: "Well? Who?"

"Homeland and Xu Biying. Her girlfriends are still complaining in the group, saying that Homeland is hooked by some piece of filth.

Ruan Jiujiu was too lazy to care about others, but she was really shocked this time.

"They broke up? ! "

No, according to the plot, Gu You was about to become famous, and then he will have a wedding ceremony with Xu Biying. How can they break up at this point? It was impossible! If it was true, how did Gu You pull himself together?

Ruan Jiujiu was at a loss.

Had his last-life wife appeared?

Ruan Jiujiu was totally confused.

"Who knows? Anyway, too much gossip. You know, Homeland has been in the competition, and is very likely to be the winner. If I were Xu Biying, now I would regret it very much. This is her karma."

Wei Tian interrupted: "Baby, I'm here. I won't allow you to think about other men."

It was the mushy stuff. 

Others talked happily, and the menu was put on. Ruan politely ordered one dish and gave the menu to others. Wei Tian said this time he'll pay for the bill. Ruan Jiujiu had to accept it.

The dishes were brought up. Wei Tian greeted everyone enthusiastically: "Don't be shy. Our chefs are good at cooking fish. Just give it a try.

"Ruan Jiujiu picked up the chopsticks, but suddenly a pair of ghostly eyes appeared in her mind. She had been a bit hungry but now she lost her appetite.

Ruan Jiujiu: "..."

She didn't move her chopsticks for a while. Bai Long raised her head with confusion, but she saw Ruan Jiujiu was looking around nervously, even at the window.

Bai Long: "What are you doing ? ? ? "

Ruan Jiujiu: "... Nothing, just a little nervous."

Although she didn't tell Cheng Jun, this can't be regarded as eating alone, right? She was almost driven crazy by him.

She simply silenced her cell phones, lest Cheng Jun send a message, and then she was relieved to eat.

Other people:"…"

Are the women of gurus so strange?

Everyone had a pleasant meal and added WeChat to each other. They agreed to go for a picnic or go hiking on the weekend. This was the first time for Ruan Jiujiu to have friends in this world. She happily exchanged WeChat with everyone and agreed on the time for the next meeting.

Out of the door, there was light snow. It was white in the sky.

Ruan Jiujiu held her jacket close. The others said they can send her home. But she respectfully refused. Being so well-fed, it was just right to walk out. Ruan Jiujiu closed her eyes slightly, enjoying the feeling that snowflakes fluttered on her face. At this moment, she heard a familiar light laughter.

She opened her eyes in surprise. It was Gu You.

Today he wore a long gray trench coat and a scarf, which made him gentle. He walked down from the building opposite, and found Ruan Jiujiu from afar, so he quickly walked forward.

His pace was with a little joys. Ruan Jiujiu had never noticed it.

She was a little surprised: "Why are you here too?"

"What a coincidence! How many times we accidentally met?" Gu You smiled slightly. "I'm here to meet an acquaintance. You have a meal?"

Ruan Jiujiu: "Just finished it and was ready to go home."

"I drive a car out today, so let me send you home."

"Oh, thanks, but…"

Gu You insisted: "I'm sort of Jiacheng's probationary staff. So don't turn me down. We'll be colleagues in the future, and there are more opportunities to meet."

Ruan Jiujiu had no idea but sat in the back seat.

Gu You drove very steadily. In heavy snow days, he deliberately lowered his speed. Perhaps it wasn't just because of the weather.

The air conditioner had been turned to maximum. Ruan Jiujiu felt warm gradually, and shook her hands tremblingly.

Gu You glanced at the rearview mirror, smiled and said, "Is it cold?"

"Well, it's okay."

Ruan Jiujiu still felt a little awkward. She didn't know how to talk to him.

The things that White Horse said were all in her mind—the relationship between Gu You and Xu Biying. This matter had nothing to do with her. So Ruan Jiujiu just thought about it for a while, and then left it behind.

Gu You softly said his recent situation just in front of Ruan Jiujiu, which made her nervous. He mentioned the progress of the recent competition, as well as his plans for the future, as if he was introducing himself to her. Ruan Jiujiu always felt weird.

Thought of Xu Biying, Ruan Jiujiu didn't want to be a narcissist. So she just stared at outside quietly.

Gu You held the steering wheel in one hand and looked at the road ahead. He said calmly, "About the divorce agreement I saw that day... I'm sorry, but you ok?"

Ruan Jiujiu didn't want to talk about this, so she just said in a perfunctory manner: "Don't mind. It's just a little squabble between a couple." 

Gu You glanced at the rearview mirror again, looking at her expression thoughtfully.

Back home, Cheng Jun stayed in the study and didn't come out.

Ruan Jiujiu changed her clothes and suddenly couldn't find her mobile phone. She tossed and turned, but didn’t see it. Finally, she had to turn to Cheng Jun.

"Knock, knock, knock!" Ruan Jiujiu knocked on the door, "Cheng Jun, please call me. I can't find my phone."

Cheng Jun walked out the door and called her.

There was still no rings.

Ruan Jiujiu felt strange. Eh? She remembered that she had silenced OFF mode.

Cheng Jun, leaning against the door, suddenly straightened his body,. His slender eyes opened slightly, and slowly looked at Ruan Jiujiu. It seemed that he was not happy.

Ruan Jiujiu didn't realize his gaze, and was still looking around on the couch and bed. She didn't expect that she might fall it outside.

"That's strange, where did it go?" Ruan Jiujiu rubbed her hair with a distressed expression.

Cheng Jun's mobile phone displayed a text message.

【Is it Jiujiu? I'm Gu You, your phone is on my car, and it's not convenient for me to answer the phone now. You can tell me the address and I’ll send it to you. 】

Cheng Jun: "..."

The author had something to say:

The king of jealousy, Cheng Jun made his debut~

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